How to Write Thesis by Yourself

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The thesis is a headache for every student. But if you already had an experience in writing it, then there is nothing to be afraid of. And now, we are going to talk about some writing tips that will help you with thesis writing and won’t be so difficult.

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Change your attitude to the writing process

Writing thesis will seem to be easy in the case if you really think so. Practically, thesis writing is just the first serious start-up. This is the project that demands different techniques. You have to set goals and time, plan every step, estimate resources, find people that could help you, gather and systematize all necessary material and, at last, present the qualitative “finished product”. You have a unique opportunity to get plenty of useful skills and abilities.
Begin your research at the earliest possible opportunity
It’s good if you decided what topic is interesting to you. You have to think of it very good, and it’s also great if you have the same topic for a couple of years. Then you can continue your research and only progress in this.
Assess your “start-up capital” critically
First of all, it’s all about choosing the thesis topic. You will have to remember about essay writing, paper writing and articles you had during all studying years. If you have something related to your thesis then it’ll be definitely useful writing help like at  The knowledge of the foreign language would be useful as well.
Create the detailed “map”
“The map” is the plan of your thesis. It will let you work with the text step by step, firstly, with those parts you have enough material and ideas for. Started to work with the last paragraph- you are welcome! If you have the clear image in your head what has to be in this part, then why not to start with this?!
Create the plan of actions
Just having the plan of the thesis substance is not enough. You have to understand particular steps and in what order they have to be realized to have the qualitative thesis. Where to find all necessary information?! What if the library on the other side of the city?! It’s time to show you self-management abilities.
Plan your own time
The recommendation to thesis writing is critically important. According to the paragraph about “the map” and plan actions, just simply set the deadline. For example, you have just 3 months to gather all basic information, 2 months for information processing, and 3 more for writing the text and so on. Especially carefully plan your time when there are circumstances you don’t really have enough time. Describe in details what has to be done during every month. You can always use personal organizers to keep track of the accurate implementation of deadlines.

Write little by little, but all the time
The only “fail-safe” method to finish and write the good thesis on time- to write every day or at least in a day. Start working on thesis writing right after you created the plan and from the part, you think is the easiest.  If you write it every day little by little, you won’t notice it’s almost done. Sometimes you will be upset with the written material or you won’t know what to write. Then just have a short rest. Start writing another paragraph, but keep writing. Don’t hurry to delete unnecessary parts- just save them in the different document. Maybe it’ll be in need later.
Hopefully, you found some useful information and yes…GOOD LUCK!

*This is a pre-written/guest post.