My New Bento Lunch Box + Food Portion Containers

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hello there!

If you are following me at Instagram (@mommymaye), you will know I am a big fun of bento making. Making bento baon for my son makes me feel happy and fulfilled. It's a way of making for the time I can't be with him. When I can't be with him during his snack and lunch breaks. 

Because of that, I have this little addiction to bento lunch box, tools and accessories. (Read: My Bento Tools from Shopee and Daiso and  Yumbox and Stainless Steel Lunch Box). 

Then last week, I saw a very nice lunch box. I contacted the supplier as soon as I saw it and wasted no time to order one and two for my kumare.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

Look so nice right? This bento lunch box is available in two colors. This is the green one, which I bought for my little boy.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

And this pink box that my kumare ordered.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

This lunch box is claimed to be leaked proof. I have yet to try this new bento lunch box. Super excited na ako actually.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

I also bought this food portion container set at Japan Home Center at 88 pesos only. Almost half the price of the one being sold online.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

Kaya naman super excited na ako sa bukas to try this bento lunch box. By the way, if you want this bento lunch box too, please send me a personal message at our Momaye's Shoppe FB page. If okay sya and really leaked proof, I will resell it.

That's all for now and let's spread #bentolove!

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Our First Home Improvement for the Year

Friday, February 16, 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

It's been a while since I made an update here. Again, my apology. Been very busy lately with my work. I did plan to blog at night but since I really get tired of working all day, I ended up sleeping, haha.

Anyway, I will not make any excuses anymore but instead will just show you what Daddy A is currently working on.

Yeah, that's Daddy A busy designing our plant box, Yes again, it's a plant box in front of our house. The simplest garden we can have because of limited space.

Actually, Daddy A has been bugging me about this plant box a long time ago pa. He wanted a garden so I told him to just wait and I will set a budget for that. Luckily, Daddy A's Papa knows a lot of carpentry works including making a plant box.

So when they went here to celebrate new year, these two men worked together to make this nice little garden.

This is our first house improvement for the year, along with a little home improvement at the back of our house. That I will share once it's picture ready hehe.

Back to Daddy A's little garden. Just this morning, he's busy again designing our little garden.

He fixed the garden stones with a cement.

By the way, we bought those garden stones at 150 pesos per bag. Just enough to design our little garden. 

This "kawa" we bought at 200 pesos with the stand.

You can also buy garden soil at 50 pesos per bag. Then the plants that he put are our old plants. He just choose what to put so it will not look crowded or like a forest, hehe.

If you notice, our home improvements are all do it your self. I am lucky that Daddy A is very much inclined with home works, aside from he has a helpful Papa. That's why we save a lot of money and also he can make what he wants to make. Just like this garden, though the design is not yet finished.

Daddy A still plan to put garden grass there. It's still out of stock as per the store we went to so while waiting, he's doing some repainting.

Pardon the not so good sight. Our house is already 10 years and needs a lot of improvement and renovation. Thank God we are done with its monthly amortization and our house is ours! Now, I am saving for house home renovation. Yihee!

That's our first home improvement for the year. After repainting, we will have a bathroom improvement. We are planning to install bidet seat since it's becoming popular now. What do you think?

Again, happy Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Where does January Go?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hello February! Where did January go? Are you also wondering where? Haha.

I had a very busy January. That maybe the reason why I didn't notice it was already over. I didn't even have my year end post. My apologies for not posting enough to entertain you. I don't want to make promises again but one thing is for sure, I am just here and will be back every now and then. Will that me okay? Hmmm, thank you so much for staying with me for the past years.

Anyway, did you know that it's only 11 months before the holiday? Oh, I am always excited for Christmas. So just like last year, I started saving this early for Christmas. I am also thinking of what gifts to give. In this way, I'll feel less stress when the holidays come. 

Holiday stress is so real right. I am so sure most people do experience this stress especially when Christmas day is coming near. According to a post-holiday survey stress conducted across America, 71% of people felt stressed during the 2017 holiday season.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

The survey also showed that women were 1.2 times more likely to be stressed than men. 

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

And I agreed with it 100%. Because we women are the ones who take care of what gifts to give, the food to serve, the house and almost everything the family needs during holidays.

The survey also revealed that 61% of people say spending time with loved ones is one holiday tradition that makes them the happiest. Just like me, I am sure you will agree with it because Christmas is spending time with the family.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

While I think everyone loves to decorate their house during holidays, the survey surprising says only 53% did decorate they home.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

Decorating our home is one Christmas tradition we will not forget. Putting up the Christmas tree, decorating it and lighting the lights make us feel more the spirit of Christmas.

Apart from those above, I am sure you also have your own post-holiday stress experience. Actually, for me, the aftermath of Christmas holiday went until January. Haha. Anyway, Christmas will always be the most wonderful time of the year. And the stress it brings will always worth it. Agree?

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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Trying To Lose Weight

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

There is no doubt that we all know how to lose weight: eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, give up eating fat food and consume less calories than our body spends during the day. The question remains: why only a few of us manage to maintain a healthy diet for a long time?

It's very simple: food support us with the substances that provide our body with energy, food is first of all a pleasure. We eat when we want to, when we are stressed out, when we are bored, when we lack comfort, etc. Above all, we eat when we are trapped by irresistible temptations wherever we go. Restaurants attract us with buffets, fast-food chains… Huge portions, and food packages are increasing in size. We live in the world that does not want us to keep fit and lose weight. Fortunately, there are shake products that will help you lose weight and stay healthy. Want to see how shakology works? Take a look at

weight loss, health, fitness, weight management, losing weight, trying to lose weight


In order to maintain vital functions, such as heartbeat, constant body temperature and digestion, the body needs energy. For this reason, it processes nutrients obtained in food. This process is called metabolism.


The energy content of a single product can be measured. The official unit of measurement is kilocalorie (kcal).

Calorie is an obsolete unit of measurement, and in scientific circles it has been replaced by kilojoule (kJ), but, even nowadays, calories are used everywhere.


Different nutrients provide us different amounts of energy:
- Carbohydrates: 4 cal per 1 gr.
- Proteins: 4 cal per 1 gr.
- Fats: 9 cal per 1 gr.


Even if you lie quietly on the couch, energy is consumed in your body. Scientists call this phenomenon metabolism. It consists of approximately one calorie (cal) per kilogram (kg) of body weight per hour.

Metabolism when dormant = body weight (kg) x 24 hours

With a body weight of 70 kilograms, for example, the basic metabolism is: 70 calories x 24 hours = 1680 calories per day. At the same time, the metabolism is affected by age or sex: men have a high one, and women and elderly have a lower metabolism than young people do.


When you move (even when standing up from the couch), the body expends more energy. In this case, we are talking about the so-called high metabolism.

The total expenditure of energy, which is many higher than our personal basic metabolism, is formed depending on how much you move, and how often you go in for sports or work. Your physical activity level is measured by PAL (physical activity level) index.

This means that the personal basic metabolism is multiplied by the PAL index. The one, who spends his days mostly sitting, will have a relatively low index, comparing to an athlete, for example.

Under normal conditions, the PAL index is between 1.2 and 2.4 (elderly people usually have 1.2)

Essentially sedentary lifestyle without or with little intense physical activity (office employees) has 1.4-1.5

Sedentary lifestyle with a rare energy expenditure during walking or standing (laboratory assistant, student, driver) has 1.6-1.7

Mainly walking or standing lifestyle (housewife, seller) has 1.8-1.9

A lifestyle with intensive physical work (constructor, lumberjack, athlete) has 2.0-2.4


If you eat more than the body needs for breathing, blood circulation, muscle activity, palpitation, or the formation of cells, then it turns this excess energy into fat. These fat deposits are another echo of the Stone Age, which in difficult times must protect us from starvation. In order to get rid of these "reserves" you should follow a diet and, even more importantly, do sports. The more you move, the higher your total calorie consumption is. This means that you can eat more without adding weight. If in the process you eat as much as you have been eating before sports, you will definitely lose weight.

*This is a pre-written/guest post.
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Top 10 Fitness Influencers Who Inspire Us To Get Fit

Thursday, January 25, 2018

We need inspiration for almost everything; from studying to working and from remaining focused on our goals to exercising. The lifestyle that we spend these days is SMART. We don’t walk to our destination, we opt for cars instead. We don’t use pestle and mortar to grind and crush, we use blenders. When we miss people, we don’t go to meet them, we simply make a phone call instead. We use shortcuts in everything, as far as possible and we do things without really having to move. This tends to make us unhealthy and unfit. Remaining fit is a present-day need for which we seek inspiration from people who are addicted to fitness.

Here are top 10 Fitness Influencers who will keep you motivated to remain fit and fill you up on new ideas on how to remain fit every day.

1.       Dwayne Johnson – If you smell, what the Rock is cookin’

Dwayne - the Rock – Johnson is what we can call an all-rounder. Previously a wrestler, now an actor and a fitness influencer, looks incredibly fit and handsome even in his forties (yup, you heard that right, he is in his forties). He is fit, owns a great bod, is achieving new milestones every hour, is one of the highest paid actors, people love him and is an ideal for us to follow when it comes to fitness.

Follow him:
Instagram @therock for fitness vids.
Youtube @The Rock
Twitter @TheRock
Facebook @DwayneJohnson

2.       Kayla Itsines – Sweat with Kayla

Itsines has taken over social media with her fitness videos and never-give-up attitude. She gives us new ideas on how to follow a regular workout with no excuses. She is a co-founder of The Bikini Body Training Company which was discovered back in 2014. In her fitness app SWEAT, which can be downloaded from the playstore, she guides you through different workout. She shares a combination of workout and recipes for women to follow and discover a more healthier self. In 2016, TIME magazine counted her amongst the “Top 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.”

Follow her:
Facebook: @k.itsines
Instagram: @kayla_itsines
Twitter: @kayla_itsines

3.       Cassey Ho – Fitness Entrepreneur Trusted Internationally

Cassey Ho started her career in fitness back in 2009 via her YouTube channel. Since then she has grown from 30 people to 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Each of her videos on YouTube exceeds 100K views with some even exceeding 4 million. The fans now get to enjoy her fitness DVDs, books, recipes and POPFLEX line of fitness accessories, apparel and yoga mats.

Follow her:
Facebook: @blogilates
Instagram: @blogilates
Twitter: @blogilates
YouTube: @blogilates

4.       Rachel Brathen – The Yoga Girl

She took away the social media unintentionally when she hit the road back in 2013. Today she is a New York Times bestseller who charges approximately $25k per a single Instagram post. Residing in Aruba, she is a well-known yoga teacher. She has more than 2.1m followers on Instagram (as of Jan 2018). You can connect with her on her social media and follow her blogs

Follow her:
Facebook: @rachelsyoga
Twitter: @RachelBrathen
Instagram: @yoga_girl

5.       Steve Cook – Hit the Gym Right Away

Steve Cook is a live example of fitness goals for all the men out there. He is a professional bodybuilder and took part in various fitness competitions held by the American IFBB. Other than looking good and absolutely masculine, he has some goals in life and he knows how to achieve them. In collaboration with Gymshark, he has started a chain of gyms to accommodate people who want to get fit and keep fit, beginners and enthusiasts alike. He also promotes the sportswear and gym apparel of Gymshark. For upto 40% discount at you can use the discount codes and for further fitness inspiration you can follow him on his social media. His instagram is all about fitness with pictures and videos regarding squats, lunges, weight lifting, etc. where he also explains how each move helps in shaping and toning your body.

Follow him:
Twitter: @stevecook
Instagram: @stevecook
Youtube: @Steve Cook
Snapchat: @stevecookhealth

6.       Natalie Jill – The woman who took control

Her journey started post her pregnancy when she gained considerable weight and went through several personal and financial hardships. She started simply by taking pictures of the food she ate and putting it up on Facebook. From someone who was keeping track of her own health, she became a fitness expert whom people look up to on social media. She has 507k followers on Instagram (as of January 2018) and made it amongst the Top 10 Fitness Influencers on Social Media list of Forbes.

Follow her:
Facebook: @nataliejillfit
Twitter: @nataliejillfit
Instagram: @nataliejillfit
Youtube: @Natalie Jill Fitness

7.       Jason Statham – Like wine, he gets better with time

For some people age is just a number and they only get better with time. Statham is definitely one of those people who get better with every passing minute. As fit and effortlessly handsome he looks without shirt, it is hard to believe that he is 50. Known for his fast-paced action movies The Transporter, Mechanic Resurrection and many more, he was a former international diver who made his way in the 1992 World Championship (no wonder the athletic bod!).  He was born in Shirebrook, United Kingdom and you know what else is from UK. No wonder UK has so much of the good stuff!

Statham on his Instagram, is found doing a combination of workouts including Yoga, Stretching, and Lifting. He likes variety in his workout to keep himself interested and when asked about the diet, he rated himself a 95% with 5% margin for occasional here and there.

Follow him:
Facebook: @JasonStatham
Instagram: @jasonstatham

8.       Michelle Lewin – Fitness on Boom

Lewin is from Venezuela and within a few years has achieved milestones that people can only dream of. A single Instagram post of hers sweeps away $10,000 with 12.8m followers on her account. She is a bodybuilder with her own line of workout equipment, supplements and is a brand in her own might. She works in partnership with several health and workout brands. She is what we mean when we say “Look like a Beauty, Train like a Beast.”

Follow her:
Facebook: @FitnessMichelle
Twitter: @Michelle_Lewin
Instagram: @michelle_lewin

9.       Simeon Panda – Fitness Trainer cum Blogger

Simeon Panda is among those fitness influencers who has inspired people simply via blogging. He was a trainer since long and ever since he started fitness blogging, in 2013, there is no stopping him. His Instagram and Facebook followers have only grown since then and continue to grow. His single video gets about 500-600K views. Panda has his own sportswear line, workout accessories and e-books.

Follow him:
Facebook: @simeonpanda
Twitter: @SimeonPanda
Instagram: @simeonpanda

10.   Joe Wicks – The Fitness Underdog

While many people judge success on the basis of Instagram followers, here is one online fitness coach who will inspire you to be fit and remain consistent through constant motivation and reminders of healthy recipes on how to eat right and remain fit with a regular workout. He has gained over 1.5m followers within 3 years and makes everything look so easy, you’d want to start right away.

Follow him:
Twitter: @thebodycoach
Instagram: @thebodycoach

Stay Motivated, Stay Fit!

*This is a pre-written/guest post.

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