A PSBank Reminder: #SimpleLangToBeAware

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In this digital world, almost all people has their social media accounts. Even children and babies do have social media accounts. I did a Facebook account for my son too. But I never encouraged him to use his account, instead I just tagged him whenever we have photos.

I know the risks we have to face my doing such, so we are really careful on what to post about him. Because we will never know when the cyber criminal will attack. Anyway, speaking of cyber criminals, we should be careful in sharing our personal information online. Here are PSBank's reminder that sharing isn't caring. #SimpleLangToBeAware

PSBank, online banking reminder, digital world scam, online banking, tips to prevent scammer

From the Press Release Kit:

Filipinos comprise one of the largest digital communities in the world. We thrive on increased connectivity and communication, primarily via social media. It has never been easier to share content online as it is today, from articles from our favorite sites to moments from our everyday lives.

With increased sharing, however, comes a bigger target on your back, which cybercriminals will be happy to hit. They are always on the lookout for any bit of personal information that they could abuse. Your identity might get stolen, huge loans might get credited to your name without your knowledge, and your whereabouts can be traced, leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of crimes.

As such, PSBank reminds everyone that it is important to review the information that we share and post online. Moreover, the Bank says that it is also equally crucial to safe keep personal and financial records properly.

Here are some tips on what you can and cannot share in a public domain:

Never post photos of valid Identification Cards online. Once scammers and cybercriminals get hold of a photo of any of your valid IDs (e.g. PRC, TIN, SSS), they can use your personal information in these IDs to apply for big loans. Keeping photos of your IDs in your phone is also discouraged.

Do not fill up your profiles. While it becomes more convenient from your friends and relatives to know your whereabouts if you post your address and contact details, you also leave yourself vulnerable to hackers and criminals. Also avoid posting your complete birthdays, your exhaustive employment history, and your complete family lineage in social media.

Refrain from posting all of your travel plans or photos, particularly while you are still in the middle of your trip. Not only do you let potential cybercriminals know your current location, you also indirectly tell them that your home residence is currently unattended and vulnerable. Just share some (not all) of your photos after you have arrived back home.

Do not post photos of extravagant or expensive purchases. Yes, buying that dream car or watch may be a fulfilling experience that makes you happy, but don’t get so excited that you act carelessly. Posting indicators of wealth attract scammers and criminals.

Protect your medical records and information. Cybercriminals may use your personal medical details to gain benefits for themselves—drug purchases, false insurance claims—and you may end up paying for all of these. Do not post any medical details online, and properly dispose medical records, prescriptions, and other similar documents.

Properly dispose receipts, pay slips, bank statements, and other similar documents. Shred or dampen these documents, or do anything that could make the details unreadable.

When going out, bring only the necessary cards, IDs, and/or official documents. It is unwise to stuff all your cards in one wallet. Bring only what you need for the day.

“We live in an increasingly connected world where information is created and shared at a fast pace,” says PSBank First Vice President for Information Security Dan Jose D. Duplito. “We must be wary of information we carry with us and post online, because even one small personal detail could become the last missing piece that fraudsters need to compromise your identity or online accounts," he added.


About PSBank

PSBank is a key player in the Philippine consumer banking industry. The Bank emerged as the 2nd strongest bank in the Asian Banker's AB500 annual ranking 2016-2017 edition. PSBank is the only savings bank that has consistently cornered a spot in the list of the top 10 strongest banks in the country for six consecutive years. We have expanded our network to more than 250 branches and more than 600 ATMs nationwide.
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5 Parenting Blogs that are Helpful and Fun to Read

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Do you remember the first time when your baby spat out milk or the moment your baby's umbilical stump fell off? Even though there is not much to be worried of, first-time parents would still most likely get nervous in situations that they havent experienced before. Some of them may immediately look up on the internet to know if there is something wrong with their baby, only to find out that other parents reacted worse than they did.

Parenting blogs and websites have been very helpful for new moms and dads as they are able to get valuable insights from the experts for free. Reading stories and sharing their experiences with other people can also help hands-on parents relieve stress during their free time. Parenting is definitely very challenging but the memorable experiences and endless joy that you get more than pays off for the work and effort that you have put in.

Whether you are looking for new baby care tips or for ways to deal with your teenage children, reading parenting blogs can surely help you a lot. Experience is still the best teacher but having a couple of tricks up your sleeve can go a long way. To guide you in your parenting journey, here are 5 parenting blogs that are not only helpful but are also fun to read.

1. The Toddle
The Toddle

The Toddleis an amazing blog that features expertly made guides to assist parents from the early stages of a mothers pregnancy to raising their children during their formative years. Aside from great parenting tips, it is also a one-stop blog for taking care of your childrens health and wellness, nutrition, and proper sleep. The Toddlealso features reviews of various gear and fun activities for your children.

2. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommyoriginally started out in 2008 as an online baby diary of a full-time mom where she wrote down her daily experiences with her children. Since then, the blog grew into an interactive community of millions of parents from around the world. It features guides to pregnancy, amazing video content, parenting and living tips, news articles, and much more from hundreds of professional contributors.

3. Mothering.com

For moms, and also dads, who are interested in natural and eco-friendly living, Mothering.comis the perfect blog that you will surely enjoy. It features guides to breastfeeding and birth choices for mothers as well as expert tips on green nutrition, attachment parenting, alternative education, and gentle discipline techniques.

4. Family Focus Blog

Family Focus Blogis also one of the best parenting resources online. It features fun and valuable information not only about parenting, but also on home decoration, family travel, family nutrition, and different activities that will strengthen your bond with your children.

5. A Day in the Life Dad

Although not as common as mom blogs, there are also some great blogs that are specifically tailored for hands-on dads. A Day in the Life Dadis an interesting collection of fun parenting stories and fashion tips for modern dads who want to stay updated with the current trends. It also features travel diaries and reviews of various products and childrens books.

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How to Prevent Bird Flu Contamination

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

With the news of bird flu outbreak in San Luis, Pampanga and recently in Jaen and San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, there's fear of the public over poultry products, particularly chicken and eggs.

We can't blame them because as I have remember back in 2013, the first outbreak of H5N1 bird flu happened. There are over 700 human infections reported primarily from 15 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

What is bird flu?

Bird flu, or avian flu (influenza), pertains to a group of infectious diseases caused by influenza viruses that infect bird and make them sick. H5N1 is one subtype of bird flu. 

Bird flu virus affects chicken and other animals with wings, which means it does not directly affects human. But in some cases, it can be transferable and be fatal in 60 percent of cases. Symptoms include blood in sputum, a high fever, headache and upset stomach. Antiviral medication can help reduce the impact of the disease.

Amidst the bird flu breakout now, it is still safe to eat chicken and other poultry products. Here are how to prevent bird flu contamination:

1. Follow the four basic food safety steps: CLEAN, SEPARATE, COOK and CHILL. Do proper processing, handling and cooking of poultry. Cook chicken meat and egg properly. Avoid eating raw or half cooked egg, it must be hard boiled.

2. Buy poultry products only from trusted stores and outlets. It is important to know the source of chicken and eggs. Being part of Bounty Fresh Food, Inc, we guarantee are chicken and eggs are safe.

Bounty Fresh Chicken, fresh chicken, eggs, safety

3. Observe proper sanitation and good hygiene. Wash hands before and after eating.

4. Strengthen your immune system. Eat the right kind of food and exercise daily.

5. Avoid going near poultry houses, farms, live poultry markets and same places with improper ventilation.

6. If you can't avoid exposing your self to birds and chickens, have a flu shot vaccine.

7. See a doctor and have yourself check if you are feeling not well after exposure to birds or chicken.

8. Be observant and report immediately any incident of not ordinary death of birds and chickens in your area.

So it's still safe to eat chicken, eggs and other poultry products. Just follow these tips on how to prevent bird flu contamination. 

Be safe.
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Our Baker's Hub Experience

Monday, August 14, 2017

My apologies for not posting that much. Medyo busy lang sa araw-araw na buhay. Haha!

It's another manic Monday. I was supposed to take a leave from work but changed my mind because of an important meeting. So Daddy A went alone to do our planned errand today. I will share about that soon. Meanwhile, let me share our experience at Baker's Hub when we visited their branch at Meycauyan, Bulacan.

Baker's Hub Meycauayan

Last June, yes that's two months ago, we went to Baker's Hub to buy our baking needs for Matthew's 7th birthday.

Baker's Hub Meycauayan

When you love to bake, I guaranteed you will palpitate upon entering the store, haha!

There are mixers, and tin and glass food containers.

Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer, tin food container, glass food container

Measuring cups, egg beaters, scoops, spatula, rolling pin and more.

measuring cups, egg beaters, scoops, spatula, rolling pin

There are all forms of aluminium moulds too. 

aluminium moulds

These are chocolate moulds.

chocolate moulds

Silicon moulds are on sale that time.

silicon moulds

Cake stands and turntables.

cake stand, turntables

Different shapes and sizes of cake boards.

cake boards

Cupcake cups and holders!

cupcake cups, cupcake holders

So many food colors available at Baker's Hub.

food colors

There are also cutters, which Matthew thought are toys.

cookie cutters

cookie cutters

There are different kinds of piping tips.

piping tips

Chocolate bars and chips are also being sold there.

chocolate bars, chocolate chips

Of course, there are butter and cream cheese too.
 butter, cream cheese

Sugars, baking soda, baking powder and syrups are also available at Baker's Hub.

Also, you can find chocolate coated candies, sprinkles and other cake and cupcake edible decorations.

cake decorations

Oh, here are more of the cake decors.

cake decorations

And of course, candles!

birthday candles

Finally, here are what we bought at Baker's Hub: Cutters, brushes, fondant smoother, rolling pin, silicone mat, cupcake and bread pans, cupcake liners, butter, marshmallows, white chocolate bars, confectioner sugar and food colors.

Baker's Hub loots

Ooops, not in the photo is the cake turntables that we used for this Minion Cake, our first fondant cake.

Despicable Me, Minions, DIY, cake, fondant

Although there are so many flaws, this fondant cake made my son extra happy on his special day.

That's our Baker's Hub experience. If you love to bake, then Baker's Hub is the place to be.

Baker's Hub Meycauyan 
Address: 2nd Floor, Licaros Commercial Strip, Mac Arthur Highway, Calvario3020 Meycauayan, Bulacan 
Phone No.: (044) 244 0821 
Store hours: 9am-6:30pm
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Our 9th Year + 4 Surprises

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yay! It's been more than a week since my last post. August na pala, where did July goes? 

July has been a very busy month. As in, morning palang super busy na. I am back to making bento once again, which will I share to you next naman. But you can follow me at Instagram and Facebook because I post my daily bento baon ideas there. This post kasi is for our 9th wedding anniversary that we had celebrated last July 27. Yep, July 27. So this a super late post.

Like our previous anniversaries, we chose to celebrate our 9th year with a simple dinner at home. Since both of us are busy at work and we have a little boy to attend to, our travel plan did't push through. It's okay for us naman because we still have no househelp and syempre hindi din namin maenjoy if we keep on thinking about our son.  

Ang haba ba ng explanation noh? Anyway, we just had a simple dinner but I got 4 surprises! I cooked spaghetti and we just bought fried chicken.

wedding anniversary, marriage, celebration

By the way, those flowers, which was surprise #1, were from Daddy A of course. He seldom gave me flowers because he knows I didn't like it kasi mahal nga, haha. That's why I was surprise when he handed me a bouquet of red and white roses. 

red roses, white roses, roses, wedding anniversary

When Matthew saw the flowers, he teased us... "Uy! May nagliligawan!" Haha! 

Of course, I didn't waste this moment and took photos with the roses. Matthew joined me too and he told me pala, "Mommy, gagayahin ko po si Daddy. Magbibigay din ako ng flowers sa asawa ko." Asawa agad talaga anak? Hehe!

Then before having our dinner, we took some photos of the three of us.

This was surprise #2 from our little boy. He told me he can't buy us gift yet kaya heto daw muna.

When we were almost done with our dinner, I saw this on the table in the kitchen. Surprise #3 was this Red Ribbon dedication cake.

Red Ribbon, Dedication cake, chocolate cake

I thought the day was over na, but I saw a little box inside my bag. When I opened it, I saw this!

It may not be expensive but it is priceless because of the man who gave me this.

With what Daddy A gave me, naguilty naman ako kasi I didn't have gift for him. So I told him to buy the shoes he wants. Wala kasi ako time to go out even online shopping.

Anyway, more than those material things, it's the time, love, understanding and patient that Daddy A gave me I am most thankful for. I know sometimes I make it hard for him but still he never gave up on me. 

To Daddy A, I want you to know that I appreciate everything you are doing for us. Thank you for everything. I love and will always be here for you no matter what. 
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