Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ascof's Choose Natural, Stop Cough Now Giveaway

Hello Natural Mommies! I know you are also health conscious like me and our family’s health is always our first priority.

We cannot really avoid being sick like having cough and colds especially now that there’s a drastic change in weather. It’s an assurance to have medicines stock in our medicine cabinet in case one of the family members gets the cough virus, right? But will you let your family take chemicals when there's natural medicine readily available in the market?

You heard it right moms. Ascof Lagundi syrup and capsules are available in the market. Aside from being natural its price is more affordable than the leading brand of cough medicines.

And because Ascof has a natural heart too, they are giving away Ascof capsules just by answering “Why do you choose natural products over chemical products?”

Here is the promo mechanics:

So what are you waiting for mommies. Go head to their FB page, post your answer on their wall and you might be one of the ten lucky winners.

You can also visit Ascof's official website: www.ascof.com.ph, read on their blogsite: NaturalMomsPH.blogspot.com, follow them in twitter: Twitter.com/NaturalMomsPH, and email them: NaturalMomsPH@gmail.com.

It pays off being natural and I know i will never regret to be a Natural Mom. Watch out for more of my posts on being natural :)

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Skin Care Tips by Nivea: Different Types of Baby Skin

My son has a sensitive skin that is prone to rashes. Good thing I have learned about tea bath. Since he is having tea bath, skin rashes won’t show off even on hot weather.

Because of my son’s sensitive skin. I am hesitant to buy baby lotion. I have tried applying one brand of baby lotion but his skin feels greasy and perspires more. I feared that because of perspiration, his skin pores will be blocked and will cause rashes.

Then I saw this Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive Milk Lotion. Of course, it takes me some time to be finally convinced to try this product. Finally, last Chinese New Year, I decided to buy one.  I can’t find any trial pack so I bought this 200-ml bottle. 

What really makes me want to try this on my baby is its natural omega 6 lipids plus it has shea butter.

I immediately tried it on my son’s skin. I gently rub an adequate amount on his skin. I observed if he will perspire more. To my surprise, he didn’t and his skin is not greasy.

Every night, I apply it on his skin to keep it hydrated and soft.

Baby skins are different from one another that is why you need to check what his/her skin type is. My son has a dry and sensitive skin that is why Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive Milk Lotion suits his skin.

Nivea Baby Philippines is always upto date in giving helpful and relevant tips on how to care for our baby's skin and you could find here more details on Different Types of Baby Skin. Like them on Nivea Baby Phil FB page and get daily baby skin care tips. You could also make your own Nivea Baby Journal and you could win special gift packs. Also like MomCenter Phil FB page for more mommy experiences. You could interact with other moms on their page.

Remember moms, the task of caring and nourishing our baby's skin is on us. This is one of my pledge and promise to take care of my baby's skin. How about you mommy? Any baby skin care tips?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mommy Moments: Matthew and Mickey

My son loves cuddling stuffed toys.  In fact he has many stuffed toys like Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Jollibee, Gianina the Pink Bear, Cuddly Pillow and of course his most favorite - Mickey Mouse.

Sleeping with Winnie the Pooh
Happy Moment with Gianina the Pink Bear

Playing with Barney
A dog Cuddly Pillow

His new stuffed toy from his Lola and Lolo

He loves Mickey Mouse ever since he watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
He will actually not sleep without Mickey.

They became his comfort toys. Sometimes he will shout for Mickey's name, from "Micka" to "Mickey" now. He will not sleep without Mickey on his side :)

I don't know why he loves them all. What I know is that my son is caring and lovable, enough for me to not worry much.
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Friday, January 20, 2012

One Day Yaya Mode

For the first since Matt turned one, the two of us will be left at home alone. His yaya have to go home to fix something very important.

Left with no choice, I have to take an emergency leave and be the yaya of the dayJ. The truth is, I really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but we could not afford yet. I have to work and help my husband to be able to pay our housing loan and to give all the best to our only son. Maybe after 6-7 years I can be a SAHM and have my own business – an online business, a bakeshop, or a small restaurant. This is what is nice in dreaming, it’s free so why not dream?

Back to being the yaya... We woke up at 6:30am. I like this more because I don’t have to wake up as early as 5:00am. Dad cooked the breakfast - oatmeal and toasted garlic bread plus banana and a glass of non-fat milk (based on his diet plan: Eat more food, loose more weight). My son loves oatmeal and banana. He ate two garlic bread and a bowl of oatmeal and half of the banana.

Around 7:30am when Dad left the house. When Dad’s car was already out of his sight, Matt said, "ala na daddy, ala na". We went inside the house. Matt closed the door, and immediately grab the TV remote control and passed it on me. That means he wants to watch his favorite kiddie videos. I have saved several child-friendly videos in a USB and connected it to our DVD player.

I left him at the living room watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I fasten him in his high chair so he will not walk around and/or climb the furniture and the stair. In this way also, I can do the house chores. Once in awhile, I look at him just to make sure he is still there and safe. Good thing when he is already bored and wanted to get off the chair, I’m done with dishes. Whew!

I accompany him while watching the remaining videos. Then, he said, "mommy u u." That's it, he just pooped and its bath time already. I told him to just sit there and wait until I finished arranging his bath needs. My son loves taking a bath so it's an easy task for me, except for frequent wading of water that makes me wet too (can't take bath yet, lot of things to do pa). Of course, i did not forget to make his tea bath

After bathing, I thought he will take a nap but I'm wrong. He kept on walking around while watching. Here are the evidences of my little cute malikot boy:

Tired of walking he went back to me and ask for a milk. My, milk again? He just had one before he took a bath. So, I told him later and look at him here

He is begging for milk, so I give him a garlic bread.

He ate it but still he wants milk :( So I gave him a yakult. He drink it fast in a glimpse :)

But still he really wants a bottle of milk, so I surrender and give him one hoping he will take a nap.

We lay a foam on the floor because our sofas are at our balcony. I need to expose them to sunlight to remove the unwanted odor. Just when I thought, he will take a nap so I can finish other house chores but here he is with recharged energy.

It's 10:30 in the morning already and since he will not sleep when the TV is still on, I decided to turn it off and went to his room. After 30 minutes of laughing and singing on the bed, my little man finally took a much awaited nap. 

Because he slept for almost two hours, I have finished washing his clothes and cloth diaper and inserts. When he woke up, we had our lunch - rice and ampalaya con carne cooked by his Dad.

We had a full meal so we decided to went out at our balcony. The weather was as hot as summer already. We watched the elementary students went back to their school. There's a school near our house, just 3 houses away from us.

We had kulitan moments here

Then, time again for his afternoon nap. At around 2 we went back to his room. His energy was still high and he kept on laughing and singing, which I really do not understand but made me smile. I told him that if he take a nap, we will go to the clubhouse. As if he understands, he said "kabhaus, apon". Maybe what he meant is go to clubhouse later afternoon (hapon). After an hour, he finally take again a nap and this is my chance to take a bath too. I took my shortest bath time I ever could and went back to his room.

After two hours, he woke up with a very sweet smile and as expected he was fully recharged.

His Dad arrived at 5:00pm and as promised we went outside. But on our way to the clubhouse, the rain poured so we have to immediately go back home. The rain is not that heavy and it stop soon. We try to go out again and watch the young girls playing in front of our house. Matt imitates them by jumping and laughing. I see an innocent child, our happiness.

Before dinner, Matt and Dad (who is cooking) had kulitan moment too.

Matt kept on yelling "Daddy" while Dad was tickling him all over.

After dinner, time to brush and Matt voluntarily hold his toothbrush.

Before we sleep, my son's energy was still high so he made some scribbles.

Time is really fast especially when you are spending it with your dearest one. My yaya mode is over and I'm back to reality. How I wish I'm beside my son 24/7. But of course, being a working mom does not makes me a lesser mother. This is because, wherever mom is, she is a mother by heart and always 24/7 on duty.

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