Wednesday, December 30, 2020

5 Interesting Facts about Assisted Living

5 Interesting Facts about Assisted Living
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According to the National Center of Assisted Living [NCAL], more than 835,000 Americans reside in assisted living communities. This is a huge number, and you may wonder what makes these living communities such as assisted living in St Petersburg FL this popular. The fact that older adults residing there receive extra assistance without losing their independence is one thing that makes these communities appealing.

Check out these interesting facts about assisted living.

They are culturally diverse

Most assisted living communities provide their own unique philosophy and ability to accommodate seniors from different cultural backgrounds. They often offer several cultural, religious, and dining alternatives to meet the needs of everyone. Their activities are even niche-based!

Pets have a place there

Pet therapy has mind-blowing positive effects on pet lovers. If your senior loved one is a pet lover, they can live with their pets in the assisted living community. Most communities conduct pet interviews to determine if the pet is right for the community and even have pet coordinators to care for these pets.

They are not nursing homes

Some people confuse assisted living communities with nursing homes, but they are almost nothing alike. Assisted living residents are very independent and mobile requiring a more manageable living space. Seniors are not restricted to their rooms and move around as much as they want.

Lots of recreational activities involved

Just because someone is aged doesn't mean they should stop enjoying life. Socialization and involvements bring so much joy to everyone and assisted living communities can offer just that. There are plenty of recreational activities such as dances, shopping trips, socials, and regular visitation to local establishments. These activities help the dear ones maintain a social life and have something to look forward to.

They are cheaper than you think

Assisted living may be way cheaper than maintaining a home and hiring a full-time nurse. What's more, there are many ways to spend on assisted living, such as selling a life insurance policy.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

How to Start an Online Business

How to Start an Online Business
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The internet is a great place to build a business.  From the ability to contact countless customers to get to save money by not opening a physical store, you can create the company of your dreams.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as buying a URL and posting on Twitter that your shop is live.  There are many behind the scenes steps every new business owner should take to prepare for their company.

Figure Out Your Product or Service

Chances are, you already know what you want to sell.  It doesn't matter if you're trying to sell fashionable pins or complex plotting machines; you need to make sure you have reliable sources for where you're getting the pieces of what you're selling.  Think about what your company stands for, as well, since many customers try to align a company's morals with their own.  If you're aiming to get a greener crowd, you need to source your parts and products ethically.

Decide How To Sell And Ship

Unfortunately, your products can't just fly off the shelves and ship themselves; you have to do it yourself.  Depending on your business's size and the demand for your product, you can hire a shipping business to take care of this, or you could start by doing the shipping yourself.  Make sure you have the supplies needed for these orders before you open shop.  Shipping can be done online, with some mail carriers even offering to pick up for free on their route, and it's a better option than trying to figure it out in person.

Study Up On Taxes and Laws In Your Area

Some areas require a higher sales tax on online goods, while others won't let people run a business without filling out tax paperwork.  Look into the small business laws in your area and decide your company's best action plan.  Things may seem overwhelming at first, which is okay as long as you take it to step by step.  If you need, there are forums where you can ask questions about taxes and small business laws, and you may also find some professionals and peers who are willing to help talk you through your start-up.  This plan may seem like a lot of work upfront, but it's work to do a business you'll be proud of.

Set Up Advertising

Making your ads can be the most fun part of this venture if you do it right.  Pay attention to where your customers would shop and when they would be active.  It wouldn’t help if you advertised St. Albert real estate to Twitter users in Ecuador, location matters.  Different age groups use other social media, and the divide in gender is accurate as well.  If you're aiming for older customers of either gender, Facebook is your best bet.  For women from thirteen to thirty-five, you'll get the best luck on Instagram, and Twitter is the hot spot for men of that age group.  Although there is a crossover between all of these, you should pay attention to where your customers go.

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How blogging can change the life of a Mom?

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Do you know how hard it is to be a Mommy blogger?

The life of a Mommy Blogger does not only revolve inside the house. Some of them are full-time working Moms or corporate Moms who take care of the family while working and blogging. Some of them are business women who find blogging a reason for them to have a little time out from what they usually do, or make blogging an outlet to share their everyday stories of struggles, failures and successes.

It is not easy to be a Mommy Blogger because of the time and dedication it requires, but every piece of writing they finish is rewarding and it gives them a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Let me tell you an inspiring story of a Mommy blogger. May this somehow enlighten you of the hardships their going through, yet they won't give up on their dreams and their love for writing.

This Mom used to be a mom who loves to join contests and giveaways online. It feels so good when you are winning something right? That you don't have to pay for it to have it. Whenever she would win something – big or small - she will blog about it - her experiences, her winnings and how she feels about having things that she didn't have to buy. That was how she started to be a Mommy blogger.
It was almost 12 years since she started to write and share contents related to giveaways. One day, she won a 1-year domain name registration and web hosting. She grabbed that opportunity to upgrade her blog. After the setup, she slowly added more niches in her contents. She started to blog about motherhood and product reviews. The additional contents of the blog allowed her to enjoy writing even more. Her new blog allowed her to connect with brands for product reviews and fellow bloggers worldwide through a blog meme-like weekly sharing of motherhood related contents, food recipes, and more. It even opened up a new door for her in becoming a Mom influencer in their area.

One day, a super typhoon hit and devastated their town where not only precious lives were lost but also her website because she was not able to update and renew her domain and hosting subscription. However, her love and passion for writing didn’t stop. She continued writing and sharing content through the local newsprint where she was working. She wrote contents related to the recovery and completion of community sub-projects funded by the government and she shared how local and less fortunate individuals worked hand in hand, as community volunteers to rebuild the infrastructures such as the community health centers damaged by the super typhoon.

Year after the devastation, she slowly get back to blogging. This time, with a vision of helping others and inspiring more Moms like her. It gives her heaven whenever she blogs knowing that her content will reach out to fellow moms out there and will give a message of hope and strength to her viewers.

Mommy bloggers like her should be given a lot of credit. Most Mommy bloggers are doing a job that takes hard work, guts, wit, and a whole lot of other things that others don't have.

The people in the blogging and influencer marketing industry who are working so hard to create authentic, informative, and downright hilarious, overwhelming, inspiring content for their fellows, deserves a lot of appreciation.

Blogging can really make a big change on the life of a Mom, of anyone actually. From being a hobby, it is now a passion for any person who simply loves to write.

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Make cooking your favorite family bonding with Crispy Fry®

For a mom like me with kids who loves fried food, having an instant breadings is a big help. Not only that, we can create a bonding moment while cooking. 

Check out how to make cooking your favorite family bonding with Crispy Fry®. 

From the Press Release Kit: 

Make cooking your favorite family bonding with Crispy Fry®

Even if families spend most of their time at home, many find that they have become busier than ever. The line between work and home life has blurred, which made it even more difficult for families to bond. However, there are still things that families can easily do to enjoy each other’s company – and cooking is one of them.

To nourish moments at home, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) encourages Filipino families to make cooking a family bonding habit. As food plays a huge part in our homes, cooking is a fun activity that families can easily plan and incorporate into their schedule with just the use of the right tools and ingredients.

“There is a big learning curve to the new stay-at-home lifestyle and everyone is adapting as we go. This, along with flexible working hours, means that there is less time for families to spend with one another. Cooking is a fun bonding activity as shared tasks help create stronger bonds among family members. It also makes meals more rewarding because everyone including children can contribute in preparing them,” says Roann Co, APC’s General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

For instance, Ajinomoto’s Crispy Fry®, the #1 breading mix brand in the market, makes frying family favorites a breeze. It is made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings to help even kitchen beginners turn regular fried chicken and fish into crispy-delicious and isda-licious meals.

For chicken lovers, Crispy Fry® Chicken Breading Mix makes kid-approved fried chicken that’s #Crispanalo. It comes in Original, Garlic, and Spicy flavors, and another that comes with Gravy Mix to be paired with fried chicken. Meanwhile, for fish-loving fans, the new Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix makes fried fish crispier and more delicious without the hassle and oil-spills.

These kitchen essentials are part of Ajinomoto’s Eat Well, Live Well promise, which aims to provide good food and better health to Filipino families.

“We encourage families to make the most of the new normal by spending more time together. Through Ajinomoto products such as Crispy Fry®, cooking or frying can be made easier so everyone can join in. As long as everyone is at home together, every day is Family Day,” shares Co.

To know more about Crispy Fry®, visit the Ajinomoto website at and the Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines at

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How To Turn Watching Sports Games Into Fun Family Events

Doing things together, such as watching the biggest football or basketball game of the year, can be a great way of counteracting the winter blues. If you choose to host a Super Bowl or NBA Finals party in your house this year, it may feel overwhelming to try to create a picture-perfect moment. Putting together a great party can be stressful, but that’s why breaking it down into simple themes can make your event just as fun as the game.

Make Food Together

Whether part of a large party with friends or a small family gathering, food is more than just about eating. Have all your guests bring potluck items so you can all try new foods. You could decorate cupcakes with colored frosting for each team, create a football field or basketball court out of your vegetable tray, or use paper graphs and candy to vote for your favorite team.

Dress Up

Make your party a fun place to show off. Try setting up a photo booth against a wall. You could build a giant polaroid cutout and props to play with as you snap your selfies. If you’re feeling crafty, let the kids get messy by making edible face paint – just make sure you don’t put it on over the carpet.

Have Fun!

Some of your guests will be there for the game, but others will only care about the company. For those not watching the game, set up cornholes for the energetic and a puzzle for those looking for something a little quieter. Visit a baby store New York NY to get an extra playpen so your guests have a place to put their baby down for a nap so they can enjoy the gathering.

Watching sports games should be a time when you share fun and laughter. Celebrate with your favorite ways to cheer your team to victory.

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Looking for Support When You’ve Had a Birth Injury

Birth injuries cause both short-term and permanent damage to a person’s body. Birth injuries can affect both the person giving birth and the newborn. When either the parent or the baby is physically hurt during the birthing process, they have sustained a birth injury. Birth injuries include Cerebral Palsy, infections, diseases, fractures, Spina Bifida, cephalohematoma, and various types of brain damage.

Each year, millions of women suffer serious health issues sustained during the delivery process. Parents may also be left to grapple with the repercussions of birth injuries affecting their newborns. Whether you or your child have sustained an injury during birth, you may need psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, legal, medical, and practical support to help you recover or adjust to how your injury will affect your life.

Psychological and Emotional Support

Although birth trauma can affect anyone who gives birth, suffering a traumatic birth event can increase the likelihood of birth trauma. Women may also experience postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of a traumatic childbirth experience.

You can receive psychological and emotional support by Googling “therapist near me” to find a qualified therapist in your area. A counselor can address your mental health issues and help you process the issues that caused your trauma. Family therapy can be an effective way to communicate with your spouse, children, and other family members about how your birth injury has affected your mental health. Your therapist can work with you to develop strategies to support your psychological and emotional health and promote healing. Many therapists offer in-person therapy, teletherapy, and online therapy sessions, ensuring you’ll be able to find a qualified therapist who has experience dealing with birth trauma and birth injuries. If you're worried about paying for a therapist, you should know that many insurance companies cover mental health treatments.

Spiritual Support

Religion is a source of comfort for many people. If you belong to a church, you may find it helpful to sit in a pew near the altar candles at the front and reflect on the ways your beliefs have enriched your life. You can also light prayer candles and spend time in prayer. Priests and ministers often provide spiritual counseling and support for parishioners who’re in need. Church prayer groups may also be available to pray for you, which may offer you mental health benefits. If you haven’t been baptized, you may want to discuss baptism with your minister and reaffirm your faith by having yourself and your newborn baptized.

Experiencing a traumatic event or injury can affect your faith and make you question why you’ve had this experience. If this is the case, you may be inclined to withdraw from your religious community, which can leave you feeling isolated and compound your emotional distress. Speaking with religious leaders from your faith may help you address your feelings and restore your faith.

Financial Support

Birth injuries can have severe financial implications. You or your baby may need to stay in the hospital to receive medical care. Even short-term effects of birth injuries may require follow-up appointments with your doctor or treatment from specialists. The costs of medical care in the United States can be financially crippling.

You may also not be able to work during this time because of the medical needs you or your child have. Some mothers may even lose their jobs and insurance benefits if they’re unable to return to work. Birth injuries can also result in paralysis or permanent disability. Infants who suffer from a brain injury at birth may be more likely to develop brain tumors, which can have severe physical and financial implications.

You may be eligible to receive financial support from organizations that provide funds for individuals with disabilities or specific illnesses, such as cancer. Pharmaceutical patient assistance programs offer financial aid and help patients access affordable medications. CancerCare helps cover the cost of insurance copays. You may also qualify to receive government benefits. If you’ve sustained an injury that prevents you from working, you may qualify for disability benefits. You may also be eligible to receive food stamps and Medicaid.

Legal Support

Google “birth injury attorney in Chicago” to locate an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area. Personal injury lawyers can provide you with the legal support you need after the birth injury. They’re familiar with the legal basis for pursuing a case against medical professionals or others who cause or contribute to birth injuries. They can gather the information needed to build a case, complete the legal steps required to bring your case to trial, and advise you of the steps you need to take to support your claim. Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, so you can get a sense of how strong your case is without assuming any financial risks. Injury lawyers are also familiar with multiple forms of compensation you may be eligible to receive and can provide you with information about your financial and legal options. They may be able to recoup the cost of post-injury treatment and related expenses, such as seeing a counselor or hiring staff to help with practical tasks.

Medical Support

You or your baby may also have specific medical needs that require you to see medical professionals for physical care. Your doctor can monitor your condition after you’re released from the hospital. Your doctor can also refer you to other specialists. If you’ve sustained spinal or pelvic injuries, a physical therapist may be able to treat these issues and help address any muscle imbalances. Physical therapists use exercises and assistive devices to help their patients manage their pain and increase their mobility and muscle strength.

If your newborn sustained a birth injury, they might need medical support from multiple specialists. The nature of their injury will determine their needs. Physical therapists work with children who have Cerebral Palsy and other health issues affecting their motor skills. Occupational therapists can help children develop fine motor skills used to perform daily tasks, such as buttoning shirts and opening doors. Speech-language pathologists can treat children with speech delays or issues swallowing. Your doctor will advise you about what types of treatment your newborn will benefit from and when to initiate treatment from those professionals.

Practical Support

If you’ve sustained a birth injury, you may be physically unable to care for your child independently or complete routine tasks, such as house cleaning and cooking. You can address this by hiring a personal care aide, home health aide, or a nanny.

Personal care aides focus on practical assistance. These professionals come to your home, where they clean, cook, and provide companionship. Personal care aides can also transport you to medical appointments. They may also purchase groceries on your behalf and run other errands. Home health aides are qualified to provide basic healthcare services, such as changing bandages and monitoring your condition. Some can give clients medication. A nanny’s primary purpose is to care for your child, but you may also be able to hire a nanny who cooks, cleans, drives you to appointments, and runs errands.

If you don’t have assistance from an aide or nanny, search for organizations that provide resources for people with disabilities or medical needs. For example, CancerCare can provide financial assistance that can be used to cover reasonable expenses, such as child care and transportation costs. The American Cancer Society also provides free transportation to medical appointments.

A birth injury can adversely affect your life. In some cases, birth injuries cause permanent disabilities or health issues. Contact appropriate professionals to receive psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, legal, medical, and practical support after your birth injury to help you with the recovery process.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Lover-beauty Sexy Lingerie Wholesale for Ladies

A couple decades back sexy lingerie was seen on the runways and fashion tv. It was a time when women could just desire of wearing sexy undergarments. There were a few brands that stood out as the big and the best lingerie brands. But not anymore. The lingerie industry has revamped and there are numerous other brands that produce some timeless and versatile lingerie for the modern woman in every shape and size. Besides, sexy lingerie wholesale price is a treat. Here we are talking about an online website called Lover-beauty that carries some wonderful pieces in various styles and sizes. Yes, you will find some beautiful plus size lingerie too.

Lingerie is one of the most important wardrobe essentials for women. If you consider, it is the first thing you put on and the last one to take off. Besides your undergarment is closest to your skin, and we believe it must be the best. Shopping for regular bra and panty is different from buying a beautiful set of lingerie. Lingerie shopping is all about pleasure and indulgence. It feels good when you know that everything under your regular dress is pretty and sexy. It is an ultimate confidence booster for women.

It is also true that you tend to buy a sexy lingerie for special occasions like date night, Valentine’s day, wedding and anniversaries etc. However, you don’t need an excuse to feel beautiful and sexy anymore. With the availability of great quality affordable pieces, you can now indulge in some lacy, sultry and dainty little lingerie every single day. It is not needed to wear lingerie for someone else, we suggest wear it for your own pleasure and happiness. Every woman agrees that wearing sexy lingerie boosts their confidence to another level.

In this post we want to share some of the most beautiful, dreamy and sexy lingerie. The best part is the wholesale lingerie plus size price. Even though everyone’s lingerie choice is different, Lover-beauty has got you covered. They carry the hottest, cutest and the coolest lingerie for the cheapest price. If you are into strappy ones or the simple yet sexy ones, they have it all. Here are some that we love.

When we mentioned cutest, we meant it. Isn’t the sheer green babydoll so sexy and cute at the same time.

baby doll

A timeless and versatile style. If you prefer chemises and not much into the hot and trendy ones, this red lace one is so attractive and comfortable to wear.

red lace

Make a statement in the bedroom with this hottest, empowering, sexy and lustrous lingerie. The floral lace and barely-there tulle are a piece of artwork. Let his imagination go wild with this eye-catching design.

floral lace and barely-there tulle

Lover-beauty is a boutique with wide range in style and size. The sheer lace plus size sling teddy will make every night a celebration.

sheer lace plus size sling teddy

Be the girl boss and treat yourself to this fancy red lace sling bra set. It is super sexy and glamourous.

fancy red lace sling bra set

Be the showstopper in this strappy style lingerie that will wow him. The halter neck and the bow detailing are sexy and alluring.

strappy style lingerie

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Powerful Prayer for Safe Delivery


photo source

As my delivery due date is approaching, I can't help but feel anxious. Although I am excited to finally meet the little boy in my womb, I have this great fear in my heart. This is my second pregnancy and because I know what will happen, it scares me more.

I have encountered many pregnancy challenges for this one, but I am very thankful that we already came this far at almost 36 weeks and praying so hard we will reach the full term of 38 weeks. 

I have strong faith in God so I rest everything on Him. He blessed us with another baby and entrust us to raise another human being. I cast all my fears on Him for I know His plans are for the best for us. 

Prayers do really works. Sharing this A Prayer to St. Gerard for Safe Delivery. 

Powerful Prayer for Safe Delivery

St. Gerard Majella, the patron saint of expectant mothers and unborn children. St. Gerard Majella had a reputation for performing miracles and having the ability to read souls and bilocate. He is most known for the miracle of a healthy birth.

With this I am asking to include us in your prayers. Prayers for our safe delivery and for our healthy baby boy will do miracle.

Thank you and keep safe everyone.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

After the Storm, The Sun Sill Shine Again

With four typhoons in a row, our country is under a devastating situation. Many provinces are under the state of calamity with heavy floods and landslide, destroying many properties and life. Not to mention the current pandemic situation.

2020 is truly a very challenging year. Though, it's ending in less than 2 months now, still it's leaving a huge impact behind.

But we should not lose hope, for there's no storm forever. The sun will definitely shine again no matter how strong the storm was.

After the Storm, The Sun Sill Shine Again

"After the storm, the sun will shine again."

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Friday, November 13, 2020

4 Ways to Glow Up This Season

4 Ways to Glow Up This Season

Changes in seasons, aging, and the inevitable stresses of life can have an effect on your appearance and the way you feel about yourself. With all of the health and cosmetic options available, it can be hard to know what to focus on first when all you want to do is look as good as you can. There are a few basic things you can do to glow up that are easy to implement and don't take a lot of time and effort. Here are a few things to get you started.

1. Focus on Your Health

Staying current on your visits with your healthcare practitioner, exercising in a way that benefits your individual body, eating nutrient-dense food, staying hydrated, and sleeping 7-8 hours a night are all beneficial — if you can do them simultaneously, even better. You'll notice a more youthful, glowing appearance.

2. Follow a Good Skincare Routine

Find something simple, doable, and that is well-suited for your skin type, and tweak as needed. Needing some extra guidance when it comes to physical traits that bother you? Consider consulting experts like the practitioners at a North Carolina plastic surgery clinic.

3. Take Care of Your Hair

Having healthy, gleaming hair is in large part due to what you put into your body and your hormonal status. Heredity plays a part, too. Use gentle products that don't strip your hair, and treat your hair gently.

4. Ease Your Mind

Stress can cause muscle tension, changes in blood flow, and changes in your posture. Do your best to turn that around by prioritizing nurturing relationships, relaxation and meditation, spiritual support, bodywork, and counseling support as you need it. It'll make a difference in your looks and in your health.

Glowing up is an inside-out job. Consider these tips to help you look and feel better.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

3 Tips to Spending More Time Outside

3 Tips to Spending More Time Outside
photo source

People enjoy spending time outside. It not only stimulates your mind but helps to invigorate your body. However, many people don't know how to spend a lot of time outside. Here are 3 tips to help you be outside and enjoy nature.

Outdoor Furniture

If you live in an area that allows for outdoor living, you should utilize it. By using boat furniture outdoor living is possible in any realm. You can use outdoor furniture on a patio, lawn, or deck. Anything that provides you a place to relax outside is going to improve your outdoor living. Sometimes this is as simple as a lawn chair or as complex as a yurt. Either way, the first step to being outside is having a comfortable place to enjoy it from.

Art Material

Once you are outside, in order to fully appreciate nature, you should bring art materials to help capture the moment. Whether this is in the form of watercolor, paint, or charcoal, exploring and recreating nature can truly help you become more involved in nature itself. Sometimes, by capturing nature on a page, you can see and experience things that were not immediately visible to you. For example, you may notice a stream bubbling in the near distance, but until you have to draw that stream, you wouldn't notice the butterflies resting on the stones littering the small stream.

Yoga Mat

Exercising outside can bring a different meaning to the outdoors. By being in nature and focusing on that, you can create a deeper connection with yourself, nature, and the exercises you are doing. Yoga, in particular, draws from nature, so when you do a pose you can see what the real thing looks like and really focus your energy on creating and being that creature or thing. Looking at a tree and seeing its strength and poise while doing the tree pose can bring new meaning to your stretch.

Being outside is essential to humans. It is important, every once in a while, to breathe deeply and connect with the world around you.

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Monday, November 2, 2020

Our Pregnancy Challenges and Risks


Our Pregnancy Challenges and Risks
A pregnant woman. Image: Pexel

Ang bilis! The first time I wrote about my pregnancy after 10 years was when I was on my second month. Just like that 6 months have passed. Actually, I was supposed to write about our 7th month pero hindi ko namalayan it is our 8th month already.

This pregnancy is not planned but it's God's will as I always say. He gave us another blessing in a time when everything seems so uncertain. Something to look forward to and give us more hope and faith in Him. And we are beyond blessed.

However, this pregnancy is very challenging too. Aside from there's a current health pandemic, I had encountered several health issues maybe because of my age. It's a high risk pregnancy na actually.

On my second month, I had to take progesterone because my OB saw there's contraction on the ultrasound. She said kung hindi makuha sa medicine I have no choice but to have a bed rest. Thankfully, we made it through and now we are on the 8th month.

On my 7th month naman, I failed the OGCT (Oral Glucose Challenge Test). OGCT is a short version of the OGTT that is used to check pregnant women for signs of gestational diabetes. You will need to drink 50 g glucose solution within 5 minutes then after an hour (note that you are not allowed to eat/drink anything except water), blood will be withdrawn and test for glucose level. With that test we found out that I had elevated blood sugar level. I was advised to watch my diet for a week and take the OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test).

With the OGTT, you will be required to fast for 8-12 hours and then a fasting plasma glucose is tested. Then you will be asked to drink 100g oral glucose solution and blood samples will be withdrawn after 1, 2 and 3 hours. Again you are not allowed to take anything but water while you are waiting for the blood extractions to finish. 

Can you magine that 4 blood extractions in 4 hours? The waiting and pain was so stressful. That's why I am thankful when all my blood glucose tests are within the normal levels. 

But of course, this doesn't mean I am allowed to feast on carbohydrates and sweets. As much as possible, I eat low carbohydrates and sugar-free food.

I am also monitoring my blood sugar level at least twice a week to be safe.

Instant glucometer

We bought this Accu-Chek Instant glucometer.

Accu-Chek Instant glucometer

In addition, since the first month of my pregnancy, I have been doing prenatal yoga for 10 minutes everyday. That helps me with my back pain and I feel lighter. There are lots of pregnancy exercises that you can try. Some are doing resistance band workout method using workout bands and bars like the one below.

workout bands and bars

However, to be safe for you and your baby, consult your doctor first before doing such exercises.

And just when I thought everything will be okay, yesterday on my 8th month, I had problem with my blood pressure. I don't know but it looks like I have phobia with blood pressure taken by other people especially when I am in a clinic or hospital. I feel so nervous that no matter how I calm my self, my heart beats even faster. Lol! So my OB said to be safe I had to do urinalysis to determine if there's albumin with it. 

The result came fast after 30 minutes and it's all normal. Whew!

I am actually monitoring my blood pressure because I know the pregnancy risks that comes with my age like hypertension and preeclampsia. It's always 120/80, so normal naman. I just can't explain why when I am at the clinic or hospital I feel so nervous just seeing the nurse holding the blood pressure gauge or  sphygmomanometer. Can anyone relate? Haha.

There's another concern pa pala with the weight of the baby, it grew another 1 kilo in only two weeks based on my ultrasound. My OB said my weight gain is from 81 to 83 kgs so its possible. But I told her, I only weigh 79-80 kg on our weighing scale so they re-weigh me and its only 81 kgs. Whew! As for baby's weight its really impossible how he grew that fast maybe its because of the ultrasound machine they used that day, which is different from the previous one they are using and it's an older unit.

To be safe, my OB prescribed metformin to control my blood sugar. Because it is possible pa din daw that I will have gestational diabetes even I passed the OGTT. She said metformin is safe for pregnant women and she also prescribe it to women who have PCOS to get pregnant.

Being a paranoid momma, I still  research on metformin. Here's what I read Metformin:

Metformin Metformin is a medicine used to treat type 2 diabetes, and to help prevent type 2 diabetes if you're at high risk of developing it.

Metformin is used when treating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), although it's not officially approved for PCOS.

Type 2 diabetes is an illness where the body does not make enough insulin, or the insulin that it makes does not work properly. This can cause high blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia).

PCOS is a condition that affects how the ovaries work.

Metformin lowers your blood sugar levels by improving the way your body handles insulin.

It's usually prescribed for diabetes when diet and exercise alone have not been enough to control your blood sugar levels.

For women with PCOS, metformin lowers insulin and blood sugar levels, and can also stimulate ovulation.


Also, Metformin should be taken after breakfast. It shouldn't be taken with an empty stomach. 

Those are the pregnancy challenges I am having and been through for the past 8 months. I know I am the only one and worst there are pregnant women out there who are experiencing anxiety too. So if you happen to see a pregnant women, please be kind and cheer them up. It will make a big difference.

Hugs to all the preggy mommas like me! Praying for our safe delivery and good health for us and our babies.

P.S.: Will be posting about my baby finds, so please watch out :)

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Friday, October 30, 2020

3 Potential Foul Odor Sources

3 Potential Foul Odor Sources
photo source

Bad smells tend to stick around for far longer than people would like them to. These odors can originate from any number of sources, but no matter where they come from, you likely want them gone. Here are three odor sources that you need to watch out for.

1. Pets

Pets, especially furry ones, like dogs, cats, and rabbits, leave hairs everywhere, which can lead to your entire home smelling like an animal. Carpeted areas are especially susceptible to odors because they get trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Pet odors can be particularly strong, so you might need to hire professional Knoxville TN odor removal services to totally eliminate them.

2. Kitchen Appliances

Bad smells tend to crop up in the kitchen as well. Almost any appliance can be a source of foul odors, but the ones that use water, such as your dishwasher, are some of the most common because of the mold that can build up. Anything that creates waste is something you should clean regularly, but that does not mean you should rule out appliances such as your refrigerator when searching for the source of an odor.

3. Shoes

If you have some kind of mudroom or another area where you keep dirty shoes, there will be unpleasant odors that originate from that room. This is especially true if you have kids. Kids are prime sources for bad smells, so their coats, shoes, and other items that they wear every day will build up overpowering odors overtime.

While these are potential sources for bad smells, you still have to deal with eliminating those odors. Professional odor removers are the safest option, and you would be best-served defaulting to them. There are ways you can do it on your own, but you never know how successful that will be.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Importance of Good Sleep

The Importance of Good Sleep
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Sleep is a critical part of your daily life, while it might not seem like it, the proper amount of sleep and type of sleep can make a huge difference in how healthy you are, how good you feel, and how your body feels. Sleep is an opportunity to rejuvenate, to relax, and to come back from a hard day that might have been just a little harder than you imagined.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your health for a few different reasons. Your body needs sleep in order to be able to allow the cells to recover, to allow the body to rest, and to allow the body to recover from the day. With children, sleep encourages growth and development and without it, your child is not only going to be cranky and feel bad, but they are also going to experience growth stagnation and they are going to start to fall behind in overall growth.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a ton of different health concerns. Things like irritability, brain fog, lagging, weight gain, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and so much more. These can all be a side effect of not getting enough sleep. It is important that you are not just getting sleep, but that you are also getting good quality sleep. You do need at least a couple of hours of deep sleep each night paired with light sleep as well.

How much Sleep Should I Be Getting?

Sleep is crucial and each age group does need a different amount of sleep in order to be as healthy as possible. For newborns, it is recommended that they get from 14-17 hours of sleep a day. For babies aged four months to eleven months, it is recommended that they get from 12-15 hours of sleep each day. For toddlers aged one year to two years, they should be getting anywhere from 11-14 hours of sleep each day.

With kids ages three to five, they should be getting 10-3 hours of sleep. For Kids age six to thirteen they should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep each day. For kids aged 14-17, they should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night. For adults, it is recommended that they get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

How to Get Better Sleep

For some, sleep comes naturally, as soon as you put your head on the pillow you fall asleep and stay asleep. For others, it can be difficult to get the sleep that you want and need. For some, sleep issues may stem from another health problem that you are dealing with like sleep apnea or jaw issues. With the help of a specialist like those at Dental Studio of Carrollton, you can find out just what is keeping you from getting the sleep you need and you can start to feel better each day. For more information visit,

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Expect less, Complain less

If you wake up this morning healthy and the rest of our family are safe, then be grateful. We should complain less and thank God more. For He allow us to have another day on earth. Smile more!
Expect less, prepare more
"Expect less, prepare more. 
Judge less, respect more. 
Complain less, thank more. 
Regret less, smile more."

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Cast All Your Anxiety on Him

Everyday is not always happy. Everyday we may experience anxiety and fear. But always remember that we are not alone. We can cast all our fears and anxiety on Him. Keep on praying and trusting Him.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."
~ 1 Peter 5:7
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Friday, October 23, 2020

The Link Between Cancer and Your Diet

The Link Between Cancer and Your Diet

We have heard over and again how important a healthy diet is for your long term health. The truth is, though, for individuals who are facing a possible cancer diagnosis, or who have already received a cancer diagnosis, diet can become a crucial part of their recovery journey. Keep reading to learn about how your diet can affect your cancer recovery.

The Diet Problem

The biggest diet problem faced by cancer patients is often a lack of protein in their diet as well as too few calories altogether. Certain forms of cancer treatment can have a dramatic effect on your appetite. The problems arise when you begin consuming too few calories and too few of the right calories. Your body needs all of the fuel it can get in order to work on healing. If your body is not receiving this fuel it can become weaker. This will compound problems like fatigue, weight loss, and even depression.

Diet Tips

When your diet is on track it can help your body fight off infection, build more energy, and improve your outlook.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is not complicated. Here are a few super simple tips to get you started: 

Eat small meals throughout the day- If 3 big meals are just too much, try eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day.  
  • Pack in the nutrients- If you do not have a huge appetite, then it is important to pack in the nutrients with every bite. Make sure you are choosing foods that are dense in nutrients that your body needs rather than empty calories.  
  • Learn your triggers and stay away- If certain foods or cooking smells make eating hard, then make sure you avoid these items.  
  • Drink lots of water. 
  • If eating often enough is a challenge set a timer as a reminder.  

Special Considerations for Mesothelioma 

It is especially important for Mesothelioma patients to get enough protein each day. Grains and sugar should be kept low, while protein and dense starchy vegetables should be kept high. Many patients find it helpful to add a high protein, high calorie liquid nutritional supplement as well. These are convenient, require no cooking or meal prep, and can make up for nutritional deficits.

Foods That Help

There are certain foods that have been identified as beneficial for cancer recovery. Be sure to work these foods into your day when you can.  
  • Omega 3 Fats- These nutrients are found mostly in fatty fish. 
  • Fiber- Fiber is crucial to stabilizing insulin levels and some studies show that it slows cancer cell growth.  
  • Spices- Certain spices such as turmeric, basil, rosemary, mint, dill, and others have been linked with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity.

When discussing your prognosis information with your doctor, be sure to discuss your current diet and any changes that can be made to better help you on your road to recovery.  
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