Monday, February 26, 2018

4 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

Staying beautiful and gorgeous while taking care of your home can be too challenging. Here are 4 fantastic beauty hacks that every busy mom should know:

1. Sleep Well

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Of course, there is no better beauty tip than recommending you to take a good night’s sleep. A soundless 6-7 hours’ sleep is not only important to keep yourself energized for the next day, but it can also help you to get rid of premature aging and dark circles. Giving rest to your constantly working brain also helps you to stay calm and stress free while you act as a supermom to handle your notorious kids!

2. Maintaining your hair texture

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Yes, we know how painful it was to see hair precious hair fall out and get thinner during and after pregnancy! It’s time to accept your natural hair texture and stop using useless stuffs on it to get the volume back. Follow a regular hair care routine like overnight oiling, followed by using a conditioner and a shampoo the next day with organic hair care products, to help restore your gorgeous locks. Remember, the more you worry about your hair, the more it falls!

3. Night Care Regime

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Before you go to sleep, it’s very crucial to maintain a regular night care beauty regime. For your hair, you can use coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment and braid your hair before you go to bed, to make it super thick within months. Always make sure that you buy an organic quality coconut oil to reap the best benefits of it. For your face, you must cleanse it thoroughly with a pH balancing cleanser or soap like natural african black soaps to get rid of all the dirt particles and unclog the pores. Follow it up with DIY rosehip oil infused moisturizer to look younger for years to come.

4. Rest of the day makeup

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Always make sure that you use organic quality makeup and beauty products for your skin. Awaken your eyes with bold eyeliners and blend it up with dark kohl, before you step out of your house. Never forget to apply a tinted and a moisturizer based sunscreen to get that flawless looking face. Alternatively, you can also use BB creams that work both as a moisturizer and a foundation.

Following these simple beauty hacks every day can help you save time on those expensive spas and parlors and yet, help you to stay young and glowing forever. 

*This is a sponsored post.
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bento Baon Serye: The Return

Uy mga besh! Please congratulate me. Sunud-sunod posts ko this week e. Hopefully magtuloy-tuloy na ito.

Anyway, matagal ko na talaga gusto itong ibalik, and bento baon serye. Yup I know patapos na ang school year pero okay lang atleast marami na kayong baon ideas for the next school year right? 

I am not an expert though and I just prepare simple baon for my son just what he likes. I choose to start this bento baon serye by sharing the first bento baons I made when the school year started last June.
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Just what I have said, my son prefers simple baon like this.

bento, bento baon, weekly bento baon, bento baon serye, school baon, bento mom, bento lover
Snack: Quaker Oat Dairy Drink, Whatta Tops, Buttercream crackers
Lunch: Rice, egg, siomai, grapes

Though I have bento picks, I didn't use them at first for fear that he may losing them. E ang mahal pa naman.

bento, bento baon, weekly bento baon, bento baon serye, school baon, bento mom, bento lover
Snack: Ham sandwich, Bear Brand Yogu milk drink
Lunch: Rice, pork giniling, grapes

I used cookie cutter to cut eggs like this iron man cookie cutter.

bento, bento baon, weekly bento baon, bento baon serye, school baon, bento mom, bento lover
Snack: Red Ribbon marble cake slice, Zest-o Iced Tea
Lunch: Rice, egg, fish fillet, grapes

bento, bento baon, weekly bento baon, bento baon serye, school baon, bento mom, bento lover
Snack: Red Ribbon cake slice, Minute Maid orange drink
Lunch:Rice, grilled pork, corn, grapes

If you notice, puro grapes like side dish. It's his favorite. Though I also include apple and oranges from time to time.

bento, bento baon, weekly bento baon, bento baon serye, school baon, bento mom, bento lover
Snack: Ham sandwich, Nestea lemon iced tea
Lunch: Rice, adobo flakes, apple slices

So that's all for our bento baon serye come back post. Naks! See again next week for another set of bento baon.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Five Tips for Self-Love with Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice

The love month is not yet over. Let me share some tips on how to love your self more.

From the Press Release Kit:

The love month is officially upon us and everyone’s got their eye on their calendar for their much-anticipated date night and other winning ways to melt someone’s heart. However, February is not just all about romance and relationship, as it’s clearly the best occasion to celebrate the most important person: You. So for the love of yourself, Happy Day Rauch Orange got tips that will refresh your habits and will spark motivation of investing in yourself with food and fitness as the beginning.

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1. Don’t skip meals and suppress your hunger.

Just because you’ll be having a grand buffet or multi-course sit-down meal, never starve yourself the entire day and go all out to the dinner table. This habit leads to overeating, filling your plate with caloric food choices. It is always a good idea to grab a fruit, cereal, oatmeal or whole wheat bread before heading to the gathering so you won’t arrive feeling ridiculously famished.

2. Practice mindful eating.

Before you eat, scan the food choices and decide which one you’ll pick or miss. Start off with a clear soup or a glass of water and fill up your plate with a heaping serving of salad. Skip those fried, greasy, and creamy appetizers that are loaded with calories and fat. Opt for smaller plates and utensils so that you only consume smaller bites, which trick your brain into eating almost 30% fewer calories. Remember to eat slowly, chew your food longer than the usual, and enjoy conversing at the dining table – these tips will help break the bad habit of binge eating.

3. Move and stay active.

No time for the gym? Squeeze in a 10-minute workout that can help you burn extra calories and elevate your mood for the entire day.  Should you need to bring a car, park at the farthest and walk your way up or down to your destination. Additionally, consider taking the stairs to burn few more calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

4. Rest and recover.

We are not new to the temptations and nostalgia of the love month without feeling stuffy, that’s why planning your schedule is always the first way to go. Achieving seven to eight hours of sleep is a sanity-saver and gives you a clearer, calmer mind. In fact, the ghrelin hormones increase when you’re up past your bedtime, while leptin or the hormone that tells you when you are full decreases with lack of sleep, which means a major wreak havoc to your diet.

5. Strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C.    

The last thing we want to happen is catching a bug in the form of cough, colds, or flu, so make sure to give your immune system the boost it deserves. The antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps to ward off communicable diseases should be part of our healthy lifestyle.  Note that our body lacks the ability to produce Vitamin C, so it’s therefore important to get it from the right sources like Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice. A European brand that’s in tune with the taste of our time, every 1L pack of Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice contains 16 high-quality and sun-ripened oranges giving it a zesty and refreshing taste. Each glass is enough to meet your body’s required daily dose of Vitamin C. Much more if you’re looking for ways of curbing your sugar cravings, a sip of something sour or tart like orange juice will help. 

Let's be healthy and love our self.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

My New Bento Lunch Box + Food Portion Containers

Hello there!

If you are following me at Instagram (@mommymaye), you will know I am a big fun of bento making. Making bento baon for my son makes me feel happy and fulfilled. It's a way of making for the time I can't be with him. When I can't be with him during his snack and lunch breaks. 

Because of that, I have this little addiction to bento lunch box, tools and accessories. (Read: My Bento Tools from Shopee and Daiso and  Yumbox and Stainless Steel Lunch Box). 

Then last week, I saw a very nice lunch box. I contacted the supplier as soon as I saw it and wasted no time to order one and two for my kumare.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

Look so nice right? This bento lunch box is available in two colors. This is the green one, which I bought for my little boy.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

And this pink box that my kumare ordered.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

This lunch box is claimed to be leaked proof. I have yet to try this new bento lunch box. Super excited na ako actually.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

I also bought this food portion container set at Japan Home Center at 88 pesos only. Almost half the price of the one being sold online.

bento, bento lunch box, bento accessories, food portion containers, bento tools

Kaya naman super excited na ako sa bukas to try this bento lunch box. By the way, if you want this bento lunch box too, please send me a personal message at our Momaye's Shoppe FB page. If okay sya and really leaked proof, I will resell it.

That's all for now and let's spread #bentolove!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Our First Home Improvement for the Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

It's been a while since I made an update here. Again, my apology. Been very busy lately with my work. I did plan to blog at night but since I really get tired of working all day, I ended up sleeping, haha.

Anyway, I will not make any excuses anymore but instead will just show you what Daddy A is currently working on.

Yeah, that's Daddy A busy designing our plant box, Yes again, it's a plant box in front of our house. The simplest garden we can have because of limited space.

Daddy A has been bugging me about this plant box a long time ago pa. He loves gardening and he started planting plants like dragon fruit in a pot already. He wanted a garden so I told him to just wait and I will set a budget for that. Luckily, Daddy A's Papa knows a lot of carpentry works including making a plant box.

So when they went here to celebrate new year, these two men worked together to make this nice little garden.

This is our first house improvement for the year, along with a little home improvement at the back of our house. That I will share once it's picture ready hehe.

Back to Daddy A's little garden. Just this morning, he's busy again designing our little garden.

He fixed the garden stones with a cement.

By the way, we bought those garden stones at 150 pesos per bag. Just enough to design our little garden. 

This "kawa" we bought at 200 pesos with the stand.

You can also buy garden soil at 50 pesos per bag. Then the plants that he put are our old plants. He just choose what to put so it will not look crowded or like a forest, hehe.

If you notice, our home improvements are all do it your self. I am lucky that Daddy A is very much inclined with home works, aside from he has a helpful Papa. That's why we save a lot of money and also he can make what he wants to make. Just like this garden, though the design is not yet finished.

Daddy A still plan to put garden grass there. It's still out of stock as per the store we went to so while waiting, he's doing some repainting.

Pardon the not so good sight. Our house is already 10 years and needs a lot of improvement and renovation. We are still thinking whether we will have a home renovation or we will look for a new house near our work place.Traffic going to work is becoming worse each day and moving to a much nearer place is our best option now. Both home renovation and moving to a new home are not easy because it will require us a selfstorage as temporary safety place of our things. Hopefully, by the end we can decide what's the best for ours.

Thank God we are done with its monthly amortization and our house is ours!

That's our first home improvement for the year. After repainting, we will have a bathroom improvement. We are planning to install bidet seat since it's becoming popular now. What do you think?

Again, happy Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Where does January Go?

Hello February! Where did January go? Are you also wondering where? Haha.

I had a very busy January. That maybe the reason why I didn't notice it was already over. I didn't even have my year end post. My apologies for not posting enough to entertain you. I don't want to make promises again but one thing is for sure, I am just here and will be back every now and then. Will that me okay? Hmmm, thank you so much for staying with me for the past years.

Anyway, did you know that it's only 11 months before the holiday? Oh, I am always excited for Christmas. So just like last year, I started saving this early for Christmas. I am also thinking of what gifts to give. In this way, I'll feel less stress when the holidays come. 

Holiday stress is so real right. I am so sure most people do experience this stress especially when Christmas day is coming near. According to a post-holiday survey stress conducted across America, 71% of people felt stressed during the 2017 holiday season.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

The survey also showed that women were 1.2 times more likely to be stressed than men. 

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

And I agreed with it 100%. Because we women are the ones who take care of what gifts to give, the food to serve, the house and almost everything the family needs during holidays.

The survey also revealed that 61% of people say spending time with loved ones is one holiday tradition that makes them the happiest. Just like me, I am sure you will agree with it because Christmas is spending time with the family.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

While I think everyone loves to decorate their house during holidays, the survey surprising says only 53% did decorate they home.

post-holiday survey stress, holidays, Christmas, stress

Decorating our home is one Christmas tradition we will not forget. Putting up the Christmas tree, decorating it and lighting the lights make us feel more the spirit of Christmas.

Apart from those above, I am sure you also have your own post-holiday stress experience. Actually, for me, the aftermath of Christmas holiday went until January. Haha. Anyway, Christmas will always be the most wonderful time of the year. And the stress it brings will always worth it. Agree?

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