Sunday, November 27, 2016

Matthew Andrei's Second Pajama Party

MMA's annual pajama party is one of the events Matthew is looking forward to. It's like a post Halloween party. Last year, nalate kami ng uwi that's why hindi na namin sya naihatid sa school. (Read: Matthew Andrei's First Pajama Party)

So this year, we made sure we'll go home earlier so we can company him to school and of course took photos of him. Here's our little boy in his new pair of Spider Man pajamas, which he personally bought with me.

When we entered the room, nakalatag na ng beddings ang ibang kids. Naglatag na din sya agad-agad. Super excited eh!

Can't blame him naman because this is just once a year and it's super fun.

Not too obvious that the kids had so much fun noh? Anyways, got these photos from MMA's Facebook account.

They had a simple program with bone fire before they start the pajama party. Spot our little boy!

Sobrang natuwa ako sa mga photos na ito. Matthew is obviously one happy kid. So kulit!

Since pinilit namin makauwi ng maaga, heto resulta. Nagtake home ako ng trabaho, hehe!

That's what I did while waiting for Matthew to come home at 9 in the evening. For Prep to Grade 3 kasi until 9pm lang sila and for Grade 4-6 overnight na.

While waiting, syempre food trip muna with Daddy A.

Nang dumating sya super taas pa din ng energy. He even didn't forget that he still have a piece of cake inside the refrigerator. He ate half of it and told me to keep the other half for him to eat the next day. Sobrang gana nyang kumain I told you.

The next day, here he was!

He had so much fun talaga and so much pagod din. Anyways, it's another experience he will never forget.

Have you or kids been to pajama party?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Press Release: The Life and Times of a Mommy Blogger

An empowered woman shares the importance of forging the right partnerships in the internet age.

Ay super relate ako dito. Moms are superwoman especially to our kids. We must not get sick or get tired. But we are only humans and we need help at times. That's why choosing the right partners in our daily life is very important. Good thing I have my best partner in life, Daddy A.

Read through to discover more about finding the right partnership in this high technology age.

The famous poet John Donne was onto something when he wrote, “No man is an island”. We all need a helping hand sometimes to deal with the pressing demands of life. Whether at work or at home, effective partnerships comes in many shapes, faces, and forms.

A ray of sunshine. A radiant and cheerful Ruth Floresca has always believed that words are powerful and weaving them together creates an impact in people’s lives. 
For Ruth Floresca, a professional writer, wife, and mother of four kids, “Being a mom to four sons is no small feat. It’s very much like working in an office where you need to ensure that things run smoothly all the time. I’m glad I have a partner in my husband Noy, whom I can trust and rely on for anything,” Ruth shares.

It wasn’t always this way. Ruth was used to being the independent woman, working as a professional writer for 20 years. But inasmuch as she enjoyed her work, she and her foremost partner decided that it would be best for her give up her full time job so she could pay attention to her youngest son, James, who has special needs.

But because Ruth was not ready to let go of her passion for writing, she turned to the internet to share her thoughts and passion for research. “Because I want James to have the best care in the world, I spend a lot of time finding the right partners for our everyday needs. Sanicare’s paraben-free Baby and Cleansing wipes, for example, gives me peace of mind because I am wary of chemicals like parabens which have been linked to the development of various diseases from cancer to other developmental conditions. I knew that there were other moms who were also looking for products they could trust for their family’s needs so I decided to write about my experience with the product on my blog.”

Sanicare Wipes come in two variants: the Sanicare Cleansing Wipes and the Sanicare Baby Wipes. These wipes are guaranteed soft, strong, and free from alcohol and parabens. Both brands are perfect for newborn babies and even adults. The soft and cloth-like texture helps with tough cleanups to ensure all-around protection from germs whether at home or outdoors.
As a newly minted blogger, Ruth was surprised that sharing her personal experiences as a working mom would resonate so effectively with an audience of like-minded and internet savvy mothers like her. Her blog has an average of 5,000 views per week. This represents a growing base of working women who have found that her writing speaks to their own experiences as mothers juggling their careers in this modern world.

“I didn’t expect to have so many partners in my daily life. I used to think being an empowered modern woman meant that you’d have to be efficient at doing things on your own. But experience has taught me that it’s more important to learn to find the right partners in life. I’m lucky to have found that in my husband, my blogging community, and in the brands I find and come to rely on which I share to help other mothers deal with their own everyday problems. It’s come full circle,” Ruth concludes.

About Sanitary Care Products Asia
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

​​Tweet and Cheer for Your School with the New #McDoBonFries Twitter Stickers

Press Release:

Take that proud selfie or groufie with schoolmates and decorate it with Fry-themed confetti for a flawless finish; Fry megaphone for a louder cheer; Fry trophy for a winning performance; Fry flaglet for school pride; Fry number 1 sign as a good luck charm; Fry thumbs up for sharing positivity; Fry glasses for confidence; and Fry pompoms for extra cheer!

Tweet it up a notch! McDonald’s offers a new and exciting reason to tweet friends with #McDoBonFries Twitter Stickers—a set of Promoted Stickers for Twitter users featuring playful takes on an iconic product, the World Famous Fries. McDonald’s partnered with Twitter to be the first in the Asia-Pacific region to launch  Promoted Stickers. 

Cheer for your team in the upcoming UAAP Season 79 Cheerdance Competition this Saturday, November 19! Get creative with the eight illustrated #McDoBonFries Twitter Stickers available for free until November 27, 2016. Simply take a photo on Twitter, tap the smiley Sticker icon, pick a #McDoBonFries Sticker, put them into place, and send it in a tweet! Photos with the #McDoBonFries hashtag of your school will also automatically qualify in the BonFries Twitter contest: 


The school with the most number of valid tweets on November 19, from 12:01AM-5:30PM wins the BonFries. As a treat, McDonald’s will give away medium fries to students of the winning school from 3:00PM-3:30PM in select McDonald’s stores from November 21-25.

Be part of the winning crowd when you join the BonFries Twitter contest with your selfie, groufie, or UAAP snaps made more exciting with #McDoBonFries Twitter Stickers! Follow @McDo_PH on Twitter or visit for more information. 
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

MMA's 13th Foundation Anniversary Celebration

Warning: This is a super late post.

Last October 7, 2016 (sabi sa inyo super late post e, hehe), Mary Mount Academy held their 13th Foundation Day Celebration at Supima Square, Meycauyan City.

At bilang mahalaga sa amin ang bawat yugto sa buhay ng aming unico hiyo (naks! malalim yan, haha), nag-leave kami ni Daddy A para samahan sya. And the happines on his face was priceless!

May bonus pa dahil kasama ang kanyang Ate Jacky, our new house help.

Before anything else, OOTD muna.

Thank you Robby Rabbit for the shirt, Big Garment Sale for the pair of shorts and World Balance for the shoes. Gwapo ano?

Then minutes later, he transformed to a bibe, este Donald Duck pala!

This years theme was Disney hence the transformation, haha. He's an adorable duck right? Wait till you him dance to the tune of Tatlong Bibe (obvious ba) with a remix of two other Korean Pop Songs. Hanapin nyo na lang sya please medyo malayo kuha e.

Aw! Energy levels sila. So cute!

Wait lang sisisngit lang kami ng Daddy nya. Loveteam of the day ito, haha!

And here are the Ducks este Domencil Family.

Going back to the program. Every year level, from Kinder to Grade 6, had their own presentation. Everyone was dressed in Disney characters. 

Aside from all level presentations, it was also when the Little Miss and Mister, and Miss and Mister MMA.

And the pretty Zumba Moms danced too.

They ended the program with the all level dancing and singing, which was heart warming for a parent like me. Because I know our kids practiced hard and did their best shots.

It was a wonderful event and my little boy enjoyed it.

So let me thank Mary Mount Academy for giving my son this wonderful experience. Until your next foundation anniversary celebration.

Some of the photo credits to MMA's Facebook Account.
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Groupon Helps Us Save With Our Home Beautification

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

One week ago, we started with our home renovation. There's nothing major though, it's mostly repainting of walls and some interior designing. So let me change it to home beautification, haha!

It's a do it yourself home beautification project of Daddy A and me. With that, it means we will do all the works to save on labor cost. We agreed to do it slowly once we have time on weekends or weekday nights.

So Daddy started with painting the walls in our kitchen first.

The wall paint was already fading and molds were started to grow. So it badly needs repainting with a good quality paint of course.

Meanwhile, even if I told him he can't help right now because he's still small, this little boy insist he can help by scraping the old wall paints.

Our kitchen walls are almost done and can't wait to show them to you when everything is in it's place. It's still a little messy and needs some re-arrangement.

See I told you it's still messy but I love the color of our wall now. It's cleaner and brighter. 

Anyway, when I said home beautification, it means home decorations too. You know mothers like me loves to buy home stuff. So when I browse online and see beautiful home decorations, my heart beats faster than usual. Fortunately, online shopping is available now and much more to that, good deals and discounts too.

When you talk about good deals, I can only think of Groupon Coupons. (Read: Groupon Finding Things To Do Easy and Affordable) And because we are doing a DIY home beautification, I searched for the best deals at Home Decorators.

home decorations, home beautification, home improvement, Groupon

See those great deals? I can't wait to shop for more home decorations. This sure will help us save money and time too.

And since it's Christmas, good thing I also saw promo and coupon codes at Personal Creations. I can't wait to shop for Christmas decorations! Look!

Personal Creations, Groupon, home improvement, home, home beautification, home decorations

Wow right? Anyway, there're so much work to do at this moment. I can't wait to finish our home beautification and show our home to you. Thank goodness because there's Groupon to help me save with our home beautification.

Do you love Groupon saving too? 

Visit Groupon on Facebook  and Twitter for the latest updates.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo and Matthew Saved the Day

Last week was a busy week. Busy as always naman especially now they are expecting too much from our group. Meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings... Haha! Hindi na natapos.

But no! I'm not ranting because even though there's so much pressure on me now, I like it more because I find my work more challenging now. Charot! Haha.

To start my day right, kelangan maganda ang hair. Thank you to my ever reliable JML Hair Straigthener (Read: Product Review: JML Hair Straightener Professional)

Dahil ganito kaganda lagi ang buhok ko. Salon hair finish lang ang peg! Haha!

Not until, we had a meeting. Stress level na naman ang beauty and hair ko. Haha!

Thank you sa nag-blowout and I finally tried this McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo.

We ordered two McShare Box for 4 (8 pc-chicken) at 683.00 pesos. Each comes with 4 drinks, 4 rice and 2 BFF fries.

We have a happy tummy. Then when I got home, I had a happy heart naman. Look how thoughtful Matthew is.

Kahit makulit yan, sobrang sweet nya. Napakasipag pa nyang mag-aral. 

And whenever I had a bad and stressful day at, just by looking at him tanggal agad ang negative vibes.

He's so cute and adorable right?

So I must say McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo and Matthew saved my day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Long Weekend Vacation + Hello November

Hello dearies! How are you? Been very busy lately kaya no time to write and blog. Hays...

But after a couple of weeks, finally, I got this chance to blog again. First let me just share our long weekend last Undas. We went home to visit Tatay and Nanay, and of course to visit my in-laws, who are celebrating their birthdays naman.

We left our home at around 4 in the morning para iwas traffic but still meron pa rin traffic, haha. We reached Nueva Ecija at around 6 in the morning.

I asked the two boys to have a picture and look at what they did. Mag-ama talaga sila, haha!

Finally, we reached CLSU at around 7 in the morning. Not bad, hehe.

In the afternoon, after taking a nap, we went to my Tatay's home.

Along with my sister and her kids, we decided to visit Tatay earlier (October 30). Mahirap kasi pumasok sa loob kapag November 1st pa.

And here they are, ang lalaki na nila.

Here's our little boy with his Ate Gwen, Allan's niece.

The next day, which was October 31st, was my father-in-law's birthday. Sinabay na din birthday ni mother-in-law so everyone was busy preparing and cooking food for a salu-salo.

And tadah! Loads of carbs and fats. Haha!

We bought this yummy dedication cake from Red Ribbon.

And the two celebrants blew their cake while there's a little boy who's helping them to blow, haha!

This photo, I don't know what they're laughing at, but I find it cute though :)

Family pic of course.

Matthew has no serious photo because he always make face. Grrr!

Anyway, that same day we visited Nanay. We did it early para iwas sa dami ng tao and we plan to leave early the next day, which was November 1st. 

I am happy I had a chance to be with my two Kuyas.

These two men have been through a lot but look at them, they are so happy.

Then the next day... Oh I wish we can stay longer but it's time to go home.

That's it. I'll be blogging more in the coming days, pangako yan!

Happy weekends!
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