Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thank God it's Tuesday + Anniversary Gift

Thank God it’s Tuesday! Yes, thank God it’s Tuesday because Monday is over. That’s because I had a super stressful Monday. It’s like everyone is asking us about results of this, analysis of that and so on. I want to tell them, “Hello, it’s Monday! Please be calm, it’s just the start of the week.”

But no matter how stressful my Monday was, that won’t keep me from feeling so blessed. Just recently, we received unexpected blessings from work. Because the company recognized our efforts, I know we should live with their expectations and do the best we can do make our company more bountiful. Also, orders keep on coming at our little online shop. These blessings are really unexpected as all I pray for every night is for God’s protection and that His plans for us will be done. God is truly amazing and I am very thankful. It’s so true that when you submit yourself to Him, everything will fall into its place.

Sorry for the long intro. I just want to share how grateful I am. Now, the truth of the matter (haha!), I am looking for an anniversary gift. Yes, anniversary gift, sshhhh… Daddy might read this one, haha!

We will be celebrating our 7th anniversary on July 27 of being a husband and a wife. But that’s actually our 12th year. With that I am looking for something I can give to Daddy A. I can’t do shopping at the mall since I am working on weekdays till Saturday. Online shopping will be my best option to shop for anniversary gift.

As I browse online for a store, I came across MaddaFella.com. MaddaFella.com is selling men's clothing inspired by the sun-drenched adventures of Key West. They have collection of shirts, shorts, polo's, swim and lifestyle apparel. That are designed to be rugged but very comfortable. Just what I am looking for Daddy.

I excitedly browse MaddaFella.com and I saw this T-Shirt.

Short Sleeve Excursions
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Inspiration: Countless Blessings

One more day and we will say good bye to the month of June. Rainy days are officially here and soon, Christmas!

By the way, how's your weekend? We had a full tummy weekend because Daddy A cooked  and baked a lot. Now, how can we lose weight Daddy? Hehe.

Anyway, today is another day. Another brand new work week and let's pray that we all have a stress-free week. But I think I am already having a stressful Monday. Whew! So let's have first our Monday Inspirational quote.

blessing quote, Blessings, Inspirational Quotes, Monday Inspiration,
Blessing Quote
"Don't think of the things 
you didn't get after praying. 
Think of the countless blessings 
God gave you without asking."

Have a Blessed week everyone!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Sportswear Summer Sale at ParagonSports.com

Oh my! It's Friday already. Weekend is almost here. Gotta hit the track field on Sunday. I wish there's no rain so we can have our morning run. My son has been reminding me about this since we I already missed two Sundays of running. Really need to be fit and healthy, especially after a stressful week at work.

Speaking of running, here's a sports sale alert! Calling all sports buffs. I know you would really love this!

Paragon Sports is offering up to 40% discount for their online summer sale, and even up to 50% shopping in-store.

Source: Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports is a one-stop shop for sporting goods. You can find everything you need from running, cycling, fitness, outwear, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, tennis, and even yoga! Since 1908, Paragon Sports is considered to be the standard of quality for all types of sports equipment and clothing.
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

11 Most Important Lessons I have Learned as A Mom

Parenting is a daily learning process. Like every mom, dad or parent said, it's never an easy job. It's like riding a roller coaster. Our children can turn our world upside down. One minute we are happy, the next minute we are sad or angry. In short, our children can drive us crazy.

But a lot of parents will probably agree that parenthood is one of the best thing that can ever happen to us. We can change ourselves without even knowing we did. Most of the times we changed for the better.

As a mom to a 5-year old boy, I have learned a lot from our daily experiences and from moms like me. So now let me share the lessons I have learned as a mom.

1. Parenting is not about perfection.

As a mom, I want my son to have a perfect life. A life free of pain, mistakes and harm. The more I keep my son away from pain and mistakes, the more life is testing me. Because life is not perfect. That it's okay to commit mistakes as long as you are learning. My son needs to experience everything life has to offer to be a strong and good man he should be.

2. My son is unique.

I must admit that I passed through the stage when I talked a lot about my son's milestones. You can't blame me, I am a proud mom. It even came to a point that, silently, I was already comparing my son with other children. This stage gave me a lot of frustrations that I forgot my son has his own time, and he is unique.

3. Mommy guilt will never go away.

As a working mom, mommy guilt has always been my worst enemy. You know the feeling that even you already gave your best, it's still not enough? Even if I know I am doing the right thing, at the back of my mind, I'm still questioning my ability as a mother. Especially at times when my son is not behaving the way I want him to. It gets even painful when you hear your own child saying he didn't cry at school because he's already used to being always left by us. But I have to live with this mommy guilt and accept that it will never go away because I am mother. And it's forever.

4. Enjoy every minute with my son (and take a lot of photos together, haha!)

Because I am a working mom, I can not spend all the time I want with my son. So instead of getting mad when we have no house help, I take this chance as an opportunity to be with my son. During times like this, I forget about everything and stop thinking. I just enjoy every minute I get to spend with my son.

5. Build trust and open communication by listening.

My son talks a lot. He asks too much questions and he always needs answers. I see to it I always listen to him. But one thing I noticed, when he did something wrong he doesn't want that to be talked about. When asked, he will tell us "I don't know." Maybe he thinks I will get mad. So I always tell him, "Please tell mommy, I will listen. I will not get mad if you tell me the truth." This way, I can build his trust on me, and be open to us.

6. Hugs and kisses are the best medicine.

Being a working mom, I always look forward to going home and receiving hugs and kisses from my son. The best medicine for a stressful day. Agree?

7. Be creative and resourceful.

I think I don't need to elaborate this one. Right moms? Seriously, you will learn to be a DIY queen like Martha Stewart, when you are a mom.

8. Spend wisely and work harder. 

I have learned to plan our spending. I also work even harder and look for ways to earn more (Read: How to Make Money Online. These are all for our son and his future.

9. Being weak at times can make me stronger

We moms are like superwomen to our kids. We must be strong and patient. Unfortunately, we are only humans. We can be sick and may lose our temper. We get hurt and experience breakdown from time to time. We get weak because of all of these breakdowns. But one thing good about this is, it can make us even stronger.

10. I am the only person who can completely understand my son.

The other night, I got upset when I have learned my son is not obeying my sister. She said when they forbid him to do something, he will not listen. He always shout and he didn't want to share his things. I talked to him inside our bedroom. I asked him why he was behaving that way, he said "I don't know." I asked him was he upset and kulang sa pansin, he said yes.  I figured it out, since his cousins younger than him are at home, he may think he's being disregarded. I told him, he should learn to guard his feelings because people will not understand him. They will quickly judge him as impolite and disrespectful. And as his mom who can feel how he feels, I am the only person who can completely understand him. I am the very last person who will judge him.

11. Not to quickly judge a parent based on their child's behavior.

Before I became a mom, it's just easy for me to judge a mom based on their child's behavior. Those irritated looks being thrown at you because you can n not handle your child. But it takes one to know one. So when I see a mom with a crying child, I just give her a comfort smile because I now know how it feels to be caught in such situation.

These are the 11 most important lessons I have learned as a mom. It's just 5 years of being a mom but my life had changed forever.

Would love to know the lessons you have learned as a mom, mommies. Daddies are welcome to share theirs as well.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The "Solution" To Tough Opiate Withdrawals

Patients who took opiates as relief from pain and other medical conditions have the tendency to suffer upon halting the medication. This phase is the so-called opiate withdrawal. During opiate withdrawal, there is a tendency that a patient may suffer from other side-effects and will depend on other drugs just to surpass the detox phase.

A Tough Nut To Crack
Weaning from opiate treatment is somewhat difficult. Most doctors recommend taking Methadone, a “safer opiate” to lessen the side-effects of opiate withdrawal. Though this method seems to work more, many patients will have the tendency to be addicted with this medicine.

It is still a challenge for some to leave these opiates without experiencing any symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Sunrice Nutraceuticals came to solve these problems with Elimidrol.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad Ever!

I can't thank God enough for giving me a husband like him.  I seldom write a post just all about him. But today is special day as we celebrate the greatness of all the fathers and he is, for us, the best dad ever.

So you probably know him as the all around Chemist Dad. He is a full-time employee with a dual role as company's Quality Management Representative and Quality Assurance Head. Anything about quality he can answer, right Daddy? Hehe.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Matthew Andrei's DIY Spiderman Party

Our son had a blast on his 5th birthday. We started his day with this surprise.

The little boy who was crying because he woke up alone in our bedroom instantly smile seeing this. We needed to wake up early so we can prepare for his mini party at school, a DIY Spiderman party. This was the first time he celebrated his birthday at school so we were surprised how hyperactive these little kids are, and that includes Matthew :)

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

McDonald’s Welcomes Back the Minions

Who loves Minions? Who loves McDonald's Happy Meal? Now, who loves both?

Great news is... Minions Happy Meal toys are back! 

From the Press Release Kit:

Minions Happy Meal toys
There’s something about the Minions that kids and even adults find hard to resist. The small, yellow, lovable goggled creatures are back—and they are out to take over the world once again!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Spy Phone Apps

With the advance technology that we have today, I am not surprised that spy phone application is already developed. It's cheaper than hiring a spy or detective if you want to track your "cheating" husband's whereabouts through his own phone. It can give you real time information too so you don't need to call a detective for update.

Spy phone application is a surveillance software that can record incoming and outgoing calls, sms and surroundings. Also, this mobile tracker can track gps locations, phone browser activity and application messages. So this is not just for tracking cheating husbands or spouses because spy cell phone is also useful when you have children. You can monitor their activities so we can keep them safe and away from any harm. This can at least give us a peace of mind knowing where our children are.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Matthew Andrei

Today is the 5th birthday of our little boy.

Please help us greet him a Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get Fit through Yoga and Give Back

This year, I commit to be fit and healthy. My husband and I, together with our son, started to run but that's only every Sunday or holidays. We started to eat less carbohydrates too.

But I know that's not enough because I want to try something new like Yoga. I'm doing the Yoga in bed for now but if given more time I want to do the real Yoga. 
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Day of School + Mommy Guilt

Our little boy is officially back to school.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

DIY Superhero Party for My Little Boy

In less than two weeks, my son will turn 5.

Since his first birthday, oh his baptism day, hi Dad and I are exerting are full effort to give him a great party. Can you guess what's the theme this year?
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Friday, June 5, 2015

How to Customize the Blogger Page Header

If you notice, my blog just had some template tweaking. I'm still learning the template HTML and CSS codes. But I will share to you some easy blog design tutorial so you can tweak your blog design too.

First in the row is how to customize the blogger page header.

This is the blog page header of my blog before customizing.

adding tabs border, blog design tutorial, Blogger, Blogging Tips, CSS codes, page header, tutorial,

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make Opiate Withdrawal More Comfortable with Elimidrol

One problem that our community is facing is about drug abuse. When drug abuse is mentioned, it means about drugs that are have been prescribed by doctors but has been taken by patients in more dosage. Patients lead to this abuse because they thought that they have been immune to the right dosage or it doesn’t take any effect.

Some of these drugs that are being abused are pain killers like  opiates and opioids. These group includes s Oxycodone, Heroin, Percocet, Vicodin, Opana, Dilaudid, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Fentanyl, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Lortab, Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, Codeine, Opium, Ultram, Tramadol, Buprenorphine, Ms-contin, Demerol, and Meperidine.

When taking of these drugs has been halted by physicians, patients may incur the effect of being uncomfort. This is the so-called “opiate withdrawal effects”. Mood  swings and energy drains are just some of the side effects of this stage.

To counteract these effect, Elimidrol is created. This is an opiate withdrawal relief supplement that is created to support the toughest struggle during the detox process.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Loving these Organic Baby Wipes

As much as possible, I choose and buy all-natural and organic food. In fact we are also trying to grow our own vegetable and fruits on our back yard just to make sure we will eat food free from harmful chemicals. Same thing with buying medicine and things for my family.

That's why when I received a package of these Organic Baby Wipes, I was delighted.

Organic Baby Wipes
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