Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Lovely Valentine Celebration 2017

Hello there dearies! It's been awhile again and my apologies that I can't keep up with my promises last time. Super bagal pa din ng internet connection at our home so Daddy terminated our contract na. Hopefully, we will have a better connection na this week because we will be availing DSL connection na. That means sisispagin na kong mag-blog, hehe.

Anyways, I know medyo late na but how's your Valentine's day? Mine was a lovely one. It started earlier on Sunday when I received this from the Church we usually go to hear a mass.

The priest blessed all the couples that day. This is a great reminder from God that I am so blessed. After hearing a mass, we went to the mall to do some grocery. Here's our family pic.

The day before V-day, this arrived after 3 weeks of waiting.

Daddy got it from SM Our Home at 50% off. From Php 34,000++ to Php 17,000++ na lang. That's why I easily convinced Daddy to buy me this kasi naman ang laki ng discount. We just had a minor problem as to where we can put our old sofa but of course if there's a will, there's a way. Kaya nagawan ng remedyo, haha!

By the way, Matthew and I bought a Valentine card for Daddy. I know it's so ancient but I can't think of what to give him. We seemed to have everything he needs so I told Matthew we will buy a Valentine card na lang.

We wrote our love notes to Daddy and out it inside this red envelope on which Matthew wrote "Daddy Mahal".

Because of this, I remember back when we were still studying. Daddy and I wrote a letter a lot. Uy but that's not love letters pa ha. It's a friendly letter lang because we were just bestfriends then. That's uso before so you must have many stationary papers. Sinong relate?

Anyway, I put the Valentine card inside Daddy's laptop so when he open it the next day "surprise!!!". Muntik na nga lang hindi maging surprise because while we were lying like this and Daddy was cleaning my toe nails, Matthew said, "Mommy bigay na natin yun card."

Thank goodness Daddy didn't hear it clearly. I whisper to Matthew and said that's a secret. He giggled and whispered too, "Sige po Mommy, secret." Matthew talaga.

And so when Daddy opened his laptop ayan na ang aming surprise!

On the other hand, I know Daddy had a difficult time also thinking of what to give me on that day. Actually I'm so happy with the sofa set already e. Advanced Valentine gift na nya yun but still he gave me these three sweet Toblerone chocolates.

I must admit, I don't like flowers. For me kasi sayang ang money especially if you will buy on a Valentine's day when the price of flowers are soaring high. But still, I wish Daddy gave me kahit 3 red roses lang. Read this Daddy, haha!

Kasabay ng Valentine's week ay examination week. So kahit cheesy cheesy pa, I had to take a break to teach this little boy.

Finally, we had this simple dinner made extra special because of the people I loved the most.

That's our lovely Valentine celebration. I'll see you again next time ha. Crossing my fingers we'll have our DSL connection installed today.

Have a great week.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

My First #SampleRoomPH Loot for the Year

Natatanong nyo din ba sa sarili nyo bakit  ang bilis ng araw? Kaka-Monday lang, Friday na naman. Anyway, pabor yan sa ating mga mommies kasi weekend na naman. Family time na!

But before that share ko lang my first Sample Room loot for the year.

Sample Room PH

Samples are beatififully packed. Ganda di ba? This isn't my first time to try Sample Room. My first Sample Room experience was 2014 pa. I don't know why it took me that long to try it again. What is important is, I got these good sample grabs!

Palmolive is my childhood shampoo. That's why when I saw it was available in bundle, I grabbed it na.

Sample Room PH, Palmolive

I didn't regret it because these two makes my hair magaan soft and moisturized all day. I love its long lasting scent two.Get this bundle of Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Cream Conditioner in exchange of Sample Room points.

Sample Size: 
1 pc. 180ml Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo: Php 96.50
1 pc. 180ml Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Cream Conditioner: Php 95.20

Next is this Moringa-O² Herbal Insect Repellent.

Sample Room PH, Moringa O2

Mommies, this Moringa-O² Herbal Insect Repellent is a must try. Especially if you are looking for natural insect repellent lotion that's not sticky and has no strong odor. Swak na swak ito promise. You get this sample for 30 Sample Room points only.

Sample Size: 
1 pc. 50 mL Moringa-O² Herbal Insect Repellent: Php 79.75

All in all, the total price of these free samples is Php 271.45. I just paid the shipping fee :) I must say sulit na.

Just in case you want to try before you buy, register ka na sa Sample Room.

Sample Room PH

Once registered, 100 points will automatically be credited to your account. You can use those points to get samples. You just need to pay for the shipping fee with their safe payment options. Once you used your points, you can get it back by posting reviews for the products that you got. You can also earn points my referring friends, 1 successfully registered friend = 1 point.

That easy right. Try nyo na, I can refer you. Shoot me an email please. Sayang naman referral points, haha!


Sample Room
is Philippine's first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website.
It is an interactive community that offers FREE samples,
localized product reviews, and where all beauty lovers are valued.

Follow them on:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @SampleRoomPH
Hashtag: #SampleRoomPH
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What A Very Productive Day

Hello dearies! It's been a long while. Been very busy kasi lately plus our internet connection is acting up. Super bagal to think that we are only using it at night. And it looks like many are experiencing this too. Nakita ko nga ito sa Facebook news feeds ko oh.

Ganyan daw dapat logo ng mga internet connection today. Make sense right? Anyway, the show must go on as the saying says so I ask Daddy to inquire for another internet provider in our area. Hopefully, we'll have a better connection and I can blog more here at home. Sa work kasi hindi ko na yan maisingit because I have so much work to do.

Speaking of work, last quarter last year, I experienced sudden shift with my work. I became busier and I feel more enthusiastic. It pays off talaga when you know you are being appreciated. I was also appointed as Internal Quality Audit team leader. At first, I was hesitant to accept. But later on I realized this is a challenge I must accept. Because of this, I'll be more busier pa.

Surprisingly, I am loving being busy. And just today, I had a very productive day. I started with giving an IQA seminar with the help of Daddy A, who happened to be our Quality Management Representative naman. 

The seminar lasted until the afternoon but we finished earlier so I still have time to check reports. I felt like my brain was already drained so I asked Daddy A if we can go home earlier para makabawi din kay Matthew. Yesterday kasi we went home very late na. Nakakain na nga sya ng dinner.

Hay... The truth is, I am still struggling to balance work and family. That's why as much as possible I don't render overtime. I always try to finsih my work on time so I can go home earlier. I am just lucky that my little boy always understand. Look at my prize for going home early.

Getting home early gave me a change to prepare our meal. Buti na lang din walang pasok ang bulilit bukas so need muna mag-review ng lessons. I also prepare the meat that Daddy A and I bought from the market. I divide and cut it according to our meal plan, while I am cooking our dinner. And I made siomai too, fresh from the steamer.

We had a full tummy after dinner. This sight is always love for me.

Trying to balance my life isn't easy. Being a working mom, I still feel that mommy guilt. Sometimes, when you choose to be good at one thing, it's difficult being good at another thing. I thought I am good at multitasking, still I sometimes feel the need to slow down on what I am doing even if I love it. Hindi lang naman work ang kina-career ko. I still have my online shop, Momaye's Shoppe, and my two craft sites, Mom and Dad Crochet and Felt with Love by Momaye. And of course this blog and my two other blogs, Our Family Blogs About and Mom and Dad Crochet.

Actually, I am already thinking of closing this blog. But aside from I am earning pretty well from this, I can't throw all the memories here just like that. Yun lang talaga, I am having a hard time updating it but I know if there's a will, I can always find a way. Right dearies? So please don't leave me ha.

See you all in the next days. Promise, I'll be more active na. Positive vibes as always! Have a great night!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Spectacular Musical Fountain Show

Matthew's Field Trip's last stop was at Manila Ocean Park to watch their spectacular Musical Fountain Show. (Read: A Field Trip to MMDA Children's Road Safety Park and A Fun Trip to City of Dreams Manila's DreamPlay). 

It's not obvious na naman na our little boy was so happy ano? Anyway, we were allowed to go inside to go the comfort room so before that we took advantage of taking some photos inside.

There's no so much inside except this giant Christmas tree made up of plastic bottles and the two huge bears of course. But I still wished I bought my selfie stick for better view.

This naman medyo blurred at nagmamadali na kami lumabas to line up to the Musical Fountain Show.

After almost 30 minutes of waiting on the line, here we are inside na.

When the Musical Fountain Show started, our little boy said wow!

So much more excitement when the colors changed to these.

Here's a short video of the spectacular show.

And the fountain show ended with fireworks.

It was a long tiring day but this little boy does not seems to get tired. Look how happy he was after I bought him this floppy, rubbery fish that lights. Sorry I don't know how to call it e.

Sulit ang pagod at pag-leave sa work. I enjoyed this 15-hours of time with my son. This is one of those rare moments we parents shouldn't missed right?


Manila Ocean Park
Address: 666, Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila, Metro Manila 1000
Phone: (02) 567 7777

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