Friday, August 31, 2012

Photostory: Cloth Diaper Decision Chart

Just want to share this Cloth Diaper Decision Chart.

Funny right? Cloth Diaper is very addictive. So mommies, which path would you take?
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Daily Inspiration: Slow to Anger

Good morning! Mommy Maye is not feeling well today but since it's Friday and it's our reporting day, I need to go to work. Yesterday was a holiday and as usual Matt and I had a bonding time. As in, everywhere I go, he follows. 

I just have a little problem with him these past days. Matt will wake up in the middle of the night crying out loud. That scares me because it seems he's having a nightmare. Also, he acts differently when we are around (mom and dad). He used to be always understanding but now he's showing tantrums already. He will cry out loud when he don't get what he wants. I feel exhausted every time he do that. Her Tita said he is not like that when they are left alone. Hey mommies, please help me understand it. Got to read something about it soon.

Oh before I forget, here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

I really need this reminder much. I should take it slow especially being angry. I need it to deal with my son's terrible two stage. I want him to understand more and be patient as much as possible. 

Have you notices that our daily inspiration yesterday is also about anger? Sometimes no matter how we avoid anger, situations won't cooperate so I constantly remind myself about all these inspirations about anger. I find them helpful and I hope you find it helpful too.

Happy TGIF!
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Anger

Good morning! I am happy I don't need to go to work now because it's a holiday again in Bulacan. It's Marcelo H. Del Pilar day. But Daddy Allan need to go to work because they will have Internal Quality Audit so that I am left with my hyper-cute little son.

Oh, before I forget here's our Daily Inspiration.

We had a speaker in our ISO seminar that told us he avoided anger and that it was years now. From the way he talked, it seemed so easy not to be angry but he did. So it is very possible to not get angry. Then I try to do that too and manage to go on for almost a week, then after that I quit because I felt I am becoming unstable, haha. But it felt good to not feel anger for days and I was happier.

Have you tried also to avoid being angry?

Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Daily Inspiration: Treat Your Parents with Loving Care

Good Morning guys!

Sharing with this Daily Inspiration.

If you still have both of your parents with you, then you are very lucky. Well, I am still lucky because I have my mother. It is not easy to losea father because of all the important occasions of my life that requires his presence. He missed my wedding day and the day I gave birth to my son. I feel sad whenever I think why he will never see my son who most people said, his look-a-like.

Just in this moment when something is really bothering me, I wish he is still here. For I know if he still here, he will never allow this to happen. I know he will be the strong man I used to know and he will never want us to get hurt. Oh, I wish he is here to assure us that everything will be okay even just by the look in his eyes. He is never a perfect father but when he was gone, part of me also died.

But hey, I am here to inspire you. So I know I should trust God and his plan, which is way better than I am thinking. I still have my mother and that I know my father will be happy to see her happy. I bowed to love and take care of my mother until the day they will see each other again. Loving and taking care of her will never be enough for all the sacrifices she had.

So if you still have both your parents with you, don't waste time to show how much you love them. Because time is indefinite and it might surprise you and caught you unguarded. Love and take care of your parents because that's the best thing we can ever give them in return for all their sacrifices.

Happy Wednesday.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Back to work! Good day everyone!

Here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

Everyday is a blessing. So leave behind all the worries of yesterday then face this new day the best way you can. Remember, God always has a better plan so just go with the flow and trust Him with all your heart.

Happy Tuesday!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Photostory: My Little Cutie Pie

Here's my little cuti pie. Super cute Matthew! 

I had a hard time doing household chores because he follows me everywhere I go. That's why I can't have rest while I am at home but seeing him so happy being with mommy is more than enough to make me feel better.

Back to work again tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the day!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Law of Karma

Hello everyone! While I am typing this, my little son is doing everything just to make him notice. He is always an early bird. Daddy and I slept almost one in the morning because of crocheting. My little son woke up at 6am so as much as I wanted to sleep I can't because he keeps on singing and saying "mommy loves", then kiss me. Who can't resist that?

Anyway, I have to share a Daily Inspiration to you so here it is.
photo source

I believe in Karma and that life is an echo. Whatever you give life, life will give it back to you. So as much as you can, be kind and treat others the way you want them to treat you. Play with other people's feelings and you will surely get a double dose of your own medicine.

So be kind, even others do not, even others can not and even others will not.

Have a blessed Sunday!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Inspiration: "Imperfect Couple"

Good morning! Thank God it's Sabado!

Here's our Daily Inspiration.

photo source

So true. There's no perfect couple nor a perfect relationship. At the start of every marriage, there will always be something you will not agree about. It is not always you have the same thoughts and likes. But in the process, you will learn to accept each other's differences and love each other more even with the flaws each has. That is when a great marriage comes.

Enjoy your Saturday! It's another long weekend, but not yet for me because I am still here at work.
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I am browsing the internet and looked what I have found.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Money Isn't Everything

Hello guys! How's your morning? I hope you started it well.

Here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

Who doesn't want money? But too much of it won't really be of good help. The want for money sometimes turns to greediness. Only to realize in the end, that money isn't everything.

I want money but just enough for my family to live comfortably. I am working hard to give the best for my son but spending quality time with him is still my top priority. Because I can never take back time and I am afraid that one day, my son will never remember any precious moments he had with me and his dad. That will surely break my heart.

So, I am not saying forget about money but rather don't make it as your priority. Remember money can't buy everything and you can never bring them with you when you die.

Happy Friday! Hello long weekend!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blogging Tip: Remove captchas!

If you want to get more comments, then please remove the captchas/word verification. The words are getting harder to read and so the added blurred numbers. Right?
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McDonald's Twister Fries

photo source

Yay, McDonald Twister Fries will only be available until August 25! Just two days left and I haven't tasted it! Better ask Daddy Allan to order one or two later.

Do you already have your own Twister Fries moments?
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Daily Inspiration: Things Mothers Taught Us

Hello everyone! I know it's a bit late but still I am super excited to share this with you.

Let's have some humor in our Daily Inspiration.

Let see if you could relate with any one of the things above. Mothers are full of humor right and I only understand my mom when I became a mom too. 

Have a great Thursday!

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    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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    Photostory: Matt & Gelai

    Sharing with you this photo of Matt and his cousin Gelai.

    I don't know why Gelai would want to grab Matt as if she sees a cute bear. Haha. She actually screamed in excitement and reached out for Matt here. She pulled his hair but the poor little boy do nothing. He don't fight back and just evade. 

    Should I be alarmed that my little Matt doesn't fight back? I have seen twice an older boy hurt my son, too fast I don't get to stop them. I have seen Matt left in amaze why he was hurt. He never fight back and now I fear when he goes to school and he meets a bully. I wonder why there are bullies and what their parents are doing. Anyway, I always pray to keep my son safe and I know God will protect him.

    Do you also fear the same for your child? Or is you child already bullied? Please don't hesitate to share. Thanks!
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    Daily Inspiration: Keep Distance

    Hi everyone! We must face reality and it's back to work again. How's your long weekend? Ours was great and as I already said, we really don't get to rest because we went back to our home town. The travel hour was 4-5 hours because of the traffic in every towns in Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. I hope, the bypass road from Balagtas to Cabanatuan will be finished soon for shorter travel time. Anyway, we enjoyed the long weekend and there's another long weekend to look forward again. Yey!

    Of course, I will never forget to give you our Daily Inspiration and here's for today.

    photo source
    Keeping distance make you see those things you overlook when you are standing close with each other. I will share a little of our love story without Daddy Allan's permission. We are best of friends since high school but we know each other since kindergarten. We went to same schools from kindergarten to college. I graduated ahead of him because his thesis was not yet through. After graduation we seldom see each other and that made us realize and see what we fail to see being always close together. I bet you already get what is we finally realize. Lol.

    Same is true with other relationship. Sometimes, it makes sense to move a little away and keep a distance. You will learn who really cares for you if they notice you are drifting away. They will see the space you have created and of course if that space is important with them, then they will feel your importance too.

    Have a happy Wednesday!
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    Short Term Health Insurance: A Better Way to Protect your Family

    Like any other mother, I want to make sure that my family is always safe. However, as much as I wanted to, I cannot avoid accidents and other catastrophe to happen. That thinking made me realize that I should protect my family more than ever and also be prepared with the expenses. But, surgeries and other medical operations are very expensive nowadays so having an insurance plan will surely be of good help.

    I remember when my son got into a burn accident. That incident made me realize that I should get my family a health insurance plan. In any case, I don't need to worry about the expenses and assured that my family members will get the best medical attention they will need. But I pray God forbids any accident and keep my family always safe.

    In search of a good health plan, I came across a short term health insurance plan. Yes, there’s a short term health insurance plan available now and this will be very helpful to people with special needs. The plan will cover your needs for a shorter period of time. You can compare short term health insurance offers to get what’s best for you. Learn more here of what short term health insurance plan is available in your place.

    Always remember, that the safety of our family comes first. Keep your family always protected.
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    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Moms Day Off Event & Hop

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    Daily Inspiration: Compassion and Tolerance

    Hello everyone! Just got home from a short vacation at our hometown. We decided to go home yesterday afternoon so there's no heave traffic yet and we could still take a rest. The travel was so tiring but we have enjoyed a lot.

    I will blog about what we have done back home. For the meantime, I will share with you our Daily Inspiration for the today.

    This is so true. People who always criticize us also teach us to become patient. If not for them, we will never learn how to hold our temper and just tolerate them, so thanks to them. Lol.

    Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is back to work.
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    Monday, August 20, 2012

    Daily Inspiration: A Word of Encouragement

    Hello everyone! It's Monday, a holiday! We still have one more day off, yey!

    By the way, this won't be long. I will just share this Daily Inspiration with you.

    Have a great Monday!

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    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    Daily Inspiration: Think of the Countless Blessings

    Hi guys! What's your long weekend plan?

    Just came here to share our Daily Inspiration.

    Have a blessed Sunday! Don't forget to say thank you to Him for all our countless blessings!
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    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    Photostory: Parenting Calorie Counter

    Moms and Dads, look what I found!
    I am sure this make you laugh right? Parenting is such a nice way to lose unwanted calories. Lol.
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    Daily Inspiration: Never Say Sorry

    Good day everyone! At long last it's Saturday. After hours now, we will be at Nueva Ecija. Yey!

    Before I'll take my long weekend, let me give you this Daily Inspiration.

    I am thinking about this. Makes me wonder, okay given that you are right but how about if you hurt other's feelings by saying the truth. Anyway, maybe it just implies that never regret saying the truth even if it hurts. What do you think?

    Happy Saturday!

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    Friday, August 17, 2012

    Parenting Tips: Educate Your Child To Be Happy

    Let me share this with you moms and dads.

    photo source
    Being a working mom, I fear that I may not teach my son the right way. I mean, I am working outside home from 7am to 6pm and that makes me feel insecure most of the times. The fact that my son now slowly understand where mom and dad are going and what we are doing all day makes me realize that he needs more of our attention. That's why I really don't bring work at home. I see to it that when we are at home, our attention is with him all the time. 

    I make him feel he is love and happiness is far more important than any material things on earth. I also teach him to appreciate little things. I don't teach him what is ugly or beautiful because I want him to not discriminate anything or anyone, and make him see everything as beautiful. I know it's natural for us to know what's beautiful or not so I let him learn it his way.

    Okay, it's a fact that every parent wants the best for their children, so do I. I honestly want to give my son all the best in this world. But we should not forget that children appreciates more what money can't buy and that's our time. Don't tell them you are busy with work to raise money and be rich. This will inculcate in their young minds. Instead teach them to be happy even with the little things around them. In that way, they will learn to value things and would never look at the price.

    Enjoy the rest of day! TGIF!
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    Daily Inspiration: Today Give A Smile!

    Woohoo! Two straight days without rain! I hope we will have good weather too this weekend. A long weekend is ahead of us here. Yehey!

    I will never ever miss sharing Daily Inspiration, and here's for today!
    Don't ever forget to smile. If you see someone who doesn't have one, give them a smile. This will surely remind them to smile and it's FREE.

    Happy happy Friday!
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    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    Long Weekends!

    Here's the list of the long weekends:

    I am pretty sure you are as excited as I am. We are planning to go home to our province. The grannies will really be happy to see their unico apo (grandson). Haha.

    August has so many holidays especially here in Bulacan. Yesterday was a provincial holiday because it's Bulacan's Foundation Day. On August 30, it's Marcelo H. Del Pilar Day, another holiday. Yey!

    Everyone here is anticipating the long weekends. How about you? Any plans for the coming long weekends?
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    Daily Inspiration: Tips To Be Good Looking

    Hello! I'm fresh from a holiday yesterday. I really don't get to rest because I worked at my online shop naman. I shipped two parcels yesterday and thank you to my lovely clients who keep on trusting me. Thank you too to my husband who is always willing to drive for me.

    The days are moving faster especially that there are coming holidays next week. It will be a very long weekend and hopefully we can go home to our province. I'm praying that we will have a good weather to enjoy the holidays.

    To boost our day more, I'm sharing this Daily Inspiration with you.

    photo source
    Beauty comes from within. So if you are beautiful inside, it will reflect outside.

    Happy Thursday! Oh, Mr. Sun is here. Hooray!
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    Brushlove Giveaway

    Hi guys! Guess what?! I have another giveaway for you!

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    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    Daily Inspiration: Just Keep on Moving

    Good Morning! I'm here at home enjoying a holiday. Yes, it's holiday here in Bulacan. It's Bulacan Foundation Day! We just had our yummy breakfast courtesy of Daddy Allan.

    I hate to miss giving you inspiring words so before I go on with my online shop, here's our Daily Inspiration...
    photo source
    Everyone of us want to be successful so if you want it go for it. If you fall down, stand up and keep on moving. Never say never and never quit if you know you can make it. Go! Go! Go! 

    Happy Wednesday! I love being at home, don't you?

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    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Daily Inspiration: Let it Rain...

    Hi guys! Another gloomy weather here but still I'm thankful that it's not raining hard.

    Remove that gloomy feeling with our Daily Inspiration.

    A new typhoon is here and expect rain again. I am praying it will not leave us any harm unlike the Monsoon rain. 

    Just let the rain pour in our life and be like a seed that sprout and grow after the sun shine again. Learn from the trials that come and let us take it positively for us to grow and be strong.

    Happy Tuesday!
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    Monday, August 13, 2012

    Winner of Sheinside $100 Shopping Spree Giveaway is...

    The Lucky Winner of
    Sheinside $100 Shopping Spree Giveaway

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