Saturday, December 23, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Unique Wedding Bands for Your Big Day


The wedding band is one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry you will wear — and it should be just as unique as your engagement ring. Discover our top tips for finding a standout style to make your heart sing.


Your wedding band is an everyday accessory that must be durable and comfortable. If you work with your hands, consider a brutal metal like tungsten or platinum that is hypoallergenic and resistant to scratches and dents. Palladium is another popular option, as it's a rare metal with a natural silvery white color and luster. It's also more affordable than platinum and similarly durable to gold. Adding intricate engravings can be a fun way to personalize your band, but make sure they're easy to clean, especially if you wear the ring during rough activities. Inlays, such as a strip of one metal in the middle of two other bands, are another great way to create a unique look.


In addition to width, the shape of your ring can also make a big difference. Consider a knife-edge band with crisscrossing elements, a hand-engraved garden-esque design, or a unique floral band for a feminine touch. For those who love to fidget, try a comfortable-fit ring slightly domed inside and out for a soft feel. Milgrain, a style that adds small texture details to a band, is another way to keep your wedding band looking fresh and exciting. Opt for a gemstone-inset wedding band if you're ready for a bold statement. It's a celebration of your infinitely connected love.


If you and your partner share a common religious faith, a wedding band with nuanced nods to that sacrament can be exceptional. 

The width of a wedding band is also a big decision that should be made with comfort and style in mind. If you plan on working with your hands a lot, a thicker ring is better for long-term wear. Or, if she likes to rock a more delicate aesthetic, opt for something narrower.


As you narrow down your choice of unique wedding bands, consider how they'll fit your overall style. A simple band of white gold may look elegant or compliment your diamond engagement ring nicely, while a unique inlay can stand out and tell a story all its own. Gem-set rings are also trendy, with brides choosing to add a bit of sparkle to their stack with an inlay or to incorporate gemstones into the band itself.  As with your engagement ring, it's best to shop for your wedding band as early as possible. It will give you ample time to browse options, find a local jeweler, and zero in on the perfect fit.


From emeralds to sapphires, the earth's semi-precious gems have long captivated us. These natural wonders are available in various colors and hold significance for many cultures. Some gemstones are enhanced, which means they undergo a series of processes to improve their color and clarity. These treatments are usually harmless; some may even increase a gemstone's value. Try a nontraditional wedding band with a gemstone like opals or amethyst. Opt for something completely different, like the star-like moissanite (which only occurs in meteorites and upper mantle rock). Some gems also feature inclusions that tell a story, such as the hairs found in amber or green aventurine quartz, which is colorless quartzite filled with flakes of the mineral fuchsite.


Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a modern stack incorporating diamonds, carbon fiber, and tungsten, you can elevate your wedding band with unique finish options. From a sandblasted texture that presents a slate sensation to a charcoal sheen to a wire-brushed finish that gives off a soft metallic glow, these textures can give your ring an utterly unique aesthetic. Choosing a wedding band is one of the most significant decisions you'll make in your lifetime, so you must choose the right style. Polished rings are the classic choice, while a hammered finish can add a rustic, rugged element to your look.

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Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Benefits of Attending a Golf School

Golf schools are a great way to improve your game by immersing yourself in an intensive learning environment. Personalized instruction based on skill level helps students correct mistakes, refine their technique, and achieve new levels of success.

Emotional control is also essential to a successful golf career, and golf schools teach strategies to manage stress and develop a resilient mindset. Friendly competitions and tournament play prepare students for real-world golf scenarios.

Improve Your Game

Golf, often revered as a sophisticated and strategic game, requires dedication, practice, and continual improvement. While taking lessons at the local driving range or playing rounds with friends is fun, attending a golf school provides an immersive learning experience that elevates your skills to new heights.

Professional guidance in a structured learning environment provides the structure necessary to establish discipline and focus, which carry over into life outside golf. Expert instruction and personalized feedback allow students to correct mistakes and refine their techniques, while access to quality facilities and equipment enhances practice sessions.

Golf schools like the top rated golf schools in the US also nurture mental and emotional development, teaching students strategies to handle frustration, anger, and disappointment. They teach the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and developing tenacity and perseverance in challenging situations. Additionally, golf school instructors emphasize physical conditioning and injury prevention. Friendly competitions between students help to build teamwork and sportsmanship.

Build Confidence

Whether you’re looking to improve your weekend game or want to compete on the golf course, attending a golf school is a great way to hone your skills. Golf schools offer many benefits: expert instruction, quality facilities, networking opportunities, and structured learning.

Professional guidance can transform your approach to the game, allowing you to unlock your true potential. Golf schools also include classroom sessions to supplement practical training, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of golf.

When choosing the best golf school for your needs, it is essential to consider location and convenience. In addition, it’s important to evaluate the instructors’ qualifications and experience, review the curriculum and training methods, and seek feedback from past and current students. This will help you select a golf school that offers the best value for your money. A good golf school will give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses and a detailed improvement plan.

Network with Industry Professionals

Aside from providing expert instruction and personalized feedback, golf schools also offer students the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Whether seasoned professionals or beginners, students come from diverse backgrounds and share a passion for the game—building relationships that can last a lifetime and lead to valuable business connections.

Additionally, golf is a great way to build strong communication skills and improve problem-solving abilities. Many industry leaders credit their 18-hole rounds with helping them make game-changing decisions, especially when under pressure.

Golf schools help prepare students for various situations by teaching them strategies and techniques for staying calm under pressure and making sound decisions. This builds confidence and enables them to approach challenging problems with a winning mindset. The best golf schools offer comprehensive training programs that consider a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. They also provide a variety of training methods, including one-on-one lessons, video analysis, and on-course playing opportunities.

Practice on Your Own

Golf is a game that requires a lot of practice. When attending a golf school, you’ll have many opportunities to work on your skills in lessons with an instructor. This will help you get the most out of your time in class. You can also practice on your own to improve even more.

Golf schools provide structured learning environments that promote discipline and focus. With dedicated training schedules, specific practice routines, and clear goals, students develop a consistent work ethic that can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

Many of the instructors at golf schools have deep connections in the industry. They can connect you with internships and other opportunities that would be hard to find. Additionally, the camaraderie of fellow golfers in a school environment helps build relationships and support that extend well beyond your time in class.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

7 Secrets to Beat the Holiday Stress from MAGGI

The 'ber months are here, and Filipinos are already sensing the Christmas spirit. It's the time when families prepare for the most awaited holiday in the Philippines. Yet, as with any occasion, timing plays a crucial role in making Christmas the most enchanting celebration of the year!
As the reliable ally of Filipino cooks in the kitchen, MAGGI recognizes that food, and the act of sharing it with family, lies at the heart of the holiday season. "Christmas is when home cooks bring out their most cherished recipes – the ones they love to cook and that their families delight in sharing, especially during Noche Buena. MAGGI is here to support Filipino home cooks in making Christmas more magical as they prepare, cook, and transform their dishes into a delightful Noche Buena feast," stated Ms. Raine Calma, Food & Dairy Culinary Recipe Marketing & Digital Lead.

From selecting recipes and buying ingredients to cooking and hosting guests on Christmas Eve, MAGGI shares seven secrets for a stress-free holiday season!

1. Explore menu-making hacks – Homecooks need a game plan and MAGGI ( is here to serve some menu inspiration. Noche Buena cooking is made easier with access to over 100 recipes that make holiday meals extra special. It's best to lock in your headcount so that you can modify the recipe based on the number of servings you need.

Airfryer Collection

2. Make a list and check it twice – With a menu in place, it’s time to check the pantry and do an inventory of ingredients. List down the quantities of items needed before heading to the supermarket. A quick check in the grocery's online shelves can help ensure stocks and availability. Holiday traffic is real and so grocery runs should be planned in advance.

Asian Christmas Collection

3. Do a test run if cooking a recipe for the first time – Trying out a new dish can be overwhelming. With enough lead time, homecooks can do a trial and have loved ones give comments to improve on the dish. By using only the best seasonings like MAGGI Magic Sarap and its variety of Savor and cube products, they can transform any dish from pwede na to sarap-sustansya and magical levels.

Relyenong Bangus

4. Make ahead whenever possible – Cooking everything all in one day can be tiring. Homecooks can start pre-cooking certain components of the dish to help lessen their kitchen load on celebration day. Meat stews, marinades, embutido, pasta sauces and cookie batter can be prepared a few days ahead. This means planning for fridge space will be crucial to ensure dishes keep well until it's time to serve them.

Classic Embutido

5. Save the fresh for last – Fruits and vegetables can be purchased in the morning to retain its reshness. Adding fresh pineapple to an all-time favorite fruit salad will elevate the dish.

Chicken Macaroni

6. A little help goes a long way – This is the perfect bonding time for the family, when homecooks pass on their cooking techniques and share their passion for food with their children. The joy in cooking will translate in your dish, too!

Beef Caldereta

7. Give your Noche Buena table setting an added flair – Adorn the dining table with bits and pieces of Christmas to make the Noche Buena gathering even more memorable. It can be as simple as a red ceramic platter for your chosen entrée, scattering a few Christmas balls or adding candles with gold ribbons for an added touch of magic.

Magical Fried Chicken Sinigang

Calma emphasizes that these tips from MAGGI aim to assist home cooks in managing their time, resources, and energy. "The holiday rush can overwhelm us because we only want the best for our loved ones. Proper planning can make a significant difference, allowing the family more time to celebrate and enjoy their most magical Noche Buena yet."

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cosmolle Activewear You Should Add to Your Workout Wardrobe

Working out is a rewarding experience for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to build abs or just want to get rid of the extra pounds that you gained during COVID-19; working out is for everyone. However, the benefits of working out aren’t restricted to physical aspects only. That’s because working out has a positive influence on your mind and mood.

It’s safe to say that you feel a lot fresher and energized after working out. However, not many people think about the clothes. In most cases, they keep wearing the same t-shirts that are too worn out to be worn for errands or meetings. While it’s okay to use them, it can be bad for the overall confidence. That’s because it’s true that when you feel confident in what you are wearing, you tackle things better.
So, if you want to up your activewear wardrobe by purchasing comfortable activewear leggings and support bras, we are sharing a lot more with you!

Premium Seamless V-neck Crop Top & Leggings Set

The first one on our list is this leggings set, which comes with a top that has small sleeves. It’s perfect for women who don’t feel comfortable with thin straps on their shoulders. Having said that, it has a flattering cut, which makes sure your curves look amazing. The leggings and top are made from eco-friendly material, which means you will be saving the little part of Earth.

The top has been designed with a ribbed and cropped appearance. In addition, the neckline has a notch, which looks pretty sexy without giving it all away. The fabric is so comfortable that you can wear it all day long without worrying about irritating yourself. In particular, Cosmolle has used the compression knit fabric, which offers comfort as well as support.

On top of everything, the crop top has a band on the underbust, which promises exceptional support. In addition, it helps create a flattering figure.

product link

Seamless Tie Dye Scrunch Booty Bodysuit

Some women think that leggings are too mainstream, and if you have similar thinking, we recommend going for this bodysuit. This is a one-piece option that will make you look sexy, confident, and beautiful at the same time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you won’t be able to say no to bodysuits once you try out this one.

The bodysuit has a tie-and-dye design, which looks fashionable. In addition, it will look runway-ready, which means you can wear a trench coat on top for a layered look. The bodysuit has been designed with a peach-shaped butt, so your buttocks look accentuated. In addition to this, there are removable pads on the chest area, promising an improved appearance of your breasts.

product link

Seamless One-Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit

This is another bodysuit that you should have in your wardrobe, especially if you like working out regularly. The bodysuit has been designed with a one-shoulder neckline design, which looks sexy. That’s because you will be able to show off your collarbone and shoulders. In addition to this, there is a cutout design on the side, which looks edgy and chic at once.

It’s safe to say that this bodysuit is sexy and sophisticated at once. Cosmolle has used a breathable fabric, which keeps you comfortable for a long time. In addition, the cutout design is asymmetrical, which adds a unique touch to the look. If you are worried about how you will use the restroom, the snap button on the bottom will help you out.

If you are someone who is always on the go, you can still opt for this bodysuit. That’s because the bodysuit is suitable for everyday use as well.

product link

Bra and Shorts Ribbed Seamless Activewear Set

If you don’t want to opt for high waisted workout leggings, this is a promising choice. That’s because it has been designed with shorts and a crop top. To begin with, the shorts have a high-waisted design, which helps control the tummy. In addition, there is built-in butt lifting experience, so you don’t have to worry about shaping the butt.

The set is made from recycled nylon, which makes it an eco-friendly option. In addition to this, the bra has a push-up effect, which means your breasts will look well-shaped. The best part is that the fit is extremely comfortable because there are no compromises on your breathability. The top has wide straps, which not only helps distribute pressure but adds support as well.

product link

Seamless Crop Tank & Leggings Set

For every woman who wants to work out, there is nothing easier and comfortable than leggings. Having said that, this crop tank and leggings set is a promising choice, and the chestnut brown color suits most of us. Both the pieces in this set are designed from eco-friendly fabric, which feels like your second skin. In addition, there is lifting and sculpting with this set.

The best part of using this set is that there are no seams, so you won’t be irritated at all. The crop top has a back scrunch V detailing, which helps enhance the curves. Topping it all, this set is made from four-way stretch fabric, so you can work out without wondering about your movement. All in all, it’s a promising choice for women who want something comfortable for light and medium-intensity workouts.

The top has been designed with a wide band under the breasts, which increases support. It’s a promising feature for women with bigger busts. As far as the leggings are concerned, there are built-in panels, so your legs will be toned and shaped properly.

product link

On a concluding note, there are a lot of activewear options at Cosmolle and we are sure your needs will be met properly. It doesn’t matter if you want a bodysuit, leggings, crop tops, or bras, there is something for everyone, so keep up the search!

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Radiate Your Unique Style: Embrace the Holidays with HONOR 90 5G!

The impressive HONOR 90 5G continues to expand its adaptability with the debut of the exclusive Peacock Blue limited edition. With a range of four captivating colors, the HONOR 90 5G mirrors the preferences and necessities of users, catering to diverse styles within the tech-savvy community. For HONOR enthusiasts, the eminent provider of smart devices announces exclusive offers during the upcoming Black Friday Sale, running from November 24 to 26, 2023!

Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines, highlighted, "The introduction of the limited-edition Peacock Blue to the existing three stylish colors is a deliberate attempt to resonate with individual user tastes. While the HONOR 90 5G is renowned for its cutting-edge features and technology, it also competes exceptionally well in the aesthetic realm of the tech market."

Peacock Blue is tailored for those unafraid of bold color choices. Its distinct and polished appearance caters to individuals exuding an energy that seeks to stand out. The HONOR 90 5G in Peacock Blue is a limited-edition variant accompanied by a complimentary HONOR Gift Box valued at Php 2,499, available while supplies last.

The Midnight Black variant aligns perfectly with the always-on-the-go lifestyle, appealing to athletic and mobile users. With extended battery life lasting up to 2 days, its sleek finish in Midnight Black caters to minimalist tastes.

For the chic and sophisticated, Diamond Silver presents itself as an ideal choice. This variant features a triple camera system, boasting a 200MP Main Camera with a 1/1.4-inch sensor, a 12 MP ultra-wide and macro camera offering a 112° field of view, and a 2MP Depth Camera.

The Emerald Green variant appeals to those fond of preppy and earth-toned aesthetics. While visually refreshing, the HONOR 90 5G in Emerald Green is also TÜV Rheinland Certified, meeting industry standards for low-blue light, flicker-free display, refresh rate, color gamut, accuracy, and ambient light management.

HONOR Gadgets on Sale this Black Friday!

The Black Friday Sale brings substantial discounts on HONOR gadgets, including Php 9,000 off on the HONOR 70 with a free Gift Box worth Php 2,499. Additionally, the HONOR X6 sees a price drop of Php 3,000, now available at just Php 3,990 from its original price of Php 6,990! Furthermore, the HONOR X9a 5G will be offered at Php 16,340 from Php 16,990 during this sale, while the HONOR Pad X9 will be available at Php 11,590, inclusive of a free Magic Keyboard worth Php 2,499.

Finally, the beloved HONOR 90 5G will be on sale for only Php 23,990 from its original price of Php 24,990, accompanied by a complimentary HONOR Gift Box valued at Php 2,499.

These irresistible deals await during the Black Friday Sale from November 24 to 26, 2023, available on Shopee (, Lazada (,  TikTok Shop (, and HONOR stores nationwide. 


For more announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Must-Have Makeup Marvels from Dazzle Me PH!

Dazzle Me PH Must Try Makeup Products

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I last posted here. I've been incredibly busy juggling work and family responsibilities, hence the infrequent updates.

Today, in this rare post, I want to share my recent discovery: a new-generation beauty brand called Dazzle Me. Established in 2020, it's FDA-approved and prides itself on using non-toxic, skin-loving ingredients. And take note, they're very affordable. Pretty impressive, right??

Now, full disclosure: I'm no makeup expert! But as a working mom, I believe in looking presentable. My go-to look includes sunscreen, foundation, lip gloss, blush, and sometimes eye shadow. It's my quick, on-the-go routine because us working moms are always racing against time, haha!

Back to Dazzle Me – they sent me a makeup package, and I'm thrilled to try everything out.

Dazzle Me PH Must Try Makeup Products

So far, my absolute favorites are these.

Dazzle Me PH Must Try Makeup Products

First on my list is the Dazzle Me Attack on Sun sunscreen. 

Dazzle Me Attack on Su

It has a hybrid sunscreen formula with SPF 50 PA+++ that can last up to 12.5 hours. Just apply it to the face and body 15-30 minutes before going out. It's non-sticky, by the way, so it feels natural.

Next is the Dazzle Me pressed foundation (04-Warm Mocha).

Dazzle Me pressed foundation

I've been using liquid foundation for the longest time, but I find this pressed foundation almost does the same job as the liquid one. It covers spots and blemishes with a naturally filtered skin look. It's formulated for oily skin types, resistant to sweat and water for up to 12 hours. Plus, it has SPF25 PA+++ protection.

I also love the Dazzle Me Heart-Melt-Creamy liquid blush

Dazzle Me Heart-Melt-Creamy liquid blush

Its liquid-to-creamy texture stays longer than powder blush and gives a more youthful appearance.

I've been looking for a lip tint, so this Dazzle Me ink-licious lip tint is just in time. I prefer the Oran-Gee tint.

Dazzle Me ink-licious lip tint

It boasts high-intensity pigment that camouflages lip lines, offering a natural glow finish. It's a water-based tint that's transfer-proof, waterproof, and can last up to 12 hours while keeping the lips hydrated. Most importantly, it's talc, mineral, and alcohol-free, made up of natural ingredients.

You can use the Dazzle Me 24/7 Wonderfullip serum on top of the ink-licious lip tint.

Dazzle Me 24/7 Wonderfullip serum

It doubles as a lip primer before applying matte lip products. With grapefruit extract to protect from harmful free radicals, pomegranate extract to nourish lips and restore their natural pink color, and jojoba seed oil to lock in hydration and plump up the lips.

As I mentioned earlier, I seldom use eyeshadow, but I like this Dazzle Me Cosmic Eyes eyeshadow palette.

Dazzle Me Cosmic Eyes eyeshadow palette

I just use the harmony and serene shades only on my eyelids. By the way, the Dazzle Me Cosmic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is exclusive to Robinsons Department Store.

Lastly, there's the Dazzle Me Get a Grip makeup setting spray.

Dazzle Me Get a Grip makeup setting spray

It's my first time trying a makeup setting spray, and I can truly see the difference it makes in locking in makeup. It contains four hydrating ingredients: rose water, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, and castor oil. Although it's my first time using it, I'm not sure how to apply it properly yet. The label suggests using the X+T method.

That sums up my favorite Dazzle Me makeup items, but there's more to explore! Follow dazzleme_ph on Instagram and TikTok, and they're also available on Shopee: DAZZLE ME Official Shop .

Before I conclude this post, please allow me to share my before and after photo.

I didn't use a filter, so you can see my imperfections, haha. Nevertheless, I believe our imperfections make us more beautiful.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

XTREME Appliances' Biggest Online Sale of 2023 arrives on 11.11

XTREME Appliances' Biggest Online Sale of 2023 arrives on 11.11

Get ready for Shopee 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale and Lazada 11.11 Our Biggest Sale of the Year with XTREME Appliances! Start your holiday shopping this coming Nov. 11 - 13 to avoid the Christmas rush this December. Shoppers can look forward to amazing deals and exclusive discounts on XTREME Appliances’ official store in Shopee and Lazada.

For those who want a top quality performance on appliances, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the discounts XTREME Appliances offers. Get up to 51% off on a wide range of products from kitchen appliances to home appliances. What are you waiting for? Add your desired items in your cart as early as today! 

Here are some of the BEST deals you can check out at 12:00AM to 2:00AM: Lazada 11.11 Our Biggest Sale of the Year




12AM - 2AM

X-SERIES 4 Burner Gas Stove Save more than 30% of Gas with Automatic Ignition




X-SERIES 10L Oven Toaster with Temperature Control and timer (Blue)




X-SERIES 2.2L Rice Cooker 12 Cups Jar Type with Keep Warm Function (Dots)




X-SERIES 5 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Hob w/ Electric Ignition & FFD (Silver)




X-SERIES 2100W Induction Cooker with 8 Power/Temperature Levels for Adjustment




Shopee 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale





X-SERIES Dry Iron w/ Soleplate Overheat Protection & Indicator Light (Violet)




X-SERIES 24L Digital Air Fryer Digital Control with LED Display




X-SERIES 45L Electric Oven with Rotisserie Convection and Lamp (Black)




X-SERIES 3.5L Digital Air Fryer Multi-Function Timer with Auto Shut-off




X-SERIES 1L Rice Cooker with Keep Warm function LED Digital Display (Mint Green)




Here’s all you need to know to get bigger discounts on 11.11: 1. Aside from the 11.11 whole day sale, there will be limited time deals you can check out on these dates to get bigger discounts! Lazada Crazy Brand Mega Offers November 11, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM) November 12, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM) November 13, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM)



Whole Day Price

Brand Mega Offers

X-SERIES 1.8 CUFT. Single Door Refrigerator Non-inverter Manual Defrost




X-SERIES 7KG Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Spin Dry (White Cover)




X-SERIES 55 inch Google TV Frameless WiFi Netflix YouTube Google Play w/ Voice Control




X-SERIES 1.5HP Split Type Aircon Energy Efficient 2-way Draining System




X-SERIES 550Wx2 Amplified Speaker FM USB SD Card




X-SERIES 12 CUFT. Double Door Inverter Refrigerator No Frost (Silver)




X-SERIES 90cm Gas Range 5 Burner 115L Oven Electric Ignition LPG Source Panel Rotisserie




Shopee Crazy Brand Mega Offers November 11, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM) November 12, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM) November 13, 2023 (12AM-2AM) (12NN-2PM) (8PM-10PM)



Whole Day Price

Brand Mega Offers

X-SERIES 55 inch LED TV Android 11.0 4K UHD Frameless with Free Wall Bracket (Black)




X-SERIES 9.4 CUFT. Double Door Inverter Refrigerator No Frost (Silver)




X-SERIES 11 CUFT. Chest Freezer Manual Defrost with Lock Handle and Light (White)




X-SERIES 7KG Top Load Automatic Washing Machine w/ Spin Dry (Black Cover)




X-SERIES 90cm Gas Range 5 Burner 115L Oven Electric Ignition LPG Source Panel Rotisserie




X-SERIES 11 CUFT. Beverage Cooler No Frost Double Glass Door w/ Key & Lock




2. Stay tuned on XTREME Appliances’ live broadcast and get a chance to win an X-SERIES Single Burner Tempered Glass Gas Stove on November 10, 2023, 10:00AM - 1:00PM

3. Enjoy additional savings by using discount vouchers, free shipping, and cashback. 
4. No cash yet? Spaylater and LazLoan allow shoppers to buy now and pay later with easy installment plans minus the credit card requirement. 

To know more about XTREME Appliances, visit us on Facebook, Lazada, Shopee, and XTREME Website.

Make sure to shop XTREME Appliances on its official Flagship Store on Shopee and Lazada to grab big discounts this Shopee 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale and Lazada 11.11 Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

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