Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Air Track Tumbling Mat Gives You A Security in Gymnastics Exercise

If you are a sports enthusiast, air track mat is a perfect product to accompany you to complete different kinds of floor exercise. When you have an idea to attempt to improve your athletic ability, nothing will give you safety and comfort like the inflatable mat does, it is an effective way to level up your skills, you might find endless joy and fun to practice on the mat as well. There are many items on the website claiming to give you a good effect like that. However, nothing can result in the same effect, it requires you more practice and diligent work instead.
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Customize design air track prices gray surface mint side gymnastics sets for sale
Air track gymnastics for sale is an ideal choice for gymnastics, especially for the one who intends to improve their skills in high efficiency, the advantages of this mat does not end here, the most important is that it can offer you a protection to enable you to land safely. The air mat is an outstanding item for floor exercise, it never disappoints you because of its conceivable quality. You can jump on it as high as you need, the soft cushion with flat and durable surface will ensure your security in practice, giving you more precious airtime to deal with your movements.

It is light-weighted and portable, it is easy to carry it anywhere as you need. It is easy to set up by inflating, the air inside can last for a long time, it just takes a few minutes to refill it. Once you decide to purchase one from our website, that means your active life will start immediately, you will find you would have got used to the mat and cannot leave it when you intend to practice. Security and durability of the airtrack pump at competitive airtrack price is sure to give you a perfect floor exercise with safety and assurance.
sports, air track mat, floor exercise mat, inflatable mat, tumble mat, gymnastics exercise
Featured 30.9M Mini Air Track Gymnastics Air Mat
Tumble mat is an useful equipment that nothing else can replace it to take its function to offer you a secure and comfort exercise, moreover, it enables you to bounce higher and land safely.
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Monday, July 30, 2018

My Top 5 "She Shed"

What is a "she shed"? It is the similar to man cave, or a man space at home. A she shed is a slang term for women's personal space or area in their home.

Busy women, like men, need their own quiet escape from this very busy world. So the stylish backyard haven known as the "she shed" is becoming popular. She shed, as space designed by women, provides peace and privacy where they can escape from daily grind.

Now, if I were to build or have my own personal space in our home, these are my top 5 she shed.

Office Space

she shed, top 5 "She Shed", personal space, home, home and living, shed, office space,
photo source
Since I have plans of very early retirement from the corporate world and just work from home, an office she shed tops my list.

Craft Room

she shed, top 5 "She Shed", personal space, home, home and living, shed, craft room
photo source
I always wanted to have an office slash craft room. Right now, I have so many craft and crochet materials left undone because of my busy work. So maybe this craft room can inspire me to go back to crafting again.

Sewing Room

she shed, top 5 "She Shed", personal space, home, home and living, shed, sewing room, craft room
photo source
I would also love to have a sewing personal space. Sewing is another craft I want to learn especially when the right time to leave the my corporate work comes.

Fitness Room

she shed, top 5 "She Shed", personal space, home, home and living, shed, fitness room,
photo source
 I would love to learn Yoga and do some fitness exercises because it's simple, health is wealth.

Reading Nook

she shed, top 5 "She Shed", personal space, home, home and living, shed, reading nook
photo source
Honestly, I am not fond of reading books but I would definitely love to have a reading nook. Contradicting ha? Lol.

Those are the top 5 "she shed" on my list. I know I can't have it all but I think I can mix them all in one she shed. What do you think?

I would also want a TV in my she said. Oh by the way, did you know that, based on a survey on she shed trend over 23% of women said that the most important feature of their she shed would be a big screen TV. 

a survey on she shed trend, she shed trend

Which just show that women aren't so different from men when it comes to shed feature because about the same percentage of men also declare multiple TVs are important in their man cave, based on a man cave study.

Having your own personal space as a woman is really essential, As I have said, it's your escape from your daily works where you can be just lazy watching your favorite TV series, reading books, doing crafts, or just having your nail polish.

Ladies, what are your she shed ideas? 
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Ultra High Performance Lunch Pack/Bag

When I purchased a new stainless lunch box, I didn't know how big it was. It doesn't fit my son's lunch bag. The problem pa it should be carry just flat otherwise the food inside will mix with each other and worst spill. Honestly, I can not recommend that stainless lunch box for kids. So Daddy and I are using it for our packed lunch to work.

However, as I have mentioned, that stainless lunch box is so big. I had difficulty looking for a lunch bag. Naikot ko na yata lahat ng pwedeng mabilhan sa mall still bigo ako. Then the search was over when, luckily, I found this Ultra High Performance Lunch Pack from Shopee at 280.00 pesos only.
 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

I bought to of these lunch bag. Yun lang it's available in black color only.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

It works two way, cold and hot. 
 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

This is how think it can be.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

But you can expand it to make it two layers.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

You can carry it this way.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

Or this way.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

It has a shoulder strap too.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon,

And yes it fits the stainless lunch box (dimension: 10.23 (l) x 7.08 (w) x 2.36 (h) inches) that have purchased.  

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon, Yumbox, Yumbox Mini, Yumbox Panino, stainless steel lunch box,

It can also fit one Yumbox Mini or Panino. Pwede din two to three Yumbox.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon, Yumbox, Yumbox Mini, Yumbox Panino, stainless steel lunch box,

But for my son, these are what I usually put inside.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon, Yumbox, Yumbox Mini, Yumbox Panino, stainless steel lunch box,

And this how he looked like when carried since the stainless lunch box should be carried flat unlike the Yumbox.

 lunch bag, school baon, baon ideas, kid's baon, Yumbox, Yumbox Mini, Yumbox Panino, stainless steel lunch box,

We been using this Ultra High Performance Lunch Pack/Bag for almost 8 months na and still look good. You can just wipe the inside with clean cloth or tissue with alcohol. Good thing also the two Bubee Lunch Jars I bought also fit in this lunch bag. There's more space pa for other items like spoon and fork, and juice and sandwich.

Where to buy? Unfortunately, when I checked it it's not available na from this Shopee Seller. Anyway, once I find another seller, I will update this post na lang. Currently, I saw it being sell at Amazon. 

This Ultra High Performance Lunch Pack/Bag is highly recommended. Hope it will be available soon here in Philippines.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

3 Often Forgotten Household Cleaning Jobs You Shouldn't Overlook

Keeping a clean home is important for most people, but there are certain areas we are likely to overlook. For example, the toothbrush holder is actually the germiest spot in the bathroom, but many people rarely clean it. Here is a list of three common places that we often forget to clean, and some handy tips for tackling these areas.

Toothbrush Holders

3 Often Forgotten Household Cleaning Jobs You Shouldn't Overlook, home, home and living, household cleaning jobs, cleaning, home cleaning, home tips,
Image via Flickr by tinafranklindg

As mentioned above, the toothbrush holder is the place in your bathroom that harbors the most germs. A 2011 NSF International study found that the toothbrush holder is also one of the most bacteria-filled places in your entire house. Toothbrush holders often collect residue that contains bacteria, viruses, and coliforms like salmonella that can cause serious illness.

To clean your toothbrush holder, soak it in hot soapy water to loosen the residue. After ten minutes, scrub it thoroughly, using a fine brush to fit into any tight spaces. Once it is fully clean, sterilize it by running it through the dishwasher, or let it soak in a 1:10 bleach and water solution for 30 minutes.

The toothbrush holder should be cleaned and sanitized every week or so. This might seem excessive but it is really very simple to incorporate this task into your usual bathroom cleaning schedule.

Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts

Other parts of the home that collect a lot of dirt and grime are the heating and air conditioning ducts. It is important to schedule a regular professional duct cleaning to remove debris and contaminants. 

If you neglect the air ducts for too long, debris will build up and force your HVAC system to work harder, decreasing its expected lifespan. The HVAC system may work less efficiently, which increases your energy bills. In addition, the buildup of contaminants can exacerbate allergies and asthma.

With an HVAC duct cleaning, you hire a professional to service your heating and air conditioning system, which includes cleaning the supply and return air ducts, the heat exchangers, the cooling coils, the drip pans, and the fans. The National Duct Cleaning Association recommends scheduling a professional duct cleaning every 2 years.

Kitchen and Bathroom Doors

We open and close doors frequently, but many of us don't clean them as much as we should. As you know, doors and doorknobs pick up a lot of dirt, grease, and fingerprints. In addition, doorknobs collect bacteria and viruses, which can spread illnesses.

To clean the door itself, wipe it down with a wet, soapy cloth, a sponge, or a magic eraser to remove stains and dirt. With doorknobs, use a disinfectant spray. To avoid harsh chemicals, you can buy an eco-friendly brand or make your own disinfectant spray with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and water.

Once you have your spray handy, spritz the entire doorknob and wipe it dry with a cloth or towel. Clean your doorknobs regularly, especially on kitchen and bathroom doors.

These are just a few areas of your home that are easy to overlook but really should be cleaned regularly. Keeping these areas clean will help make your house a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family.
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The Bubee Lunch Jars for School Baon

My little boy is growing so fast. Sa ayaw at sa gusto ko he will have his own choices, decisions and he will gain his independence.

Actually, at 8 years old, he's starting to decide what clothes and shoes to wear. Now, he even decide what will be his baon for school. Kaya naman kung dati I can just decide on my own, ngayon hindi na pwede. Dapat yun choice nya but of course I won't allow him to eat junk food. 

He used to appreciate the bento baon I am making. Now, he wants very simple baon. Mabuti na lang I didn't buy na bento tools, at mabuti talaga napigilan ko sarili kong maghoard pa, haha.

It's an advantage for me because doing bento baon with designs is not a simple task. Simplehan na lang natin sabi nga. So, I just invest in lunch boxes na lang like the Yumbox Mini and Panino, and the leak-proof partition lunch box I bought online. And this is the newest addition to our lunch box.

The Bubee Lunch Jar!

Each set of Bubee Lunch Jar includes two jars and a carrying pouch.

Bubee Lunch Jar is made of thick, food-grade stainless steel which is double layered. So it keeps cold foods cold and hot foods hot for up to 5 hours!

The lid is thick too. Actually, compared to other stainless lunch boxes or jars, Bubee Lunch Jar is heavier, which is a good indication of being of high quality.

I am already using the Bubee Lunch Jar so it is safe to say that I highly recommend this. Aside from it's quality, it's easier to prepare the baon in here. Why? Kasi you can just put in the rice then top it with the ulam like this.

Tumatagal bang mainit yun sabaw? The answer is yes. Although, it's not too hot but what I like it prevents meals from being cold (with oil solidifying) like when you store your lunch bag in an air-conditioned room. It is safe to say that it keeps the food warm. Pwede din daw sa cold baon but I haven't tried it yet.

Also just a warning lang, don't close it too tight. It will be very difficult to open it. 

That's the Bubee Lunch Jar where we enjoy our lunch baon. Planning to buy one more set for Daddy and me. 

By the way, please follow me on Instagram: @mommymaye and @momayebaondiary, for some baon ideas. See yah!
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6 Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming to Guests

When entertaining guests, you want to make sure they feel welcome in your home. For happy houseguests, all it takes is some tidying and forethought to create a comfortable space for visitors.

Provide a Comfortable Bed

home, decluterring. home and living, bed,
Image via Flickr by Stian Olsen
Clean, coordinated bed linens are essential to make your guests feel comfortable in their rooms. Provide an extra blanket tucked away in a closet or drawer in case they need it.

Invest in a bed rather than simply using a sofa bed or mattress pad. Consider two sets of pillows — one firm and one soft — to allow your guests to choose their favorites.


If your guest room is used as storage when you don't have anyone staying with you, make space for guests before they arrive. You'll want to provide a writing surface, such as a desk, as well as an empty drawer and some closet space for your visitors to use. 

In addition to decluttering your guest room, you should clean up common areas around your house that your guests will be using. Tidy up the kitchen, the living room, and the bathrooms. A deep clean is unnecessary; you want your guests to feel comfortable in your home, and a too-clean house may make visitors feel uneasy.

Allow Guests to Enjoy Their Ideal Room Temperature

A ductless air conditioner can cool a single room, a feature which makes it great for your guest room. Guests can set their own ideal temperature with mini-split units. Installing ductless mini-split air conditioning can easily be done within one day, which means you don't have to worry about setting aside too much time for installation before your guests arrive.

Anticipate the Needs of Your Guests

Try to imagine what your guests may require during their stay. If they will be with you for an extended length of time, provide a robe and slippers. Think like a hotel and put together a small basket of lotion, soap, shampoo, and a razor, along with some clean towels. If your guests are unfamiliar with the area, consider giving them a guidebook of area attractions. 

Think About Breakfast

Make breakfast items easy to find, or put them out for your guests. If you won't be joining your guests for breakfast, provide fresh fruit and pastries so that they can help themselves. Set up a coffee station complete with a few mugs, sugar, and cream. You could also provide a few types of coffee or some flavored syrups.

Add Finishing Touches

Small details make guests feel welcome. Put a clock and a reading light by the bed and a nightlight for the bedroom and bathroom. Write down the Wi-Fi password on a note card and leave it in the room. Fresh flowers or a candle makes a nice touch. A bottle of water and a few snacks can put hungry guests at ease when they are up later or earlier than their hosts.

Tidying up and thinking of what your guests may need will create a comfortable space for your visitors. By making sure your guests have the essentials they need, such as breakfast items or instructions for setting the temperature in their rooms, you can make their stay less stressful for both of you. A few extra touches will show visitors how much you care about their comfort.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Elysium Health Helps Support Cellular Health

In partnership with Elysium Health

Many people have the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier and exercising more are the two most common ways to achieve that. However, certain supplements can improve your well-being even further.

Elysium Health is a health company with the goal of translating scientific and technological advancements in clinically-validated health products that work. Elysium Health was co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who also works as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. He has conducted significant research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging during his long career.

Basis, cellular health, Elysium Health, health, personal care, personal health, supplement

Elysium Health's first supplement is Basis. It is based on over two decades of prior research. Basis is made up of two ingredients, pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside. The combination of these two elements is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a  coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions like DNA protection, energy creation, and circadian rhythms. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline and those functions can break down.

In 2016, Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial. This study demonstrated that Basis increased levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent over a period of time and sustained those levels with continued regular supplement intake.

The leadership team at Elysium Health seeks to serve the broader health community. Eric Marcotulli directs the vision as the CEO of the company. Before becoming the CEO, he worked at Sequoia Capital as its youngest partner to lead growth investing in mobile technologies. Eric earned his BA from Princeton University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Dan Alminana works as the COO of the company, in charge of the operational and financial elements of Elysium Health, having previously worked in venture capital at JP Morgan Securities, where he launched and led its Silicon Valley venture capital coverage unit.

Purchasing Basis

Visit Elysium Health's website to purchase Basis. Each jar of Basis contains a month's worth of supplement. An individual jar of Basis costs $60. To lower that cost, you can buy Basis in a variety of monthly subscriptions. A regular month-to-month subscription costs $50 per month. Prepaying for a six-month subscription brings the monthly cost down to $45, and prepaying for a twelve-month subscription brings the cost down to $40 per month.

Basis is vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and nut- free, as well as free of any artificial colors and flavors. Thus, the Elyisum supplement allows you to stick to your dietary needs while taking it.

Visit Elysium Health's website to learn more about the company, its team of scientists, and the science behind Basis.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How Drumming Helps Kids with Special Needs

Drumming is not just an activity enjoyed by many. Drumming can be a basic musical therapeutic element that will benefit kid with special needs. The kids that find it difficult to express themselves or have problems with their communication skills can benefit from drumming therapy techniques. There are several benefits on how a child with special needs will benefit from this form of therapy and they are as follows:

 kids, drummer, drums, parenting tips, kids activities

Note: If your child has special needs it is advisable to get a drum set for him/her. It’s recommended to get a drum set for beginners, since the child as no history playing drums.

Motor skill improvement

One of the benefits is the improvement of the hand to eye coordination of the child. Kids with special needs could find it difficult to develop their motor skills. The Drumming therapy is recommended for the child. It involves giving a child a mallet to use as a tool to develop his/her motor skills. When the child is given more drums, he/ she will develop movement, good motor skills and grasping among other aspect.

Communication and speech

Another benefit of drumming that’s being used as a therapeutic tool, is the improvement of the child’s communication skills. A musical therapist form the company Albert Knapp & Associate called John Mew uses drumming to promote speech through the beat. While using the sounds of the drum, with time the children will learn how to say words phrases and even sentences.

Impulse and control techniques

It is really unhealthy for a kid who doesn’t know how to control their emotions. It could lead to damage of his/herself and others around the child. Drumming can help to calm the mind of the child who has no control over his/her impulses. This techniques is required to be used on short-tempered kids. It’s done in a way such that the impulse/emotions of the child is expressed during the drumming sessions. This literally letting it all out just to calm the mind.

Social skills

Drumming is often a cooperative and interactive activity. While the child learns drumming there will be other kids that are learning too. They will take turns and share between each other if only a drum is in use. The child will begin to feel like a part of a group or social setting. Then from there develop social skills by interacting with their fellow group members.

Improving self-esteem

Drumming is quite a fun activity whereby kids of various ages would love to beat drums. The fact that they are enjoying the activity improves their self-esteem which will lead to more confidence in their day to day life.

Improving decision making

Drumming sessions can have a positive effect on the child’s decision making skill. By developing their attention span and improving their impulse control in order to ultimately give the child the ability to make better decisions.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

How to Treat Common Skin Diseases in Pets

Skin diseases in pets are not uncommon as they virtually happen to every pet. Pet skin illness might cause changes in your pet's thus prompt an advancement of sores, for example, papules, pustules, crusting, and scaling. Differing measures of discharge and release may likewise be seen. A few kinds of skin pharmaceuticals are introduced to get rid of fleas and treat these conditions, including anti-toxins, antifungal prescriptions, mitigating medicines, antihistamines, and also cured shampoos, plunges, and showers. Healthful supplements and unsaturated fats may likewise help oversee a large number of these skin diseases. Below are some other diseases and how to treat them.

pets, home, skin diseases in pets, taking care of pets

Dry Skin

Dry skin in pets is common and have different causes—from nutritious awkwardness and inadequacies to different hypersensitive skin issue, for example, atopy, sustenance sensitivities, and insect nibble hypersensitivities.

Indeed, even pets with stomach related intestinal parasites might probably lead to your pet having a dry skin. Pets with non-particular sicknesses of the liver, kidneys, or significantly tumor are additionally at expanded danger of having dry skin.

There are different side effects to dry skin such as flaky skin or dandruff, and will probably have hair shedding or loss than other pets. Pet conditioners can help treat the pet's dry skin. Epi-Calm and Alleviation Shampoo are some of the cleanser items that can be utilized something like one to two times per week. Omega 3 unsaturated fat supplementation will frequently help when used continually.

Loss of Hair

Losing hairs and exorbitant shedding have lots of hairs, including dietary causes and awkward nature, and in addition nourishment sensitivities, inhalant/contact hypersensitivities, and additionally insect chomp hypersensitivities. Another cause for this is the external skin parasite like mange or ringworm, and bacterial skin contaminations will ordinarily cause your pet's to loose hair.

Pets with hormonal disarranges of the thyroid organ and adrenal organ, metabolic liver or kidneys ailment, or pets with growth disorder may cause unnecessary hair shedding. Indications incorporate either inconsistent diminishing of the hair coat or more self-evident, characterized hair misfortune which might be summed up or restricted.

pets, home, skin diseases in pets, taking care of pets

During this period, there will be other optional skin injuries also including papules, pustules, crusting, or scabbing. Treatment will differ contingent upon the problem cause. Products such as Shed Eliminator Bites for Puppies or SHED-X Shed Control Pet Cleanser can help in pets with non-particular hair loss of hair. Consistent pet cleanser treatment, and in addition nourishing supplements with stomach related proteins, for example, NaturVet Stomach related Compounds In addition to Probiotic and Omega 3 greasy acid are liable to help when it is used continuously.


There are two normal kinds of mange in pets. Demodectic mange is the most widely recognized infection seen and is because of the abundance of this visible skin parasite that is available in low numbers on an average pet skin. Because of hereditary or other lacking factors, including immunosuppressive therapeutic conditions and medications, pets may create demodectic mange regularly as little dogs and cats, or as senior pets.

Side effects ordinarily incorporate limited hair misfortune, regularly on the furthest points or face. While demodectic mange might be limited in a couple of spots in a few pets, others will cause an accumulated type of contamination, which can likewise introduce optional crusting, scabbing, discharges, and disease. Veterinarians normally analyze demodectic mange by skin rub and minute exam. Treatment may include a periodical plunges with Mitaban Plunge (for pooches) or the making use of Ivermectin and Milbemycin. Benzoal peroxide cleanser treatment with shampoos, such as Oxydex regularly helps flush the vermin from your pet's hair follicles to cause a less demanding topical treatment.

pets, home, skin diseases in pets, taking care of pets

Scabies bugs are significantly less normal, however, may cause extreme tingling, particularly around meagerly haired zones of a pooch's body, including the ear projections, elbows, and mid-region. Trying to diagnose is considerably challenging, as these vermin are hard to discover on routine skin scrapings.

Treatment of scabies regularly includes a continuous Ivermectin treatment and making use of some topical items. Inclusively, Demodectic mange isn't infectious to different puppies or individuals, however, scabies (sarcoptic mange) is infectious to different pets and individuals, so it is fundamental to treat all present pets in the world on the off chance that there is any suspected or diagnosed scabies in any kind of animal.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Matthew's 8th Birthday Simple Celebration

Time flies so fast! I have an eight-year old boy now.

Last month, Matthew turned 8. Unlike his seventh birthday when he had three celebrations (Read: Matthew Andrei's 7th Birthday Celebration At McDonald'sPart 1: Matthew Andrei's Babababababanana Party At SchoolPart 2: Matthew Andrei's Babababababanana Party At Home ), we chose to have his 8th birthday celebration a simple one.

Daddy woke up early to make this one.

diy party, simple celebration, birthday

When our little boy woke up, we surprised him with a little cake.

Actually, he didn't know that we will be having a small party for him. So it was a surprise celebration and look how happy he was seeing his cake from her Tita Rona.

Plus the food Daddy and I prepared.

And of course his visitors who traveled all the way from Nueva Ecija just to have this celebration extra special.

Can't believe we already have an eight-year old kid.

An eight-year old boy who doesn't ask for any celebration nor gift on his birthday, still he received a toy from his Tito.

To this little boy who may sometimes be makulit, but always the source of our joy, happy 8th birthday. May you grow to be a man of honesty, honor, and kindness, and a man of God. We love you so much!

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