About Me

Welcome to Momaye'sdiary

I started this blog in 2010 (under the name Momaye’s Creations) for my scrapbooking hobby but it turned to be a parenting blog. This blog served as my escape from the corporate world and a place where I share my experiences as a wife and a mom.

Currently working as a Chemist while I fulfill my wife and mother duties to my loving husband (Chemist Dad) and our son. Working full time outside home doesn't stop me from being a hands on wife and mom. I personally take care of my son from preparing him to school, making his school baon, teaching him his lessons and tucking him to sleep at night. I make sure I am in every important events in his life.

"Motherhood by far is the most rewarding and fulfilling job I ever had. This is the job I never dream of. But when I have tasted the joy it brings, I never want to quit."


Blogging has inspired me to be a writer of my life. This blog is my online diary where I share the products I have tried, the places we went to, my passion for DIYs and crafts, parenting tips and my motherhood journey. You can also find here useful tips on saving money, doing home improvement and other home helpful topics for family.

Aside from being a mommy blogger, I am mompreneur running a small online business that sells baby products and crocheted baby accessories. I am a social media manager too of all our Facebook and Instagram pages (kindly scroll down to see the list).

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I will really appreciate them all. Enjoy reading and thanks for the visit. Just keep on coming.