Friday, April 27, 2012

Matthew Can Actually Do it!

Just want to share what my 22-month old son can actually do.

I am just proud that even we don’t teach my son that much he is actually learning on his own. He can recite/sing the ABC, he can count from 1 to 10, and he knows the fruits, animals and the primary colors. He even knows the animal sounds, his mom and dad’s names, and his own name. He’s a little bit makulit when I am asking him kasi he will say what he feels to say.

He actually knows everyone in the neighborhood and mas kilala pa nga sya kesa sa aming mag-asawa. Time flies so fast talaga and soon he will be in school.

He is a certified mommy’s boy and he is super attached with me. I really don’t know why but since his accident ganyan na sya. Basta paguwe namin from work, mommy na agad. Yes nakakapagod and I really feel exhausted but I am enjoying it right now. Because I know one day he will not need mommy anymore and that will surely break my heart.

Does your child too grows so fast?
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Son Loves Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame is well-loved by many Filipinos. He is not a guy next-door type but he got this charisma to masa. I find him mayabang at first but whenever I watch his show “Wil Time Bigtime”, I can’t help but admire him by being so nice with people especially the old ones and special children. I also like the fact that he knew when a contestant is just acting to make paawa effect.

He is loved by people of all ages. Yes, all ages! Those lolas and lolos who bear the travel and waiting time just to with him prove that money is not just his charisma to them. Children love him too. Believe it or not, my 22-month old son loves him. He is the only person who can make him brush his teeth, lol!

Getting Ready. He actually like the Kendeng kendeng dance but it was replaced already and he is learning the  new one.

Need to say more?
My son loves his "Syempre Ikaw Lang" song and here's a proof:

His Daddy downloaded the mp3 so he could always listen to it.

Watching Wil Time Bigtime is really part of his every night and he always wait for the Syempre portion.

Look what his reaction when I switched channel.

As a parent, always teach and remind your children that not all they are watching is good for them. Be sure to guide them when watching and when you think they should not watch the show then turn off the TV and let them do a more recreational activity like reading or drawing. I am a working mom and my son grew up with a yaya everyday. As much as I want him to not watch TV, I can’t because you can always remind the yaya of that but God only knows when she is actually following me. The only video he is allowed to watch is the learning videos I downloaded from You Tube and he is self learning from it. 

Does your child also loves watching TV? Does it bother you?
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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I Love Sundays: Jollibee and Grocery

As promised, I will be doing this every week so this will be my second post.

I really heart Sundays so we really make the most out of it. It is our Family day.

We usually start this day by going to Church. Yesterday, we went to Sta. Maria Church since Mil will be going home na. My little Matt is as usual fall asleep while on the car but when we reached the Church he woke up naman. I am proud that Matt is not like any toddlers who keep on running inside the Church though we really cannot stay inside kasi mainit sa loob and he does not want a crowded place.

After the Church, hated na naming si MIL sa Pulilan but changed mind kasi sabi k okay Allan pag nag-antay kami sa Pulilan mainit so sa Walter Mart Plaridel na lang.

Wow, good decision because guess who we saw there (as if big deal naman but to Matt, it was):

Si Jollibee! And Matt embraced him.

He is looking at the other Jollibee (un statue). hahaha

He kissed Jollibee pa.

Matt loves Jollibee soooo much! Kahit makakita lang sya ng signage ng Jollibee naku super happy na sya. After that experience with Jollibee, nagstroll muna kami konti sa loob while waiting for Daddy (sinamahan si MIL na mag-abang ng Bus to Nueva Evija). Mukhang napagod na ang Matt so upo muna saglit.

See, bugnot na ang batang makulit. hehe

I called up Daddy because Matt was already bugnot and want a milk na.

Yey, Dad is here. Buti naisakay na si Mama.

We have to go pala to grocery kasi wala na milk si Matt and so we went to SM Marilao. Joy ride kung joy ride. Kaya lang sobra init talaga.

Akala mo magaling na mamili.

He is following his Dad.

Sa grapes naman daw ysa.

Bottoms up! (Have you notice almost wala na un burn marks nya? The red spot i think is a mosquito bite)

Mom: Lagot ka anak, di pa natin yan nabayaran. (hihirit pa kasi ng isa e.)

Whatever Dad do, Matt do, too.

Push pa!

Lapit na sa cashier anak.

Parang magaling magbasa.

Magsubscribe sana si Dad sa broadband but changed mind. Next time na lang daw. hehe

Matt: Bunggo dito. (Ang pushcart ay binunggo nya dito)

Matt: Hey, Dad who's on the line ba?

And Matt took his first ride sa carousel. Yey!
Yey! Finally nakasakay din sa horse.
Excited din ang Daddy. Firt time mo din ba? haha

Mom: Matt, tingin dito.
Si Daddy tuwang tuwa din a.
Ayan tapos na. mukhang hilo na si Matt.

Kapagod maglakad sa mall kaya masarap magSlurpee after.

Since, mainit naman sige anak pwede na yan. hehe. He just love it and hinde tumigil until it was simot.

By the way, akala ko Matt can't go to beach because of his accident, napagtanto ko naman na pwede naman as long hinde sya maexpose sa sunlight. We can do swimming early in the morning naman. So, we bought him na his pail and shovel so he can play in the sand. I am excited na for him! Sasama kami sa company outing on May 5-6 sa Binmaley, Pangasinan.

Excited for the beach!
May shades pa.
We got it from Purefoods TJ hotdog, for every 1 kilo of it may freebie.

Bakit ba ang bilis ng oras pag Sunday? Kakagising lang tapos gabi na naman. I hope 2 days and Sunday, haha. Do you wish it too?
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matthew Andrei at 22 months

How time flies. Twenty two months ago, I was just holding a tiny being in my hands. I never knew how to hold a baby until he came into my life. I never knew about long patience until he came in my life. I never knew that I can love someone more than this until he came in my life (Daddy Allan I love you this much too! Mwah!). This little man had amazingly taught us so many things in life. He actually makes us (Mom and Dad) better individuals.

Yesterday, he turned 22 months and here are the 22 things about Matthew Andrei:

1.     Matthew means “gift of God” and Andrei means “man or warrior”.

2.     We want him to have an initial or AM or MA from our name Maye and Allan.

3.     He was born on June 16, 2010 at 10:58 p.m. through C-Section.

4.     He weighs 2.95 kilos at birth but triple it after a month.

5.     He starts to interact with people at 2 months.

6.      He fell on the floor when he was just 3 months. Super guilty si Mommy because I thought he cannot move pa but to my surprise he can quickly turn around on his tummy na pala. Buti wood un floor at hindi mataas and bed.

7.      His first food is mashed banana (se┼łorita) and milk.

8.      His first word is “adi” for Daddy.

9.      He never had pilay since birth.

10.    His tummy is weak when the weather is hot.

11.   He is having a tea bath everyday since he was 15 months. Madali kasi sya magrashes especially during hot weather.

12.     First beach experience was in Morong Bataan. Di sya nag-enjoy kasi takot sya sa alon.

13.     He loves Mickey Mouse.

14.     He loves  his red McQueen car shoes given by Totoy (our neighbor).

15.     He had a burn accident last March 19, his Daddy’s birthday. Details are here.

16.     At 22 months, he knows ABC, can count from 1 to 10, knows the shapes, animals and fruits.

17.     He talks a lot, and he is not bulol. He can already say 3-4 words in a sentence.

18.     He loves eating masabaw na ulam, vegetable, fish and fruits but he hates meat.

19.     He love yakult and dutchmill and hates chocolate drinks.

20.     He is into cloth diaper for 5 months now.

21.    He loves Will Time Bigtime and dances Kendeng kendeng. Eto pa, only Willie Revillame can make  him brush his teeth. Sasabihin ko lang na magagalit si Willie pag di sya nagbrush aba bubukas na ang mouth nya.

22.    At 22 months, he weighs 29.7 lbs and measures 34 inches.

So those are 22 things about my little man.

Happy 22nd month Matthew Andrei! Mommy and Daddy love you so so much.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

I love Sundays: Child Labor

I so love Sundays, since it is only our rest day we make the most out of it. Our usual Sunday starts from eating breakfast, cleaning the house (particularly our bedroom) although there is really nothing to clean, having a Mass the head over to mall or to where our feet will take us.

This will be my first post for I LOVE SUNDAYS.

Yesterday is a busy Sunday for us since we are at the road for almost the day and it was freaking hot. This is because my mother and my sister will go home to Nueva Ecija, Allan decided to drive them to Gapan Nueva since it is difficult to travel with a baby plus my mother would not want to ride an aircon bus (nahihilo daw sya, hehe).  Also, my mother in law will be coming with Matther’s new yaya so timing lang na doon na lang mag-meet up.
After that long maghapon na travel nakauwi din sa bahay. I told Allan to clean his car kasi gusgusin na. Sabi nya mayamaya daw at baka mapasma ang car. Hehe.

Matthew wants to go outside naman since super init sa loob ng bahay to think na passed 5:00 pm na ha. Sakto naman maglilinis na din daw ng car nya si Allan and guess who kung sino ang tumulong sa kanya....

He is unstoppable!
Parang totoong marunong magcar wash.
He loves playing with water that is why he is making pakialam.
Daddy: Ganito ang pagpupunas.
Matt: Punas? (parrot lang ang drama)
Sawsaw ulit sa timba.

Matthew loves imitating his daddy so you cannot really stop him especially if he is enjoying what he is doing. Here is the video:

So that was my Sunday this week. I do hope that you have enjoyed your weekend too. Wish ko lang Sunday na ulit.
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