Wednesday, January 19, 2022

3 Major Consequences of Using Dirty/Contaminated Water at Home

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Did you know that using dirty or contaminated water at home can have serious consequences? Believe it or not, using unclean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning can lead to illness, skin problems, and even death. We'll discuss the effects of using dirty water and what you can do to avoid them. Stay safe and healthy by always using clean water.

Every year, millions of people die from diarrheal diseases. Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of malnutrition and mortality worldwide in children, and it's largely due to dirty water. The concentration of organisms in contaminated water can cause diarrhea in the home, which can cause dehydration or even death if not treated properly. That's why it's important to ensure the water you're using is clean before you drink or cook with it.

Skin Diseases
Dirty water can cause skin diseases like rashes, fungal infections, or eye disorders. These can be contracted when someone comes into contact with contaminated water carrying germs that are harmful to the body through things like contact with the skin or eyes. It's important to use clean water for things like bathing and laundry, as dirty water can contain harmful bacteria that may irritate your skin and cause illness.

Gastrointestinal Problems
Using dirty or contaminated water can also cause gastrointestinal problems, like nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Gastrointestinal illnesses are usually caused by eating food that has been contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. They can occur when someone drinks contaminated water and then swallows the pathogens in the water before they have a chance to be eliminated from their body.

Using dirty water can have some serious consequences. It's important to use clean or purified water for things like drinking, cooking, and cleaning. If you're not sure of the quality of your water, consider getting Orlando water testing to ensure you're using clean water in your home.
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Friday, January 14, 2022

Why Buy a Boat?

Many people find that a boat may be too extravagant or complicated to manage. However, a boat is a wise investment that provides countless benefits for an individual or family. Here are some excellent reasons to purchase a boat today!

Good Investment
Boats have skyrocketed in sales during the pandemic. So much so that many suppliers cannot keep up with the demand. Plenty of people are jumping on the opportunity to purchase a boat for various reasons. Keep in mind that a boat that is well maintained has excellent resell value.

Craft A Skill
Boating is an excellent skill that requires time and patience. Read up or ask about boating terminology to become familiar with the boat and your surroundings. Study safety equipment and how to navigate on the water. Eventually, you will have an exceptional amount of knowledge and improve your boating skills.

Family Friendly
A boat is a great way to spend time with family and friends. A day out on the water can be spent fishing, eating, or swimming. It’s a simple and effective way to spend the weekend. An easy journey to the docks and a lovely drive out into the water is simple and fun.

Builds Community
Suppose you are an individual who wants to acquire a boat that you will be introduced to a passionate community. The boating community brings friends together through a shared interest. Together you can swap stories and knowledge about boat life.

Buy A Boat Today
There are plenty of reasons to buy a boat. There are plenty of places to purchase a boat, like Bay Marine, which offers multiple types of vehicles. No matter where you decide to buy a boat, remember it is worth the investment.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Essential Things Required to Become a Real Estate Broker


The real estate industry is growing at a high pace. If you desire to become a real estate broker, there are a few things that you will need to start your career in this high-paying and fast-paced industry. The following article discusses the essential things required to become a real estate broker:

To be qualified for licensure as a real estate broker, the applicant must hold at least a high school diploma. However, most states require applicants to have completed college studies in business, law, or related fields before applying for licensure. Most states also grant licenses only after individuals verify their educational history.

Many real estate brokers begin their careers as licensed sales agents before becoming full-fledged brokers. However, some states require applicants to have worked for at least two years as a licensed sales agent with a sponsoring broker to qualify for licensure as a broker.

Knowledge of Laws and Regulations
In most states, all real estate licensees must take continuing education courses that cover state laws and regulations of the industry every year or two. Most states also require licensees who join an appraisal management company to take additional courses about these firms' practices.

Appraisal Skills
Most states require real estate brokers who appraise the property to take extensive courses in appraisal practices and laws before being allowed to sign off on their appraisal reports. In addition, some states impose regulations requiring all real estate agents to have a certain level of appraisal skills before allowing them to sell homes in the state.

Communication Skills
The ability to communicate well with clients and other professionals in the industry is necessary for real estate brokers, like Keller Williams Deltona FL. Being able and willing to listen attentively to clients' needs, clearly explaining the basics of buying or selling a home, and working well with residential lenders are essential communication skills that any person pursuing this career must possess.

If you want to become a real estate broker, the things mentioned above are required to make it happen. Don't be discouraged if you don't have all the items in your possession, but most successful brokers will have them readily available.
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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Be Healthy in 2022

Be healthy in 2022. That is one of my goals for the new year.

Months after I gave birth, I had loss weight. But after I had my period (menstruation) back a month ago, I felt I gained weight again. so I decided to do the intermittent fasting again, which help me lose weight before I got pregnant last year.

Being overweight can lead to many health problems like high blood pressure and heart diseases. However, trying to lose weight is not easy. Depriving yourself with food may lead to more cravings so you must guard yourself closely, haha. Kidding aside, start with calculating how much you will need to change your diet to achieve your weight goal. Here's a weight loss calculator I found at Culinary

Weight Loss Calculator

By entering your height, age, weight and activity level, you will get your weight class, BMI, how many weeks to goal amongst other.

This weight loss calculator will also provide the nutrition and calories your will need to consume daily to achieve your weight goal.

Aside from being a basic weight loss calculator, this calculator has more helpful advanced features like setting goals, choosing basal metabolic rate, and getting the  total daily energy expenditure. You can save the results and then enter your email address to send the report.

Getting and maintaining your ideal weigh has great benefits. It affects your physical and mental health to improve the quality of your life. Having your ideal weight can help you feel better and raise your energy levels.

It is also important to know your body fat. You can use a body fat calculator to quickly estimate your body fat.

Body Fat Calculator

By using this body fat calculator you can also get your lean body mass (LBM), fat body mass (FBM), body fat percent and body classification.

Once you know weight loss goals, daily calories requirements and your body fats, it is also essential to know how much exercise you need to do. You can choose over 200 different exercises recommended in this workout calculator.

Workout Calculator

Just  enter your height, weight, gender, age, what exercises you did, and how long you worked out for.

Trying to lose weight is not easy. Just the thought of dieting and exercising is already difficult. Even if you really want to lose weight, sometimes being busy and unmotivated may hinder your goal. And if you are a food-lover, losing weight is definitely hard to do.

But just think of much you will gain when you start eating right and doing exercises. Living an unhealthy life can lead to serious medical illness. And as you get older, you will realize that having a healthy lifestyle will keep your body in good health condition.

So be healthy in 2022. Especially that this health pandemic is not yet over. We need to stay healthy to fight this deadly virus.

What's your health goal for 2022?

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fight malnutrition with Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo! Program

Guys let me share that Ajinomoto and Municipality of Cainta partner to fight malnutrition with Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo! Program.

From the Press Release Kit:

Fight malnutrition with Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo! Program

The Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) Group and the Municipality of Cainta held a hybrid ceremonial contract signing event last December 3, 2021 to mark their commitment to  strengthen  the Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo! (MPPT) program in a bid to address malnutrition in the country. The event was held in Banquet Hall East, Filinvest East, Cainta and broadcasted in a virtual meeting.

MPPT, a program launched by APC Group in 2018, aims to promote the practice of Pinggang Pinoy®, an easy-to-understand healthy food plate guide for Filipinos developed by the Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

“This program embodies our Nutrition Commitment towards extending the healthy life expectancy of Filipinos. We also recognize the importance of our collaboration with the local government unit of Cainta. Together, we will create an ecosystem that would make the MPPT program effective and sustainable,” said APC Group President Tsutomu Nara during the event.

The Ajinomoto Group’s Nutrition Commitment is to help extend the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people by 2030 utilizing its expertise in Amino Science. This allows the company to support delicious salt reduction using umami, provide products to contribute to people's wellness and provide health and nutrition improvement information as well as easy recipes/menus.

Joining APC President Nara in representing the company is Mr. Hironori Aoki, Director, Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. Meanwhile, the Municipality of Cainta was represented by Hon. Mayor Johnielle Keith “Kit” Nieto and its Municipal Health Officer Dr. Edgardo Gonzaga. Also in attendance were representatives of MPPT partners and supporters: UPLB-MPPT Project Team led by Dr. Angelina DR. Felix of the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food- College of Human Ecology, UPLB; Dr. Pauline Jean Rossel-Ubial, former Secretary of Health; and Ms. Sarah Coe, Redscope Communications CEO.

“Thank you Ajinomoto for this opportunity, for having decided to give back, and for your willingness and your generosity in providing us everything we need. There is actually a lot more to do for us just to make sure that the people are always healthy.” said Hon. Mayor Johnielle Keith “Kit” Nieto in his address to the company and all the people that make MPPT possible.

The APC Group, Cainta, and its MPPT advocates are determined to combat malnutrition especially amid the ongoing pandemic where food systems have been disrupted and have continued to affect vulnerable groups like children. In line with this, the drafted MPPT program in Cainta consists of the following: (1) online capacity building of community health workers, (2) online nutrition education of homemakers, and (3) one-meal dietary supplementation among identified undernourished children for 120 days.

“This is truly one of the most important projects of the APC Group,” said Hironori Aoki, APC Group Director of Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. “Ajinomoto is not only a food company but a solution providing company guided by the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV) with a mission to help resolve emerging social issues such as malnutrition through thoughtful initiatives.”

For more information about the MPPT program, visit today.

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