Tips for Running a Business and Being the Best Mom Possible

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Being a parent is a tough job and it is even tougher when you are a mother and an entrepreneur. Starting your own business is a huge accomplishment but an even larger one is running a successful business while not alienating your family. The juggling act can take months or even years to master as children change as they age. An infant is going to need much different attention than that of a rebellious teenager. For those overachievers there are going to be times that you have to call it quits for the day to be a mom rather than a founder of a business. The following are tips for moms that also run a business to be the best mother possible.

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Setting up a realistic weekly schedule

Setting up a realistic weekly schedule does not involve working 90 plus hours during the week and taking the kids to school daily. You need to balance work and family so set goals for each week for things that you need to have done, want to have done, and would be nice to get done. This will help prioritize your work for the week allowing you to be as efficient as possible. Taking on too much will only leave you or your family disappointed so avoid this completely.

Outsource tasks that are time consuming/cheap to source

There are going to be things like data mining or finding contact information that is going to be time consuming yet inexpensive to outsource. Go to a freelancer platform like that of Upwork to find someone to help you out. These freelancers have ratings along with their specific skills whether it is sorting your emails or compiling a list of sales targets for the month. Everyone has that task they know nearly anyone can do but they hate doing, simply outsource it for a fraction of the cost of your time.

Working while the kids are asleep

Working at night or early in the morning can be a great time to get more done than you can when the kids are running around the house. Being able to get this work done can allow you to come home early from the office or call it a day early if you run your business from home. Children that are in school leave a working mother quite a bit more time than those on summer break so keep this in mind. Certain industries have busy times of the year so just hope that this does not occur during the summer for your business.

Find time for yourself

You are going to need to find time for yourself so you can recharge both your professional and parenting batteries. Lack of time to relax can result in irritability and overall decrease in production regardless of what you are doing. Rejuvenating yourself can be done in a variety of ways whether you are using diffusers for essentials oils to help relax in the bath or in your bed room. Using a diffuser can also help the home start to smell great which can help you reduce time you might spend cleaning. It is all about being efficient as a mother entrepreneur.

As you can see the above tips help a mother accomplish the nearly impossible balancing act. There will be growing pains implementing certain tactics but it will be well worth it when you succeed as a mother and in business!

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3 Easy Upcycling Projects to Teach Your Child the Fun of Creative Reusing

Friday, September 21, 2018

With more and more household waste polluting the environment, upcycling needs to go hand in hand with recycling. It is essential for the upcoming generation to understand the importance of upcycling and waste reduction. Teach your child to enjoy upcycling through these easy craft projects.

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Self-watering Plastic Bottle Pots

Plastic bottles not only end up in landfills, but they also end up in our oceans as well. Starting a garden with plastic bottles instead of pots, your child will be adding more oxygen to the earth and reduce plastic waste.

Things you need:

     • Plastic bottle
     • Knife
     • Thread
     • Nail
     • Hammer
     • Soil
     Easy to grow plant

Steps to prep:

• Cut the bottle into two equal halves (cut latitudinally not longitudinally to separate the top of the bottle from the bottom of the bottle).
• Make holes in the cap of the bottle.
• Put a bunch of threads through the holes in the cap.
• Screw the cap back onto the bottle.
• Fill the bottom half of the bottle with water, a little past the halfway point.
• Invert the top half of the bottle with the cap tightly screwed in place.
• Fill the top half with soil and plant a small sapling.
• Place the inverted half of the bottle over the waterfilled half of the bottle.
• Ensure that the threads are well immersed in the water, else the water will not get soaked into the soil.

Envelop Notebook

Stores buy brown envelopes online, and the envelopes end up from your home to the landfill. You can upcycle the brown envelopes to make a small notebook.

Things you need:

     • Brown envelopes online stores pack things in
     • Thread
     • Paint
     • Hole Puncher

Steps to prep:

• Cut equal sized rectangles out of multiple brown envelopes.
• Stack the paper together
• Punch three holes on one of the longer sides
• Take the thread and bind the paper together to form a notebook.

Milk Jug Piggy Banks

Plastic milk jugs, just like soda bottles end up polluting land and sea. Your child can save the environment and money by turning a milk jug into a piggy bank.

Things you need:

     • Milk jug
     • Knife
     • Scissors
     • Paintbrush
     • Acrylic paint
     • Hot glue gun/super glue
     • Egg carton

Steps to prep:

• Turn the milk carton with the handle facing downwards.
• Cut a coin slot, on the side of the jug facing up.
• Cut four cups out of the egg carton.
• Attach the four cups to four downward corners of the carton, creating legs for the piggy bank. Use hot glue or super glue to make it stick well.
• Allow your child to paint the pig creatively. Draw on ears and eyes or attach cut out cardboard to make ears and eyes.
• Paint the screwed-on cap as the nose of the pig.
• Insert coin through the slot and take them out by opening the nose of the pig.

Your child can grow plants in the upcycled plastic pots, make notes of the plant growth in the upcycled notebook and save money for more plants in the upcycled piggy bank. Let your child come up with more upcycling projects to encourage the habit in them.
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What Makes a Bridal Set "Good”

In a woman's eyes, engagements and weddings are all about excitement, romance, details, and planning. The male perspective can be a bit, hmm...different. They may only be focused on the actual proposal and not anything past that.

For sure, some guys are super into assisting with the wedding and the planning, but let's be honest, they’re probably in the minority. A lot of guys want to hand it off to their new bride to be, after they’ve chosen the ring and made the proposal. 

If you are that guy that only wants to focus on the ring and proposal, you must get it right. So if you’re looking for an excellent bridal set and need some quick advice, this guide is for you!
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We’ll discuss all the different aspects that go into making a bridal set “good.”

When it comes to bridal sets, there are a million + options to choose from these days. The goal is to mix the right combination of elegance, appeal, and also savings when possible, to make the most of your one-time investment.

You’ll also need to make that right decision when it comes to blending beauty and convenience. This definitely holds true if you are the type of woman who believes in romance, loves the details of planning and hopes for nothing but the very best for your special days.  Some women will be just as happy with something that is in a collection that other women could have, which would make it easier for the buyer. However, some women may want a unique ring.

Step # 1 - Research ahead of time

Believe me, knowing the type of bridal set you want ahead of time, aka before you begin to search online and in-stores, will save you so much time, money and effort. If you have an idea to narrow down, your life with be easier.

There are tons of options for bridal sets available in both online and offline jewelry stores. bridal collection has some of the best variety in any online jewelry store. Along with impressive cost savings, these ring sets are designed to fit your style to perfection.

Step # 2 - Avoid mismatched proportions

When you’re the type that will stop at nothing to get the perfect ring, your eyes may naturally gravitate toward the bigger stones.

Although it’s always nice to buy an eye-catching rock for the engagement day, you may end up with an awkward purchase if you choose a wedding band that is equally big. It may not fit appropriately or will be possibly too heavy for your delicate fingers!

To avoid this type of mistake, you may want to opt for a well-matched set of the engagement ring with a wedding band; all within your budget and in the design that would make your special someone go “wow.”

Step # 3 - Avoid mismatching styles

While some ring set buyers can spot the difference between décor and modern styles, most of us would not know a Victorian ring from an Edwardian. If you’re part of the “most of us” club, it will make things a lot easier for you if you take the guesswork out of the picture. Invest in the perfect looking bridal set that’ll give you the right magic for your special days.

Be yourself

The key detail in picking the perfect bridal set is they should be a reflection of who you are. If you're not someone who wears big, flashy diamonds, no worries, stick to one that’s smaller and reserved. If you're happy in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel confident—and that’s the best accessory of all. Happy ring hunting :)
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Teaching Kids To Be A Leader

Friday, September 14, 2018

Last July, our little boy was chosen to be one of the two Grade 3 representatives for their school council election. I was surprised so I asked the school admin if it's true. He said yes so true nga, hehe.

Even we're still in doubt, we supported his campaign. I made bookmarks and we bought some candies for him to give on their campaign day. 

I also designed a tarpaulin for him. Daddy have it printed, 2 for each design.

The tarpaulins were posted at his school gate and fences.

Actually, I never experience running for any position when I was studying. I was very shy back then, the exact opposite of our little who is full of confidenc. He can speak in front of people. Hindi na kailangang pilitin pa, hehe. In fact, everyone knows him.

Unfortunately, he lost in the election. But our little boy didn't loss his spirit. Like what he said before he run for the election, "Kahit naman po matalo ako mommy okay lang e. Atleast lumaban ako."

That made me even prouder. This little boy is such a sport and is growing to be a true leader. That must be the reason why he was chosen, aside from his charm.

And just recently, he was chosen again to join the team building activity organized by the school. Nagpaalam agad sya sabay sabi no parents allowed. Ha, ano daw? I told him, he is just 8 years and still our baby so he can't join alone. He refuted that by saying he's a big boy and he can take care of his self. He was really determined that when he acted like a baby I will remind him about joining the team building activity and then he will act like a big boy, haha. 

After days of thinking, we signed the waiver and let him join their school's team building.

O hindi ba, prepared na prepared sya. Halos hindi nga nakatulog sa sobrang excitement. He bought his Robby Rabbit back pack na saktong sakto for his packed snacks and lunch, and extra shirts, pants, and towels. He also bought 2-liter water and 2 bottles of iced tea.

They left the school at around 7:30 in the morning and went to Quezon City Circle with all the school teachers and staffs. 

They spent the whole day there doing team building activities.

I am happy I did allow him to join because I can't remember how many times he said "Mommy sobrang nag-enjoy po ako."

And most of all, I am happy because his school is teaching these kids to be a leader, our future leader. Who knows this little boy will be the future president of our country? Charot! Just look how cute he is na lang, haha.

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Four Ways You Can Enhance Your Mommy Experience

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Being a mom is both the best, and the hardest, job we’ll ever have. Sometimes it can overwhelm us just looking at our children, and realizing that we made these amazing little lives that come to us for guidance, love and the occasional Kool-Aid spill. The little moments in life that define what it means to be a mom are so central to our existence, that we can’t image our lives without them, and we often wonder if we’ll be able to hold it all together.

There’s always room for improvement (but don’t get us wrong: you’re nailing it already mom!), especially when it comes to our children. We want them to feel that they are loved, safe and, hardest of all, prepared for the day that they’ll leave us to make their own way in the world. To help enhance the experience of being a mom, and make the most of those precious moments, from their first words to their first car, let’s discuss four ways you can enhance the mommy experience, both for you and your little ones.

1.   Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

We tend to be the most conscious about our figure in the months following pregnancy. We’ve gotten used to carrying around the extra weight, eating a few extra calories to help the baby’s development, and have had to cut way back on exercise. But, now that the baby’s here, we don’t have the excuse to carry those few extra pounds we did before, and much as we might wish otherwise, that baby weight won’t all go away on its own.

Once you’ve had a few months to recover from birth, or even if your children or all in their teens, you should consider starting to live a healthier lifestyle. A better diet, regular exercise and some time for mental recovery are all essential to a longer, fuller life, regardless of your age or gender This is particularly true for moms: by eating better and spending at least three days a week exercising, we can improve our mental state, give ourselves more energy to keep up with and play with our children, and fit into that pre-pregnancy dress we love so much!

Maybe even more importantly, though, is the example it sets for our children. Since we’re the first impression of the world that our children will encounter, we need to set a good one ladies, and living a healthy life is the perfect way to start. As they grow older, if we’ve set the example, our children will be far more likely to make good choices about their own health, and maintain good habits for a lifetime.

2.   Start a Mom’s Blog

As a mom, there’s no substitute for the love and support we get from our families and friends when raising our kids, and definitely nothing more important for staying sane! But when it comes to parenting, the more we can learn, and the more people we can lean on, the better.

Starting your own blog to document your mommy journey is a great way to connect with others, share experiences, and learn as you go. Through blogging, you’ll connect with countless other moms who are in the same stage you’re at in your parenting life, as well as older moms and grandmas who are there to listen to your worries and offer advice that helped them make it through. Blogging also offers us a place to post our pictures and memories that won’t ever be lost if there’s a fire, a flood, or through the wear and time of time. There’s also something wonderful about sharing the pride and joy our children give us with the world!

As if that weren’t enough, starting a blog is incredibly simple! You just need to determine your theme (a.k.a. What you’ll write about), register a domain name, get a basic design set (don’t worry - there’s plenty of pre-made templates and step-by-steps to help you), and presto! You’re now officially blogging!

3.   Strengthen the Bonds of Your Marriage

Remember earlier, when we said that you were your child’s first impression of the world around them, and they’ll be watching everything you do? That goes double for your marriage.

How you and your spouse interact has the potential impact how your children’s relationships with others will be for the rest of their lives, and how they’re feeling right now in their own homes. If you and your spouse are supportive, encouraging, and nurturing to one another, that will help your children feel safe and loved in turn; conversely, if your marriage is fraught with tension, disappointment, or even open resentment, your children will sense this uneasiness, and they’ll become distressed themselves.

Though it can seem contradictory, because you may need to sacrifice some of the time and attention you devote to your children, if you want to be a better example for your children, and establish your home as a place they want to be and feel safe in, give a renewed emphasis to your marriage.

4.   Do More Activities as a Family

Yeah, cause we have so much spare time as it is, right? I hear you, but listen to me ladies: when we look back, and especially when our kids do, we won’t remember those extra hours we spent putting the finishing touches on that business proposal, or that Saturday morning we spent tidying up the living room that wasn’t so dirty in the first place. What we will remember are the moments spent together, like when our children’s eyes lighting up the first time they saw the grand canyon, or when they jumped with delight the first time they saw a hibachi chef light fire to the grill!

Children thrive on feelings of attention and affection, and they want everyone to feel the same. With their innocence comes the desire for everyone to feel happy and fulfilled in what they’re doing, and this is especially true of their own families. By doing more family activities together, you’re not only creating memories you’ll cherish the rest of your lives, you’re giving your children the love and attention they need. This doesn’t mean you have to take a luxury vacation to the Bahamas once a year; you can go for walks together, have a family game night, or even do a home improvement project as a family.

The point is, whenever you can spend time together, doing whatever you can to come closer as a family, do it!

There’s no one right way to be a mom. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own schedule and lessons they want to impart to their children. Regardless of what your life is like, or what you’d like to be for you and your family, as moms, we can all benefit from a healthier life, a wider support circle, a stronger marriage, and more time spent with our families. I’m sure there are days you feel like you can’t hold it together, but trust me, you’re not alone, and you’ve got this mom. You’re going to be fine, and so will your children, because they’ll have you to show them how. 

Now, get after it mom!

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