Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pampers Hosts One-day Playdate!

We have been Pampers user since our first born until now that we have another baby. 

Last September 25, amidst typhoon Karding, Pampers hosts one-day playdate to launch its biggest diaper upgrade and price markdown yet.

From the Press Release Kit:

When it comes to their little ones, parents, without a doubt, want to give them the best they can. They are often always on the lookout for the best brands to provide the best care for their babies.

However, with the current economic climate, prices of daily necessities have surged. It has become even more challenging for most parents to buy these essentials, including diapers that can give their babies the best care possible.

With this in mind, Pampers initiated an online conversation with moms to hear their honest thoughts about the brand through the #RealTalk series. Parents expressed rave reviews about the high quality of the diapers, and called for promos and discounts, so they could continue giving the best care to their babies. Even non-Pampers users chimed in, saying they've always wanted to try the brand but have had to settle for cheaper alternatives.

Pampers shared the honest opinions of mommies regarding the brand on their social media platforms

Listening intently to their consumers and as part of their real response to moms’ real feedback, Pampers held the #PampersUpandDown Playdate event last September 25, 2022, at UP Town Center, Quezon City. They announced their biggest diaper upgrade to date and biggest markdown yet for its variant Pampers Pants with Lotion with Aloe, with a whole-day diaper trade-up plus fun and engaging activities for moms, kids, and families.

“Giving the best care for babies and their parents is at the core of all our brand innovations and initiatives. Our upgraded Pampers Pants with Rash Shield powered by lotion with aloe, and now with its biggest markdown yet is our way to ensure we answer to their biggest need today which is to get the best value for their money," Pampers Communications Leader, Charm Banzuelo shared as the event officially opened the Pampers diaper Trade-up.

Pampers Trade-up to Celebrate Biggest Diaper Upgrade

Pampers Power Parents were all smiles as they participated in the diaper Trade-Up, allowing them to exchange their unused non-Pampers diaper packs with Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe diaper variant. This Pampers technology protects babies from rashes or allergies, making them feel comfortable all day. With its wetness prevention and intensive liquid absorption, moms and dads can only switch to Pampers!

Advocating this switch was strengthened by the rose petal live demo facilitated by netizen's favorite Physician, Advocate and Digital Influencer, Doc Gia Sison. By using rose petals representing the baby's delicate skin, the demo compared the Pampers with lotion and aloe and Brand X. The event’s guests were absolutely stunned to see how Pampers kept the petals intact after rubbing them against both diapers versus Brand X.

“Pampers core technology helps to absorb and lock away urine quickly, together with pampers lotion with aloe layer, it helps the baby to stay dry, fresh, protected all-around from irritation due to wetness.”, Doc Gia further explained. 

Meeting New Pampers Power Parents & The Biggest Price Markdown

One of the highlights of the Playdate was the official welcoming of the newest Pampers Power Parent, the woman of the hour, Viy Cortez.

Known for their funny and quirky vlogs & with over 10 million subscribers, Team Payaman is one of the most popular Filipino content creators today, which includes Viy. Viy serves as an inspiration to a lot of parents as she manages to be a content creator, successful entrepreneur and a new mother to Baby Kidlat all at the same time. With these experiences, she learned how to find the best and the most ‘sulit’ means for her family and is confident enough that she made the right decision to choose and trust Pampers for her newborn.

“Ang gaan ng buhay ko with Pampers. Choosy talaga ako pagdating sa mga gamit ni Baby Kidlat, lalo na sensitive pa yung skin niya. With Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion With Aloe, nakita ko na very absorbent niya and kayang-kaya niya iabsorb yung wiwi ni Kidlat kaya hindi kami madalas mag-palit ng diaper. And pinaka-importante sa lahat, never kami naka-experience ng rashes! So with my experience, sulit talaga ang Pampers!" Viy shares. 

This announcement has indeed become extra special, as Power Parents like Viy can now save up to 76 pesos with Pampers for selected variants - Pampers’ biggest price markdown to date!
 Happy Dance to #PampersUpAndDown

Towards the end of the program, hundreds of parents danced their hearts out to celebrate the launch of upgraded Pampers and its biggest price drop! The JuXi family led the tutorial of Pampers’ newest dance challenge and shared how they were overwhelmed with joy: “Sulit na nga ang Pampers talaga para sa amin kasi less palit ng diapers at wala kaming problema sa quality, pero ngayong ginawang mas abot-kaya pa ang presyo, malaking bagay talaga ‘yung additional savings para sa family.”

Do the happy dance today and join the #PampersUpAndDown dance challenge on TikTok. Exciting prizes await the lucky dancing power parents!

Join na Mommas!

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Back-to-School Sepanx is Real and Here’s How to Overcome It

Back to school na din ba mga chikiting mo? Yung dating magulo, maingay na bahay, ngayon tahimik na. Nakaka "sepanx" no? It's not just us, maybe ganyan din nararamdaman ng mga kids natin.

With that here's Safeguard sharing with us the best protections that starts at home.

From the Press Release Kit:

Stemming from the two words, ‘separation’ and ‘anxiety,’ sepanx is the unsettling feeling of being in a new, unfamiliar situation or place. 

After two years of building protective family habits at home, back-to-school season is bringing unique separation anxiety for moms. Suddenly, they must deal with their kids being away from their sight and supervision. This anxiety is only further intensified by their worry if they have prepared the best safety essentials for their kids. 

To help moms cope, we rounded up the best tips from fellow moms on how they can overcome the back-to-school sepanx:

Best Protection Starts at Home

Like most moms, Fae Ancheta's initial reaction to the resumption of face-to-face classes was to turn into a big ball of nerves. Upon sending off her kid to school for the very first time, Faye was instantly struck by distressing thoughts. 

“I hope that my kid will not catch a cold or a flu,” she immediately thought.

But knowing how excited her kid was to see her friends at school, Fae decided to instead focus on strengthening her kid’s protection outside of home by instilling in her the best hygiene practices, such as proper hand washing and taking a bath with a germ protection soap.

“Here at home, we practice taking a bath using Safeguard before and after leaving our home.”

Prevent Stinky Situation

Even among experienced mothers, back-to-school sepanx is real. This is the case for Christy Cabalquinto who shared that, “Shifting to face-to-face classes is a bit challenging for me as a parent because of the adjustments that we need to make.”

One of her main concerns was having to welcome back a sweaty, sticky, and stinky kid after a long day at school. So, she decided to start a new hygiene habit, the #5PMBacteryASIMCheck.

Do the #5PMBacteryASIMCheck

Every 5PM, Christy checks if her kid still smells fresh after a long day of school. Assured by the best germ protection soap, the sniff test instantly results into unlimited and rewarding gigil hugs between Christy and her kid. 

MAX Gigil Hugs with Safeguard MAX Pinabango

With over 54 years of service, Safeguard, the Philippines’s No. 1 germ protection soap continues to earn the trust of Filipino families. Its new and improved formula is guaranteed to deliver the best fragrance that lasts all day.

Like Fae and Christy, you, too, can overcome back-to-school sepanx and keep your worries at bay with Safeguard Max Pinabango. From 5PM onwards, enjoy the rewarding feeling of welcoming your fresh-smelling kids back home from school and gathering the entire family for maximum gigil hugs and moments.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Common Features of Bathroom Rentals for Concerts

While most seasoned festival-goers bring sunscreen, refillable water bottles, and hand sanitizer, they don't always get the proper sanitation equipment. As a result, many musical festivals struggle to maintain clean, functional bathrooms. To set your celebration apart from the rest, consider working with Event Factory Rentals to ensure that your porta potty rentals are well-maintained. Whether you're planning a day-long or more minor festival, we have the solutions you need.

Luxury Porta Potty Rentals
Concertgoers who prefer the luxury of a porta potty can choose from various models. Unlike standard porta potties, luxury portable restrooms are larger and cleaner and can easily accommodate a bride in a large princess gown. These toilets also have added features like heating and air conditioning to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for guests. In addition, they are equipped with increased ventilation to eliminate unpleasant odors.

In addition to the clean look, luxury porta potty rentals offer other luxuries like paper towel dispensers and mirrors. Luxury toilets are elegant and well-appointed and can be decorated to match your event's theme. In addition, these units are equipped with running water, trash receptacles, and recessed lighting. Luxury porta potties for concerts are ideal for outdoor events and concertgoers who want to avoid waiting in long lines for restroom facilities.

Handwashing Stations
Portable restrooms with handwashing stations are a necessity for outdoor events. Most people use handwashing to sanitize their hands after using the restroom, and a handwashing station elevates the guest experience. Handwashing stations by Waste Away Systems come equipped with toilet tissue and foaming hand sanitizer. These amenities make handwashing as easy as possible and keep concertgoers safe from diseases and the common cold.

When choosing portable restrooms, look for the following: a handwashing station for every four potties. This option is more expensive, but it provides ultimate luxury and comfort. Additionally, an ADA-compliant restroom is a must if the event is open to the public. Also, more significant events should consider renting one ADA-compliant bathroom for every 20 standard potties. Finally, because alcohol consumption increases the number of restroom trips, it is important to factor this into your rental agreement.

LED Lighting
If you're planning a concert or private event, you'll want to have quality restroom rentals. Shows are top-rated for private events and fundraisers, and concert restroom rentals are an excellent choice. Luxury restroom trailers have LED lighting and vinyl flooring. They're also stocked with toilet paper and trash receptacles, so your guests can easily access the facilities when they need them. But, of course, a concert is not the only place you'll want luxury restroom rentals. Shows are popular for fundraisers, too, so don't forget about the VIP section.

Vinyl Flooring
Bathroom rental bathrooms usually have vinyl flooring. It is the most cost-effective option for renting a bathroom for a concert and won't fade in sunlight, unlike hardwood floors. In addition, many rentals come with an old toilet that is no longer in use and needs to be replaced. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for bathroom rentals for concerts because it won't stain, unlike wooden floors.

When choosing a bathroom rental for a concert, check to ensure that it's made of high-quality vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can last for 15 to 20 years if it's properly cared for. Many concertgoers also prefer this option because of the long-lasting, durable nature of the material. However, you'll want to make sure to choose a bathroom rental with a warranty to protect yourself and your guests.
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Monday, August 22, 2022

Common Landscaping and Hardscaping Designs

Several common landscaping and hardscaping design elements can be applied to any yard. These include plant layout, lines, color, and sizing. This article will go over some of these elements. Following these tips, you can create unique landscaping and hardscaping designs or you can go to hardscaping Egg Harbor Township NJ. In the end, your yard will look better than ever! And you'll have no trouble maintaining its curb appeal and maximizing its value!

Plant Layout

Hardscaping and landscaping are two related disciplines. Both involve laying down visually appealing materials that complement your home's exterior. Consider color, drainage patterns, and hardscape gardening features for the best results. Paths and walkways are common features that are designed using hardscape gardening features. In addition, bricks, woodchips, flagstones, and concrete are popular hardscape materials. 

In landscape design, interconnection refers to a physical link between different features. This linkage should be seamless, which is the goal. Plants and flowers should be chosen with this goal in mind. Generally, planting beds and other features should be sized relative to one another and to the surrounding lawn space. In addition, individual plants should occupy space proportionate to the overall planting. To make this possible, you can also add a central fountain that serves as the centerpiece and is sized appropriately for the surrounding space.


One of the essential design elements is lines. They define plant beds, hardscape areas, and even vertical forms of built features. Lines define the structure and create a cohesive feel in a landscape design. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, thick, thin, diagonal, or wavy. When used correctly, lines can create unity in a landscape design and help to define different areas.

Landscape designers use lines to create patterns and establish dominance in a design. Lines also illusions of depth and movement, essential features of an appealing landscape. Lines can create a relaxing, harmonious, and attractive design when used well.


Using color in landscaping and hardscaping adds a sense of variety and interest. Unlike the other landscape elements, color is not permanent and only lasts a few weeks for individual plants. In addition, color schemes are often guided by color theory, in which three primary and six secondary colors are combined. In addition to the primary colors, there are also six tertiary colors, which are mixtures of adjacent primary and secondary colors.

The intensity of a color is also called its value. Brighter colors will amplify the vibrancy of plants, while softer ones will be subtler and more subdued. If you're using bold colors, consider the effect of other elements, such as structures or decor, on your design. Try to avoid clashing too many colors with each other, as a result, will be lost if the hues are too similar.

Creating Interest

The exterior of your house is a critical feature in attracting buyers. A place that looks poorly landscaped is unlikely to be purchased by a prospective buyer. The right combination of landscaping and hardscaping can increase the value of your home. Creating a living fence with varying sizes and textures can add personal space. Planting trees, flowers, and decorative shrubs can increase the value of your home. Hardscaping and landscaping can complement each other, adding additional value to your home.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pampers Shares Touching Story of Single Moms

I was a first time mom 10 years ago and I was a second time mom 2 years ago. In short, I am a mom of two now. Being a mom is not easy. Raising kids is not easy. Raising your kids alone is not easy. So I salute all single moms out there who bravely face the challenges of parenting their kids alone. 

Recently, Pampers Philippines launched a campaign called #MoreThanGold, which aims to support the World Vision Philippines’s Go Baby Go program. This program gives holistic early childhood development assistance to single-mom children belonging to World Vision’s communities. 

Let me share how ‘Teary-eyed, proud,’ Moms thank Pampers for sharing touching story of single moms in latest campaign

From the Press Release Kit:

Parenthood is hard work – but even more so when you’re a single mom. In the Philippines, about 14 million are single moms (95% of estimated 14 to 15 million solo parents) according to a World Health Organization-funded study by the Department of Health and the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health. Many of whom must juggle multiple jobs, household chores, their own education, and childcare all at the same time. Some single moms from urban poor and marginalised communities also experienced an increase in unpaid care work during the pandemic, spending over five hours more a day, according to an Oxfam International survey.

It is precisely this inexhaustible strength and incredible love for their child in the face of the unique challenges of single motherhood which inspired the latest program of Pampers Philippines called #MoreThanGold. It aims to support World Vision Philippines’s Go Baby Go program which gives holistic early childhood development assistance for single-mom children belonging in World Vision’s communities.

The campaign was launched with a heartwarming 60-seconder film that reflects and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of young, single mothers. We see the single mom in the film working many jobs to be able to provide for her child, finishing her studies, and taking care of and raising her firstborn. And through the eyes of her baby, as told by the tug-at-the-heartstrings voiceover, we see that it is through her strength and her determination in facing her unique motherhood journey that makes her a real treasure. Indeed, we realize that she can be anything she set herself to be – and that she is more precious than gold.

“Pampers’s purpose is to champion and care for all families and their babies’ happy and healthy development. As we continue with this commitment, we also recognize the reality that no parenthood journey is the same and that there are single moms who have been doing things beyond the extraordinary,” says Charm Banzuelo, Senior Communications Manager for Pampers Philippines. “As a brand, we want to do more and be a force for good by using our platform to share their story and extend assistance through our partnership with World Vision.”

World Vision’s Go Baby Go! (GBG) Parenting Program model aims to strengthen caregiver confidence and competence, and to provide nurturing care to babies during their first 1,000 days—from the moment of conception inside the womb until the baby turns three, so that they can reach their full potential.

World Vision’s Resource Development Director, Jun Godornes, expresses his gratitude to Pampers: "We're truly delighted to be part of P&G Pampers’s More than Gold campaign. The campaign highlights the joys and challenges of parenthood that resonate with all Filipino parents. Pampers has become a household name that is now synonymous to the word ‘diaper.’ We laud Pampers for dedicating this campaign to single moms to support them in raising their children as best as they can. At World Vision, we believe that given the right tools and opportunities, girls can overcome adversity and become changemakers and leaders of our nation. Congratulations to Pampers for inspiring more Filipinos through this heartwarming campaign!”

Unsurprisingly, the short film quickly rose to the top of online Twitter trending charts last Sunday, giving netizens all the feels. The film also prompted moms, including online mom personalities like Vien Iligan and beauty queen Jehza Simon to share experiences of their single motherhood, and tagging fellow young single moms in their re-shares of the film.

Witness a single mom’s golden moments and watch the #MoreThanGold video here: LINK 
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