Saturday, June 22, 2019

My 38th Birthday

Years have gone so fast. I am now 38, a wife and a mother.

I started my day with a yummy breakfast with my family of course.

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Unlike my 37th birthday, I was able to spend my birthday with my little boy. My in-laws where here to celebrate with me. I wish next year naman my siblings will also be here to celebrate with me.

Since they don't want going to the mall or restaurant, we had our lunch celebration at home. We had grilled pork chop.

pork chop, inihaw

Chicken gising-gising.

chicken, gising-gising

One thing I like about celebrating at home is you can eat good food without spending much. SO for merienda/snack we had vegetable bowl and pancit malabon.

Pancit malabon is my favorite next to spaghetti.

pinoy food, pancit

Daddy A make this yummy Mango Cheesecake.

mango, cheesecake, dessert

My life is not perfect but I still thankful that I almost have everything I need. There are so much to be thankful for.

I have a family.

Before I make drama, I also have another celebration at work.

Our little boy is with us that's why I am thankful for our company for letting us bring this boy to work. Wala na kasi kami helper but that's another story to tell.

Goldilocks cake

Thankful for these people who make my work easier.

To this man, even though we are going through tough times now. Thank you for not giving up. Let's just look at this as a test to make us stronger. It makes our relationship more challenging. I love you and will support you all throughout. I just hope you will understand me more because what we went through is not easy.

And to my self. Learn to love your self more. You have been through so much yet you are still standing. Be kind to yourself. You are doing great remember that. Don't let worries kill your faith. You are blessed and God loves you.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Fun on a Budget: Splurge vs. Save

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For those in the northern hemisphere, summer has arrived — and with it comes days of brilliant sunshine and bountiful fresh air. Are you protecting your skin? How about your budget?

We all know how easy it can be to overspend on summer fun. You’ve been sheltered inside for months, and now that all signs of snow have finally vanished, you’re ready for fun. Summer temptations are calling your name: beach vacations, trips to the pool, weekend getaways, outdoor concerts, new dining adventures.

This time of year brings nearly-endless ways to spend money—and yet, your funds aren’t endless. The good news is that financial stress doesn’t need to be a part of your solstice this year.

With just a little thought and some well-laid plans, it’s easier than ever to save money on all your essential summer experiences​.

SPLURGE: Invest in Good Sunscreen

A sunburn can quickly ruin even the best days. Make sure you shield your kids—and yourself— from sun damage with an​ ​effective sunscreen​ option. This is one area where cheaper isn’t always best. 

Whether you’re looking for an option that plays double-duty as a moisturizer and sun guard or a more natural sunscreen that doesn’t contain chemicals, there are a few constants to keep in mind.

1.​ Always look for the words “broad spectrum:” this means that your sunscreen will keep out the largest spectrum of harmful UVB and UVA rays.

2.​ Always, always stick to at least SPF 30, and don’t be afraid to take it up higher. The​ ​FDA is in talks​ to raise the label limit to SPF 60 (right now it’s at 50), but SPF 60 filters out twice as many rays as its half-aged cousin. Know your skin, and be prepared whenever you step outside.

SAVE: Summer Fun & Eating Out

Chances are good that your local community likes to live it up in the summertime as much as you and your family. In fact, many cities host regular free events like street festivals and outdoor live music to get you outside and socializing.
Even if every event isn’t free, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to​ ​score great deals​ on your favorite local activities this summer. Check nearby water parks and pools for promotional deals or discounted admission prices before you go, especially if you’re bringing the whole family. Or, if eating out is more your style, you can look for dining coupons or new summer happy hours at your favorite places. Everyone’s schedule is a little different in the summer, and some restaurants offer special deals to bring in more customers during less-busy hours.

SPLURGE ​AND ​ SAVE Vacation on the Brain 

When it comes to summer vacations, turns out you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

Going somewhere exotic? Flights, hotels and rental cars can get expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t​ ​save a few dollars​ on your travel. Many airlines run summer specials, and if you avoid flying on Friday (the most expensive day of the week for flights), you can keep costs a little lower.

Check your hotel, too. Some hotels offer a free night if you book 3 or more nights. For an even more affordable trip, try sites like​ ​Airbnb​ or​ ​VRBO​. Summer trips can be some of the most memorable experiences, but your bank account doesn’t have to suffer.

And if traveling isn’t in the cards for you this year, try a staycation! Sometimes, it can be just as fun to stay home, take a few days off, and try some new things in your local area. After all: summer fun happens wherever you make it happen.
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Pests Free this Summer

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Rainy days has started in this part of the world where I live. But in the Northern hemisphere, it's summer. So if you are wondering why days are longer, it's because of the summer solstice.

Speaking of summer, did you know that the population of insects and other pests is greater in the warmer, muggier weather? Cockroaches, rodents and spiders become increasingly active especially indoors during summer, but these 5 easy ways to keep these creepy crawlies out of your home.

1. Get rid of damp

Damp areas are breeding ground for pests like cockroaches. Open the windows regularly to keep your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom, ventilated. This will prevent any bug breeding grounds.

2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

bed bugs
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Bedbugs love to travel and are good hitchhikers. You can transport them into your home on clothing and luggage. They are are hard and difficult to displace once they are inside your home. Vacuuming is not 100% effective, but will help capture bed bugs. Keep areas under and around beds clean. Vacuum regularly the skirting boards and sleeping areas with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

3. Avoid stamping on them

You maybe tempted to stomp on cockroaches but hey, don't because this will spread their eggs and there are between 16-30 nymphs inside every egg case. Instead,  use an insecticide spray.

4. Obstruct cracks and holes

Cockroaches love to hide in dark, damp gaps during the day and wander into your home at night. Seal up the gaps around doors, windows and where utility lines enter your home to prevent these unwelcome guests from entering your home. Similarly, block up gaps beneath and on top of the sink because this will be used as access to water source by many pests.

5. Trim your trees and shrubs

trimming trees
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If there are tree branches and shrubs touching your house, this will be a bridge for many pests to enter your home. Trim the trees and shrubs touching your house's perimeter.

6. Drive away spiders with strong smells 

Spiders are mostly harmless but they look terrifying right? Good thing, strong scents can drive away spiders. There are many natural spider repellents like turmeric, citrus peels, and peppermints. Just apply turmeric paste to cotton balls and put them in areas prone to spiders. In same places, you can rub down the citrus peels.

7. Keep your kitchen clean

wiping kitchen counters
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Ants, cockroaches, moths, rodents and slugs are being attracted by food debris. That's why clearing any potential food sources is important for keeping your home pests free. Wipe down kitchen counters, store food in tight containers, wash dirty dishes immediately and empty garbage cans regularly.

8. Get a cat or a dog

If you hate pests, get a pet, a cat or a dog, because any animal presence can prevent mice and other mammalian home invaders.

9. Beware of pests on your pets

dog, flea treatment
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If get a cat or a dog, watch out from the pests from these pets. The most common house flea are cat fleas, but dogs and birds also pick up these biting bugs. Make sure to regularly treat your pet with a flea treatment because flea bites on humans are horribly itchy and can lead to eczema. Also vacuum the areas used by pets with a strong suction vacuum cleaner. Shake out and wash your bed bedding regularly.

10. Be on the lookout early

Prevention is better than cure and with that, it's best to call an expert for some tips to help reduce or completely prevent the most common pests infestation in your home. Check out this Guide to Prepping for Summer Pests for more information.

Those are the easy ways to keep your home pests free this summer. Hope the above tips will help you have a pests free home this summer.
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Momaye Baon Diary: Week 36

Hello Mommies! Sharing another week of Momaye Baon Diary.

Here are simple baon ideas to school and to your work.

Day 172

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Sinigang na bangus

Day 173
#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, Bubee Lunch Jars, budget ideas, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,
Pan grilled spam bacon and sunny side up egg

Day 174
#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, Bubee Lunch Jars, budget ideas, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,
Chicken sopas

Day 175
#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, Bubee Lunch Jars, budget ideas, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,
Pancit canton

Day 176
#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, Bubee Lunch Jars, budget ideas, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,
Pork giniling

That's it. Please stay tune for another week of Momaye Baon Diary. Also, please follow up on Instagram: @momayebaondiary

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Monday, June 10, 2019

The Health Benefits of a Keto Strawberry Shake

Strawberries are sweet, delicious, and filling fruits added to a keto diet, but should be in moderation. A half-cup serving of sliced strawberries contains approximately 4.1 grams of sugar and 4.7 grams of net carbs.

You can eat the strawberries in raw or blend a handful into a small low-carb smoothie or shake. In a study published in the February 2010 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food, strawberries have a host of benefits including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

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How Does A Keto Strawberry Shake Hold Up?

However, consuming too many strawberries could get you out of ketosis. On average, you should not have more than eight medium-sized strawberries per serving. In every 100 grams of strawberries, you will be taking in 6 grams of carbs.

You will find a variety of keto strawberry shake recipes on the internet, but you should only use the one that fits within your calorie requirements. With that said, we looked at a variety of recipes and found one that will best meet your macronutrient needs.

Healthy Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie

This super healthy and low carb strawberry shake is perfect for a quick and low carb breakfast.

Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie

  • Half cup of fat Greek yogurt (it can be store bought or homemade)
  • Five ripe strawberries frozen or fresh
  • One tablespoon of your preferred sweetener
  • ¼ cup almond milk (optional)
  • ¼ ice for a thicker yogurt (optional)
  • A drop of pink food color (optional)
  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender starting with the liquids, the ice, and then the strawberries
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. For a thick shake, skip on the almond milk.

You can add the crushed ice, as needed especially on a hot day. This is a single serving and has a total of 149 grams of calories. The addition of the Greek yogurt makes this one of the top keto strawberries shakes.

Better yet, this recipe is easily adaptable to suit the macronutrients needs of a keto diet. The variations to this recipe include:

If you want more proteins, you can add plain protein powder
You can add a sweetener if the strawberries are more tang than sweet

Health Benefits of a Strawberry Shake

keto diet, low carb diet, keto strawberry shake, shake, health, fitness,
Copyright: Unsplash | License: COO Public Domain

It is no secret that strawberries are not only good for your taste buds but also pack many healthy benefits for the body. A keto strawberry shake has the following benefits:

Immune Booster

A cup of strawberries a day is enough to give you the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. This is a brilliant antioxidant, and it also acts as an immune booster. More so, several studies show that vitamin C from strawberries plays a significant role in strengthening the eye’s retina and cornea.

Fights Cholesterol and Cancer

The flavonoids and ellagic acid in the strawberries protect the heart from bad cholesterol, but only if you consume the keto strawberry shake religiously. 
Ellagic acid also fights and controls the growth of cancerous cells. More so, the strawberries also contain zeathancins and lutein antioxidants that fight free radicals to reduce their negative effects in your system. 


The phytochemical and antioxidants in strawberries help in reducing inflammation in joints. This makes it a perfect snack or drink for people prone to arthritis.

Regulating Blood Pressure

The strawberries contain potassium that helps in managing high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. The potassium balances out the effects of sodium in the system. This is why strawberries are said to good for your heart. 

Healthy Source of Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that live in your intestines, such as yeast and bacteria. Greek yogurt is a good source of probiotics, which control the buildup of bad bacteria.

Almond Milk

For vegans on a keto diet, almond milk is a healthy alternative to regular milk. It too has several benefits for persons on the keto diet, including:
It is dairy free
Unsweetened almond milk does not raise your blood sugar
Enriched almond milk is high in vitamin D
It is low in calories
It is nutritious
On top of this, some studies show that almond milk can reduce the risk of heart disease. 


A strawberry shake is a good addition to a keto diet. However, the health benefits of a strawberry shake will vary depending on the ingredients used. With that said, you will also enjoy the benefits of the main ingredients, the strawberries, and the Greek yogurt.
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