Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tips for Managing Postpartum Depression

There’s no shortage of information and advice for those experiencing motherhood for the first time. From breastfeeding to understanding how a baby behaves, new mothers are practically smothered with knowledge of how to successfully embark upon the beautiful adventure of helping a newborn get acquainted with life.

With that said, there remains a factor of motherhood which is too often considered a taboo and not adequately addressed: postpartum depression. You’re a mother caring for a baby and you’re inexplicably sad and upset? The breadth of information accumulated over thousands of years of parenting appears incapable of providing effective assistance. If this is the case, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re alone. While postpartum depression may come off as abnormal and something to feel bad about, the truth is it’s a condition that affects upwards of 50% of mothers with a newborn. You aren’t alone, and you’ll never be alone.

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While postpartum depression is undoubtedly not as bad as it might sound, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for new mothers to confront the condition head-on. The following is a basic guide to overcoming postpartum depression:

Seek help

This is a pretty simple tip to follow. If you think you’re experiencing postpartum depression, seek help. The therapy and treatment which is most effective will vary from one woman to another. You might get substantial benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy; research CBT therapy to see if it might be the right fit for your situation. Or, you might respond better to alternative approaches to addressing the struggles of postpartum depression. The key is to accept the need for help and take steps to get help.


It comes off as a catch-all solution to many of life’s problems, but the truth is exercise can do wonders for treating anxiety, depression, and stress. Go for a three-mile walk. Jog, run, or ride a bicycle. Lift some weights or swim some laps in a public pool. If sports are more your thing, play tennis or racquetball. Ultimately, the way you exercise after giving birth is irrelevant as long as you do it. While the ways in which exercise help those dealing with postpartum depression may not be apparent at first, you’ll more than likely come to realize the benefits of fitness. Just give it time.

Eat well

Being told to adhere to a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is a piece of advice you’ve heard so many times it loses meaning, but doing so can be incredibly effective in helping alleviate the symptoms of postpartum depression. While a change in diet will not outright cure the condition, it will result in feeling better in general. Ensuring your body gets the right ratio of nutrients via foods is a building block for health and wellness. Doing so will, at the very least, lead to being healthier. The result is being a person in a better position to manage the symptoms and outcomes of PPD.

Resist isolation

One of the hallmarks of postpartum depression is a mother’s desire to avoid others. If you’re dealing with PPD, you probably want to be left alone as much as possible. While it’s undoubtedly alluring to avoid other people, taking steps to resist isolation is key to overcoming postpartum depression. It’s easier said than done but urging yourself to be more sociable than you want will give you the chance to embrace aspects of life you may otherwise neglect. Simply put: avoid isolation and take the step to socialize. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Postpartum depression can often seem like an alienating condition. The truth is you are among millions of mothers who have experienced PPD. Never fear. You will overcome.

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ExpoMarketing Winning At Trade Shows

When it comes to trade show exhibitions, the key is to attract a huge audience and as a result, sell the business and its products. While trade shows can be the best way to promote a business, the success of it will depend on how you conduct the exhibition. This because trade shows are very competitive and will require something unique to stand out among the rest. ExpoMarketing is a designing house that helps you avoid all the hustle of trade shows and provide you with the best solution for your company.

In the article below, we provide a deep dive into how ExpoMarketing has been able to stand out among many similar industries. We also share its commitment to customer satisfaction and its unique approach.

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ExpoMarketing Services and Strategies

Exhibit Design

Exhibit designs can be aimed at connecting with more customers, introducing a new brand to the market, or strengthening ties with existing customers. At ExpoMarketing, they consider all these factors while putting your ideas into consideration. They then come up with something that will ultimately help you achieve your set objectives.

Graphic Design

The kind of graphics an exhibition portrays tells a lot about the business. Poor graphics mean less experience, and most potential customers often have a hard time trusting your business. At ExpoMarketing, the graphics designers are committed to ensuring that your business can stand out, thus, attracting more customers your way.

Project Management

Setting up an exhibition is not as easy of a task as it seems. You need staff working at your booth, licensing, among others. The coordination of all this can be exhausting and can interfere with your goal accomplishment. ExpoMarketing brings you a team of dedicated project managers to help you manage all these projects while focusing on goal achievement.

Custom Booth Construction

It is among the best services that are offered by ExpoMarketing. To save you all the costs associated with transportation, storage, and labor, the company builds you just what you need. The customs are very cost-effective and of the best quality.

Free gifts

Gifting your audience or customers at a trade show is not a customary thing but rather a marketing strategy for your company.

ExpoMarketing Unique Business Process

Customer relation

The teams first learn more about your business and brand. With your requirements considered, the group of experts help you make correct decisions that help you achieve your goals.


Once the team has determined what your company needs, the experts come up with a drawing, depicting all the designs and customization. A proposal is also submitted, indicating all the prices that you will incur throughout the whole process.


Once you are satisfied with the proposal, the team gets to work and ensure that they fulfill what is expected of them before the agreed deadline.

ExpoMarketing is unique because its main focus is the customer. Clients are the reason why a business grows, and this award-winning house understands this; thus, it is committed to ensuring it meets all the needs of the customers.

ExpoMarketing is an innovative design house that is committed to ensuring that customers get what is needed to meet their goals.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Why Send Business Holiday Cards?

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Most business people are familiar with the idea of sending out holiday photo cards to friends and family. But the idea of sending business holiday cards does not seem to cross their minds. All in all, most businesses that have adopted the tradition of sending business holiday cards at Christmas can attest to the benefits that it can bring. In any case, with online platforms such as Mixbook, the cost of creating holiday cards is meager. If you have not thought about sending business holiday cards to people you work with, below are some of the reasons why you should do it this coming holiday season.

A Great Way to Say Thank You to Customers

Christmas provides us with an opportunity to thank those that have touched our lives I some way. If you are a business person, you can grab the opportunity to thank customers that have bought something from your business throughout the year. There is no better way of conveying your gratitude to your customers than through a business holiday card. Your esteemed customers will know that you value them, and this will go a long way in cementing their loyalty.

Strengthen Relations with Associates and Suppliers

There is no business that exists in isolation. All businesses rely on other businesses to achieve certain goals efficiently. The quality of the relationships that you have with suppliers and associates will have a significant impact on the overall success of your business. Sending business holiday cards to them gives you an opportunity to let them know that you value them, and this will go a long way in strengthening the relationships that you have built with them over the years.

Attracts Prospects

Business Holiday cards can also serve as a marketing tool. In other words, you can put your company's name out there and remind your prospects about your business. By sending the prospects a personalized message, they will see that you can go the extra mile to give them personal attention. As a result, they will want to know more about your business, and they may eventually become your customers.

Express Gratitude to Employees

Most people often underestimate the value that employees bring to their businesses. They forget that although employees may be happy with the monetary compensation, going a step further to thank them personally can boost their morale. If you are a business person, Christmas is an excellent moment for your express your gratitude's to your employees. Through business holiday cards, you can send them personalized thank you messages in addition to wishing them happy holidays.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is clear that there is a lot that businesses can achieve by sending out business holiday cards to their suppliers, associates, employees, customers, and even prospective customers. Through business holiday cards, you can let them know how much they mean to your business and give them a reason to continue committing themselves to your business. If you are looking for a reliable platform on which you can create holiday photo cards for your business, then Mixbook is an excellent pick. Go to their website today and start designing fantastic business holiday cards.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

I Won’t Always Cry Mummy

While browsing the Facebook memories, I saw a post of mine 5 years ago when I shared a poem entitled "I Won’t Always Cry Mummy".

It is a very touching poem, especially for moms, about how time flies and why we need to cherish every moment we can spend with our little kids. Because one day they will not be so little anymore. We can no longer carry them. We can no longer find them inside our home. No scattered toys, no messy floor, no noisy kids.

So as much as we can, spend quality time with them. Play with them, get messy and noisy. For soon, one day, they will have their own friends, their own life and their own world.

I am praying that my son will never outgrow his love for me.

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I won’t always cry, Mummy,
When you leave the room,
And my supermarket tantrums,
Will end too soon.

I won’t always wake Daddy
For cuddles through the night
And one day you will miss
Having a chocolate face to wipe.

You won’t always wake to find my foot
Is kicking you out of bed
Or find me sideways on your pillow
Where you want to lay your head

You won’t always have to carry me
In asleep from the car,
Or piggy back me down the road,
When my little legs can’t walk that far.

So cherish every cuddle,
remember them all
One day Mummy
I won’t be this small

~ Stephanie Turner

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar Series 2019: Week 5

Sharing another wee of Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar Series 2019.

Here's the the Week 5 of Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar Series 2019.  Lunch baon for 3 for less than 100 pesos.

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July 08, 2019
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Lunch: pork estofado and buttered corn and carrots, and rice
1/4 pork adobo cut - 50 pesos
half cup corn kernel - 15 pesos
1 small carrot - 5 pesos
onion, soy sauce, sugar, butter, oil, pepper, salt - available na sa kitchen
Total = 70 pesos

July 09, 2019
#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, BuBee Lunch Jar, budget ideas, Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,

Lunch: pan-grilled chicken and sauteed carrots and cabbage, and rice
3 pieces chicken thigh - 70 pesos
1/4 cababge - 10 pesos
1 small carrot - 5 pesos
onion, oil, pepper, salt - available na sa kitchen
Total = 85 pesos

July 10, 2019

#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, BuBee Lunch Jar, budget ideas, Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,

Lunch: Pork menudo and rice
1/4 pork menudo cut - 50 pesos
1 carrot - 5 pesos
4 pcs small potatoes - 10 pesos
1 small bell pepper - 3 pesos
1 small tomato sauce - 12 pesos
2 pieces hotdog
oil, pepper, salt - available na sa kitchen
Total = 80 pesos

Full recipe: Pork Menudo Recipe

July 11, 2019

#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, BuBee Lunch Jar, budget ideas, Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,

Lunch: Homemade pork siomai and egg wrap rice
1/4 pork giniling - 50 pesos
1 carrot - 5 pesos
1/2 pack wanton wrappers - 15 pesos
1 large egg - 7
oil, pepper, salt - available na sa kitchen
Total = 77 pesos

July 12, 2019

#BentoBaonSerye, 2019, bento, bento baon, bento baon serye, bento lover, bento mom, BuBee Lunch Jar, budget ideas, Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar, Momaye Baon Diary, school baon, weekly bento baon,

Lunch: Adobong puso ng saging and rice
1/8 pork giniling - 25 pesos
1 small puso ng saging - 20 pesos
1 small sotanghon - 10 pesos
soy sauce, vinegar, oil, pepper, salt - available na sa kitchen
Total = 65 pesos

That's for Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar Series 2019: Week 5. Please stay tune for the Week 6 of Lunch in a BuBee Lunch Jar Series 2019.

P.S.: I have created a Facebook Group page for MoMaye's Baon Diary. You can join and share your bento baon creations too. I would definitely love to see yours too.

Please follow Momaye's Baon Diary on Facebook and Instagram.

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