Saturday, August 27, 2022

Common Features of Bathroom Rentals for Concerts

While most seasoned festival-goers bring sunscreen, refillable water bottles, and hand sanitizer, they don't always get the proper sanitation equipment. As a result, many musical festivals struggle to maintain clean, functional bathrooms. To set your celebration apart from the rest, consider working with Event Factory Rentals to ensure that your porta potty rentals are well-maintained. Whether you're planning a day-long or more minor festival, we have the solutions you need.

Luxury Porta Potty Rentals
Concertgoers who prefer the luxury of a porta potty can choose from various models. Unlike standard porta potties, luxury portable restrooms are larger and cleaner and can easily accommodate a bride in a large princess gown. These toilets also have added features like heating and air conditioning to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for guests. In addition, they are equipped with increased ventilation to eliminate unpleasant odors.

In addition to the clean look, luxury porta potty rentals offer other luxuries like paper towel dispensers and mirrors. Luxury toilets are elegant and well-appointed and can be decorated to match your event's theme. In addition, these units are equipped with running water, trash receptacles, and recessed lighting. Luxury porta potties for concerts are ideal for outdoor events and concertgoers who want to avoid waiting in long lines for restroom facilities.

Handwashing Stations
Portable restrooms with handwashing stations are a necessity for outdoor events. Most people use handwashing to sanitize their hands after using the restroom, and a handwashing station elevates the guest experience. Handwashing stations by Waste Away Systems come equipped with toilet tissue and foaming hand sanitizer. These amenities make handwashing as easy as possible and keep concertgoers safe from diseases and the common cold.

When choosing portable restrooms, look for the following: a handwashing station for every four potties. This option is more expensive, but it provides ultimate luxury and comfort. Additionally, an ADA-compliant restroom is a must if the event is open to the public. Also, more significant events should consider renting one ADA-compliant bathroom for every 20 standard potties. Finally, because alcohol consumption increases the number of restroom trips, it is important to factor this into your rental agreement.

LED Lighting
If you're planning a concert or private event, you'll want to have quality restroom rentals. Shows are top-rated for private events and fundraisers, and concert restroom rentals are an excellent choice. Luxury restroom trailers have LED lighting and vinyl flooring. They're also stocked with toilet paper and trash receptacles, so your guests can easily access the facilities when they need them. But, of course, a concert is not the only place you'll want luxury restroom rentals. Shows are popular for fundraisers, too, so don't forget about the VIP section.

Vinyl Flooring
Bathroom rental bathrooms usually have vinyl flooring. It is the most cost-effective option for renting a bathroom for a concert and won't fade in sunlight, unlike hardwood floors. In addition, many rentals come with an old toilet that is no longer in use and needs to be replaced. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for bathroom rentals for concerts because it won't stain, unlike wooden floors.

When choosing a bathroom rental for a concert, check to ensure that it's made of high-quality vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can last for 15 to 20 years if it's properly cared for. Many concertgoers also prefer this option because of the long-lasting, durable nature of the material. However, you'll want to make sure to choose a bathroom rental with a warranty to protect yourself and your guests.
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Monday, August 22, 2022

Common Landscaping and Hardscaping Designs

Several common landscaping and hardscaping design elements can be applied to any yard. These include plant layout, lines, color, and sizing. This article will go over some of these elements. Following these tips, you can create unique landscaping and hardscaping designs or you can go to hardscaping Egg Harbor Township NJ. In the end, your yard will look better than ever! And you'll have no trouble maintaining its curb appeal and maximizing its value!

Plant Layout

Hardscaping and landscaping are two related disciplines. Both involve laying down visually appealing materials that complement your home's exterior. Consider color, drainage patterns, and hardscape gardening features for the best results. Paths and walkways are common features that are designed using hardscape gardening features. In addition, bricks, woodchips, flagstones, and concrete are popular hardscape materials. 

In landscape design, interconnection refers to a physical link between different features. This linkage should be seamless, which is the goal. Plants and flowers should be chosen with this goal in mind. Generally, planting beds and other features should be sized relative to one another and to the surrounding lawn space. In addition, individual plants should occupy space proportionate to the overall planting. To make this possible, you can also add a central fountain that serves as the centerpiece and is sized appropriately for the surrounding space.


One of the essential design elements is lines. They define plant beds, hardscape areas, and even vertical forms of built features. Lines define the structure and create a cohesive feel in a landscape design. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, thick, thin, diagonal, or wavy. When used correctly, lines can create unity in a landscape design and help to define different areas.

Landscape designers use lines to create patterns and establish dominance in a design. Lines also illusions of depth and movement, essential features of an appealing landscape. Lines can create a relaxing, harmonious, and attractive design when used well.


Using color in landscaping and hardscaping adds a sense of variety and interest. Unlike the other landscape elements, color is not permanent and only lasts a few weeks for individual plants. In addition, color schemes are often guided by color theory, in which three primary and six secondary colors are combined. In addition to the primary colors, there are also six tertiary colors, which are mixtures of adjacent primary and secondary colors.

The intensity of a color is also called its value. Brighter colors will amplify the vibrancy of plants, while softer ones will be subtler and more subdued. If you're using bold colors, consider the effect of other elements, such as structures or decor, on your design. Try to avoid clashing too many colors with each other, as a result, will be lost if the hues are too similar.

Creating Interest

The exterior of your house is a critical feature in attracting buyers. A place that looks poorly landscaped is unlikely to be purchased by a prospective buyer. The right combination of landscaping and hardscaping can increase the value of your home. Creating a living fence with varying sizes and textures can add personal space. Planting trees, flowers, and decorative shrubs can increase the value of your home. Hardscaping and landscaping can complement each other, adding additional value to your home.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pampers Shares Touching Story of Single Moms

I was a first time mom 10 years ago and I was a second time mom 2 years ago. In short, I am a mom of two now. Being a mom is not easy. Raising kids is not easy. Raising your kids alone is not easy. So I salute all single moms out there who bravely face the challenges of parenting their kids alone. 

Recently, Pampers Philippines launched a campaign called #MoreThanGold, which aims to support the World Vision Philippines’s Go Baby Go program. This program gives holistic early childhood development assistance to single-mom children belonging to World Vision’s communities. 

Let me share how ‘Teary-eyed, proud,’ Moms thank Pampers for sharing touching story of single moms in latest campaign

From the Press Release Kit:

Parenthood is hard work – but even more so when you’re a single mom. In the Philippines, about 14 million are single moms (95% of estimated 14 to 15 million solo parents) according to a World Health Organization-funded study by the Department of Health and the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health. Many of whom must juggle multiple jobs, household chores, their own education, and childcare all at the same time. Some single moms from urban poor and marginalised communities also experienced an increase in unpaid care work during the pandemic, spending over five hours more a day, according to an Oxfam International survey.

It is precisely this inexhaustible strength and incredible love for their child in the face of the unique challenges of single motherhood which inspired the latest program of Pampers Philippines called #MoreThanGold. It aims to support World Vision Philippines’s Go Baby Go program which gives holistic early childhood development assistance for single-mom children belonging in World Vision’s communities.

The campaign was launched with a heartwarming 60-seconder film that reflects and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of young, single mothers. We see the single mom in the film working many jobs to be able to provide for her child, finishing her studies, and taking care of and raising her firstborn. And through the eyes of her baby, as told by the tug-at-the-heartstrings voiceover, we see that it is through her strength and her determination in facing her unique motherhood journey that makes her a real treasure. Indeed, we realize that she can be anything she set herself to be – and that she is more precious than gold.

“Pampers’s purpose is to champion and care for all families and their babies’ happy and healthy development. As we continue with this commitment, we also recognize the reality that no parenthood journey is the same and that there are single moms who have been doing things beyond the extraordinary,” says Charm Banzuelo, Senior Communications Manager for Pampers Philippines. “As a brand, we want to do more and be a force for good by using our platform to share their story and extend assistance through our partnership with World Vision.”

World Vision’s Go Baby Go! (GBG) Parenting Program model aims to strengthen caregiver confidence and competence, and to provide nurturing care to babies during their first 1,000 days—from the moment of conception inside the womb until the baby turns three, so that they can reach their full potential.

World Vision’s Resource Development Director, Jun Godornes, expresses his gratitude to Pampers: "We're truly delighted to be part of P&G Pampers’s More than Gold campaign. The campaign highlights the joys and challenges of parenthood that resonate with all Filipino parents. Pampers has become a household name that is now synonymous to the word ‘diaper.’ We laud Pampers for dedicating this campaign to single moms to support them in raising their children as best as they can. At World Vision, we believe that given the right tools and opportunities, girls can overcome adversity and become changemakers and leaders of our nation. Congratulations to Pampers for inspiring more Filipinos through this heartwarming campaign!”

Unsurprisingly, the short film quickly rose to the top of online Twitter trending charts last Sunday, giving netizens all the feels. The film also prompted moms, including online mom personalities like Vien Iligan and beauty queen Jehza Simon to share experiences of their single motherhood, and tagging fellow young single moms in their re-shares of the film.

Witness a single mom’s golden moments and watch the #MoreThanGold video here: LINK 
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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

My 5 Favorite Board Games

I wonder if there are still people who plays board games. In case you already forget, board games are any game played on a board on which the counters or other pieces are placed and moved.

Before the digital era, playing board games was one of popular games and or entertainment for kids and also adults. Many generations of kids grew up playing board games, and I am one of them.

With the continuous advancement of technology, particularly the internet, the once board games played on table top can now be played online via your computer or mobile phone.

So if you missed playing, I am more than happy to share my 5 favorite board games online.

First in my list is the Chutes And Ladders.

This game is very similar with the classic board game Snakes and Ladders, which is my favorite too. This game has 2 to 6 pieces on the playing field and the first player is allow to compete against the computer or up to 5 other human players. The moves are determined by the roll of a die wherein you advance or climb when you land on a ladder and slides or send back when you land on a chute. 

My next favorite board game is the Minesweeper Classic

Minesweeper game was the first board game I played in computer years ago. Like the original, you just click to reveal blocks. For me, this was the most thrilling game I played then because of fear of clicking on the bomb too fast and the game is over.

My third favorite game is this Checkers.

This is a simple and basic online board game wherein choose one or two players. In this game, players jump the other team's pieces to remove them from the board and reach the opposing side to become kings.

My next favorite board game is Connect 4.

In this game, you will try to connect 4 pieces in a row, which can be across, vertically, or diagonally. This game allows you to play against a second player or a computer.

My 5th favorite board game is Whack Em' All.

This game is an online simulation of the popular arcade game where in you hit moles that pop up with a hammer. Hitting a mole will give you 10 to 40 points depending on its speed, which is the faster the mole, the higher its points.  However, when you hit a bomb, 100 points will be deducted on you.

Playing online games can be a stress reliever, a great break from work or simply kills boredom. Those are the 5 online board games that you can share with your kids. But of course, always supervise them and remember that too much is too much. So make sure to regulate their use of gadgets and computers.

How about you? What are your favorite board games?

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The Benefits of Physio and Sports Medicine

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What are the benefits of physiotherapy and sports medicine? Physiotherapy strengthens the muscles and joints of an individual. Not everyone is a natural athlete, but anyone can benefit from better movement. The benefits of sports medicine extend beyond the athletic competition. People with limited mobility, or those who do not play sports, can also benefit from physical therapy. In addition, these professionals also help patients prevent injuries. Read on for more information about physiotherapy and sports medicine. You can also learn more about Burlington physio and sports medicine.


Physiotherapy is a health care profession that focuses on restoring movement, function, and quality of life. Physical therapy includes interaction between the patient, the therapist, and other health care professionals. The therapist will evaluate the patient's range of motion, strength, and overall mechanics of performing sports. The goals of physical therapy are often to improve athletic performance or prevent a future injury. 

In addition to healing from an injury, physical therapy can also help manage health conditions. For example, physiotherapy can benefit individuals of all ages who are hampered by injuries or have limited mobility. You can also use it to prevent injuries by teaching patients how to avoid re-injury. In addition, physiotherapists who specialize in sports medicine understand the specific training and techniques needed in order to avoid re-injuries. As a result, their practice is often complemented by sports-specific training.

Sports Physical Therapy

The fields of sports physical therapy and sports medicine are closely related, as both aim to treat injuries and prevent them. A physical therapist works closely with the athlete to identify problems and create a treatment plan to help them avoid future injuries. The therapist is an expert in the mechanics of the athlete's movement and will use this information to develop an exercise program that will enhance the patient's performance.

A physical therapist will focus on helping injured athletes recover from injuries and provide rehabilitation to maximize their potential. They will also help athletes with specific needs related to sports, such as improving their flexibility and strength. While most athletes seek physical therapy after sustaining an injury, the profession can help athletes prevent future damage by creating a training program that will help them achieve their maximum potential. For this reason, the practice of sports physical therapy is so essential to athletes of all levels.

Functional Testing

The use of functional testing in physiotherapy and sports medicine aims to identify problems in the body that may interfere with an individual's physical ability. It is a multi-purpose tool that can help with many applications, from the rehabilitation of sports injuries to pain-free living. As with other diagnostic tests, functional testing should be used properly to ensure success. Using a 'one size fits all approach to operational performance can lead to misleading conclusions.

In functional performance testing, patients perform simulated physical activities to measure muscle strength and range of motion. For example, a patient may run at full speed on the track or figure eights, then slow down to perform a limited set of drills. Once these upper levels are achieved, the patient may return to little practice. These limited practices may include exercises used during early training and fundamental drills. The test is intended to determine the amount of improvement an individual can make through a rehabilitation program.

Injury Prevention

Injuries in elite sports are a significant problem, and the role of physiotherapy and sports medicine in injury prevention is essential to athlete well-being. In a recent study, participants compared the current situation of injury prevention in elite sports with their earlier careers. The study's participants reported that the less developed the role of medical resources and facilities in sports injury prevention during those earlier days.

Early career athletes showed low body awareness, were not trained in injury prevention and did not engage in safe movements and jumping patterns. Some of these athletes even reported that back pain was part of the sports culture. In addition, the community and staff did not place a high priority on injury prevention. Therefore, many athletes did not see the need for injury prevention as early as possible. In these cases, injury prevention has become more critical than ever.
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Monday, August 1, 2022

Swak sa Budget, Swak for Kids Affordable and Nutritious recipe

Dahil back to school na and yung iba naman face to face na, kailangan na naman nating mga Mommas na maghanda ng mga baon para sa ating mga anak. After 2 years of  pandemic, namissed ko talaga magprepare ng school baon for my eldest who will be in first year highschool this school year. By the way, you can also visit momayebaondiary in Instagram. Pafollow na din please, tyvm!

Anyway, share ko na lang itong mga swak sa budget na affordable and nutritious recipes by Ajinomoto na sure na sure na swak din sa panlasa ng mga kids natin.

Swak sa Budget, Swak for Kids Affordable and Nutritious recipe

From the Press Release Kit:

The current increases in food prices contribute to the problem in accessing sufficient nutrition and healthy food choices in Filipino households. With higher prices across different commodities, homemakers now face a greater challenge in budgeting while they strive to prepare nutritious and delicious dishes to help safeguard the health of the family, especially the kids. 

“We, at Ajinomoto, understand the struggles that parents face nowadays. In our own way, we hope to extend help by sharing thoughtful recipes that take into consideration the health and budget of the family,” shares Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group) General Manager Corporate Planning and Public Relations Roann Co. “We aim to provide solution and equip homemakers with knowledge on preparing affordable, delicious and well-balanced meals for their kids and loved ones.”

The following delicious and nutritious recipes are not only easy to prepare but also sure to fit the budget, including AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning 11g and Aji-Ginisa® 8g which remain to be the most affordable seasonings in the market at Php 3.00 SRP. 

Tokwa Bites Meal
Tofu is rich in protein and calcium.  Not only it is affordable alternative but also a healthy version of meat balls. Prepare a soft and crunchy Tokwa Bites meal for lunch in 3 easy steps: mix, fry, and serve. You only need half pack (11g) A JI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning to bring out its flavors. Try the recipe here at home!

Potato Egg Sandwich
You can make a healthy Potato Egg sandwich for breakfast or merienda which requires little time and ingredients. Potatoes and bread are rich in carbohydrates for energy while tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which for immunity. Season with half pack (11g) AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning for savory deliciousness. Learn the full recipe here.

Sauteed Corned Beef with Potatoes and Veggies
Sauté, season, and serve – this easy-to-remember recipe. Beef is rich in protein while Baguia beans and sitsaro are rich in fiber beneficial for proper digestion. Season with one pack (8g) AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix and you’re good to go! Serve a nutritious meal today with our cooking guide here.

Chicken Lomi Meal
New way to cook lomi by adding common Malunggay vegetable which is packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B and C, Iron, and Calcium.  Season with one pack (8g) AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix to complete its flavor! See full recipe here.

APC Group’s brand promise of Eat Well, Live Well provides Filipinos with ways to serve nutritious meals.  "We believe that eating well and living well does not have to be expensive. We hope that through our affordable products and health initiatives at Ajinomoto, we get to help parents in bringing about a well-balanced diet at home amid these challenging times," said Co.

For more delicious, nutritious and affordable recipes, visit

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P&G's Whisper’s #ShareTheConfidence Campaign

Hello Mommas!

Just want to share the P&G's Whisper’s #ShareTheConfidence campaign providing access to menstrual hygiene education and period products to girls in underserved communities. In fact, P&G and Whisper Philippines donate period pads to support over 25,000 girls.

From the Press Release Kit:

MANILA, Philippines - More than 25,000 girls in underserved communities across the Philippines will get access to period pads and menstrual hygiene management information and educational materials through a donation by P&G Philippines and Whisper in partnership with World Vision Philippines.

This is part of Whisper Philippines’ #ShareTheConfidence campaign, in partnership with World Vision Philippines and Shopee Philippines, to advance menstrual hygiene education and improve access to period products to girls in underserved communities. Earlier in June, Whisper pledged to match every Whisper pack sold on Shopee and is now fulfilling the said commitment. P&G Philippines will donate Whisper packs to World Visions’ girls’ communities in Laurel, Batangas, Rosario, Batangas, Baseco, Manila, Malabon, Quezon City, Misamis Occidental, and Zamboanga del Norte.

Reports from the organization Save the Children Philippines noted that the pandemic has exacerbated the challenges in managing menstruation, due to an increased absence of adequate resources and support. Furthermore, according to the results of a 2019 study from the World Bank, 8% of girls in the Philippines reported missing school because of menstruation. Through the donation, P&G hopes to increase access to period products and fight some of the challenges surrounding menstruation, allowing young girls to always be at their best.

“Whisper’s purpose is to unleash women and girls’ confidence so they can be whoever they want to be, and our brand’s responsibility is to help create a world where everyone is empowered to manage her menstruation safely, hygienically, and with dignity,” shares Charm Banzuelo, P&G’s Communications Leader for Corporate, Baby & Feminine Care. “For us, this starts with engaging families and schools where young girls are able to first learn about menstrual health. We want to help give adequate access to products and right information that they will carry with them as they grow up,” she states.

Partnering with World Vision Philippines also enables P&G and Whisper to reach communities that need assistance the most. Working with some of the most vulnerable communities in the country, World Vision allows the company to benefit those in underserved areas, who have less education and awareness surrounding menstrual hygiene.

“We’re thankful to work alongside companies like P&G and Whisper who truly advocate for female empowerment,” says World Vision Philippines Director Jun Godornes. “At World Vision, we celebrate our girls’ strength and determination. We hope that when these small actions with P&G are pooled together, we can create waves to transform lives one girl at a time,” he ends.

Please visit for the latest news and information about P&G and its brands.
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