Friday, November 25, 2011


Last October 25, 2011, I was featured as FAN OF THE WEEK of MomCenter Philippines.

How to be a FAN OF THE WEEK? It is just so simple. First like MomCenter Philippines. Join in the discussions, help other moms who needs advice. Be your self and help with all your heart. Helping other moms is what I really like. Sharing what I know, though not a much experienced mom, is very inspiring especially if your informations and advice are appreciated. A simple like or thank you will do. But what really matters at the end of the day is the lessons and knowlegde we learn from different moms. Funny even we do not see each other, we talk as if we knew each other. The daily discussions bond us together.

Though a little late to post here, I just want to tag in another experience in my cyber life as a mommy blogger.

Thank you MCP for providing a venue for us mommies!

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A Quick Thanks to SP!

Just got my price from the Smart Parenting 11-11-11 promo.

My husband claim it from SP office yesterday. Good thing it was on his way. I super like this Smart Pregnancy Magazine. I just wished I have something like this when I was pregnant. I will keep it so I can use it in the future (if God give as another blessing).

Just like the SPregnancy, this Smart Pareting book will be very useful for us. Though my son is just 17 months, we will have some insights and can prepare ourselves ahead of time.

Thanks so much Smart Parenting!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do you care about your Baby’s Milk Teeth?

I know every mom’s concern is how to keep their baby’s milk teeth strong. My son, at 17 months, has almost complete set of teeth. When he is just 3 months, we already noticed bumps on his gums with visible white caps. His first two teeth erupted when he was going 6 months.

@ 6 months

@ 8 months
@ 9 months

@ 10 months
@ 17 months

His teeth erupted so fast since then. He will have 2-4 teeth simultaneously coming out. That is why I am very much concerned with cleaning his teeth and with what he eats, as well.

Babies actually have teeth beneath their gums. While in the womb, baby teeth begin to grow forming tooth buds in their gums. Majority of the babies have their first teeth eruption between ages 4 to 7 months. While for late bloomer, they have to wait unit they are one year old or more.

Teeth usually erupted one at a time over a period of months. Its usual order is as follows: Bottom two middle teeth à Top two middle teeth à Teeth along the sides and back. The second molars, which are found in the very back of the mouth on top and bottom, are the last teeth to pop out at around baby’s second birthday. So your child should have a complete set of 20 milk teeth at age of 3. These should not fall until his permanent teeth are ready to start popping at around 6 years old.

Milk teeth are as important as permanent teeth. Milk teeth let your child to chew better making them healthier. When baby’s teeth are not healthy and well-aligned, your child may have hard time chewing and thus, may not have a well-balanced diet. When your child has tooth decay, loose teeth or aching gums, he may refuse to eat or may only take soft or liquid foods she eat with lesser pain. However, your child needs a balanced diet of a variety of foods, and that chewing foods of different quality induces and exercises the gums and gives a flushing out action for the teeth.

Also, a child who is starting to lose his milk teeth may have difficulty forming words and speaking clearly. Healthy milk teeth are also important in the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles.
Healthy milk teeth also give your child d a happy healthy smile. And lastly, milk teeth reserve room for the permanent teeth to help them guide into their position.

These are the importance of baby/milk teeth. So taking care of them is a MUST. Here are some pointers to help our little one clean his/her teeth successfully (Courtesy of Baby Teeth Maintenance Menu)

Dental Hygiene Milestone

0 - 1 Year Old
You as a parent need to take on all the responsibilities on cleaning these baby teeth.
  • Tool: a moistened gauze or washcloth, NO toothpaste
  • How Often: once a day
  • Method: Wrap the gauze or cloth around the finger and massage the gum and the teeth
1-3 Years Old Kids at this age will be able to start learning about tooth brushing and parent are responsible for providing guidance. You definitely have to help him/her on flossing. But you only need to do it if there's no space in between those baby teeth.
  • Tool: Kid's sized tooth brush, fluoride toothpaste (start around 2 years old) or a non fluoride toothpaste, click here, floss
  • How much: toothpaste ~ a pea size; floss ~ an (parent's) arm's length
  • When: Brush once in the morning; once before bed; Floss once before brushing
  • How long: Brush at least 1 minute for kids.
  • Method: There are many methods you can try. Usually, it's easier for kid to brush their teeth in the direction of those teeth grow. Here's a sequence you may want to follow.
3 - 6 Years Old
At this age, you should let your kid take up the responsibility of brushing their teeth in the morning. They'll love the sense of independability. Help them with flossing and brushing before they go to bed.

> 6 Years Old
Supervise your kids actively when they are doing their own brushing in the morning and at bedtime. They may still need your help on flossing until they are 9 years old.

So it is very important to start to teach our babies a good oral hygiene at an early age. This will give them a sense of responsibility of taking good care of their permanent teeth as well.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

So this where he got it!

One day, when we got home from work. I saw my son crawling again. I wonder why he is crawling and crawling when he can already walk.

Then we were in a vacation at my husband's place, we are watching a noontime show. There is a portion there where the contestants are blind-folded and are crawling after the ball. I look at my son and he is imitating them. Tsk! This is what his crawling is all about.

Another instance, my son is turning round and round to the beat of Naaaa-na-na-na-na from the same noontime show too. Maybe his yaya is watching this show regularly that is why he knows all about it.

Here's his turn around moves to the tune of Naaaa-na-na-na-na (please pardon my voice, lol).

Toddlers are very much affected by what they are watching so we better be careful. It is cute though but I have a little worry with his turn around moves. He might become dizzy and fall on the floor or bump at the wall.

Moms, is your child like mine too?
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Cradle and Cycle: for Our Babies' Protection

I am a chemist (and my husband too) that is why I am very particular with the food my son eats. Aside from food, we make sure that all the things my son use are safe - from shampoo, soap, diaper to toothpaste. We always look at the ingredients or contents of a product before we let him take or use it.

But then again, we almost forgot the nipple/bottle cleanser and detergent soap we are using. Thank you so much to MomCenter Philippines for sending samples of Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser and Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies.

Because I am super excited, I immediately tried the Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser. You can buy a 200-ml bottle (for travel) and a 500-ml refill.

It is easy to use. You just have to put half of its cup (200-ml) in a 1-L of water, soaked the bottles and nipples and brush. Unlike, the liquid detergent we are currently using, Cradle is easy to rinse and does not leave an odor. You can also use it to wash vegetables and fruits because it is made up of natural and edible ingredients.

Next is the Cycles Mild laundry detergent for babies.

You can choose between powder detergent,

or a liquid detergent.

It is SAFE for baby’s sensitive skin. Unlike other detergents that leaves strong odor and harsh chemicals which might irritates baby’s skin. So this is the brand RECOMMENDED by most PEDIATRICIANS.

Look at my son. He thought these are food, so keep them away from children’s reach. 

Thank you MomCenter Philippines for introducing these products to me. Now, I can assure that my son is not just protected inside but outside as well.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

FUN FUN FUN at World of FUN!

It is weekend already and this means time for our families.
Every Sunday, we go to Church in the morning and if we still have time and money, of course, we sometimes go to World of Fun.

At first he is hesitant to try the rides. But when he’s there, you cannot make him go down.

There are many rides to choose from.

You can also play inside. This is where we enjoyed a lot, especially daddy who even save coins for the tickets.

Our son will skip us to run to World of Fun!

Evidences that my son enjoys a lot - click the videos below.

I know every mom and dad out there looks forward to weekends, and of course our kids too. It doesn't have to be an expensive weekend gateaway, but what is important is the time we shared with our love ones especially our little ones. They are the one who appreciate more the time and love we are giving them than the material things we are providing them.

Happy weekend everyone!
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Friday, November 18, 2011


Just sharing my 11-11-11 experience:

Smart Parenting had a promo last 11-11-11. I saw it at @SP_online:

I immediately post my entry:

I haven't receive any notification that may post is valid but it's okay. Then last Monday (nov. 14), I received a direct message from @SP_online:

Wow! I won in their 11-11-11 promo! So i immediately followed their instruction and sent an email message. Then after two days I then receive an email message from SP:

There it goes. I won a Smart Parenting Book but I have to claim it at their office. I will ask my husband to drop by at their office to claim the prize, anyways it is valid for 2 months so there's still time.

I feel very happy when winning a promo like this. Even just a little prize, it means a lot.

Visit Smart Parenting and surely you will gain some valuable informations about parenthood, motherhood, etc. Plus you will get a chance to interact with other moms via their forums. You can also ask the opinions of other moms out there about your problem or situations. There are so many friendly and generous moms there who will lend a time to share their views and experiences.

Thank you Smart Parenting and more power!
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Brush Brush Brush!

How time flies! My son is now 17 months and growing so fast. One of his fast developments is that he almost has complete set of teeth. And because of this I am worrying for its early decaying.
Did you know that "Children usually have 20 milk teeth. They start to push through the gums (erupt) at about six months. Most children have all 20 teeth by the age of two or three. However, this can vary so don’t worry if your child’s teeth come in faster or slower than this.
Your child's milk teeth are important for eating, speech, smiling and confidence. They are also important for the development of permanent teeth, so it's very important to look after them." - Caring for your child's teeth

Good thing we started brushing his teeth even before his teeth erupted. We are using the silicone brush that can be inserted into a finger. But when he is starting to bite, we shifted to stages toothbrush. Then, this sure will be enough so hubby brought him a kiddie Mickey Mouse toothbrush from Oral B (sorry I do not have photo of it, I will insert once I got one).
However, just brushing is not enough as I see some yellow stains in his teeth. So we brought hapee kiddie toothpaste. But ooopss! It has fluoride and my son doesn’t know how to spit yet. Fluoride is dangerous to helath when swallowed. According to Wikipedia, children may experience gastrointestinal distress upon ingesting sufficient amounts of flavored toothpaste. 

Fortunately, I got information from MomCenter Philippines about this Sansfluo toothgel cleanser that is a non-fluoride toothgel! Without any hesitation I brought one at Mercury Drugstore that cost 91.5025 pesos for a 50-ml tube (I know you want to know the price, lol!)

  It comes in two flavours – Orange and Strawberry (which I chose).

As I already mentioned, it is fluoride free! So it is safe for my little son who still not yet know how to spit.

Sansfluo is colorless and does not foam so it is really safe for 0-6 years old children.
Although has no ingredients that might be hafrmul to our children, this should always use under adult supervision. 
My son starting to enjoy his new toothpaste/gel and hope he will be able to get rid of tooth decays!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I almost forgot to share this... My son won a Kiddie Bday treat fom Milkita for his FIRST BIRTHDAY.

Milkita sent Lollipops and other Milkita products for giveaways. 

Everyone enjoyed he Milkita Lollipops and Candies that day. Again thank you Milkita Lollipops!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What my Son loves to do...

My 16-month old son is really an amazing Explorer. He would touch and look for everything he's  interested with. He loves flower, butterfly, christmas lights, the moon and most especially Jollibee!

He would watch Jollitown a number of times and would say Jaybi Jaybi!

And he would say Ee I ee I Oh! when he wants to watch Brainy Baby Nursery Rhymes.

He loves watching... He would get our phones and pretend as if he know how to open his kiddie videos saved there. But of course, since he is only 16 months old, he is not allowed to watch all day long as it would affect other aspects of his development.
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