Monday, March 1, 2021

The Importance Of Paying Your Bills and Loans On Time

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“Dream big, aim high and pay your bills on time.”
The bill is one thing that never runs out. It just keeps piling up especially if we are not financially responsible for it. On-time payments and repayments are a simple concept, but they are factors in building good credit so make sure you don’t pay late on your loans and bills.
This extraordinary situation has put almost every one of us in a bad financial shape and you may be tempted to put off your bills payments and loan repayments for a few days. Before you put them off, think first of  the consequences of doing so. You can rationalize a late fee, learn to live with a penalty rate increase, or choose to suffer the credit score damage, but those will make your life miserable and terrifying in the long run. It will affect not just your credit score but your life in general so think about the benefits of making your payment on time.

On-Time Payments and repayments means good credit score
credit score is a number between 300–850. Higher score means good credit history and the better a borrower looks to the lender. A credit score is based on credit history: number of open accounts, total levels of debt, payment and repayment history, and other factors. Make sure you have a good credit standing so the lender will approved the loan and sometimes at a lower interest rate. A delinquent account, may mean higher charges to the borrower.

Avoid penalties and Late Fees
You can be charged a late fee just minutes after your payment is due. Avoid expensive late fees by sending your payment on time. Don’t even wait for the due date to settle your payment because you might miss the payment cut off time.

Using a simple mortgage calculator can help you in your goal of paying on time. This free tool can be used to figure your monthly payments for a given loan amount and the result shows the accurate principal and interest payments on a fixed-rate loan.

The calculator is so easy to use. Just fill in the following Loan Information and click calculate button once done.

Home Price – The original amount of the house before down payment
Down Payment – When making down payments always make sure it’s at least 20% of the home price to avoid paying for insurances and other charges or fees.
Home Loan Amount – No need to fill in this portion as it is automatically calculated by deducting the down payment from the home price.
Annual interest rate – If you happen to forget about it, you can always check through your lender.
Loan Term – the length of your loan in years, where 30 years is the maximum.

You can actually use this to compute other loans such as car, student, credit card etc., to figure out your monthly payments and how much interest you accumulate over time. You will see from the result that if you maximize your loan term - which is 30 years – the total amount of your monthly payments after the duration of the loan is almost twice your loan amount and the interest you accumulated for 30 years is almost equal to the amount of loan. What more if you are always late on your loan or mortgage payments? Imagine how much interest your lender might add due to late payments, on top of the penalties and other charges.

Paying on time makes a lot of difference, not just being debt-free in the future but living risk-free every day. No matter how hard your financial situation may be, make sure to set aside a few wants and learn to prioritize your bills and loans. If you really can’t pay on time, talk to your lender as they might give you consideration like waiving the charges and penalties.

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Types of Counseling Services You Can Get in Counseling

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There are many therapeutic modalities that are effective for different types of personalities. It is important to note that each modality is best suited for each clientele’s need. Not every client needs all the therapeutic modalities for them to become better. However, some clients may benefit from a few modalities, if not all. For instance, people who are suffering from depression will benefit significantly from a mindfulness reasoning behavioral approach treatment session. Some people will benefit from both group session therapy and one-on-one session counseling. Here are some treatments you can get at counseling locations such as Colorado Springs counseling and Centennial counseling.

Mindfulness-based analysis
In a therapeutic mindfulness process, a counselor enables a patient to pay attention and bring all their focus to the present moment. This process calms the patient's mind and helps them relax to see life more clearly. Therefore, when a patient is relaxed and sees everything clearly, that atmosphere enables them to learn, change, and grow. The foundation of practicing this counseling session requires a counselor to be open-minded and very patient with a client's result. They help a person who has gone for this session to trust in themselves and their feelings, allow them to be themselves, accept their present moment, and finally let go of some attachment affecting them.

Rational emotive therapy
This kind of counseling focuses on bringing cognizance to clients who have irrational beliefs and assumptions that are affecting emotional stress in their lives. Supposing you are stressed often or are suffering from anxiety, this kind of therapy will help you a lot. During this session, the goal of a counselor is to eliminate all the negative thinking patterns that affect a patient's happiness to make them feel happier.

Marital/couple therapy
This is counseling that is designed to improve the relationship between couples. If you are a couple and think your relationship is not on the right path, you can go for this session to get help. This therapy focuses on building trust, understanding, and improving communication among the parties in a marriage. During marital/couple therapy sessions, the relations' satisfaction is paid so much attention to. Various areas that affect their relationships are addressed, such as stress, finances, spiritual belief, role allocation, quality time spent together, and family upbringing.

Cognitive behavior therapy
Under this therapy session, patients are made to recognize how their thoughts and emotions are related to their life's choices and behavior. Typically, how people interpret events and situations in their lives greatly depends on how they feel and act around others. If you think negatively, it will affect your behavior and how you feel. This therapeutic modality aims to break patient negative thinking, behavior cycle, and fishing and then change them into a positive cycle. This therapy is essential because it brings more clarity and fulfillment and improves happiness to clients who go for it because they will be able to make positive choices in their lives at the end of it.

Parent education training
Parent training is designed to improve parents' knowledge and help them gain better parenting strategies. Under this session, parents are trained on how they can be able to instill proper limits and boundaries more lovingly in their children. Further, they are also helped to improve their relationship with their children. They are also supported and validated in their parenting responsibilities, and their strength and resources are emphasized.Finally, if you feel that you have any problem that can be addressed with the above therapeutic modalities, visit a professional counselor for assistance.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How to Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside

How to Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside
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Getting your kids outside in the fresh air and away from their electronics is a challenge many parents face. Although it’s an uphill battle, there are a few things you can do to turn the tide of war in your favor. Start by making “going outside” especially appealing by putting some kid-friendly outdoor toys in your yard.


There is no denying that kids of all ages love trampolines. Little kids can bounce off energy for hours. Older kids will enjoy playing games with balls or practicing summersaults for more sophisticated play. Even moms and dads can do trampoline workouts for a fun break from their usual exercise routine. Trampolines can get use for years and trampoline replacement parts are readily available, making it a good outdoor investment.


Putting in an inground pool is a serious financial commitment especially when you consider all the continued maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth it if your kids spend endless hours swimming. Above ground pools are a less expensive alternative that are still just as enjoyable and can be disassembled and reassembled if necessary.


Back in the old days, the best present you could receive under the Christmas tree was a shiny new bike with a basket and a horn. Kids don’t ride as much as they used to, but you can change this by buying bikes for the whole family and making daily bike rides a fun family activity. Once your kids get used to riding and know the limits of your street or neighborhood, you can send them out with friends to explore.

Before electronics took over our lives, playing outside used to be the norm. Now it needs to be encouraged. Help nudge your kids out the door with a couple of can’t-miss outdoor activities.

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Monday, January 18, 2021

#CrispyFryPlayDay: Ajinomoto celebrates first Lucky FryDay PlayDay

Last Friday, I attended my first ever virtual event, #CrispyFryPlayDay. Since I am on maternity leave naman, I accepted the invitation.

#CrispyFryPlayDay: Ajinomoto celebrates first Lucky FryDay PlayDay

I was so excited to attend because it's been a long while since I attended an event tapos virtual pa. Yun lang my baby boy was not cooperating and he doesn't to sleep so I have no choice but to cuddle him while attending the said event.

Anyway, The virtual event introduces new Crispy Fry® endorser Luis Manzano. Luis “Kuya Lucky” Manzano surprises the media guests during the Crispy Fry® Lucky FryDay PlayDay as the newest endorser of the Crispy Fry® brand. ‘Media frymates’ were treated to a game-show themed virtual event where Kuya Lucky gave them a special task to complete.

Here's the highlight of the event.

From the Press Release Kit:

January 15, 2021 -- Crispy Fry® hosted its third #CrispyFryPlayDay to officially introduce its newest brand endorser TV host Luis “Kuya Lucky” Manzano. The event brought together media and their families for the first #CrispyFryPlayDay done online.

In the game show-themed event held via Zoom, Kuya Lucky invited select media Frymates for a special task: celebrate #CrispyFryPlayDay by partnering with their kids and family members to virtually cook meals perfect for families and friends. The virtual game had three exciting rounds, where participants had to guess the ingredients, and the price of special ulams made better with Crispy Fry products. Special awards and prizes were also given to select Frymates and winning participants. 

“The pandemic may have changed a lot of things, but one that we hope stays the same is the strong bond of families. Our new stay-at-home lifestyle creates opportunities for new bonding moments between loved ones. We encourage everyone to make cooking a shared activity because it’s fun, easy, and rewarding,” says Roann Co, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

Cooking with Crispy Fry®

Cooking is made better and more special with Crispy Fry®, the #1 breading mix brand in the market. Perfect for Filipino families, Crispy Fry® is made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings, concocted to make fried chicken and fish crispy-delicious.

The brand has an extensive list of variants available on the market. This includes Crispy Fry® Chicken Breading Mix, which comes in Original, Garlic, and Spicy so families can enjoy fried chicken in different ways. Crispy Fry® also has a variant with Gravy Mix and another with Japanese bread crumbs, seasonings, and spices. Meanwhile, the new Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix reduces oil spills while cooking so families can enjoy fried fish without the hassle.

“Crispy Fry® is now a staple in my kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier. When I don’t have a lot of time, I fry chicken or fish using the easy-to-prepare breading mix. Each meal is made more special because Crispy Fry® guarantees crispanalo and isda-licious fried dishes, every time,” reveals Manzano. 

Crispy Fry® and #CrispyFryPlayDay are part of Ajinomoto’s Eat Well, Live Well promise for Filipino families – to create high-quality products for delicious, healthy, and enjoyable mealtimes.

To know more about Crispy Fry®, visit the Ajinomoto website at and the Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines at

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