Friday, July 23, 2021

Rainy Season is Here...

Rainy Season
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It is rainy season again. For the past few days, continuous downpours have been experienced due to combined force of typhoon and monsoon rains. 

Speaking of wet season, the cases of mosquito-related illnesses usually increases during this season. 

One of the most dreadful viruses carried by these tiny, blood-sucking insects is the dengue. If not properly addressed, it can lead into death.

Aside from cleaning the surroundings, application of insect repellant cream or lotions, and having plants with insect repellant properties like citronella, installation of window and door screens is a great way to prevent mosquito-carrying disease from entering our home.

At home, we already installed screens and windows, thanks for our blogging earning. Unfortunately, one of the screens has been damaged and needs replacement since it was already several years old.

Nowadays, there are options to use different materials for screens and one is fiberglass. It is tougher compared to the traditional aluminum wires. 

So if you have a budget opt to install fiberglass window screen as additional protection for your home. We will look into that too because Fiberglass Screen Rolls does not easily dent when applied with pressure. It can also withstand winds and other weather conditions making it great not only for home but for outdoors too. 

Having extra precautions against deadly diseases during rainy season is very important to protect our family. Like what have mentioned, if you have extra budget choose screens made from more durable materials as this will eventually make you save money in the future.

Stay dry and safe everyone.

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Benefits of Using an Ankle Hoster for Concealed Carry

Benefits of Using an Ankle Hoster for Concealed Carry
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If you have a concealed carry permit, you may use an ankle holster to keep your gun nearby. However, if you are new to the different types of holster options available, you may wonder if an ankle holster is right for you.

Some of the considerations to keep in mind when deciding if you should use a concealed ankle holster can be found below. Knowing what this offers will help you make an informed decision.

Are You Concealing a Secondary Weapon?

Most people opt for the ankle holster to carry a secondary or backup firearm. Usually, a primary gun will be concealed somewhere on the upper body. That’s because having it closer to your arms and hands ensures you can access it faster if needed.

Backup weapons are used if the main weapon malfunctions or has another issue. With an ankle holster, you can conceal your secondary firearm in an out-of-the-way location that is still accessible.

Does Your Clothing Limit Your Concealment Options?

Sometimes, the clothing you wear will limit the options you have to conceal a firearm. Many people don’t have any other option besides keeping their firearm on their ankle. This is particularly the case for nurses or doctors, individuals who wear jumpsuits, or women who wear fitted tops. Having an ankle holster makes it possible to carry concealed more conveniently in these situations.

Will You Be Able to Access Your Firearm from Your Ankle?

People who use ankle holsters like the design because of how easy it is to access the firearm. Just make sure you can bend, kneel, or squat easily. If you have any flexibility issues, an ankle holster may not be the right option.

As you can see, there are a few reasons to use an ankle holster. Some of these are listed above. This will help you decide if this option is right for you.

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Introducing the NEW MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar

Halos lahat tayo ay laki sa Milo at kahit ang ating mga kids ay laking Milo na din. That's why it's good to know that there's NEW MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar. The same delicious nutritional goodness of MILO® with less table sugar content.

Introducing the NEW MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar

From the Press Release Kit:

Manila, Philippines, July 16, 2021 – MILO®, the country’s leading chocomalt milk beverage is introducing the NEW MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, a delicious new drink that gives kids the same nutritional goodness of MILO® with less table sugar content. MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar will help moms provide another choice for their kids the to stay active throughout the day, and the fortified nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

“We want to give moms more options to support their children’s growth and overall wellbeing through good and nourishing food that suit their preferences and needs,” said Veronica Cruz, MILO Business Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Nestle Philippines, Inc. “With the MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, moms can have the confidence to give their kids a drink that offers essential nutrients and the chocomaltee taste they love with less table sugar.”

Serving the right balance of ‘nutritious’ and ‘delicious’, the MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar is made with the natural goodness of milk as its main ingredient, which provides the Calcium and Protein kids need to promote bone and muscle growth and development. At the same time, it is also made with cocoa which brings out the unique malted barley flavor that is distinct to MILO®.

With less than one gram of table sugar in every glass, the MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar is packed with the same Champion Energy Nutrients that will provide the energy kids need to perform their academic tasks, chores at home, or after-school activities. MILO®’s Champion Energy Nutrients is a unique combination of energy-giving PROTOMALT® and energy-releasing Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and Iron.

“We at MILO® are partnering with moms to nourish their children’s champion dreams through our products and sports programs that will help promote their kids’ holistic development,” said Cruz. “Along with eating a balanced diet with the MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, we encourage kids to make physical activity and exercise part of a daily habit to be on the top their game.”

MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar is now available in leading groceries and supermarkets in Greater Manila Area, and online at Shopee and Lazada. Kids can also enjoy the on-the-go format with MILO® Ready-To-Drink Zero Added Table Sugar.

To learn more about MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, visit MILO’s Facebook page ( or  

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Facts About Headshot Printing


Facts About Headshot Printing

Denver headshots have become a basic entertainment sector. It adopts state-of-the-art equipment used to print effectively representing the clients. In most cases, it is printed on paper with a sharp, smooth and clear appearance: in most cases, the luster type paper is used for photos. The image size is ten by 8 inches, similar to a mug shot. In most cases, the image comprises the shoulders and captures the area of your face keenly. Here are some facts about headshots:

Headshots are professional pictures

Headshots are professional images used by artists or actors. The close-up pictures focus fully on the face of the actor. Photographs are mostly used as a professional tool. This means that there is a significant reason behind properly printing the photographs to achieve the best quality. To get the best outcome from the printing, you may need to seek photography services and firms with a nice image printer to print the best-looking headshots possible.

Photographs commonly use borders

The most common headshots have borders. Without borders, the images are enough though some people find them unappealing. Despite this, some photos may look more attractive without borders. It's your choice to opt for a photograph with borders or without. Whichever the option, make sure you pursue headshots from professionals with adequate lighting.

Types of images

It is possible to get both black and white and colored images depending on your taste and preference. The intended use of the images also determines the right selection. Most personalities need a printed headshot for auditions and digital headshots to send to the casting directors. Casting members require the digital headshot in the colored form to be used for printing or on-screen viewing. The low-cost paper should not be white, crinkles easily, and should be thin. The printing of the headshot must be top-notch quality, bright, durable, and coated with varnish or UV gloss. Getting the best headshots increases the chances of getting a job for the majority of the roles.

Be keen on the selection of the service provider

Ensure you consider the selection of the headshots by professional services. Consider a professional who is congruent and authentic. Whether the job is home-based or internet-based, most of the work done by the professional is displayed online. It is vital to review previous customers' reviews to confirm that the services guarantee you high-quality work. Choose a service provider who has a nice exhibition of the projects undertaken on various active online sites for marketing the business.

Dress appropriately

Dress and present you accordingly for the headshots. It is vital to be keen on the selection of the fashion you choose. It determines how attractive your headshot appears. Ensure you have the best dress to capture the best shots. You can consider having a professional or business image consultant to guide you on matching the inside with the outside to have the right version of what could be captured in the headshots. With this, you pass the right message for the purpose the shot is meant to serve.

Do thorough research before embarking on professional headshots. By doing this, you are guaranteed high-quality headshots.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Choosing the Appropriate Carpet for Your Living Room

Choosing the Appropriate Carpet for Your Living Room
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Your living room is classy. You have put the necessary effort into getting the right furniture and appliances, and the floor is sparkling. However, have you ever wondered what transformation the right carpet could bring to that space? The carpets in today’s market come in varying designs, colors, and sizes. Therefore, choosing one that best satisfies your needs may present a challenge. In that regard, this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right carpet for your sitting room.


Your living room is one of the most frequented places in your house. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the carpet you get is easy to clean. If you have time, you can clean the carpet yourself or consider professional carpet cleaning Denver-based. It is advisable to check specific features, such as a lifetime stain warranty, that make cleaning your family room carpet less hectic.


When choosing a living room carpet, ensure you get one with a color or colors that match your home’s interior. Additionally, the carpet color should rhyme with your personality, d├ęcor design, the natural light, and how you intend to use the space. If you have a pet in your house, the ideal thing is to get a carpet that does not show pet hair. Warm colors are among the best choices because they hide stains and cause an ambient environment in the room. Such colors include red and beige.

The Size

As mentioned above, the carpets available on today's market come in different sizes. Manufacturers have made them that way, considering that different living rooms are of varying sizes. Balance is a crucial factor when choosing the right rug for your family room. This implies that the carpeted and non-carpeted spaces must be equal. You can achieve this by ensuring the carpet is centralized. While you are at it, you should also know which carpet shape you prefer. The living room rugs on the market are available in circular, rectangular, and square shapes.


When you consider the high traffic that a living room experiences daily, it is essential to choose a rug that will last long enough. High-quality carpets that come with a viable wear warranty are the best choice because they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday family life. The best way to test a carpet before buying is by bending it backward. A high-quality carpet will not show the backing easily, implying that it will not crush anytime soon.


This factor is an essential consideration, especially if your family spends so much time on the floor, for instance, when playing or during sleepovers. There are many soft carpets available on the market today, so you cannot go short on the options. However, you need to be vigilant because some such rugs are of low quality.

Your living room is an integral part of your home. It is the place that gets the most traffic from your family members and visitors. A carpet can incredibly transform the room, but you need to ensure that you are getting one that suits your needs by making the above considerations.

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How much do new windows cost?

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Calculating the cost of new windows for your home can be difficult since several factors will determine the final price. The cost will vary home-to-home (and even room-to-room), depending on size, style, material, quality, and the number of windows needed. It's important you have an idea of what you're looking for and the budget you have to work with before you start calling contractors for estimates.

In this post-pandemic world, a lot will also depend on your location and the demand for labor and materials associated with your window installation. It's important to get orders in for new windows in a timely fashion if you need them installed and you're racing the calendar to the beginning of the summer or winter season.

Beyond that, here's more on what will truly affect the overall cost:

Wood vs. Vinyl

Typically, window frames are made of either wood or vinyl, and those choices are vastly different, not only in terms of materials, but also in terms of the final cost.

Vinyl window frames are made of a plastic material called PVC and are the more affordable option. Wood windows are more expensive and more challenging to maintain, but they're often the choice of homeowners preserving decorative features of their homes or maintaining the look of historic properties.

If you're unsure what's best and want to weigh the pros and cons, consult or another trusted company or expert.

Non-standard sizing

Using whole numbers, standard-sized windows are measured by width (2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, etc.) and height, which can range from 2 feet tall all the way to 8 feet tall (or another custom size).

For a standard-sized and double-hung vinyl window, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars for the window, plus the added labor cost of installation. Wood windows are even more expensive — sometimes double the cost of vinyl — depending on size.

If the window is considered a full-frame replacement and requires more work, it will also add to the cost.

The glass package

Whether you're choosing wood or vinyl for the frame, the glass package of the window is also the most important part.


Windows have what are known as emissivity coatings. Low emissivity coatings (often called "Low-E") are recommended for windows because they can make a home more energy-efficient, allowing heat into your home in the colder months and reflecting heat away in the warmer months.

These coatings still maintain the appeal of a clear window, but obviously, help with heating and cooling costs. However, the true cost of these energy-efficient windows will vary.

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Guidelines on Yacht Buying

Guidelines on Yacht Buying
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Summer is an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities. This is the period when people participate in the fun on the beach. The period allows people to try new activities such as fishing and taking an adventure in the waters. With such ideas for your summer, it is recommended that you use a yacht. If you are embarking on buying a yacht, you can prepare for the Great Lakes Yacht sales for a yacht within your budget and one that suits your taste and preference. Here are the essential tips to help you plan to buy a yacht. Conduct research based on the following things:

Yacht information

It is very important to decide the right details concerning the yacht models. Ensure you know how to handle a yacht, whether you intend to use it for entertainment, give it up for renting services or go for personal cruising.

Auction details

If it is your first experience, it is advisable to hire a yacht broker. If you are an expert in this field, go the search for a yacht based on the size of the yacht and the requirements of the yachting sector. Then, do thorough research to find the latest discount rates from auction houses that display the flash sales on the online platforms.

Pursue the bargain

Buying a second-hand yacht may go as low as half the initial buying price. The question of sustainability and maintenance arises. You must confirm the condition of the yacht keenly before buying it.

The size of the vessel

The market offers a wide range of varieties in terms of yacht sizes. Therefore, it is essential to decide the type of yacht you are looking for. You can determine this by identifying the reason you are buying the yacht. The goal of buying a yacht should determine the suitable vessel to ensure proper mobility.

For luxury on the beach, the yacht is the ideal vessel. However, for a better experience on the water, choose a stay in the yacht for your summer.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Ajinomoto's “Cooked With Love” web series

Guys, new webisode alert!

The Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s “Cooked With Love” web series will premiere on July 10 via Ajinomoto’s Cookmunity® Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Featuring interwoven stories of three generations of women who show their love for each other by  sharing family recipes, made more special with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning.  Surely this brings viewers on a food nostalgia.

From the Press Release Kit:

Ajinomoto's “Cooked With Love” web series
Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC)’s latest web series entitled “Cooked with Love,” reveals a heartwarming take on cooking as a shared love language among Filipino families.

Cooked with Love features interwoven stories of three generations of women who show their love for each other through sharing recipes and dining together.  Showcasing heart-warming stories of relationships and how cooking with love was made more memorable with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning. The series feature Tessie, the grandmother; Jenny, the mother; and Therese, the daughter. Viewers can watch the first episode, “Slurp,” and second episode, “Squeeze,” on Ajinomoto’s Cookmunity® Facebook page and Youtube channel. Meanwhile, the last episode, “Sniff,” will premiere this Saturday, July 10.

“Cooking food and sharing mealtimes are powerful in shaping wonderful memories with our loved ones. With Ajinomoto being a part of the Filipino cooking and dining experiences for more than six decades now, we want to help them relive and celebrate those feel-good moments through Cooked With Love,” says Roann Co, APC General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

Passing it on

Slurp” tells the story of Mommy Jenny who shares their Nilagang Baka family recipe with her teenage daughter, Therese. The parallel scenes of two mother-daughter generations making the family recipe ties the episode together well. The cute and kilig first installment captures how love can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Paying it forward

Squeeze” features the relationship between Therese and her grandmother Tessie. Viewers will see how cooking Arroz Caldo becomes Lola Tessie’s way of saying “I love you, apo.” It shows that cooking traditions persist because of people who care for and love their family.

Putting the pieces together

The concluding episode “Sniff” showcases food as a source of comfort in tough times and more importantly, in dealing with the constant changes life has to bring. It recalls how Tessie comforts her daughter Jenny since she was a child until now that she's a mother who is about to face a life-changing situation. Through it all, the women share their love while cooking and eating their classic Adobo recipe.

With community quarantine protocols urging Filipinos to remain at home, stories of familial love are sure to encourage Filipinos to express their feelings through food.  Cooked With Love lives up to APC’s Eat Well, Live Well promise in its pursuit to provide good food, better health, and wonderful dining memories to Filipino families with the help of umami, a nature-based ingredient that brings out the meaty, savory deliciousness, and deepens the flavor of food. For more information, visit

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Top 6 Rainy Day Season Products from XTREME Appliances

Sharing these Top 6 XTREME Appliances for rainy seasons + sale!!!

From the Press Release Kit:

Top 6 Rainy Day Season Products from XTREME Appliances

Manila, Philippines (July 5, 2021) — We are halfway through the year which means rainy days and cold weather is expected. Aside from preparing your sweaters and cardigans for this grey and gloomy weather, you might also want to consider investing in home appliances that will help you feel better and comfortable. XTREME Appliances, the country’s leading one-stop shop appliance brand, offers a wide range of large and small appliances that are perfect for any season all year long.

In this article, we listed down Top 6 must-have XTREME Appliances for this rainy day season. While the rainy days are totally inevitable, we can still prepare and be smarter about it by choosing the right products for your homes. Luckily, you can get these appliances on the upcoming Lazada & Shopee 7.7 Sale starting July 7, 2021.

Washing Machine

Rainy days are a nightmare for your laundry. This season could bring huge hassle in managing your wet clothes and you can’t dry them outside on the clothesline. XTREME Home Combo Washer & Dryer is coming to help you say goodbye to all your season's laundry woes.

This Lazada 7.7 Sale, you can get a 28% discount on XTREME Home Combo Washer & Dryer!

Android TV

One of the most perfect things to do on a rainy day is binge-watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix. With XTREME Android TV, experience a home cinematic experience with your loved ones. This Lazada 7.7 Sale, get the 55” XTREME Android TV at a discounted price.

From the SRP of P35,995, you can get this 55” XTREME Android TV for only P30,665.

Gas Range

This rainy season might as well learn how to cook and bake. Having to cook food and bake your own could surely keep the warmth within the family. XTREME Home offers gas ranges that perfectly fit different lifestyles. Luckily, you can get up to 28% discounts on XTREME Home Gas Ranges this Shopee 7.7 Sale!

Water Dispenser

Who wouldn’t want an instant cup of hot tea or a bowl of instant noodles on a rainy day? Get the XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser (XWD201WX) this Lazada 7.7. Sale at a discounted price. No matter what the weather is, we need to keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water — hot or cold.

Get a savings of P2,240 on XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser this Lazada 7.7 Sale!

Microwave Oven

This season, warm food and hot drinks definitely bring comfort. With a microwave oven, you can get that much-needed warmth from the pit of the stomach to the rest of the body. You can have simple dishes heated up in a jiffy to snack on while rain pours outside.

Get up to 14% discounts on XTREME Home Microwave Ovens this Shopee 7.7 Sale!


We all have our rainy day comfort food — it could be a hot lugaw, creamy soup, or the chocolatey goodness of champorado. With XTREME Home Multi-Cooker, you can now achieve these great meals in a very short time  — so convenient!

Score 14% discount on XTREME Home Multicookers this Shopee 7.7 Sale.

To keep updated on the latest news and happenings of XTREME Appliances, like and follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok accounts and join their official online community on Facebook, XTREME Fam. For the full list of products and exclusive discounts, please visit XTREME on WebsiteLazada, and Shopee e-commerce.

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Pru Life UK, DepEd, and JA Philippines celebrate 10 years of Cha-Ching in the country

Cha-Ching, the insurer’s award-winning financial literacy and responsibility program for children, celebrates its 10 years in the country.

In line with this celebration, Cha-Ching, leading life insurer Pru Life UK, together with Prudence Foundation, Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines, and the Department of Education (DepEd) conducted a variety of virtual financial wellness activities for Cha-Ching teachers and students in Bicol Region.

From the Press Release Kit:

Participants from Pru Life UK, Prudence Foundation, DepEd Bicol, JA Philippines, as well as teachers and students from Bicol join the virtual celebration of Cha-Ching’s 10th year anniversary in the country.

Taguig City - In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Cha-Ching, an award-winning financial literacy and responsibility program that instills sound financial habits and promotes financial responsibility in children, leading life insurer Pru Life UK, together with Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia and Africa, the Department of Education (DepEd) and Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines, conducted a variety of virtual financial wellness activities for Cha-Ching teachers and students in the Bicol Region.

A financial wellness talk for teachers entitled Market Entry Strategy Plan was presented by Mr. Orlando Ballesteros, Chief Operating Officer of Exlinkevents; a Cha-Ching Jingle Writing seminar and contest was hosted by Ms. Sheena Lee Palad, a song writer; while a business plan competition for students themed How to Earn during a Pandemic was led by DepEd. These activities were conducted virtually via Zoom and broadcasted live through JA Philippines’ Facebook page.

“We are delighted that the Philippines continues to represent our largest Cha-Ching country. Working in partnership with the DepEd and JA, over 9,000 teachers have been trained and more than 460,000 students have been benefitted through the Cha-Ching Curriculum since its launch. As part of our continued efforts to make Cha-Ching and financial literacy more accessible, we will be launching an online educational game for children to practise their money management skills soon,” shared Marc Fancy, Executive Director of Prudence Foundation.

Marc Fancy, Prudence Foundation Executive Director

Cha-Ching, Prudence Foundation’s flagship financial education program for children was launched in 2011 in partnership with Cartoon Network Asia and children’s Education Specialist, Dr. Alice Wilder. The program began with 18 animated episodes, which through engaging characters and song, aimed to teach children aged 7-12 the key money management concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. These episodes continue to be broadcast every day across Cartoon Network channels in Asia, reaching over 35 million households across the region and 4.3 million in the Philippines.

The Cha-Ching Curriculum, which brings financial literacy into classrooms at schools ensuring that key concepts are being understood by children, was launched in Bicol in 2019. In the academic year of 2020-2021, over 4,400 teachers were trained under the Curriculum and more than 100,000 students (90% of all grade 4 students in Bicol) completed the Curriculum.

A total of 81% of Cha-Ching teachers in the Philippines who passed the Cha-Ching Financial Accreditation (CCFA) online assessment, including the national CCFA award winners for the Educator of the Year Award and the Cha-Ching Bling Award in 2020, were all from Bicol.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, students continue to benefit from the Cha-Ching program as part of the DepEd’s distance learning framework that has been implemented across the country. In Bicol, 60% of students taking part in the program for this academic year, learned through radio-based instructions.

The Cha-Ching Kid$ At Home initiative was also rolled out last year to provide effective tools for children to learn the concepts of money management while at home with their parents. These include practical activities encouraging discussions around money as part of everyday life. The materials are available and can be downloaded from the Cha-Ching website.

Pru Life UK’s innovative approach to digitize financial learning among Filipino children and families is recognized by the 2021 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. The company will be awarded a Silver Stevie Award at a virtual award ceremony which is set to take place on July 14.

For more information:

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WeTV Partners with XTREME Appliances

Good news guys!

WeTV Partners with XTREME Appliances to Bring Asian Premium Content to Every Filipino Household

From the Press Release Kit:

Manila, Philippines (June 28, 2021) — In the past years, Asian content has risen in popularity, with its compelling stories and world-class executions in films and series. Many viewers familiar with Western content have started gravitating towards the unique and colorful stories that have emerged from around Asia, highlighting cultural values that may be unfamiliar to most of the viewers. One of the companies that have been providing premium Asian content is WeTV,  a video streaming platform by Tencent Video. As of 2019, WeTV is now available in the Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and other neighboring countries. 

In line with its commitment to bringing quality Chinese, Korean, Thai, and local content to the Filipino market, WeTV has launched its partnership with a certified local home appliance brand, XTREME Appliances — making it the first appliance brand (TV-Audio) to partner with the said video streaming company. These two brands will work together in promoting Asian content such as Korean dramas, Anime, Boys Love stories, and local films and TV shows to the Filipino market. 

“XTREME Appliances has always been committed to serving every Filipino household with quality products and excellent services. This time, in partnership with WeTV, we are aiming to bring quality Asian films and series to all Filipinos. I’ve always believed in the power of Asian content and artistry, that’s why I am confident that we can leave an impact on global pop culture,” says Stephen Cheng, Vice President for Marketing of XTREME Appliances.

Throughout the past years, WeTV has built its diverse portfolio of content from different genres to cater to a variety of fans across the Asian region. To ensure fresh and top-quality content perfect for binge-watching, WeTV has been constantly adding new content that fits every taste and preference.

“As a streaming service, WeTV is constantly looking for ways to do two things – first, is to deliver the best and the widest selection of Asian premium content to its audience, and second, to give them the best viewing experience possible,” says Georgette Tengco, WeTV Philippines Country Manager.“This partnership with XTREME appliances allows us to accomplish both – especially now that we are still spending a lot of our time at home. WeTV and XTREME Appliances take family bonding over a few good shows to the next level, and at a great price point. It’s a perfect fit.”

In the said partnership, customers who purchase an XTREME Android TV in any XTREME Appliances concept stores and online platforms will receive a. FREE WeTV one (1) month VIP subscription. Current XTREME Android TV users will get a subscription code as well! To redeem the free subscription, customers can send a photo together with the downloaded WeTV app on XTREME Android TV to XTREME Appliances social media pages or send a message through our website

While many great titles on WeTV are available for streaming even without a VIP subscription, there are also premium titles that require you to purchase a VIP subscription in order to view advance or current episodes. These include the popular Chinese dramas Mysterious Love, and Smile, the massive hit The Untamed, as well as the BL series Be Loved In House, I Do, among many other binge-watch worthy series. The WeTV app can be downloaded for free via Google Play or the App Store.
In June 2020, in line with its plans to expand its own streaming platform, Tencent purchased the Southeast Asian streaming platform iflix to further expand the WeTV brand. The said acquisition broadened its audience reach to 13 countries across Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei to name a few, leveraging on iflix’s wide range of content, technology, and resources to do so.
To keep updated on the latest news and happenings of XTREME Appliances, like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok accounts and join their official online community on Facebook, XTREME Fam. For the full list of products and exclusive discounts, please visit XTREME on Website, Lazada, and Shopee e-commerce.
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Small Gestures of Appreciation that Your Team will be Sure to Eat up

Small Gestures of Appreciation that Your Team will be Sure to Eat up
Shutterstock photo

There are countless options available to you when you want to express your appreciation to your hardworking team. While the possibilities are truly endless, food has a way of speaking to the soul. Brighten their day and show them that you care by bringing in something delicious. If you are looking for a small gesture to express your appreciation, here are a few deliciously creative ideas.

Smile Inducing Sweets

For those with a sweet tooth, a supply of sweets will be sure to express your gratitude. Whether you bring in homemade desserts or save yourself some time with cookie platters Schaumburg, sweet treats are sure to supply some smiles.

Scrumptious Snacks

For those whose palates prefer saltier and more savory foods, offering scrumptious snack options can be a wonderful surprise. Whether you surprise the team with savory pretzels, homemade trail mix or a spread of savory appetizers, there are numerous mouthwatering options.

Healthy Hankering

When your team grows tired of unhealthy foods or when you want to shake things up, consider satiating that healthy hankering with more health-conscious snacks. There are plenty of delicious options out there that can help your team stay energized even when you take a healthier route.

Fancy Fruit

If you want to diversify your healthy snacks, supply the team with some fancy fruit. Nature’s sweetness will be sure to brighten everyone’s day with natural sugar and delectable flavors. With subscription services and higher-end suppliers, it will be easy to transport fancy fruit to the office.

Complimentary Caffeine

If your team is team is like many other working professionals who enjoy their caffeinated beverages, consider surprising them with upscale options or a wider selection for the day. Savoring a delicious, caffeinated beverage can help them stay alert and shake up a boring routine.

When you want to offer a small gesture of appreciation to your team, food is always a great option; however, these more creative options help keep this gesture from going stale.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Treating Yourself to a Self-Care Day

Treating Yourself to a Self-Care Day
Pixabay image

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. However, self-care is a very important part of overall wellbeing. If you need a day of rest and relaxation, consider these three tips. Everyone deserves a day off now and then, and it is likely time for you to take some time for yourself.

Plan Ahead

A self-care day should ideally be planned well in advance. You may choose a weekend day, or you might want to take a day off from work during the week. By planning ahead, you will feel more relaxed about your self-care day. It will be something to look forward to for the entire week.

Choose Relaxing Activities

On your self-care day, plan relaxing activities. Perhaps you and a friend want to get facials Spokane Valley WA. Maybe you want to simply lounge on your couch and read a good book. Everyone's self-care day will look a little different; the important thing is that you do things that you enjoy. Do not worry about being productive on this day; instead, use your time to just relax.

Repeat as Needed

Self-care days should be regularly planned events in your schedule. Although most people stay busy with work and other obligations, it is essential to add rest to your schedule. Try to commit to having a self-care day regularly. For example, you can plan for this once a month or more often.

Take a well-deserved day off, and give yourself time to recoup. Life is busy enough as it is, and you do not have to be working all the time. You need time to recharge and do things that bring you joy. When you do, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Start planning your next self-care day now!

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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Hair removal is an often time-consuming and frustrating process. More traditional methods, such as tweezing, shaving, and waxing, are effective, but their results are temporary. With laser hair removal, you have an efficient, effective process that offers a long-term solution for eliminating unwanted hair. In fact, today, laser hair removal is a method that can be done on virtually any part of your body where there is unwanted hair.

Even though laser hair removal Ellicott City MD will not eliminate hair for good, it provides a 50% to 95% reduction of new hair growth. Also, the new hair will be finer and much easier to maintain. Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits offered by laser hair removal.

Quick Treatments

Laser hair removal treatments are faster than most people expect. In fact, it only takes about 20 minutes to treat the bikini area or underarms. For legs and arms, the treatment lasts for around an hour. You don’t have to spend all day at the spa to get the desired results, which is appealing for many people.

Save Money Over Time

When you invest in laser hair removal treatments, you can eliminate the need to purchase razors, wax supplies, shaving cream, and more. The cost of laser hair removal has gone down, while the cost of waxing is going up. Also, laser hair removal is considered a financially smarter option that takes much less time and provides you with longer-lasting results.

As you can see, laser hair removal offers an array of appealing benefits. When you find a qualified and reputable service provider, you will see these benefits, among others. Keep this in mind to get the treatment you need and enjoy the benefits offered by laser hair removal. This is going to pay off in the long run.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More

If you miss going on field trips, you have to try this educational and interactive tour made by Ajinomoto!

Ajinomoto launches Virtual Experience: Be More where students and homemakers can learn about food safety, sustainability, and more!

From the Press Release Kit:

Going on field trips or educational tours is one of the most exciting ways to learn. Before the pandemic, food factory tours were widely used as an avenue for interactive learning for students aspiring to be part of the industry. To replicate this activity, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) brings its factory tour online with the launch of The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More, this time not only targeting students but homemakers as well. Aside from a detailed tour around Ajinomoto’s factory, the virtual space is also packed with kitchen tips and games that everybody will enjoy. 

“Meeting eager participants on factory tours is one of the things we miss during these times. More than sharing what we do, the tour has been an avenue for us to educate about food safety and proper nutrition, as well as to share our advocacy on environmental sustainability,” says Roann Co, APC’s General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations. “Now that we’re bringing it online, we are excited that we can reach not only those from NCR but students and homemakers nationwide empowering them to be more knowledgeable and responsible members of the community.”  

A trip down the grocery lane 

The Supermarket is the first virtual station of the online tour. This is where visitors can learn more about Ajinomoto’s products and learn about the company’s brief history.

From farm to kitchen 

After the informational and nostalgic trip, the next stop is the Factory which shows how APC’s products are made. Since this is an online tour with no physical logistical restrictions, participants can also view the farm where raw materials are harvested. From there, visitors are bound to a detailed tour of the factory where aspiring food innovators can learn about topnotch methods and technologies that keep food safe and of quality. 

Finishing the Factory tour leads guests to a choice between the Office or the Cooking Plaza. For students, a 360° tour of the Ajinomoto Office will allow them to learn the 5S organization method—Sort, Shine, Set, Standardize, and Sustain—which is widely implemented within the company. On the other hand, the Cooking Plaza features an interactive kitchen where homemakers can learn about the 5Ms of a great meal—Malinis, Masustansya, Masarap, Matipid, at Madaling Gawin—and apply them by virtually cooking dishes, playing games, and answering quizzes. 

Towards a more sustainable future 

The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More ends with a message for the future. The last station, Community, features Ajinomoto’s environment education campaign that aims to aid consumers to slowly incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives. 

“At Ajinomoto, our commitment towards a more sustainable future is embedded in our Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV) which represents our unchanging mission of helping resolve society’s issues such as global sustainability, food resources, and healthy living. Through the best practices we shared at The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More, we hope to inspire Filipinos to lead a healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle,” says Co. 

To try the fun and educational tour, visit

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that people have used since 2000 BC. In Ancient Egypt, this spice was highly regarded for its many benefits. Doctors used it to remedy conditions such as sore throats, arthritis, and coughing. This spice also has a warm smell and pleasant flavor that has made it popular in cooking.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

According to Denver functional medicine, this spice can fight infections, soothe an aching neck, among other benefits. Some of the benefits include:

It Has Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral, and Anti-Bacterial Properties

Cinnamon has many soothing and medicinal properties and is periodically used in Chinese herbal medicine. It has a distinctive flavor and smells from the essential oils in its bark. This essential oil is commonly referred to as cinnamaldehyde. The oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and ant-viral properties.

Some types of fungal infections may get treated using cinnamon oil. In 2016, a laboratory study revealed that cinnamon oil could remedy a type of Candida found in the bloodstream. This healing property gets attributed to the antimicrobial properties of cinnamon.

It Contains Antioxidants

Cinnamon has large amounts of antioxidants containing anti-inflammatory effects. These polyphenol antioxidants also protect your body from diseases and the damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants in cinnamon are so powerful to the extent of making cinnamon a natural food preservative.

It May Reduce the Risk of Coronary Disease

Heart disease is the common cause of premature death in the world. Cinnamon may reduce the risk of getting this deadly killer condition. Also, if you have type 2 diabetes, take a gram or a half teaspoon of this spice daily to help you regulate your blood markers. This spice reduces total cholesterol levels: it stabilizes the good HDL cholesterol and alters the bad LDL cholesterol.

It Improves Sensitivity to the Hormone Insulin

Insulin helps in the regulation of energy use and metabolism. It’s also essential in the transportation of blood sugar from the bloodstream to the cells. The challenge is that many people aren’t responsive to the effects of insulin. This condition is commonly referred to as insulin resistance and usually leads to severe conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The good thing is that this spice can reduce insulin resistance, thus enabling the hormone insulin to do its job.

It Has a Powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect and Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

This spice is commonly known for its blood-sugar-lowering properties. Once it increases insulin sensitivity, the blood sugar levels reduce. It can also use other mechanisms to lower blood sugar levels. First, it lowers the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream after a meal. It achieves this by altering the many digestive enzymes, thereby slowing the digestion of carbohydrates in the gut.

Second, cinnamon has a compound that can mimic insulin to improve glucose uptake by your cells. This spice also has anti-diabetic effects as it can lower fasting blood sugar levels by up to 10 to 29 percent. Take between 1 and 6 grams of cinnamon daily if you have diabetes and hypertension.

Cinnamon is among the spices that people have used for many centuries. It has many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of getting heart disease and curing type 2 diabetes.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

4 Principles of Effective Skin Treatment

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Like the kidney, heart, and liver, the skin is also another important and most significant organ in your body. It is pretty easy to take it for granted until there is a serious problem. The skin has an essential duty to protect you and keep infection out of your body. That is why dermatologists recommend constant skin treatment to ensure maximum protection. Here are some principles of skin treatment.

Limit Bath Time
Using hot water and taking long baths removes oil from the skin. The average time one has to take a shower is eight minutes. For people who like to take longer than fifteen minutes, it is time to rethink and change their bathing routine. The recommended time for a shower is five to ten minutes. That's enough time to have your skin clean and hydrated without over-cleaning or under-cleaning. If you have dry skin, it is recommendable to use lukewarm water. Also, avoid hot water during the winter months. The heat can damage the surface of your skin, leading to inflammation and increased symptoms of dry skin.

Avoid Strong Soaps
It is well known that to keep your skin healthy, one needs to keep it clean. But what many don't know is that cleansing one's skin can be harmful. This especially happens if you cleanse it more often, aggressively, or using hard soap. Doing any of that would mean damage to your skin.

It is even worse if you combine it with the abrasiveness of products such as makeup remover. Using traditional soaps with irritants results in dry skin, contact dermatitis, inflammatory acne and throws off the pH balance your skin maintains for the body and face.

Pat Dry
How do you apply your skin product? This is a question worth sparking an argument about. Rubbing your skin, which most people do without minding the outcome, is a debatable beauty topic. According to experts, patting is preferable over rubbing. Some people are so sensitive that they can’t afford to rub their skin. They take it as far as refusing to use cotton pads on their faces and avoiding using face wipes. Avoid as much as you can, even a towel to dry off your skin. Embrace patting, which has been proved to be the best standard skincare application practice.

Moisturize Dry Skin
Skin dryness comes as a result of skin failure to retain sufficient moisture. It can be caused by bathing often and for long periods. The types of soaps, aging, or specific medical conditions can also result in skin dryness. And for people living in cold places, skin dryness can be triggered by the cold weather or dry winter air.

Cold winter air is low in humidity and causes raw, rough, and dry skin. The moisture on the epidermis reflects the humidity level. However, the situation is always manageable through ways such as keeping moisturizers in the skin. These rehydrate the epidermis and seal in the moisture. They are made of humectants ingredients that help attract water and petrolatum ingredients that help seal the moisture in the skin.

Skin treatment has always been a challenge, with people trying different methods that result in more severe skin problems. If you're among people struggling with varying skin conditions, schedule your treatment in Medspa today.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Reasons to Hire a Tax Advisor

Reasons to Hire a Tax Advisor
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Every year, like clockwork, you work on filing your taxes. And yet still, every year, you get confused and overwhelmed with all the itemizations you need to factor in. Is this taxable, exempted, a gift, or a donation?

Because of this, people become prone to committing errors on their filings, which lead to further complications. Before they know it, you suddenly owe Federal and State taxes, instead of enjoying a tax refund.

This doesn’t have to keep happening to you. As long as you get help from the right sources, you can have a worry-free tax filing the next time around. Where do you get this kind of help? From tax advisors and preparers.

Here are some benefits of working with them. 

Accuracy in Tax Data

Even though you file your taxes annually, your financial circumstances change year on year. It could be that you earned a promotion, or you invested in stocks. You might have inherited a good fortune, and then decided to donate the same.

These circumstances, while they may not seem like it, will inevitably impact your tax standing. This is why you need a professional who can analyze and interpret the data you have for accurate reporting and filing.

A tax preparer or advisor should be able to identify which are deductibles, tax exemptions, or otherwise.

Save Time

Another major advantage of hiring a professional to do your tax filing is that you don’t have to worry about cramming it into your schedule. Too often, no matter how much time you think you have to file your taxes, you still end up cramming it anyway.

Avoid rushing your tax filing. This especially makes you prone to committing more errors in your document. If you hire a tax advisor, they’ll make sure that you file your documents not just with the proper data, but also, well within the deadline.

Resolve Tax Issues

Taxation is a very complex subject that requires special knowledge. If you think you have a rather complicated tax structure, then it’s much better for you to leave it to the professionals to avoid any mistakes.

Not only that, but they should be able to spot any issues or discrepancies in your data. Catching these issues before you even submit your filing works to your benefit, because then it can be resolved immediately. And then you won’t have to worry about getting penalized for the issue.

Bear in mind that there are serious consequences to submitting erroneous and falsified data on your tax returns. Avoid being subject to these problems by letting your tax advisor handle them.

Firms like Denver Tax Advisor ( can help you organize what you need for the next filing, so that you can have peace of mind when the next deadline rolls around.

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