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Skilled Nursing Facility Responsibilities

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When it comes to running a skilled nursing facility, there are many responsibilities that you must take into consideration. These responsibilities include Long-term health insurance, Nurses, Physical therapists, Activities directors, and more.

Physical therapists

Physical therapy is crucial to rehabilitative care in a skilled nursing facility. It can improve a resident's mobility and decrease pain. It can also help prevent falls.

The population's aging will lead to a greater need for long-term care. It is why physical therapists are so crucial to the elderly. They help seniors maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

For many senior patients, chronic pain is a common problem. Chronic pain can cause sleep issues, depression, and reduced mobility. To reduce this pain, a physical therapist will use various techniques.

One of the more popular methods is building muscle strength. It helps seniors return to their routines and reduces their risk of falling. Some physical therapists even work with older adults in their homes. Training them to do basic tasks like lifting groceries allows them to enjoy a more active and independent lifestyle.

Another technique is balance training. A physical therapist can teach a senior who uses a wheelchair to stay balanced when walking.

Activities directors

A nursing home Activity Director is vital to the caregiving team, promoting good health and socialization for their residents. The position is also one of the most rewarding as it allows the director to make a noticeable improvement in senior citizens' life.

Activities Directors are responsible for arranging and leading recreational and therapeutic activities for their residents. Typically, they plan and coordinate these programs, recruit volunteers, and oversee the department's operation.

An Activities Director should be well-versed in various rules and regulations in the field. They must understand the aging process and know how to work with elderly patients.

In addition to planning and coordinating programs, the role requires excellent communication skills. Often, the director will need to assess the facility's residents. These may include a written self-reported questionnaire and verbal interview. This assessment is usually based on the resident's age, physical limitations, and mental health.

Depending on the organization, an activity director's salary can vary. However, an average activities director's salary is around $33,000.


Skilled nursing facilities are where patients requiring around-the-clock medical care are treated. These patients have suffered a traumatic injury or have a chronic disease. They may also need rehabilitation. Licensed health professionals provide skilled care at a facility.

One of the most crucial details concerning a skilled nursing facility is that Medicare licenses it. After a patient has been hospitalized for at least three days, Medicare will cover 100 percent of the costs of their stay.

A skilled nursing facility may provide several types of care, including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. It can also provide rehabilitative services such as IV therapies.

In addition to the registered nurses and nursing assistants, many skilled nursing facilities also employ other professionals. Among these are licensed practical nurses, LPNs, certified nurse's aides, or CNAs.

Nurses administer medications, monitor vital signs, take blood, and prepare IV lines. RNs often have more experience than other workers and can oversee the work of other staff members.

Long-term health insurance

In a nursing home, you can receive specialized care. Obtain long-term health insurance. It is for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

There are three types of insurance available. Medicare, Medicaid, and privacy policies. Each program covers different levels of care. If you need long-term health care, it's essential to know what type of coverage is best for you.

Individual long-term health insurance is a contract between you and your insurer. It cannot be canceled for nonpayment. In most cases, you choose how much coverage you want. Some policies are "non-standard" and have higher premiums.

Partnership plans are a particular type of insurance. These are designed to meet quality standards and provide cost-of-living adjustments. They are sold through a program called the California Partnership for Long-Term Care.

The amount you pay for a policy is determined by age, gender, length of coverage, and current health. Some policies offer discounts for healthy people and two spouses.

The California Department of Insurance must approve policies. You can contact an agent for more information.

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Advantages of Living in Retirement Communities

Advantages of Living in Retirement Communities

There are many benefits if you're looking for a retirement community for your loved one. Consider the amenities, safety and security, and a sense of community.

Sense of community

Getting a sense of community when living in retirement communities is essential. It can increase your sense of well-being and improve the quality of your life.

Senior living communities offer services such as mentoring and teaching. They also promote group outings, such as community dinners. Some communities even partner with local organizations to provide residents with various activities.

Among the most popular features of 55+ communities is a sense of community. These communities bring together exciting minds from all walks of life, including retirees. Many senior living communities offer a monthly activity calendar, which lists different events.

Another feature is the safety of the community. Retirement communities employ numerous strategies to ensure the safety of their residents. However, only some studies have evaluated the level of perceived protection. It is important because older adults' well-being depends on a safe environment.

The Age Well Study conducted by the Mather Institute and Northwestern University found that a sense of community was one of the most critical factors contributing to well-being. A study of 4,100 residents at 122 Life Plan Communities across the United States showed that the sense of community was associated with many positive emotions.

One way to build a sense of community is through interior design. Interior designers should pay attention to human interaction with the spaces in which they design. While the physical space is essential, how people interact with the room is just as important.

For example, designing "tech rooms" for residents to use, or promoting volunteer opportunities outside of the community, are a few examples. Besides offering a sense of community, they also provide the possibility of social interaction and are a great way to boost mental and physical health.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are significant advantages of living in a retirement community. Not only does this make a senior feel comfortable, but it also helps them maintain their independence for an extended time.

Several senior communities provide security systems. These are installed to identify any suspicious behavior by employees or other residents. Security systems can also detect restricted areas and any unauthorized personnel on the property.

Some communities also offer personal emergency call devices. Seniors can use these to call for help from any location. It is crucial for anyone who has eyesight or movement issues.

When choosing a place to live, you should ask about the safety features of the community. The building should be secure with wide hallways, elevators, and handrails. The building's windows should also be taken into account. In addition, it is vital to ensure that the doors to the residence are secure.

Several modern senior living communities offer wide doorways and hallways, safe exits, and even low-entry walk-in showers. Several have secured toilets and restrooms, as well.

Many have raised toilets, which reduce the risk of falls. Secure doors and windows are essential for preventing wandering. Also, carpeting can help prevent falls.

Finding a community with a 24-hour health facility and an emergency call system is also a bright idea. Having these will ensure that your medical needs are met.

If you are considering a retirement community, ask about their policies. They should outline how they will protect residents and communicate with their family members.

Other important considerations are lighting, security systems, and full-time staff. You could require a senior housing manager, depending on your circumstances.

Round-the-clock nursing

It's no secret that retirement communities offer many options for aging in place. There are assisted living, memory care, and long-term care facilities, among other choices. Some communities offer multiple levels of care on one campus. A home health aide may work for those who prefer to remain close to home.

However, round the clock, skilled nursing is a different story. Although it's often covered by insurance, it's also a costly proposition. A standard monthly rate for a 44-hour-per-week package is around $4,576. It is not exactly pocket change, but the cost is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a live-in aide.

Moreover, you will likely get all the needed assistance in the exact location. That's great news for older people who don't want to leave their families behind.

If you still need to decide on a retirement community, here are some things to consider. The first thing to remember is that not all retirement communities are the same. The quality of care offered varies, although they are all the same size. Do your homework to make the most of your senior years.

Lastly, consider a CCRC. These specialized retirement communities offer a wide variety of amenities in a centrally located facility. One such community, Denver retirement homes, offers round-the-clock skilled nursing in a home-like setting. Similarly, CCRCs are a great way to get the most out of your senior years and won't waste your savings.

In conclusion, considering moving from your current residence to a retirement community, it's time to view the merits of all three options.


Seniors should look for a retirement community that offers a variety of amenities. Amenities can range from wellness and fitness programs to cultural and artistic activities. Some communities even have pet-friendly facilities.

Fitness centers and swimming pools remain popular among retirees. Other luxury amenities include on-site salons and spas. Several communities also have golf courses. These are great options for active adults.

Dining options are essential for senior living. Choose a community that offers a variety of menu choices. A complete service lounge, cafe-style, and fine dining are all excellent options.

Some communities offer exercise classes such as yoga and Tai Chi. Other everyday physical health activities are walks and dances. There are also a variety of activities that promote socialization.

Many communities host classes in art and literature. These are great opportunities for older adults to learn new skills and meet new people.

A rich social schedule is another critical component to a happy and healthy retirement. Some communities hold fundraisers and donation events that can be shared with family members.

The right community will have several communal areas. For example, an outdoor patio and lounge are perfect gathering spots. Another community may have a theater that can be used for shows and other events.

Older adults increasingly desire dynamic and vibrant cities. Some communities have agrihoods where seniors can grow their food. Others provide on-site gyms.

Most senior living facilities include a range of wellness and fitness options. Group exercise classes, swimming pools, and personal trainers are great amenities for retirees.

If you're considering moving into a retirement community, you should visit the community to get a sense of what they offer. Meet the team and talk to current residents and their families. Also, check out virtual tours and ask about other amenities.

Senior living isn't one-size-fits-all

When looking for a retirement community, you want to be sure that it offers everything you need. It includes amenities, socialization opportunities, and even transportation. It would be best if you also considered the cost. Assisted living facilities may be expensive, but you can get assistance from Medicaid to pay for some of the costs.

One of the enormous benefits of retirement communities is the opportunity to meet new people. The community will often host events to promote socialization. Many of these activities are planned around residents' interests.

Senior housing is also close to like-minded neighbors and family members. In addition, many communities offer amenities such as security services, landscaping, and fitness centers. These facilities can help you maintain a quality of life you never imagined possible.

Moving into a retirement community may be your best bet for enjoying a carefree lifestyle. Some senior housing complexes may even provide financial assistance for low-income seniors.

Retirement communities also offer a range of social and medical options. A facility that has a 24-hour health clinic is key to helping you stay healthy. Also, an urgent call system is an excellent way to ensure that you can receive emergency medical care when needed.

Often, retirement communities feature security services. Several communities will employ security staff to patrol the area and ensure everyone follows the rules. They may even impose fines for violations.

Another significant benefit of a retirement community is that it makes home maintenance more manageable. You won't have to shovel snow or clean the driveway with a senior community.

Although there are plenty of senior living options to choose from, choosing the right one is a decision that's best made on your own. Make sure that you tour several options before deciding.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

How Technology is Changing How We Treat Care for Elders

How Technology is Changing How We Treat Care for Elders
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Whether you are a doctor, a home health care provider, or someone who works with older adults in a nursing home, or nursing facilities like elderly care Missouri, it is essential to know how technology changes how we care for them. Several technologies are being developed, such as E-readers, medical alert devices, and driverless cars. These innovations are making it easier for caregivers to monitor their elderly patients.


Unlike paper books, e-readers are small, light, and flexible. They have a scalable font size, a backlight, and edge lighting for easy reading. They also have low power consumption. These features make e-readers a better choice for seniors who have eye problems. In addition, they are less tiring than reading on a tablet.

E-readers are becoming more popular. They offer a wide range of features and functions for a reasonable price. They are also very convenient. You can download books, reading lists, and recommendations from the Amazon website. You can also check out books from your local library using Overdrive.

One of the most popular e-readers is the Kindle. It is often offered at steep discounts. You can get an e-book from the Amazon website or their Fire tablets and Android devices apps. You can also read e-books on the Google Play Store and iOS.

Another popular e-reader is the Sony Reader. It is a Sony-branded device used in a study conducted by Aalto University Library. The study was conducted to evaluate the usability of different e-reading devices. The participants in the study ranged from 16 to 71 years of age. They gave written informed consent before participating.

Medical Alert Devices

Whether you are looking for peace of mind for yourself or someone you love, medical alert devices can provide the safety you need. These devices can be worn on your wrist or as a pendant and send a signal to a monitoring center.

A medical alert system can help you get help in the event of a fall. The device can send a signal to emergency services in minutes. Depending on the model, it may also include a two-way speaker to talk with monitoring personnel.

Some medical alert systems use GPS technology to pinpoint the user's location. This helps caregivers and loved ones locate and assist the person in need.

Medical alert systems are designed to give seniors peace of mind. They provide an extra layer of protection, enabling seniors to remain independent in their homes.

Medical alert devices are an excellent solution for older people, and younger adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and dementia may also benefit from using a medical alert device.

Driverless Cars

Several companies are testing autonomous vehicles for seniors. These cars promise to improve seniors' mobility and independence. However, many seniors need to be more comfortable with technology. There are many challenges to bringing this technology to the elderly.

There are a few key issues that need to be addressed. First, the United States needs to address critical legal and regulatory concerns. Second, the car industry needs to work out the details of how these cars will operate. Third, people who use the technology need to be involved in the process.

Driverless cars could allow older adults to maintain their independence and social life. This technology could also reduce the stress on traffic. It would also increase the efficiency of scheduling trips. Currently, seniors must travel to a specific location when they need to go there. This can be time-consuming, especially if they live in a small community. A self-driving vehicle would allow them to travel when and where they need to go.


Whether a child or an adult, you are familiar with the struggles of caring for an elderly parent. Keeping up with daily needs can affect a caregiver's health and relationships. But new technologies can help.

A robot is a high-tech product that can perform specific tasks. While robots cannot deliver the same emotional connection that human caregivers provide, they can do specific tasks that free up time for human interaction. For example, they can fetch food, help with communication, or fetch water. They can even perform particular tasks like medication schedules.

A growing class of socially assistive robots is designed to help elderly adults improve their cognitive function. They can also boost the emotional well-being of those with dementia.

Robots are already in the homes of older adults. 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Financial Goals for 2023

Almost everyone will agree that this pandemic hit us not just physically and mentally, but most especially financially.

It was a tough time for everyone because when pandemic started everything became uncertain. We don't know when the pandemic will end and when will our lives be back to normal again. We can't do nothing but pray that we will not acquire this deadly Covid-19 virus. 

Many business stopped and shut down. Luckily, our company is not one of those but during the early months of lockdowns, we had reduced works days and so less salary payment. But that's better than losing our job.

Thankfully, our family is not financially affected because we having savings and emergency fund in case, and again thank God, my husband and I did not lose our jobs.

Now, with just 11 days before new year, I am sharing my financial goals for 2023.

Save more and invest

If for the previous years, I am just saving 20% of our income, I will make it 30%. I will invest that additional 10% to mutual funds. I am considering also of opening another bank to put in the other savings I make through the envelope system

To help me look for a bank with higher interest rate, I use this. helps accurately forecast how much interest you can get for a period of time you want to keep the money in a bank. It also accounts for the inflation rate, so it's a very good tool to help you decide when choosing a bank.

Reduce expenses

We go to malls and groceries more often in 2022. Maybe because we missed going out during the stricter community quarantine the government imposed for the passed two years. We dine out more often as well. So for next year, I will make sure to reduce our mall trips and dining out not just to save money but also to save time and for lesser health risk. Because Covid-19 and other contagious diseases are still around.

Stick with the budget

Like what I have mentioned, we go out often especially on weekends. Even if it's not in our budget, we tend to buy things we don't need. My inner voice say if you can buy it then buy it now because you can never tell. That's not a good thinking though. For 2023, I will do my best and not listen to my conscience, haha.

Blog and write more

I created this blog is 2010, started writing in 2011 and so next year is our 13th year. Would you believe that because of this blog we can pay for our vehicle's monthly amortization for the first two years? Yeah, we are earning a fare amount of money here, which we save and then spend on things that is out of our budget. That's why I will never stop blogging and writing, even if vlogging is more famous now. There's more stable money in blogging, I tell you.

Increase online sales

When lockdown started in 2020, we received many online orders at our shop. With less strict community quarantines, our online orders were reduced. Also, I have no time to update the items and make ads because of work. But for 2023, I will make time for it and study how I can increase our online sales.

Start a new business

Our soap making business has started late this year. But for 2023, we plan to make beauty soaps, rejuvenating creams and the likes as well. I got my inspiration from the CEOs in Tiktok. If they can do it, why I can't. My husband and I are Chemists by the way.

For now, those are my financial goals for 2023. Praying hard I can do all of these. I know it's not easy but if you have the will then you can have all the way. 

How about your financial goals for 2023? I would love to read yours.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Quick and Easy Tips for a Sulit and Sustainable Holiday Season

Ajinomoto shares affordable and eco-friendly ways to do in your upcoming parties.

From the Press Release kit:

Filipinos are known to celebrate the longest and grandest holiday season. More often than not, this comes at an economic and environmental expense, having to spend more on food and gifts - but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Having an affordable and sustainable celebration can be an option and a great way for families to bond together.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group) shares a few tips on how Filipinos can have a meaningful holiday season- the budget-friendly and eco-friendly way. APC Group General Manager of Corporate Planning and Public Relations Roann Co said, “We, at Ajinomoto, believe that there is no small contribution when it comes to caring for the environment. Through our tips below, we hope to empower Filipinos in giving the gift of sustainability this holiday season.”

Here are some eco-friendly and meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays:

1. Recycled gift wraps and Do-It-Yourself gifts 

Using old magazines and newspapers as an alternative gift wrapper isn’t a new practice to Filipinos. But, it is definitely something that we should further encourage among our families and friends. Not only does it help the environment, it is also easy on the pocket too!

Moreover, if you’re still wondering what gifts you should give, you can check some of the winning DIY projects during the online contest for Ilabas ang SustainAbilidad campaign such as the apron made from the wrappers of used Ajinomoto products and a DIY toy kitchen set for kids who want to learn to cook. You can also try re-inventing some of the projects to make it more creative and more heart-felt.

2. Solar-powered string lights

Christmas decorations are incomplete without bright lights at home and on streets. Retire your vintage decors by using solar-powered lights which give you the same merry evenings with less electricity consumption and environmental impact. And since these solar-powered decors don’t add to your electricity bill, you may also consider maintaining this type of ambient lights on your garden and terraces.

Beyond homes, Ajinomoto has also introduced solar energy to its Bulacan factory and it is projected to offset around 865 metric tons of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to reducing 2,352,456 miles in vehicle travel per year.

3. Prepare delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly holiday meals

What makes Filipino holidays special is the variety of food options planned and prepared by home cooks. Bring out the flavor of your favorite handaan dishes like Pinoy spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, adobo, kaldereta, and more with the new AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning 45g paper pack. The new packaging is made from a natural paper material that can be planted, grown, harvested, and then replanted which means you’re not only preparing delicious food for the family but also helping the environment.

Here are some holiday recipe ideas you may try:

Instead of buying salty potato chips as an appetizer for your guests this Christmas, why not try making your own chips at home? These Pasta Chips recipe can turn your typical soft pasta into a crispy delight that’s also less sodium, thanks to AJI-NO-MOTO®!

Just deep-fry sliced and cooked lasagna sheets in a pan with oil. Drain excess oil using a strainer.  While hot, immediately sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese and AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning for that added umami-goodness.

New pasta dish to impress! Savor the delicious kick  from Cajun and the savory goodness of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning.

Heat oil and melt butter in a pot. Add the chicken pieces then cook until golden brown. Chicken breast is a great source of lean Protein to help build strong muscles. Add the onions, tomatoes, French beans then cook for 3 minutes. Toss together the cooked penne pasta. To ensure an al dente texture or slightly firm pasta, cook pasta one minute less than the package instructions. Drain then you may opt to drizzle a little bit of olive oil to avoid the pasta from sticking together.

Season with cream cheese and your homemade Cajun spice mix – smoked paprika powder, dried oregano, dried thyme, AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, and cayenne powder. Mix and cook for 3-5 minutes. Transfer to a plate then garnish with spring onions. This is another pasta dish that is complete with Go, Grow, and Glow Foods! 

APC Group’s campaign for sustainability is part of its Ajinomoto Group creating shared value (ASV) framework which directs the company to realize greater wellness for people around the world through thoughtful business activities focusing on health and the environment.

“This holiday season, may we have more food to share and gifts to give. And more importantly, may the spirit of giving extend towards caring for the environment,” Co said.

Take a more proactive step towards sustainability and learn more about APC Group’s sustainability initiatives at

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Things to Do in Verona

Things to Do in Verona
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Although the Italian city of Verona certainly gets its share of tourists, it doesn't compare to cities like Florence and Venice when it comes to overseas visitors. That's partly because this town is a lot smaller than the major Italian cities and, therefore, has less to see and do.

However, Verona manages to pack a lot of great attractions into a small area. Plus, the more laid-back atmosphere of the town might be just what you are looking for in an Italian vacation. If you're considering a visit to Verona, you'll find plenty to do here. Plus, the city makes a great gateway to other destinations nearby.

Drop off your bags at a Verona luggage storage and check out some of these top attractions. It won't take long to see why Verona is often considered an underrated gem of Italian tourism.

Verona Arena

The first thing most visitors want to see in Verona is the famous arena. This Roman amphitheater was built over 2,000 years ago and is still in excellent condition.

Although it no longer hosts gladiator battles or public executions, the arena does host a major opera festival every summer. If you're visiting during this time, you might be able to snag tickets to a world-renowned performance.

If not, you can still explore the interior and exterior of this incredible ancient structure. It's free to enter, making it a great activity for budget travelers.

Ponte Scaligero

No visit to Verona would be complete without seeing the Ponte Scaligero, one of the town's most iconic landmarks.

This bridge was built in the 13th century and spans the Adige River. It's a beautiful example of medieval architecture, with six arches and statues of lions on either side.

You can cross the bridge for free, making it the perfect spot to snap some photos of Verona's riverfront.

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Juliet's House

Romeo and Juliet may have been invented by the English writer William Shakespeare. But that hasn't stopped Verona, the setting of the famous play, from capitalizing on the story.

The house, the inspiration for where Juliet supposedly lived, is now a museum dedicated to the star-crossed lovers. You can explore Juliet's bedroom, balcony, and tomb, as well as see some interesting Shakespearean artifacts.

Even if you're not a huge fan of the play, this museum is worth a visit for the beautiful medieval building alone.

Castelvecchio Museum

If you're interested in seeing some of Verona's most important art and artifacts, head to the Castelvecchio Museum.

This museum is housed in a 14th-century castle that has been beautifully preserved. In addition to art, the museum contains weapons, armor, and other objects from Verona's history.

A visit to the Castelvecchio Museum is a great way to learn more about the city's past. Plus, the views from the castle are incredible.

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Torre dei Lamberti

For even more amazing views of Verona, climb to the top of the Torre dei Lamberti.

This tower is 84 meters tall and offers panoramic views of the city below. You can see all of Verona's major landmarks from the top, making it the perfect spot for photos. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the mountains beyond.

There is an elevator that goes to the top of the tower, but you can also choose to walk up the stairs for a small fee. Either way, it's a great activity for visitors of all ages.

Piazza Bra

No trip to Verona would be complete without spending some time in the city's main square, Piazza Bra.

This large piazza is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and shops. It's the perfect place to people-watch or do some souvenir shopping.

If you're visiting on a Sunday, you'll also find a large open-air market in the square. You can browse for clothes, jewelry, and other local goods.

Verona Cathedral

The Verona Cathedral is one of the city's most important religious landmarks. This Gothic cathedral was built in the 14th century and contains many beautiful works of art. The ornate ceiling will have you craning your neck to see it all, yet you won’t want to avert your eyes from the intricate carvings and frescoes.

You can explore the interior of the cathedral for free, so that will help your euros stretch further.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of the cathedral, there is also a small museum inside.

photo source

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

The Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore is another important religious landmark in Verona. This basilica was built between the 10th and 14th centuries and contains lots of beautiful art and impressive Romanesque architecture.

In line with the blurring of fiction and reality, this basilica is alleged to be the place where the real Romeo and Juliet got married. Whether that's true or not, this impressive church is worth visiting for its long history and the notable art inside.

Scaliger Tombs

The Scaliger Tombs are a must-see for history lovers visiting Verona. These 14th-century tombs are ornate and well-preserved. They're a great example of the city's medieval architecture.

The tombs are located in the courtyard of the Church of Santa Maria Antica. 

If you're interested in learning more about the history of the tombs, the church has lots of interesting information.


Although relatively small, Verona is rich in history, architecture, and historical interest. But it's also a fun and lively place to visit today, with lots of great food to enjoy. Although it still draws quite a few tourists, it will generally be less busy than the juggernauts like Rome and Florence, which can be a nice change if you’re on an extended Italian vacation. Drop off your bags at a Verona luggage storage, and you'll soon see just how much this small Italian city has to offer.

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

What to Do when Your Kids are Not Doing Well in School

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There are many reasons kids might struggle or not do well in school, but there is one thing to know for all the parents dealing with that right now. You are doing a great job as their parent! Just because your kids might be struggling does not reflect on your parenting. Kids lose interest, sometimes have a lack of understanding, they might learn differently and need more support, they could have a learning disability, or many other reasons. All kids are different and there is no cookie-cutter answer when it comes to why they are not doing well. But, there is one thing that applies to all parents - taking action. What to do when your kids are not doing well in school? Let’s talk about it!

Meet with their teachers

First and foremost, meet with their teachers. This is a great starting place because it’s almost (not always, but almost) guaranteed that your child's teacher has some sort of insight about your child and why they are struggling in school, that you do not see. More than likely, if your child is struggling, the teacher already reached out to you. But, if they have not reached out yet, go ahead and reach out to them first. Set up an in-person meeting (or a Facetime if that is not possible) and come prepared with a list of questions. Before you leave, ask the teacher what they think you should do, in order to help your child succeed. The more people that you have on the same game plan, the better. There is nothing more beneficial than a great support team for your child!

Organize support, where needed

Aside from reaching out to your child's teacher, there might be other ways to organize support, where needed. Maybe your child needs a tutor, or maybe they just need more time outside, with friends. Figure out what the potential issue(s) are and then go from there with organizing support. Keep in mind: you do not have to do this alone and it does not have to add tons of stress and time to your routine. Look into every learning resource out there and figure out what the best option for your family is.

Think about a school change

Sometimes, your child might just need a school change. To do this, you have a few options. You can move and change school zones in public schools, or you could look into private school options in your area. If you go through with a move, keep a few things in mind. First of all, know that this might add stress into your family's life. This is okay, but figure out ways to make it more manageable for everyone - mentally and physically. Hire out the move to professional movers so that you don’t have to worry about that aspect of it. There are plenty of residential movers out there to help take the stress off your plate. Movin’ is a great example of this. These safe movers Salt Lake City are affordable, have customer-focused service, and have over 20 years of experience to back up their great reviews! Hiring a moving team will make a potential move for a new school MUCH easier.

Try different learning methods

There are many different learning methods out there and one thing that I know to be true is that all kids learn differently. Maybe your child is not getting what they need to be successful - and that is okay. Once you figure it out, you can try different learning methods, in order to help them succeed!

Be their rock and offer encouragement and support

Finally, just be their rock. Offer encouragement and support throughout their entire life, but especially now as they are struggling more. YOU are the best person for this job and you know your kids the best. Keep that in mind and love them hard during this time!

Collaboration with MoversBoost. MoversBoost offers exclusive moving leads to its network of moving clients.
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Friday, November 18, 2022

Preventive Treatment as Crucial for Asthma Management

Mommas, sharing this health article that emphasizes preventive treatment as crucial for asthma management.

From the Press Release Kit:

According to the latest Philippine Consensus Report on Asthma diagnosis and management, approximately 339.4 million people worldwide suffer from asthma.  This makes the disease one of the leading causes of years lived with disability globally.

Like other illnesses, the first step to treating asthma is to establish a proper diagnosis. This is done through an examination of recurring symptoms and the patient's history, or by conducting a spirometry test to look into the airway obstruction further. 

Once a diagnosis has been determined, the next step is asthma management. This involves keenly following medical guidance because not all asthma patients take the same medication. Some doctors may prescribe quick-relief medicine to control the symptoms of an asthma attack, while others prescribe long-term medication to help lessen the frequency and severity of the incidents.

After receiving their treatment plan and medication, however, there is a tendency for asthma patients to cease going on annual check-ups.  In Why Asthma Still Kills, the National Review of Asthma Deaths' (NRAD) first national investigation of asthma deaths in the UK, they have noted that out of the 195 people who died from asthma during their review period, 57% were not recorded as being under specialist supervision during the 12 months prior to death. Behaviors like this may be attributed to many patients’ lack of awareness of their condition.  

Additional studies also support this reality, including research on How real patients with severe asthma experience their disease. This study found that its participants underestimated their asthma severity and symptoms, resulting in disease denial and passivity. The participants also noted that they needed a comprehensive understanding of their disease from the beginning. 

Knowing these realities makes proper treatment and disease awareness all the more necessary.

New evidence highlights long-term regular treatment as optimal

The latest research by Professor Dave Singh, a professor of clinical pharmacology and respiratory medicine at the University of Manchester, states that the daily usage of Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) treatments, otherwise known as maintenance inhalers, can effectively treat immediate asthma symptoms while also providing sufficient overall disease control.

“Most may think that inhalers are only necessary during asthma attacks, as opposed to a consistent form of treatment,” says Professor Singh. “By looking at asthma as a chronic disease, patients will be able to view their treatment as a way to address the underlying source of their conditions,” he adds.

Using ICS inhalers on a regular basis has also been found to decrease the number and severity of patient asthma attacks. At the same time, it alleviates short-term symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing, or chest tightness,  all in all, making it an optimal form of treatment. “We’re optimistic that our research leads to a better understanding of asthma and its ideal treatment forms so that patients and their doctors can work towards improving their condition and long-term outlook,” Singh added. 

Supporting Singh’s research is a recently published post hoc analysis of a GSK-sponsored AUSTRI study on the correlation between increased use of a reliever (albuterol) and an increased risk of asthma attacks.8 One of the key findings of the analysis revealed “In patients with a one-year history of exacerbations, ~92% of those treated daily regimen of ICS/LABA did not exacerbate during the treatment period.

“There are very few studies that investigate pattens of reliever use in patients with a history of severe asthma exacerbations,” said Singh. “These results underline the importance of a maintenance regimen with a combination of [ICS/LABA] in opening new doors to achieving better asthma control for patients with moderate asthma in the Philippines.” Singh ended.

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Quote of the Day: To the Momma who is tired...

Hello Mommas!

I know you are tired but guess what?!? Weekend is here! Yey!

Congratulations to us because we get through another week. And in case you are really feeling tired of cleaning all the mess, taking care of the kids and all other house chores in between, here's a reminder that one day your kids will be all grown up.

To the Momma who is tired

To the mama who is tired…
Enjoy every moment because one day
they will be grown up.
– Pieces of Emerald

So just enjoy this moment when they are still clingy and dependent on you. I know you are tired but soon they will be independent and will live on their own.

Have a great day ahead Mommas! Enjoy the coming weekend.

Hugs hugs...

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Quote of the Day: You Should Trust Your Self

Hello Mommas!

How's your week so far? I hope you are all doing fine.

Before anything else, let me share our quote of the day.

You’re going to get advice
from a lot of people, and
you can take bits and pieces,
but you know innately
what your child needs.
You should trust that.
– Lucy Liu

Most moms get so called unsolicited advice from friends, families and sometimes from strangers. Though sometimes they don't mean any harm, they don't help us at all. What most moms need are people who truly care, who will help us, who will understand and listen to us. We actually don't need advice when we rant, we just need someone to listen and pour out our emotions.

And that's enough because as a mom, we know exactly what our children needs. You should trust your self, your instinct.

Have a great day ahead Mommas! Sending virtual hugs...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Quote of the Day: Successful Mothers

Hi Mommas!

How do you equate success and motherhood?

People look at me as a successful mother because I can juggle between work and being a mom. But they don't know the struggles I went and going through every day.  There are so many times that I really want to quit my job. During those times, all I do is pray that whatever "His will, thy will be done". 

With God's grace, I am still working and a mom of two now. Am I successful? Yes I think because I never give up even I am struggling. Because mommas are made strong to face challenges along the way.

Now, let me share this quote of the day with you.

Successful Mothers

 Successful mothers are not the ones
that have never struggled.
They are the ones that never give up,
despite the struggles.
~ Sharon Jaynes

Never give up Mommas! You can do it, we can do it!

Hugs hugs Mommas!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Quote of the Day: Life comes with a Mother

Hey Mommas! Starting today, I will be sharing quote for the day, which are mostly pertaining to motherhood.

First to share is this one.

Life comes with a Mother

Life doesn't come
with a manual.
It comes with a 

Yes, I so agree with this. Our life has no manual. We don't have life procedure or instruction to follow. But we have our mothers who guide us through this life. And when she's gone, our life literary shutdown as well. For awhile, our life will be a mess and it never gets back to the way it used to be.

So love your Mommas while she's still with you. You will have that big hole in your life that can never be filled once she's gone.

Hugs hugs Mommas!
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Thursday, November 10, 2022

3Fs to Guide Parents on Kids’ Return to School

It's been more than two months since my son returned to his face-to-face classes. Although assignments, examinations, projects and other school activities are draining his energy, I can see that he's having fun and getting along with his new classmates and friends, and his teachers as well.

It's important that our kids enjoys school. Let me share Nestlé PhilippinesKasambuhay sa Kalusugan of Filipinos with the 3Fs – Feelings, Food, Fun – to guide parents as they take on a new assignment of their own: preparing children mentally, physically and emotionally for face-to-face classes.

From the Press Release kit:

As mobility eased and the threat of the coronavirus became more manageable, the Department of Education recently mandated schools to prepare for full-on face-to-face classes by November 2022. This comes after more than two years of distance learning due to restrictions resulting from the pandemic. Teachers and parents alike adapted to take on bigger roles to ensure that school-age children were able to attend to daily lessons and corresponding assignments at home.   

With this directive, however, comes a new set of changes for Filipino families as their households once again adjust to a back-to-school routine. To help with this, Nestlé Wellness Campus (NWC), the flagship advocacy program of Nestlé Philippines for nutrition education, shares the three Fs – Feelings, Food, Fun – to guide parents as they take on a new assignment of their own: preparing children mentally, physically and emotionally for face-to-face classes. 

1. Feelings

“Parents must open the communication lines with their children,” said Karina Crisostomo, a faculty member of the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department in De La Salle University. “It’s important for parents to ask, know and understand how their children feel about going back to school,” adding that this will help them in addressing any anxiety that the youngsters may have, while also trying to explain the benefits of attending onsite classes. 

It’s equally important for parents to reiterate facts about COVID-19. By instilling the importance of proper hand washing, physical distancing, and wearing of masks indoors, students will be able to feel safe as they leave the confines of their home. “How we communicate and explain these to our children are very important as we move to more face-to-face activities,” she added. 

2. Food

 As a parent herself, Crisostomo reiterated the importance of a nutritious breakfast and how it can set the stage for a great day ahead. “I always make it a point to serve breakfast and ensure that no one in our household leaves without having this most important meal of the day,” she emphasized. 

Mornings can be busy and rushed, and getting kids to eat breakfast can be challenging at times. However, giving them a delicious and nutritious breakfast is possible with a bowl of whole grain cereal and milk. Cereals like Koko Krunch not only contain essential nutrients to kickstart their day right, but it also has the chocolatey taste that kids have come to love over the years. Based on the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake1, one serving of Koko Krunch already provides 38% of iron and about 60% of Vitamins B2, B3 and B6 per 30g serving. This can help them develop a good breakfast habit, while building on their excitement for a fun day in school. 

Baon is also making a comeback and parents need to plan this ahead. Students will likely lose interest and attention in school activities when they are hungry, according to Crisostomo. As such, snacks are important to keep them focused in class and energized for play. Parents can even incorporate healthier choices by adding lettuce or tomatoes in sandwiches or prepare rice meals, fruits and veggies should their children want to eat more during recess.  

1Iron, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6 percentage is based on the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI) per 30g serving. This Percent RENI value is based on FNRI reference child requirement of 7-9 years old (RENI, 2002).

3. Fun

Being in isolation for much of the pandemic has made students, especially the younger ones, forget what it was like to be with people outside their immediate family, explained Crisostomo. That also meant missing their friends and playing together like they used to. Parents can take this opportunity to explain and remind their children that going back to school can be twice as fun with their friends around. Not only will they get to see their buddies again, they will also gain new friends this school year.  

“Families will need to re-establish a routine at home,” Crisostomo said. This includes meal times, setting aside time for homework as well as a target bedtime for kids, especially those who need to get up early for school the next day. 

As the Kasambuhay sa Kalusugan of Filipinos, Nestlé Philippines understands the need to support parents as they prioritize the health and wellness of their children who are returning to school this year. According to Kevin Carpio, Nestlé Wellness Campus Program Lead, parents can join the NWC Parents’ Facebook Community for additional guidance and tips in transitioning to face-to-face learning.

“Returning to school can be an exciting albeit anxious time for students. But with proper guidance and support from their parents and the Nestlé Wellness Campus, we can work together to ensure that the children are best prepared to adjust to the return of onsite classes. By living out the 7 Healthy Habits, students and their families can look forward to a happy, healthy and learning-filled school year,” Carpio said. 

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