Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting Ready for Fun Summer at #loveSnR

No doubt, summer is here! Ang init na! Our little boy has been asking us non-stop when will we hit the beach. Last year we tagged him along in our company outing at El Pescador Hotel and Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

He had so much fun splashing in the pool but he's afraid to go to the beach naman because he said there are sharks daw. Hehe. For this year's outing, wala pa nafinalize na place. So for the meantime, I told him he could splash on his inflatable pool while waiting for our beach day! 

Speaking of inflatable pools, grab these inflatable splash n' swim selections at cool value only at S&R Membership.

Look so many inflatable pools to choose from. I bet my son will love these especially because of the Spiderman design! So cool! Err hot, ay cool nga! So confused! Haha.

The Transparent Sea Life Pool above is only 319.95 pesos, while the Beach Boat is only 699.95 pesos

I want this Spiderman Play Pool at 1,899.95 pesos only, for the my son.

Or this Spiderman Interactive Pool at 1,699.95 pesos only. My son will surely love it!

There are also Spiderman fill n' fun pools.

If we have a bigger space, I will buy this Bestway Frame Pool only at 1,799.95 pesos. So affordable e!

More Bestway pools here:

You can buy Marvel Arm Bands at 109.95 pesos only, while the Bestway Tube is only 219.95 pesos.

Wait there are more pa...

The Kiddie Raft at 249.95 pesos, Bestway Friendly Fish at 109.95 pesos, Marvel Surboard at 279.95 pesos and the Beach Ball at 109.95 pesos only. See, super affordable talaga.

So if you aren't ready for the summer yet, go the S&R branch near you and grab these cool summer stuff. There are so many reasons to #loveSnR!

Happy Cool Summer!
For more details visit S&R Membership Shopping website and S&R Membership (Official) Facebook page.

S&R Membeship Shopping Branches: Bonifacio Global City, Congressional, Alabang, Shaw, Imus, Aseana-Baclaran, Pampanga, Cebu, Davao, Nuvali
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Inspiration: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Happy Monday! And it's back to work... Oh did you sense my Monday blues? Coming from a long break to work is not easy right? 

Nonetheless, I thank God for the days off work. Happy Easter everyone!

photo source
Have a Blessed week ahead!

P.S.: Sad news came in. My uncle, the eldest brother of my mother, passed away on Easter. He is now with our God. May he find peace he didn't find here and may the rest of the family remain strong in this trying moment.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Shoes From Zalora

Last month, I shopped for shoes at our favorite online shop, Zalora Philippines. As usual, it was a fast transaction. Dumating agad the very next day ang orders ko!


I ordered three three pairs of shoes from Zalora. A pair of Easy Soft by World Balance Texas Boots  (Php 429.75) for Daddy, which he already blogged here.

Another pair is for Matthew.

It's a pair of World Balance Ridgeline YK Sneakers (Php 1050.00). Matthew was super excited to try, look!

He willingly model it for me.

He suggested this pose pa, haha!

And this pair naman is for me, of course.

It's a pair of Asher Uzima Slip-On Sneakers (Php 399.00). It's very comfortable to wear. Perfect for long walks.

However, I picked up the wrong size. I thought size 37 is the equivalent of size 7, size 6 pala. It will fit me however, super sakto lang and it hurts when I walk. So I decided to try Zalora's Exchange and Return Policy, which is so easy lang.

Zalora offers free and easy returns within 30 days after delivery. Like what I have said, it's easy and there will be no questions asked. It my case, it's really my mistake because I overlooked the size chart but just the same, Zalora replaced my shoes in less than 7 days lang. By the way, for new customers you can use the discount code below to get 15% off storewide when you purchase at Zalora.

That's why I am getting addicted with online shopping, especially at Zalora. Aside from fast and hassle free transaction, you can avail of the free delivery for orders Php 995 above, O di ba, I can save time pa because my orders will be delivered right in front of our doorstep :) Anyway,  let's talk about Zalora's Exchange and Return Policy naman next time,

Have a Blessed Holy week everyone!
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Inspiration: Pray and Thank God

Happy Monday! Let's pray and thank God!

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! Let's pray, repent and thank God.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy A!

It's Daddy A's birthday!

Matthew and I prepared this simple surprise for Daddy!

 He wrote a simple letter for Daddy with this Lava Cake that I bought.

 And this Fila shoes that I ordered from Zalora. It was another hassle free and fast transaction. Thanks Zalora because the shoes came just in time.

But actually, I had a hard time keeping these all secret because Matthew was so madaldal. I kept on reminding him not to tell Daddy but he will sometimes forget it and had slip of the tongue. I feared that anytime he will announce that we bought a pair of shoes for Daddy, haha!

Anyway, this morning we woke up early to prepare creamy carbonara and fish fillet for our salo-salo at work.

We had a simple celebration at work and we brought Matthew with us.

Of course Matthew entertained everyone with his singing and dancing talents. Haha!

I hope Daddy enjoyed this day. We might not have a grand celebration but we are together, and that matters the most!

Happy happy birthday Daddy A! We love you so much!

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Flashback Friday: The Little Singer

Yey it's Friday! Looking forward to weekend because of Daddy A's birthday! That would be tomorrow. With that we will be busy tonight to prepare something for his birthday salo-salo tomorrow. That's has been our tradition every year at work, and Daddy A and I don't just buy food, we cook and prepare it. So it's very special. *wink*

Anyway, that's another story to tell next time. Since it's Friday, let's have a flashback. I saw this photo while I was browsing for photos I needed for a campaign.

It's our little boy singing his heart out when he was practicing for his first singing competition almost 2 years ago. He was very serious while holding a small microphone. Speaking of microphone, I want to buy one so Matthew can practice singing at home. Who knows, years from now he will be using a Audio Technica 40 Series Microphones to record his first song. But I always forgot to look for a good one when we are at the mall. I must list it down so next time I won't forget to buy.

Happy weekend!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

McDonald’s 4th #NationalBreakfastDay

Last Monday, March 14, is the McDonald's 4th National Breakfast Day. Daddy and I tried to catch it up. But because of we were running for work because of heavy traffic jam, we missed it. 

Anyway, there are hundreds of thousands of Filipinos join the McDonald's 4th National Breakfast Day. So generous of McDonald's that's why #lovekoto!

From the Press Release Kit:

March 14 was definitely McDonald’s best Monday ever! For the fourth year in a row, McDonald's National Breakfast Day delighted Filipinos across the country with free McMuffin sandwiches.

With over 400 stores nationwide who took part in the event, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos enjoyed a free and delicious McMuffin - an iconic breakfast product that is loved all over the world, to start to their day.

From 6:00AM to 7:00AM, families, groups of friends, and individuals woke up extra early and flocked to participating McDonald's stores for their free breakfast treat via dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru.

McDonald's Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth S. Yang took the lead in welcoming Filipinos to the much-awaited morning event. McDonald's Chief Happiness Officer Ronald McDonald was also present, along with McDonald’s endorsers and National Breakfast Day ambassadors. 

The brand’s most recent endorsers Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, popularly known as "AlDub", gave McMuffin sandwiches to customers in McDonald’s Bluebay Walk, Pasay. 

Other celebrities were also present in different stores around the metro.

McDonald’s ambassador Xian Lim with the crew of McDonald’s ABS-CBN.

McDonald’s endorser Enrique Gil with Ronald McDonald at McDonald’s Almanza in Las Pinas.

Janine Gutierrez with the crew of McDonald’s Granada in Quezon City.

Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix at McDonald’s Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

TV5 talents Alwyn Uytingco, Vin Abrenica, and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz with the McDonald’s Reliance crew.

"We celebrated our first National Breakfast Day in 2013 to share the goodness of a McDonald's breakfast to more Filipinos," said Yang.

The National Breakfast Day experience goes beyond March 14 through a “breakfast surprise.” Participating McDonald’s stores nationwide further spread the morning cheer by giving 100 free McMuffin sandwiches to groups or organizations who are unable to enjoy a good breakfast because of their early or different work schedules. Examples of these are security guards, hospital staff, and public school teachers.

Watch this beautiful surprise video and see what McDonald's did for our fishermen.

“We are happy to continually delight our customers with a beautiful breakfast experience for the fourth time in a row—it’s McDonald’s best Monday ever,” said Yang. “We hope to see everyone every day at McDonald’s to enjoy our delicious and affordable breakfast offers,” he added.

Keep on sharing about your beautiful morning on McDonald’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/McDo.ph, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NationalBreakfastDay.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 5 Graduation Gifts for Kids from Lazada

Hello everyone! Just came from a very busy week because our little boy had his final examination.

We had three sleepless nights because the exam coverage was almost cover to cover. FYI, preparatory palang yan ha but the lessons are advance na. I am thinking how more difficult the lessons will be when he's in grade school na. But for now, I am thankful that finally the school year is almost over. We are just waiting for the moving up and graduation day on April 2. 

Speaking of graduation day, I am looking for a gift for my son. Fortunately, I can shop whenever I want because Lazada is 24/7 available. So what are the top 5 graduation gifts for kids I found at Lazada?

This  Deluxe Tools Pretend Play Set for Boys first got my attention.

This play tool set is made of sturdy plastic so it will last long. My son will surely love this because when Daddy got his drill and tool set, also from Lazada, he asked us to buy him play tools too. He will build a house like an engineer daw. So if your son is like mine who loves to play pretend as an engineer, this is a great buy at less than 500 only.

My other option is this Cutie Jazz Drum Toy Set since my little boy loves music. For boys, this gold set is a nice gift.

This jazzy pink set naman is for girls.

This drum set will surely be a great addition to my son's musical instrument. Very affordable at less than 500 pesos only.

If you want to nurture your kid's drawing talent, this Cyber Pro Children Magnetic Doodle Sketch Writing Drawing Board is the gift to buy.

This doodle board is also useful for practicing your kids to write. Again, at 540 pesos only, this is great buy as a graduation gift.

Now, if you have a bigger budget, this Kids Home Supermarket Toy Play Set will surely make your kids happy.

The play set is made of safe and durable materials so no need to worry. You can teach your kids how to be a businessman with this play set at 1890.00 pesos only.

I also find this Multi-function Kitchen Utensils Simulation Playset.

Since it's pink, my son will not want this set. I hope there's a neutral color too so pwede din sa boys. But I am sure your little girl will love to receive this set as a graduation gift.

So there you go the top  graduation for kids that you can find at Lazada. You don't need to brave the traffic and the crowd at the mall. With just few clicks, the items will be delivered right in front of your door. You will save gas and time because Lazada offers free shipping fee for purchase order 1000 pesos and above. So visit Lazada.com.ph for more great buys!

Happy shopping!

This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Lazada PH Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCouponsLazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Philippines.
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

What We Should Know About Child Fevers

A week ago I was so worried because my son had an on and off fever. Although it's a low grade fever, still, I worried because I believe having a fever indicates that there's something wrong inside his body.

So I was right, when we took him to the pediatric clinic, the doctor saw an infection on his two ears. A few weeks before that, my son had small pimple-like rashes on his nose and lower part of his eyes. He had antibiotic for 7 days so I was complacent that there’s no infection when he complained a slight pain on his ears. Good thing we went to the doctor when his low grade fever became a fever already.

The doctor prescribed a follow up antibiotic he would drink for 3 days, once a day only. Thank God, the fever was gone on that day and everything went fine. Oh, whenever my son is sick I am always the great worrier. It’s a normal response especially if we are not used to seeing our children sick. But there are useful information about fever that we should know so we can sweep our worries away.

Child fevers are normal. A fever is the body’s natural and healthy response to infection. It’s not necessarily a sign of something serious illness. Fever is part of body's normal infection-fighting process. The body's immune system releases chemicals that raise the body temperature, to make it harder for the bacteria and viruses that cause infection to surviveThat's why low-grade fevers should not be treatedIt's helpful in fighting off infection. Paracetamol or ibuprofen can be given to treat any distress or discomfort caused by the fever.

Causes of child fever. While most fevers are caused by an infection or another illness, there are top 3 causes of child fevers. First is viral infection (like roseola, colds, flu, coxsackie or hand, foot and mouth disease, chicken pox, fifth disease, and many others), which is the most common cause of fever in children. Viruses are not treatable with antibiotics but most of them are not dangerous. They will get by itself without any specific treatment. Next is bacterial infection (like ear infection, sinus infection, pneumonia, bladder infection and strep throat) that can be treated with antibiotics. And the last most common cause of child fever not usually higher than 38.4 C is teething.

Know when fever is most likely not seriousLow-grade child fevers of 37.3 to 38.3 Celsius are generally not serious. If it happened at night, there's no need to rush our child to the emergency room right then and there. It can easily be treated and can wait until the morning for doctor’s evaluation. Also, fevers of 38.4 to 39.5 Celsius are generally not serious and can wait until morning to be evaluated. And fevers of over 39.8 C but quickly come down to 37.3 to 38.3 C with treatment measure (like giving paracetamol) can also wait until morning for evaluation. However, if an infant 6 weeks or younger has a fever of 38.4 Celsius or higher, the doctor should evaluate your infant right away.
child fever, fever, treatment

Know the symptoms of serious illness. Call the doctor right away if the child of any age has one or more of the following signs of more serious illness, if the child has/is: (1) high fever of 40 Celsius or higher that won’t come down with any treatment measures; (2) unresponsive, lifeless or won’t make eye contact; (3) continuously crying for hours; (4) unusually sleepy; and (5) non-blanching rash or rash that doesn’t fade when the skin is pressed firmly. 

Know first aid/treatment for child fever. Even if we are worried about our child, we should stay calm and alert. Knowing what we can do as first aid or treatment for fever at home is a great help. First, get the child’s body temperature and design whether the fever warrants treatment. If fever is high, give medication like paracetamol or ibuprofen to treat discomfort if there’s any, and a cool washcloth sponge to help get the fever down fast. Give also cold drinks to help in cooling down the fever and to keep him hydrated.

Honestly, I always commit a mistake of giving my son paracetamol every time his body temperature is above normal, which is not good. I just learned that the rise in body temperature is actually a body's defense to threaten the virus and bacteria. But you can't blame a mother who will not used to seeing her son sick.

Anyway, I hope the above information give you awareness on what we should know about child fevers. Let's stay cool and calm, and always listen to our mother's instinct. 

Happy weekend!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Family is LOVE!

Hello there! Mid-week na. I am sure, just like me, you are waiting for the weekends too. 

Wala lang... Just sharing some photos we had when we tested the mini monopod that I bought. Finally, nakabili din haha...

Nakauna na pala ang dalawa. Sorry for the not so good photo quality. My phone's front camera is not that good especially at night. Guys can you suggest a mobile photo with good front camera? Thanks in advance!

Matthew and I tried it too. Nag-pouty lips naman, hehe!

Family pictures naman!

Indeed, family is love! Even just doing simple things, it's always fun and enjoyable.

Happy Wednesday!
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