Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Bento Baon #1 (Back to Bento)

Two years ago, when Matthew started his schooling, I excitedly bought Bento tools from Bento Mommas.

Kaya lang naging busy sa maraming bagay kay ayun natengga lang ang mga bento tools. Good thing I store them properly so when I decided to give Bento a try again, may nagamit agad ako.

So heto na, pasensya na for the first few days hinde masyado maganda presentation. I used old baunan lang kasi and took photos using my old cellphone, hehe.

#bentobaon of our little boy for today: cars choco sandwich, Max's caramel bars, Purefoods TJ cocktail hotdogs and fried saba.

#bentobaon of our little boy for today: Oishi popcorn, Pan de Manila banana mamon, apple and mashmallows + C2 solo.

#bentobaon of our little boy for today: turon, Bingo cookie sandwich and raisins.

Here are much better presentation using my new Samsung J7. Also, I bought a new lunch box (chosen by Matthew) and a colorful placemat para nice naman pag photo op na. 

#bentobaon of the day: chocolate cupcake, apple slices and marshmallows + C2.

 #bentobaon of the day: star egg sandwich, ice gems and mini pretzels + chocolait.

 #bentobaon of the day: cars choco sandwich, pillows cheese and wafer time + C2 solo.

 #bentobaon of the day: choco man sandwich, crispy chicken skin (as requested), knicknacks choco biscuits and apple slices + honeymansi juice.

 #bentobaon of the day: Tipas hopia, Nova chips and loaded +C2 solo.
Here are some tips bento mommies.

First, we don’t need to buy many Bento tools rather, we need a lot of patience and creativity. But of course, mas masaya kung maraming Bento tools. Actually excited na akong bumili ulit ng tools, it’s been two years naman na since I bought them, hehe.

Second, it’s better to ask our kids what they want for their baon. Kahit kasi gaano kagandang presentation gawin natin if they don’t like the food, saying lang din. So I always consider what are the foods that my son likes to eat. In case naman your kids doesn’t like eating fruits and vegetables, you can incorporate it to their baon little by little. They will be used to eating it eventually.

Third, always have stocks of your kids’ favorite merienda like cookies, biscuits, bread and fruits. I always buy in small packs kasi Matthew wants small portions lang and I store the rest in an air tight container. But as much as possible prepare homemade baons like sandwich, brownies, pancakes, macaroni, turon, lumpia etc. Right now, I mixed homemade with store brought cookies. But I am sure Daddy will bake goodies soon. With homemade baon we be panatag of the food our kids eat.

Fourth, invest in a good lunch box. My first choice for a lunch box is a glass air tight container. However, it’s not safe thinking my son might break it. And it’s true because just last Monday I let him bring the juice glass container we bought and he accidently broke the bother that same day. Ouch! Hindi man lang tumagal ng isang araw, hehe. Anyway, I will look for a stainless lunch box, although pricey sya I will save na lang for it. For the meantime, I will let him use the Cars lunch box my son chose. Ayun pa pala, let them be involved especially in buying food containers and Bento tools. Let them choose what they like, anyways they are the ones who will use it naman.

Lastly, to save time always have baon plan. I am a working mom. Every day, every morning we are on the rush. Kelangan mabilis and kilos kasi maaga pasok naming ni Daddy and same with Matthew. Daddy is in charge of cooking our meals while I am in charge of Matthew’s needs from clothes to his baon. Though, we have a househelp ganyan kami ka-hands on ni Daddy sa bahay. Heto pang bawi naming kay Matthew since we are out the whole day. We don’t want him to feel he is always left out. That's why we make time for him.

Here's a happy meal I made for his breakfast.

So with this kind of schedule we have, at first I thought that being back to Bento is not a good idea. But I proved that wrong because as long as you know how to manage your time and with the help of baon plan, everything is possible.

There you go. Hopefully I can keep on going. It’s a different kind of fulfillment when I see how happy my son is. Pang tanggal ng lungkot na nararamdaman ko sa ngayon. Actually, I can’t wait to go home every day to listen to his stories. One time he told me his classmates were amazed at his baon and they said that mukhang masarap daw baon nya. To think that what I am preparing now are just simple Bento baons. Then another afternoon, after work when I got home he said with a big smile on his face, “Mommy meron pa po talagang letter sa lunch box ko a. Salamat po.” I am happy that my son appreciates the effort I am doing. Wala ng sasarap pa sa pasasalamat na nagmumula sa aking anak J

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