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How To Develop Creativity? Five Necessary Conditions

In people of moderate intelligence, creative abilities are usually closely linked to one another. A person with normal intelligence usually has normal creative abilities. Starting from a certain level, the path of intellect and creativity diverge.Strengthening of creative thinking even needed for the essay writing, creativity is promoted by methods of lateral thinking. Students' studies have shown that with age, creative activity tends to decrease. Gifted creative children have a high energy level, low sleep duration, increased cognitive activity, intellectual initiative (the tendency to set new complex tasks).

The ability to creativity and the creative composition of the mind rightly cause respect and even envy among others. Creative people seem to us special and unusual, capable of creating something exceptional, while most of us are not inclined to this. But few people think that creativity for any type of paper writing can be developed.

Everyone knows that each child has a well-developed creative thinking: the baby will easily invent a dozen applications of the item that will see the fairy tale hero in the picture on the wallpaper, and certainly will never be bored with paper and pencil in his hands. But by the school age, the creativity of man is reduced by more than twice! Why? All imposed by society can and impossible, possible and impossible simply block creative thinking.

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But are we, if we are doomed to become adults, forever lose the natural tendency to creativity?

Not at all, just creativity needs to be developed. And for this, we need some conditions and writing tips.

1. Expand the horizons

Your creativity is based on your information box: the more you know, the wider your horizons, the easier it is for you to develop creative thinking. Take literature in the library, read e-books, listen to different music, attend seminars and conferences, in other words, look for material for reflection. You always have to think about something.

2. Find your favourite place

Every great person had a place where she was the best thought: someone was a lawn under a tree, someone's favourite cafe, river, etc. Find your place where you are well, comfortable so that nothing distracts you from thinking about creating something new, from thesis writing.

3. Beauty is everywhere

Learn to find good details and moments around you. The ability to focus on the good, see the glow and beauty where others will only see rubbish - a distinctive feature of the creative mindset.

4. Immerse yourself in the unknown

Look for new experiences, try to engage in something more than you have ever done and do what you have never done. For ordinary people, this is scary and uncomfortable, psychologists call it an exit from the comfort zone but those who want to develop creativity should do it all the time. Unknown - this is the most interesting, so will tell you to be a small child, so why are adults so afraid of everything new?

5. Find a creative engagement

Hobbies, or how do you call them, should contain an element of creativity, that is you have to create something instead of consuming what others have created. For example, sculpt from clay, embroider, the custom essay writing, draw or photograph - these are examples of creative hobbies. Do not be afraid to do something for the first time, eventually, you will have to.

Although the development of creativity requires time and labour, the presence of creative thinking is necessary for us both in business and in everyday life. Do a little effort and you will notice how much more interesting the world around you will be.

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