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Features To Look For In An Office Chair

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If you or your employees spend a lot of time in an office chair, quality and comfort are essential. If you have noticed people sitting on a chair for long hours complaining about back or body pain, it only means that the chair is not comfortable to sit on. There might be some features that are starting to fail. Make a list of the qualities you need to look for in a chair. Your employees will thank you for making an effort to find them a comfortable chair.

Adjustable Height

You might be already eyeing on a modern office chair, but before you get too excited at the thought of buying that chair, find out if the seat can be adjusted. Whether you are tall or short, the wrong height of your chair can cause discomfort. Now imagine sitting on the same chair 5 days a week. You need to buy an office chair that offers optimal comfort. It should feature a pneumatic adjustment lever to bring the set lower or higher easily.

Lumbar Support

Your back needs support so that it will not hurt despite sitting on the chair all day. A contoured backrest gives your back enough support. Not all chairs have natural contour so be sure to shop around. Pick a chair that matches the contour of your spine so you will get good lumbar support. Chairs that prevent you from slumping is an ideal office chair. Whether it is your lower or upper back the needs support, the office chair should not put strain on your back.

Adjustable Backrests

Another feature you need to look for in an office chair is the adjustable backrests. The backrests will depend on the task you usually carry out. The backrest should give you the ability to move it backward or forward. Check the office chair if it has a locking mechanism that holds the backrest in place. If the backrest is separated from the chair, the height should be adjustable.

Wide and Deep Seat

You also need a chair that allows you to sit comfortably. If you are taller, you need a deeper seat, but if you are smaller, you choose a shallower office chair. Being able to sit with your back against the chair's backrest is an indication that you are sitting comfortably. The ideal proximity should be 2 to 4 inches between the office chair seat and the back of your knees. The seat should enable you to adjust the tilt depending on the way you sit.

Sufficient Padding and Breathable Material

Even when you are sitting on your chair for extended periods, your chair should let your body breathe. While fabric was once the best option, there are new materials that offer the same comfort as well. There should be sufficient padding that is comfortable to sit on. It should neither be too soft nor too hard. If your chair has a hard surface, you will feel pain after just a couple of hours of sitting on it. The soft one, on the other hand, does not offer you enough support.

Easy-To-Operate Adjustment Controls

You also need a chair that is user-friendly. Be sure that you are choosing an office chair with adjustment controls that are easy to reach. It should also let you go higher or lower, tilt, or swivel even from your seated position. You can get the right tilt and height if you are sitting. You do not have to make any conscious effort to adjust the chair if you become used to it.

There is a wide variety of office chairs for you to choose from but not all of them can offer the same level of comfort like the trusted office furniture Houston company does. If you want a perfect combination of style and comfort, be sure to choose dependable furniture suppliers.

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