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Why do People Choose Palawan?

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines alone, depending on whether the seas around it are in experiencing the high tide or low tide. Palawan is but one of those many, many islands. And yet, it is the one hundreds if not thousands of people flock to every day to visit. Why do most people choose it, anyway?

It will be easy to say that tourists from all over the world choose to go to Palawan simply because of its pristine beaches. However, it is a lot more than just that. Allow us to break it down for you. Here is why everyone—both foreigners and local tourists alike—chooses to go to Palawan over and over again.

1. People

Palawan is the Palawan we know now because of its people. They are the greatest mix of locals and migrants around. It was as though the people here were called by nature, and they have since gone above and beyond its call.

Palaweños used to be made up of only local Palawans and Tagbanwa peoples. Once upon a time, the languages spoken here were just Cuyonon and Tagbanua. Now, it is a melting pot of persons and cultures.

It feels almost unreal how everyone here seems to understand each other. Palaweños as a people are so welcoming, it’s infectious. With everyone here always ready to lend a helping hand, anyone who comes across them is somehow moved to do the same.

We saw it for ourselves in our latest Lumambong Beach Conversation clean-up just earlier this year when locals and business came together to clean large swaths of beach in the Barangay Binga even though the beach is barely ever seen by anyone. When in Palawan, there are no strangers. Only family and friends who have come together on this island.

2. Nature

Let’s get this out of the way. When any regular person living in this modern world thinks about the island of Palawan, they think of its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. They think about its endlessly colorful flora and fauna, both above sea level and below it.

Binga Beach Resort

It wasn’t voted as the world’s best island again and again for nothing. Palawan has the receipts to back the title that was given to it. From the otherwordly coral reefs of the Tubbataha in the island province’s south to the majestic limestone cliffs of the town of El Nido in its north, Palawan is a natural paradise. It is as simple as that. The Philippines calls it its last frontier because of this very fact.

Palawan remains untouched for the most part. There are no large factories on its miles and miles of land, no skyscrapers. Only mountain ranges and beaches that will gladly take you in should you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a place where everyone from the birds and the bees roams free. It is a tropical version of heaven right here on earth.

3. Location

Another reason why Palawan is considered as the Philippines’ last frontier is because of its location. Palawan is the westernmost province of this archipelagic country. There are no large masses of land to its left for a few thousand miles.

Binga Beach Resort

Thousands of years ago, the floors under the now-West Philippine Sea and the Sulu Sea converged and decided that this was the perfect place to create an island. The waves are never rough here. There are no fault lines that will suddenly cause earthquakes. There is nothing here but peace.

Palawan is a blessed island, to say the least. Its weather is always fair, and the sun is always sure to shine. With a calm sea wrapped around it, no one here will ever go hungry. You can feel it in the way the wind blows, in the warmth of its people. It exudes a magnetic pull to anyone who has ever been here or has even heard of it. And so, if you haven’t, you are missing out on a lot.

4. History

As a country, the Philippines itself has been around since the 16th century. Palawan has been considered as one of its many provinces as far back as the year 1818. However, we all know that this island’s history dates much, much farther back than that.

Some of the earliest known Filipinos to walk this earth have left marks on the caves of Tabon in Southern Palawan. Their descendants, the Tagbanwa people, live on the island up to this day.

In between, Palawan has seen Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, and even Vietnamese foreigners settle on its fields and even on the foothills of its mountains. Christianity has been on this island for over 400 years. People have come and gone. Thanks to its beauty, so many choose to stay.

This rich history has allowed Palawan to thrive into the almost utopian paradise it is now. Every year, the Baragatan festival celebrates how the north, the south, and the islands in between and around them came together to form this beautiful province.

5. Accessibility

There was a time when it was impossible to go from the north of this island to the south. When this island was nothing but rugged terrain, that was the case. Now, though, Palawan is but one province, and moving from one point to another has never been easier.

Flights arrive daily at the Puerto Princesa International Airport. Foreigners from neighboring countries can skip dropping by Manila first, and go straight to business. The town of El Nido is now a host to its own airport as well. And so is the town of San Vicente and the islands of Coron up north and Cuyo to the east.

Buses now plow through the province’s National Highway. Vans are at an excess of supply for anyone who would like to travel Palawan with a little more convenience. The roads are long and smooth, and the drives are always scenic.

It wasn’t always like this, for sure. That is why no matter how beautiful Palawan is, not a lot was aware of it until recently. Tourism here only really boomed a few years back. With how things look in Palawan, there is no way to go from here but up.


With Palawan so popular, you might find yourself reluctant to spend too long among the crowds at El Nido or Port Barton. We recommend a stay at Binga Beach Resort just north of San Vicente located halfway between those two tourist hot spots. Located on the gorgeous Lumambong beach in the Barangay Binga, it features huge glamping cabins with big porches and cogan grass rooves, all right on the beachfront.

Binga Beach Resort

People undoubtedly choose Palawan because it is a place that is truly unlike anywhere else in the world. Like, have you seen it? It is the very definition of majestic, beautiful, and utterly breathtaking. In the years to come, it will remain this way. If we have anything to say about it, that is. We are absolutely going to make sure of it.
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