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Urban Gardening: Simple Tips for Beginners

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It is hard to grow plants for urban gardening during summer unless you have your greenhouse to protect your plants against the heat. Another way to prevent your plant from wilting is by having a water system using backyard hose reels worth the money where water supply is always available when needed. Although this is not a problem during the rainy season because you can get enough water from the daily downpours.

Before the summer ends, you can already start preparing your Urban Garden. Here are a few tips on how to start your urban garden.


Have your pots ready

As a starter, you can start buying pots for your chosen plants. Since you are planning to start planting when the rainy season starts, you can already purchase a few pieces at a time until you build up the needed number of pots.


tips on urban gardening,urban gardening, gardening, home, home and living, urban garden
Okra in old pails

Another option is recycling empty PET bottles or paint buckets and pails, or any recyclable materials at home.

Prepare your soil 

Soil is the primary source of nutrients for plants. Unless you are into hydroponics or aquaponics, soil preparation is not necessary. There are several ways to prepare your soil. Composting is one way to prepare the soil. However, it will take time to get good gardening soil.

You can also use a mixture of regular soil with materials like sawdust, rice hulls, and animal manure.

You can also use paper as an additive to your soil.

Start Planting

As early as today, you can already start planting seeds, especially the small ones that need a nursing bed and will be transplanted when they reach the right age. There are plants like bell peppers, spring onions, and eggplants to be indirect seeding.  Vegetables with big seeds can be sowed directly later.

Make your insecticide

tips on urban gardening,urban gardening, gardening, home, home and living, urban garden
Ingredients for homemade insecticide

Insects are one of the problems in growing vegetables. They feed not only on leaves but on the fruits as well. If you choose to have your harvest organic, you can have a homemade insecticide.

Once you started your urban garden, you can always have a fresh vegetables from garden to table.

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