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Common Features of Bathroom Rentals for Concerts

While most seasoned festival-goers bring sunscreen, refillable water bottles, and hand sanitizer, they don't always get the proper sanitation equipment. As a result, many musical festivals struggle to maintain clean, functional bathrooms. To set your celebration apart from the rest, consider working with Event Factory Rentals to ensure that your porta potty rentals are well-maintained. Whether you're planning a day-long or more minor festival, we have the solutions you need.

Luxury Porta Potty Rentals
Concertgoers who prefer the luxury of a porta potty can choose from various models. Unlike standard porta potties, luxury portable restrooms are larger and cleaner and can easily accommodate a bride in a large princess gown. These toilets also have added features like heating and air conditioning to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for guests. In addition, they are equipped with increased ventilation to eliminate unpleasant odors.

In addition to the clean look, luxury porta potty rentals offer other luxuries like paper towel dispensers and mirrors. Luxury toilets are elegant and well-appointed and can be decorated to match your event's theme. In addition, these units are equipped with running water, trash receptacles, and recessed lighting. Luxury porta potties for concerts are ideal for outdoor events and concertgoers who want to avoid waiting in long lines for restroom facilities.

Handwashing Stations
Portable restrooms with handwashing stations are a necessity for outdoor events. Most people use handwashing to sanitize their hands after using the restroom, and a handwashing station elevates the guest experience. Handwashing stations by Waste Away Systems come equipped with toilet tissue and foaming hand sanitizer. These amenities make handwashing as easy as possible and keep concertgoers safe from diseases and the common cold.

When choosing portable restrooms, look for the following: a handwashing station for every four potties. This option is more expensive, but it provides ultimate luxury and comfort. Additionally, an ADA-compliant restroom is a must if the event is open to the public. Also, more significant events should consider renting one ADA-compliant bathroom for every 20 standard potties. Finally, because alcohol consumption increases the number of restroom trips, it is important to factor this into your rental agreement.

LED Lighting
If you're planning a concert or private event, you'll want to have quality restroom rentals. Shows are top-rated for private events and fundraisers, and concert restroom rentals are an excellent choice. Luxury restroom trailers have LED lighting and vinyl flooring. They're also stocked with toilet paper and trash receptacles, so your guests can easily access the facilities when they need them. But, of course, a concert is not the only place you'll want luxury restroom rentals. Shows are popular for fundraisers, too, so don't forget about the VIP section.

Vinyl Flooring
Bathroom rental bathrooms usually have vinyl flooring. It is the most cost-effective option for renting a bathroom for a concert and won't fade in sunlight, unlike hardwood floors. In addition, many rentals come with an old toilet that is no longer in use and needs to be replaced. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for bathroom rentals for concerts because it won't stain, unlike wooden floors.

When choosing a bathroom rental for a concert, check to ensure that it's made of high-quality vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can last for 15 to 20 years if it's properly cared for. Many concertgoers also prefer this option because of the long-lasting, durable nature of the material. However, you'll want to make sure to choose a bathroom rental with a warranty to protect yourself and your guests.
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