Friday, August 4, 2023

yoboo Baby Skincare Products now in the Philippines

Hello Mommas!

I am very excited to share this new brand of baby skin care products in the Philippines - Yoboo Baby.

Yoboo is a mother and baby care brand from Japan dedicated to providing exceptional skincare products for babies. They utilize the power of natural plant extracts and biomimetic essence that awakens the skin's intrinsic vitality to give your little one healthy and radiant skin.

yoboo Baby Skincare Set
yoboo Baby Skincare Set

For comprehensive skincare for baby’s head to toe, yoboo offers Baby Skincare Sets from ages 0-6 which include:

Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo (400ml), a 2-in-1 foaming wash enriched with PRO-V5, vitamin E, Bisabolol, and camellia seed oil to gently and effectively clean the skin, properly hydrate it, and preserve its elasticity. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can also help relieve any discomfort and improve any sensitive skin condition in a timely manner. With these gentle ingredients, you can be assured of the best care for your baby's skin.

yoboo Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo
yoboo Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo

Baby Refreshing Moisturizer (70g), a body lotion which can hydrate and soothe dryness and redness with every use. One application of its transparent ice crystal texture turns into water, making it light and burden-free. Its multidimensional water locking system, double aloe vera juice and vitamin B5, and natural herbal extracts work together to nourish and lock in the moisture to make the body feel silky, refreshed, and comfortable.

yoboo Baby Refreshing Moisturizer
yoboo Baby Refreshing Moisturizer

Through various tests with its users, Yoboo found out that the Yoboo Baby Refreshing Moisturizer can ultimately soothe your baby's skin by 30% within one hour upon application. In these tests, all of the participants reported immediate skin hydration, 96% said that the product improved their baby's skin dryness, while 88% said that redness was immediately reduced.

OlivOat Baby Cream (40g), a body moisturizer enriched with glycerin, ceramide NP, and urea to improve a baby’s skin resistance. It features a lecithin emulsified liquid crystal system which is easily absorbed, penetrating the skin quickly without burdening it. Tender on the outside and moisturizing on the inside, the cream promotes double barrier protection which enhances the skin’s defense.

Aside from its moisturizing benefits, the OlivOat Baby Cream also has a unique dispensing feature. By pressing the top of the bottle with both hands at the same time, the cream will be dispensed at the top center of the cream outlet. This design ensures efficient dispensing, with no unnecessary leaks and spills. This design assures an equal amount of cream suitable for every use and prevents secondary contamination.

The yoboo Baby Skincare Gift Set is available in Shopee and Lazada for Php 1,199.00. To learn more about yoboo and its products, visit or the Yoboo - Philippines Official Facebook Page.

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