Our Baker's Hub Experience

Monday, August 14, 2017

My apologies for not posting that much. Medyo busy lang sa araw-araw na buhay. Haha!

It's another manic Monday. I was supposed to take a leave from work but changed my mind because of an important meeting. So Daddy A went alone to do our planned errand today. I will share about that soon. Meanwhile, let me share our experience at Baker's Hub when we visited their branch at Meycauyan, Bulacan.

Baker's Hub Meycauayan

Last June, yes that's two months ago, we went to Baker's Hub to buy our baking needs for Matthew's 7th birthday.

Baker's Hub Meycauayan

When you love to bake, I guaranteed you will palpitate upon entering the store, haha!

There are mixers, and tin and glass food containers.

Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer, tin food container, glass food container

Measuring cups, egg beaters, scoops, spatula, rolling pin and more.

measuring cups, egg beaters, scoops, spatula, rolling pin

There are all forms of aluminium moulds too. 

aluminium moulds

These are chocolate moulds.

chocolate moulds

Silicon moulds are on sale that time.

silicon moulds

Cake stands and turntables.

cake stand, turntables

Different shapes and sizes of cake boards.

cake boards

Cupcake cups and holders!

cupcake cups, cupcake holders

So many food colors available at Baker's Hub.

food colors

There are also cutters, which Matthew thought are toys.

cookie cutters

cookie cutters

There are different kinds of piping tips.

piping tips

Chocolate bars and chips are also being sold there.

chocolate bars, chocolate chips

Of course, there are butter and cream cheese too.
 butter, cream cheese

Sugars, baking soda, baking powder and syrups are also available at Baker's Hub.

Also, you can find chocolate coated candies, sprinkles and other cake and cupcake edible decorations.

cake decorations

Oh, here are more of the cake decors.

cake decorations

And of course, candles!

birthday candles

Finally, here are what we bought at Baker's Hub: Cutters, brushes, fondant smoother, rolling pin, silicone mat, cupcake and bread pans, cupcake liners, butter, marshmallows, white chocolate bars, confectioner sugar and food colors.

Baker's Hub loots

Ooops, not in the photo is the cake turntables that we used for this Minion Cake, our first fondant cake.

Despicable Me, Minions, DIY, cake, fondant

Although there are so many flaws, this fondant cake made my son extra happy on his special day.

That's our Baker's Hub experience. If you love to bake, then Baker's Hub is the place to be.

Baker's Hub Meycauyan 
Address: 2nd Floor, Licaros Commercial Strip, Mac Arthur Highway, Calvario3020 Meycauayan, Bulacan 
Phone No.: (044) 244 0821 
Store hours: 9am-6:30pm
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Our 9th Year + 4 Surprises

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yay! It's been more than a week since my last post. August na pala, where did July goes? 

July has been a very busy month. As in, morning palang super busy na. I am back to making bento once again, which will I share to you next naman. But you can follow me at Instagram and Facebook because I post my daily bento baon ideas there. This post kasi is for our 9th wedding anniversary that we had celebrated last July 27. Yep, July 27. So this a super late post.

Like our previous anniversaries, we chose to celebrate our 9th year with a simple dinner at home. Since both of us are busy at work and we have a little boy to attend to, our travel plan did't push through. It's okay for us naman because we still have no househelp and syempre hindi din namin maenjoy if we keep on thinking about our son.  

Ang haba ba ng explanation noh? Anyway, we just had a simple dinner but I got 4 surprises! I cooked spaghetti and we just bought fried chicken.

wedding anniversary, marriage, celebration

By the way, those flowers, which was surprise #1, were from Daddy A of course. He seldom gave me flowers because he knows I didn't like it kasi mahal nga, haha. That's why I was surprise when he handed me a bouquet of red and white roses. 

red roses, white roses, roses, wedding anniversary

When Matthew saw the flowers, he teased us... "Uy! May nagliligawan!" Haha! 

Of course, I didn't waste this moment and took photos with the roses. Matthew joined me too and he told me pala, "Mommy, gagayahin ko po si Daddy. Magbibigay din ako ng flowers sa asawa ko." Asawa agad talaga anak? Hehe!

Then before having our dinner, we took some photos of the three of us.

This was surprise #2 from our little boy. He told me he can't buy us gift yet kaya heto daw muna.

When we were almost done with our dinner, I saw this on the table in the kitchen. Surprise #3 was this Red Ribbon dedication cake.

Red Ribbon, Dedication cake, chocolate cake

I thought the day was over na, but I saw a little box inside my bag. When I opened it, I saw this!

It may not be expensive but it is priceless because of the man who gave me this.

With what Daddy A gave me, naguilty naman ako kasi I didn't have gift for him. So I told him to buy the shoes he wants. Wala kasi ako time to go out even online shopping.

Anyway, more than those material things, it's the time, love, understanding and patient that Daddy A gave me I am most thankful for. I know sometimes I make it hard for him but still he never gave up on me. 

To Daddy A, I want you to know that I appreciate everything you are doing for us. Thank you for everything. I love and will always be here for you no matter what. 
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