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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Unique Wedding Bands for Your Big Day


The wedding band is one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry you will wear — and it should be just as unique as your engagement ring. Discover our top tips for finding a standout style to make your heart sing.


Your wedding band is an everyday accessory that must be durable and comfortable. If you work with your hands, consider a brutal metal like tungsten or platinum that is hypoallergenic and resistant to scratches and dents. Palladium is another popular option, as it's a rare metal with a natural silvery white color and luster. It's also more affordable than platinum and similarly durable to gold. Adding intricate engravings can be a fun way to personalize your band, but make sure they're easy to clean, especially if you wear the ring during rough activities. Inlays, such as a strip of one metal in the middle of two other bands, are another great way to create a unique look.


In addition to width, the shape of your ring can also make a big difference. Consider a knife-edge band with crisscrossing elements, a hand-engraved garden-esque design, or a unique floral band for a feminine touch. For those who love to fidget, try a comfortable-fit ring slightly domed inside and out for a soft feel. Milgrain, a style that adds small texture details to a band, is another way to keep your wedding band looking fresh and exciting. Opt for a gemstone-inset wedding band if you're ready for a bold statement. It's a celebration of your infinitely connected love.


If you and your partner share a common religious faith, a wedding band with nuanced nods to that sacrament can be exceptional. 

The width of a wedding band is also a big decision that should be made with comfort and style in mind. If you plan on working with your hands a lot, a thicker ring is better for long-term wear. Or, if she likes to rock a more delicate aesthetic, opt for something narrower.


As you narrow down your choice of unique wedding bands, consider how they'll fit your overall style. A simple band of white gold may look elegant or compliment your diamond engagement ring nicely, while a unique inlay can stand out and tell a story all its own. Gem-set rings are also trendy, with brides choosing to add a bit of sparkle to their stack with an inlay or to incorporate gemstones into the band itself.  As with your engagement ring, it's best to shop for your wedding band as early as possible. It will give you ample time to browse options, find a local jeweler, and zero in on the perfect fit.


From emeralds to sapphires, the earth's semi-precious gems have long captivated us. These natural wonders are available in various colors and hold significance for many cultures. Some gemstones are enhanced, which means they undergo a series of processes to improve their color and clarity. These treatments are usually harmless; some may even increase a gemstone's value. Try a nontraditional wedding band with a gemstone like opals or amethyst. Opt for something completely different, like the star-like moissanite (which only occurs in meteorites and upper mantle rock). Some gems also feature inclusions that tell a story, such as the hairs found in amber or green aventurine quartz, which is colorless quartzite filled with flakes of the mineral fuchsite.


Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a modern stack incorporating diamonds, carbon fiber, and tungsten, you can elevate your wedding band with unique finish options. From a sandblasted texture that presents a slate sensation to a charcoal sheen to a wire-brushed finish that gives off a soft metallic glow, these textures can give your ring an utterly unique aesthetic. Choosing a wedding band is one of the most significant decisions you'll make in your lifetime, so you must choose the right style. Polished rings are the classic choice, while a hammered finish can add a rustic, rugged element to your look.

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