Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our Merry Christmas Day 2016

Hi again dearies! How's your holidays? Katulad nyo din ba akong bitin kahit super long na ang vacation? That's because time flies so fast whenever we are with our family.

I know medyo late na but still I want to share how we spent our Christmas day, after 8 years, in our hometown. (Read: Our Merry Christmas - Noche Buena 2016)

Christmas day is the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate this day by giving thanks to the Lord God for giving us His only Son, Jesus. Aside from preparing for Noche Buena, it's also our tradition to give gifts. And this is something I want my son to experience too. So on the Christmas Day, I let him be our little Santa.

It was his first time to experience Christmas there so he was so happy. Also, it's his first time na mamasko and he didn't know what to do with the money he's receiving. Inaabot agad sa akin even if I already told him to put it in his bag. Hehe.

We had our lunch at my brother's place again. Same lang as the Christmas eve ang food. I don't feel like eating that time because my tummy's not feeling good, hehe. Then, we just rest and take a nap because we went to our Nanay's place.

And here we are at Nanay's place.

Here's while waiting for our younger sister.

Ayan we were complete na! I am sure Nanay is happy to see us.

Oh by the way, this is our new car. Haha!

Echos lang! Daddy made sure we have many photos that day. Look!

O heto pa.

Seriously, I missed our Nanay terribly. Sabi nila I should let her go but it's very difficult. It's like letting go of something you had all your life. And you know what, my heart aches as it was the day she left us.

Okay, enough of it. I should be thankful because when God took away Nanay, naging mas close kami magkakapatid.

Thankful also for these cuties who fills the empty space inside our hearts.

After our visit to Nanay, we went to Science City of Muñoz Municipal Hall.

It was my first time to see it like this.

Hindi tuloy namin mapigil maging sweet... Haha, anong connect?

Can you spot Matthew?

My chubby cheeks with his pretty cousin.

Syempre me and my sister naman, hehe.

Finally, we had our dinner at everyone's fave fastfood, Jollibee!

We had a great day with the whole family.

So thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to bond with my siblings. Hoping to have more quality times like this.

Have a Blessed New Year everyone!
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