Saturday, January 21, 2017

Highlights of My 2016

2016... The year that's the most painful I had but the most blessed one we ever had. The irony of life is it? Or it's how to look at it? So I chose to be blessed.

I know I should have posted this before the year ends but because of my busy schedule I'll be doing 2016 recap now. I will just share the highlight of my 2016.


We welcome 2016 with our first family photo of the year!

Please take note of our body size and see how much weight we lost, especially Daddy A. But for Matthew, he grew bigger pa. Haha!

I also wrote about my realization from the year 2015. There I share how I much I am thankful for still having my mother. Who would have thought she'll leave us soon?


We celebrated my Nanay's 69th birthday. I never thought it would be her last. I was planning her 70th birthday celebration sana this year kaya lang God has a better plan e. And who am I not to accept His will?

Anyways, I said 2016 was a blessed year, in spite and despite what had happened. As early as January, advertisers and brands are contacting me na.  Thankful to maintain good relationship with them

Beautiful Mornings with ‪#‎McDoBreakfast‬ ‪#‎CheesyEggdesal‬

Hearty Gift Ideas for the Love Month #OnlyatSnR

It's Daddy A's birthday month. We celebrated his 35th birthday with a surprise from Matthew and me.


Matthew's moving up.

He's got two medals for getting 1st honorable mention on his class and receiving the Achiever's Award. All our sacrifices had paid off 😏


My 35th birthday celebration with my family.

Matthew also auditioned for #‎SMLittleStars2016.

He was not chosen but still we're proud him having the guts to perform in front of people. He said he'll join again this year.


We had a simple birthday celebration for Matthew's 6th birthday.

Also, Daddy A had his Father's Day #PaChickenMcDoForDad.


This was the month that I wish never came. Because my life will never be the same again when I lost my mother. She left a wound in my heart that will never heal.

But life must go on for I still have these too to celebrate another year of love.

As usual, we just had a simple dinner at home to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. It was as simple as it can be because I was grieving and I missed my Nanay so much. Until now, I can't believe she left us just like that...


I had to keep my self busy and so I did Bento baon again for Matthew.


The year never passed without us having problem with our househelp/yaya. Every time this happens I'm thinking of quitting my job. But God is really great because He always give the best answer to our prayers. After weeks, we had a better househelp and hopefully, this time, she will stay longer with us.


Slowly, my life is getting back to normal. We started to go out again and have our Sunday fun date.

Also, we are starting to treat ourselves once in awhile. Just like when we eat dine in at Kenny Rogers and tried their famous OMG Unfried Fried Chicken.


November was the busiest month for our little boy. Their school held their foundation day and Matthew and his classmates performed a dance number.

They also had their annual pajama party.

Also, Daddy started our home beautification. So November was indeed a busy month not just for Matthew but for the three of us.


And of course December was the busiest month. That's why my blog posts are getting fewer as the year ends. But December was the happiest month for me. It's because after almost 8 years of not spending Christmas at our hometown, we got the chance to go home and have Noche Buena with our family..

2016 was a really blessed year. This year, I was reminded that I am blessed with a good job with generous bosses. I am very thankful that they appreciate and value our work. And this motivates me to give my best and do my work the way I should be.

So thank you 2016 and I pray that 2017 will be as good or better!
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