Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Spectacular Musical Fountain Show

Matthew's Field Trip's last stop was at Manila Ocean Park to watch their spectacular Musical Fountain Show. (Read: A Field Trip to MMDA Children's Road Safety Park and A Fun Trip to City of Dreams Manila's DreamPlay). 

It's not obvious na naman na our little boy was so happy ano? Anyway, we were allowed to go inside to go the comfort room so before that we took advantage of taking some photos inside.

There's no so much inside except this giant Christmas tree made up of plastic bottles and the two huge bears of course. But I still wished I bought my selfie stick for better view.

This naman medyo blurred at nagmamadali na kami lumabas to line up to the Musical Fountain Show.

After almost 30 minutes of waiting on the line, here we are inside na.

When the Musical Fountain Show started, our little boy said wow!

So much more excitement when the colors changed to these.

Here's a short video of the spectacular show.

And the fountain show ended with fireworks.

It was a long tiring day but this little boy does not seems to get tired. Look how happy he was after I bought him this floppy, rubbery fish that lights. Sorry I don't know how to call it e.

Sulit ang pagod at pag-leave sa work. I enjoyed this 15-hours of time with my son. This is one of those rare moments we parents shouldn't missed right?


Manila Ocean Park
Address: 666, Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila, Metro Manila 1000
Phone: (02) 567 7777

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