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Best Family Vacation Destinations

A good family weekend is no longer about settling kids in the car and driving to the nearest amusement park. Modern families are searching for the ways to stretch their horizons when traveling with their closest ones. From sunny exotic beaches to sleepless cities, the search for the best family vacation destination is always difficult. After sharing top 5-Year Dating Anniversary ideas, we’ve decided to gather the top destinations and places of interest to inject some novelty into your family getaway. Pick the right one for your crew, no matter who’s tagging along for the ride.

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1. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

There is probably no other place in the world, that worships childhood as much as Orlando, Florida. That feeling you get as you catch the lights off at Epcot Center’s Spaceship Earth or from your first gulp of Butterbeer in Hogsmeade, or when you witness the soaring heights of Shamu’s flips. All these prove that being a kid is your state of mind, no matter how old you are.

In reality, those attractions given above are only the smallest part of that you see as you arrive in Orlando. And the best part – all that appeals to all ages and there’s far more to do here than visiting other theme parks. Florida’s subtropical climate is awesome for golfing and the downtown part of the city is too tempting not to explore!

2. Yosemite

One of Cali’s most astonishing natural wonders, Yosemite National Park steps up with approx.1,200 square miles of entirely nature-made sights – soaring cascades, roaring waterfalls, millennial redwoods, daunting cliffs and some incredible rock formations in the North America. Although its enormous size, most of the tourist activity ground is located within nearly 7 square miles of Yosemite Valley.

Driving here you will find the place’s signature landmarks - Half Dome and El Capitan, along with magnificent hiking trails past all the natural attractions. Even unskilled hikers are guaranteed to enjoy Yosemite. Guided tours and climbing master classes are proposed. Just don’t attempt to master up it by yourself.

Like many other tourist attractions in the USA, crowds are the major obstacle in the Yosemite weekend - at least 5 million people visit the national park each year. But if you get here at the right time (and wake up a little earlier), all of nature’s wonders will be revealed to you in a miraculous and tranquil atmosphere.

3. Princess Cruises, Alaska

Princess Cruises admits that different age categories have different needs. However, all family members with no exception will enjoy coming to Alaska! Families can arrive here for the Klondike Festival (with dog-sledge trips) and the Midnight Moon party (people of all ages crowding under the light of the midnight moon). A weekend there includes going down to a gold mine and even taking part in a lumberjack contest.

4. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Spend a day sunbathing on the sunny coast with an exit to local national history museum. This colonial-style building comprises the destination’s cultural history presenting it on 3D displays and videos. Indulge in spying bright blue iguanas under the recovery program, residing in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. An hour-long guided excursion is ideal for any type of family and if your dad does not really share an interest in lizards, he can always enjoy the dreamlike flora of the park.

5. Sydney, Australia

Sydney features both a laid-back coastline city and a thriving metropolis that brags some of the Southern Hemisphere’s best surfing options, landmarks and activities. Whether you want to watch a show at the most recognizable Sydney Opera House, ride the waves at Bondi Beach or investigate some trendy areas like The Rocks and Darling Harbor. Sydney certainly got something for everyone! Even the locals have an amazing mix of so much different worlds - fashion-forward dressing and British sarcasm combined with a “don’t worry” attitude and easy-going coastal vibe.

Australia’s one of most populous cities suggests literally tons of stuff to do. Goosebumps-seekers can test themselves in heart-pounding activities at Sydney Harbor Bridge, while tourists looking for a less extreme time will appreciate a day of complete rest at Coogee or go out for a peaceful stroll along the evening beach. There are also plenty of seasonal traditional festivals and events to attend, so make sure you catch at least one of them. Whether you’re a sports fan and you’d like to visit and enjoy a rugby match, run through the city’s museums or tan on a beach, Sydney will keep you tuned.

6. La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

You possibly won’t find any other such an action-packed location as Costa Rica! Kayaking, zip-lining and wind surfing, to name a few options. In addition, there’s an opportunity to discover fascinating wildlife - apes, sloths, hundreds of various bird species. Everything right outside your door.

Bonus: This exotic location won’t hit your budget very hard. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro to capture all the great things!  Rush for some extreme-packed adventures or try out the three-hour walk across hanging bridges or glide up in the sky above the jungle in the Sky Tram.

Nestled at the foot of the Arenal volcano, La Fortuna comes up with a mass of accommodation options. For example, the hotel boasts a couple of hot springs and some natural pools on its property. The hotel itself provides private villas for rent that feature several bedrooms and dining room with magnificent volcano views. La Fortuna also owns airy family rooms with a king-size bed for adults and a smaller bed to accommodate a child, as well as stunning possibilities of transforming a room if needed.

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