Friday, November 17, 2017

My Bento Tools from Shopee and Daiso

Hello there muthers!

How's life na ba mga beshies? 

Wala lang, medyo sinisipag akong magblog e. Nakalkal ko lang mga photos and sayang naman if I will not share these to you.

So ayun nga, it's been 3 years na since I ordered bento tools. Medyo pricey kasi bento tools like picks na laging naiwawala ni Matthew. Then I stopped preparing bento baons na because of busy schedule and Matthew said he didn't like it na. 

However, when the school started this year, Matthew requested to have his lunch baon too. I bought a new lunch box and from there I had an urge to create bento again. Though I am not that good, my little boy appreciates it so happy na ako dun. Then he knows how to take care of the picks na at hindi na nya naiwawala. That's why I ordered more bento tools from a nice seller at Shopee

Thank goodness for online shopping. It makes mommy life easier. You can find almost all your household needs like floral drapes, kitchen utensils and a lot more.

Actually, naparami ng konti kasi naman sobra talagang mura sa Shopee store na iyon. Look for chellai Japan Products.

Like these silicon molders.

A pack 4-piece silicon molder (2oz) is Php 29.00, while a pack of 3-piece silicon molder (1oz) is only Php 19.00. 

Nagandahan naman ako dito sa flower silicon molder na Php 49.00 for all that 6 pieces. The heart-shaped molders naman is Php 24.00, 4 pieces na din.

This bento plastic accessories naman is only only Php 9.00, 6 pieces na.

I ordered also these two sets of different shape cutters at Php 24.00 each. Then yun nasa ibabang cutter set is one of the freebies.

This silicon food shaper set is only Php 24.00.

This set rice molders naman is only Php 24.00.

The 16pcs blue cupcake liners set is only Php 14.00, while the 55pcs 1oz liners set is only Php 25.00.

Heto na, pick! The top fruit picks set is only Php 39.00 per 4-piece set, while the lower fruit picker set is only Php 19.00 per 12-piece set. I wish she has more pick designs.

I also ordered this 5-pair chopstick set at Php 39.00 only.

And these popsicle silicon loder at Php 15.00 each.

These naman I bought at Daiso near us. The picks set is only Php 66.00 while the egg molder set is Php 88.00

So those are my new bento tools and accessories. Very affordable hindi ba? If you have other bento stores na mura din ang tools, please let me know ha? Thanks in advance mga momshies!

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