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Creative Ideas on How to Use Customized Ribbons

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Have you ever thought of using a customized ribbon?  Do you know about all the fantastic and elegant things you can do with it? A customized ribbon is a fabric printed with personal messages on it.  Some notes that can be printed on it includes special messages like “Happy birthday” and “I love you” among others.

There are different types of ribbons that can be customized such as organza ribbon, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and double face satin ribbon. You can visit personalized ribbon store to inquire about the ribbons.

With that being said, here are 7 beautiful ideas to use the customized fabric.

Personalized Ribbon for Graduations

Are you graduating from college or high school in these coming months?  Congratulations in advance! Graduation day gives you an opportunity to get together with all your friends and family. It’s crucial always to make it memorable and unique.

Donning the cap and wearing a gown is not just enough to make it memorable, you can always add something a little unique like putting on a personalized ribbon printed with your name, the school’s name, the class and the year in which you are graduating in.

ribbons, customized ribbons, Crafts, home, creative ideas

Additionally, customized ribbons can be used to wrap graduation gifts to give it a more a pealing look or otherwise it can be used in decorating your home for post-graduation celebration party.

The best part of decorating your graduation day with a customized ribbon is that you don’t need to blow all your savings to afford the greatest graduation party. You can also use them to wrap graduation gifts for your friends.

Birth Announcements

Have you just welcomed a new baby into the world? Congrats! Spread the good news to your friends and family with a customized baby announcement ribbon.

This is undoubtedly an excellent idea for proud dad or mum who wants to do something different yet memorable to introduce your bundle of joy to the world.

You can always have a printed message saying “it’s a girl” or “it’s boy” or you can add any other message you would like to share like the name of your new found love and their date of birth.
If finding the right words tends to be a problem, don’t worry. Some ribbon companies have pre-made wording options to give your baby a befitting introduction to the world.

Give your buddies something to remember and smile about with your very own customized printed birth announcement.

During wedding proposal

ribbons, customized ribbons, Crafts, home, creative ideas

Asking for your lover’s hand in marriage is one of the most significant moments of your life. Peculiar as it may be, you surely want to make sure that the entire proposal is impressive, unusual, and unforgettable.

If you are ready to pop up the big question, then it’s time to figure out how you are going to do it. Proposal ideas can be overwhelming. However, one sure thing you can never go wrong with is having some customized printed ribbon with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ on it.

You can attach this personalized ribbon on an engagement ring or just hang it somewhere and watch as your new bride-to-be melt in love.

Don’t forget to go down on your knees, unless you want a NO for an answer. It’s usually difficult to find love so don’t screw this up buddy. You can go ahead and see some cool places to pop up the big question here

Corporate Events

There are so many corporate events happening in the world today. The big question is: How can you make yours stand out among the rest?

It’s time to get creative with customized ribbons. This might be one idea you are yet to fully exploit to add the missing piece your event has always lacked for years.

Adding customized ribbons creates something extra special for your guest. On the ribbons, you can add your company logo, company name and even the date of the event.

Additionally, you can also use them on your giveaway gifts to the attendees as a way of marketing your company. Custom print ribbon creates uniqueness to these events by adding some fantastic personal touch to it.

Wedding Favors

ribbons, customized ribbons, Crafts, home, creative ideas

Giving away wedding favors is a good gesture of appreciating your guests for their support and attendance.

Finding a more memorable wedding favor that doesn’t strain your budget can be tight. Luckily, it’s very much possible to have unique wedding favors at an affordable price just by adding custom printed ribbon to them.

You can print your names, location, and date of the big day on the ribbon. Make a knot or tie your customized ribbon onto your wedding gifts and watch how your friend's face lightens up with delight.


Creative packaging plays a vital role in the success of any product in the market. It has quickly become an essential client touch point and is necessary for repeat sales.

This is what ultimately sells your goods. It not only draws attention but also sends an impression that makes your customer feel a certain way. There is no affordable and better way of improving your packaging appearance than using a customized ribbon.

Adding personalized messages such as a festive version of your business logo to a ribbons that you tie around your package instantly creates a more a pealing and memorable products to your esteemed customers. Click here to see more on creative packaging.

Home Décor

There are countless challenges present when decorating a home especially for beginners who have little or no information on the latest trends and ideas about home décor.

Using customized ribbon for home décor is quickly gaining acceptance to the general public. Affordable, elegant, and versatile, customized fabric can be used to decorate your house making each living space amazing.

For instance, during Christmas, you can use personalized ribbon for hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree. Additionally, you can hang customized printed fabrics around your house or on your walls.

I hope from these few tips, you can finally get an idea on how you can use customized ribbons differently.

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