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5 Healthy Habits to Help Your Children Stay Well

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When your children go to school and day care, you likely worry about them staying safe and healthy. You want to send them to school each day without worrying about them getting sick and bringing home illnesses with them. You have to constantly be vigilant for germs that could spread around your house quickly. Explore the following techniques that you can use and teach to your children so that everyone in your household can stay well.

Teach Your Children to Cover Their Mouths

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We can help our children avoid spreading illnesses by reminding them to cover their mouths when they have to cough or sneeze. Show them how to use a tissue or cloth to cover their mouths. You can also tell them that if they don't have a tissue or handkerchief, they need to turn their faces into their sleeves. By teaching them to cover their mouths, you can help control the spread of germs.

Wash Hands Frequently

When it comes to hygiene habits to prevent illness, the big one is hand washing. Encouraging your children to wash their hands frequently at an early age will help them develop a habit for good health at an early age. Have them wash their hands after they use the restroom, before they eat, and when they have touched objects in public such as doorknobs and handles. Show them the proper technique using soap and washing their hands for at least 30 seconds. 

Don't Share Dishes and Toothbrushes

Every parent has experienced the horror of seeing children share cups and utensils. We catch them sharing food and drinks and the occasional toothbrush. Make sure that kids don't share forks, spoons, and cups at group meals, and remind them to never put something in their mouths that someone else has used first. You may have to remind them, but you can teach them not to share their dishes.

Clean Your Home

Keeping your home clean and disinfected will help cut down on the length and severity of illnesses that your family will have to deal with. Wiping down cabinets, counter tops, doorknobs, and other common areas with disinfecting cleaners can kill the germs that can pass from person to person. If someone has been sick, make sure to sanitize furniture and bedding as well.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Proper indoor air quality will help keep everyone in your home healthy. Maintaining your HVAC system keeps the air circulating and will help eliminate stagnant, stale air from building up. Having a trained HVAC technician regularly servicing your HVAC system will help you keep germs out of your house. You can also help cut down on the buildup of stagnant air and germs by changing the air filters in your home's HVAC system. 

With basic hygiene techniques and standard housekeeping chores, you can keep illnesses under control. Your kids may be exposed to germs in many places, but you can help them build the healthy habits they need to avoid illnesses this season.

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