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Reasons to Hire an Attorney After Being a Victim of Drunk Driving Accident

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The very moments after a car accident involving drunk driving is not only painful but also confusing. Depending on the intensity of the accident, you could suffer from mental and physical injuries which may alter your thinking about moving forward with the accident.

According to top law firms in Los Angeles like Farhan Naqvi injury law, the first question that comes to mind after being a victim of a drunk driving accident is whether you should give your attorney a call or not. At this time, you may be wondering if it is necessary to get in touch with the lawyer or what the best time is to contact them

In reality, partnering up with a credible drunk driving accident lawyer is your best chance to get financial recovery to move on with your life. An experienced lawyer makes sure that you are treated fairly after the accident and that your insurance company pays you the compensation you deserve.

Call an Accident Lawyer Immediately

After an accident, the first priority is always to check if your family is safe. If you suspect severe injuries from the accident, immediately call an ambulance and get them to a doctor. After this, you would ideally want to report the accident to the police and get in touch with an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer. 

If the accident resulted in vehicle damage, fatality, or personal injury, the sooner you contact your lawyer, the better the chances of winning your claim against the accident. Here are some reasons why you should immediately contact a lawyer.

You’ll Be Compensated Quickly

The moments after the accident are the most crucial ones. It is very important to collect all the evidence you can on the scene including the other driver’s name, their license number, insurance information, contact details, and vehicle registration number. If possible, grab a smartphone and take as many photos as possible. 

These details will help your attorney to pursue the claim case in a court. Having a credible lawyer like Farhan Naqvi from the very beginning of after an accident will give you an edge over the other party. You’ll get back medical expenses, doctor bills, money for lost wages, repair money for car damage, and recovery money if a loved one is lost due to drunk driving.

You’ll Never Figure out How Much Compensation You’ll Need

After the events of an accident, it is impossible to determine how much compensation you’ll need to cover the financial damage. With an experienced lawyer in your stead, you can figure out the closest figure required to move on post-accident. 

Drunk driving accident lawyers are expert in determining the cost of the damage involved in a accident. This is why you should immediately discuss the damage of the accident with your lawyer so a suitable case is made immediately.

Being a victim of a drunk driving accident is unfortunate but it doesn’t mean that you should be held accountable. As an innocent person, you have every right to claim back all the finances you suffered due to an accident. 
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