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Weighted Blanket – a Great Solution for Sleeping Problems and Insomnia

Quality night sleep is extremely important for good health. The lack of proper sleep on a regular basis is linked with the occurrence of many disorders and health issues. 

The increased use of technological devices in modern societies results in general sleep deprivation in people. Moreover, disrupted sleeping patterns are also linked to the light emitted from the screens that surround us.

On the other hand, sleeping problems can occur as a symptom of other health conditions or psychological states or disorders. Often linked to anxiety, stress and depression, insomnia is becoming a serious enemy for humanity.

People love to battle with the consequences, not the root of the problem. For that matter, they usually use medication treatment for insomnia. In the short term, it’s a great solution. But, in the long run, it only makes the problem bigger.

One thing that is proven to help alleviate the sleeping problems and is completely safe, is the weighted blanket. It’s a holistic approach to the problem. When used on a regular basis, it offers a permanent and great solution for insomnia, disrupted sleeping and disarranged sleep patterns.

Health, sleep, sleeping problems, insomnia, weighted blanket
photo source: Unsplash/author: Maddi Bazzocco

The concept of the Weighted Blanket?

The idea dates back form the early 20th century. Psychiatrists came with a simple solution for calming down children that suffer from severe disorders. They would stuff fabrics with corn or stones in order to provide a weight of a hug from a simple blanket.

The calmness that a hug provides is universal for humans. For disturbed children, the touch of another body was just another huge anxiety trigger. Therefore, a weighted blanket turned out to be the perfect calming touch for the patients. Since then, it’s regularly used in acute psychiatry for patients with anxiety, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression.

What is a Weighted Blanket Today?

Today, a weighted blanket is a product intended for mainstream use. Resembling a regular one, the weighted blanket is filled with microbeads made from plastic or glass. They are evenly spread on the blanket’s surface in order to provide the right amount of additional weight.

Its breakthrough to the mainstream side is an expected occurrence. Its power to calm down a person’s body is highly appreciated in this hectic world. The calming method is proven to encourage sleepy feeling and promote satisfaction. What else can a person wish for these days?

Weighted Blanket for Sleeping Problems and Insomnia

The science behind this therapeutic tool tells a pretty convincing story on the efficiency of the blanket. It says that the additional weight put on your body performs what is called a deep pressure touch stimulation DPT.

The DPT stimulates the nervous system by triggering the nerve endings underneath the skin surface. The consecutive processes that begin there, lead to activation of the parasympathetic system, hence the rest and digest state of the body.

Once the body gets into the resting state, it secretes hormones that promote relaxation and calmness. The most important one is the melatonin hormone. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that is the only precursor for the body to be able to fall asleep.

When the melatonin levels in the bloodstream increase, the body slowly enters into a deep sleep. These are chemical processes that are powerful enough to put the body into sleep, despite the nature of the sleeping problem a person is facing.

Insomnia might be a cause of another serious illness or as a side effect of certain medication therapy. If this is the case with you, you need to consult your doctor for further recommendations.

Health, sleep, sleeping problems, insomnia, weighted blanket
photo source: Pixabay/author: Claudio Scott

Weighted Blanket for Disrupted Sleep-wake Cycle

Living in the technology world, we are constantly surrounded by screens. The lights that we are perceiving with our eyes emitted from our technological devices are disrupting our sleep-wake cycle.

In perfectly natural circumstances, the body regulates the sleep-wake cycle depending on the surroundings. When it’s day and there is light the body knows it should be awake. When it gets dark the body starts releasing melatonin in order to put the body into sleep. Therefore, with constant exposure to artificial light, our body loses track of the normal day-night cycle.

The use of the weighted blanket instantly activates the sympathetic system. This results in the secretion of serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is responsible for the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin puts the body into sleep. Therefore, with regular use of the blanket, the body re-establishes the balance and manages to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

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