Wednesday, July 24, 2019

My son has a Youtube Channel, please Subscribe!

My son loves watching Youtube videos but it's always under supervision. his favorite channel is Ryan ToysReview. So one day he asked me if he can also have his own Youtube channel. 

At first, I was hesitant. He convinced me by telling me that he wanted to earn money through posting videos so I can quit my job. Maybe he sees how troubled I am because I can't do what I really love to do. Maybe hesees how I loved to be with him but I can't. And maybe he wants to see me when he get home from school to hug him when he had a bad day.

Just like the other day, when he called me crying. He said his teacher told him he will die because his head bumped the floor and it didn't bleed. He's crying because he's afraid daw to die. My heart is broken. I want to hug him tight but I can't. I want to kiss all his fears away but I am still away waiting for the workday to end.

So I am really troubled and I think I need to share this in another post. For now, I am asking you to please visit my son's Youtube channel. There are few funny videos there and we are apt for more videos, maybe toy reviews or family videos in the future.

Here's one of his funny video.

Please please visit his Youtube channel and don't forget subscribe. You can make one little boy happy. Thank you so much!
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