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How to Effectively Use CBD Oil for Dogs: Dosage

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When your pets are ill, right medication is very important. Equally important is administering the correct dosage of the medicines given to them. Otherwise, instead of helping your pets get well, incorrect medication and dosage could worsen their illness or could lead to more damages to them.

CBD from the Cannabis plant is known to be a powerful compound with healing properties and which is said to be helping pets deal with a variety of symptoms and ailments. Visit https://www.health.com/pain/what-is-cbd to learn more about cannabidoil.

But since DFA has not yet regulated the use of CBD, aside from it being available almost everywhere, its dosage is not yet established. Hence, administering this to pets can be tricky and needs more attention than regulated medications.

Things to Consider

CBD comes in three different preparations: oil, capsules, treats. Decide in which form you want to have for your dog, this will also depend on what ailment and symptoms your dog is experiencing. CBD oil comes mostly in the form of tinctures.

The size of your pet is also a thing to consider. The amount of CBD will depend on the size and weight of your pets, just like any other medicine. Large dogs would require more CBD intake for it to be effective. Although, high quality products are expected to come with their own dosage instruction and this will depend on the weight of your dog.

Lastly, make certain your dog’s ailment first before you decide on how much CBD you should give them.


CBD Oil, pets, taking care of pets, animal health, dog care,

Most often, CBD oils come in the form of tinctures; administering will be in drops,

For therapeutic purposes for example, a medium-sized dog can be given 2 to 3 drops of CBD oil.

But just like determining the right dosage for humans, you can start from below and work your way up. This compound reacts with the body’s receptors so different pets will have different reactions to it. That is why it I best to start conservatively and them watch for reactions – positive or negative – and then work up on increments, but also be mindful of the kind of ailment your dog has. Some dogs may be more sensitive to it so effects will show immediately on small doses. But it other dogs, it could take a few more minutes and a little more on the dosage for effects to show. Hence, careful observation must be done.

Just like humans, it will take 3 to 7 days for the effects of CBD to be noticed. So if you have not seen any signs of it working with your dogs after several doses, do not just stop yet. Stick to the 7-day rule. While doing this, increase the dosage in small amounts.

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Below is a rundown of a recommended dosage for your dogs, according to their weight:

5 lbs = 0.25 mg
10 lbs = 0.5 mg
20 lbs = 1 mg
40 lbs = 2 mg
60 lbs = 3 mg
80 lbs = 4 mg
100 lbs = 5 mg
120 lbs = 6 mg

Begin administering treatment with the lowest dosage and observe. Three days after, when no effect is noticed, increase by 0.5 mg. You might need this increment a few times more until you find that dosage where you see effects on your dog. Give it some time and extend some patience.

Watch Out for Side Effects

Oil derived from hemp is generally safe and has no toxic effects. Even if this is taken long periods of time, developing a tolerance does not occur, or at least has proven not to. If you have already found the dose where your dog has responded positively, there is no longer need to increase it.

If your dog is already taking medications, you might want to discuss with your veterinarian any possible reactions if you start administering CBD to your dog. It may alter the breakdown of compounds in the medications so instead of helping, it could hamper the healing process of your dog.

Lastly, always make sure that your dog is give high-quality and hemp-derived CBD only. Know that only hemp-based CBD contains little THC or perhaps even nothing at all.

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