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Is Using CBD Oil Good For Cats?

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A cat, like any other pet, needs attention too. They also need to be fed, played with, bathed, and overall looked after. There are a lot of health issues that affect cats, as well. As they get older, they tend to develop arthritis, chronic pain, and sometimes cancer. This doesn't mean that every cat gets affected this way. You need to be prepared if you own one.

Moreover, pets can't say if something is wrong with them. That's why you have to pay close attention to how they react, what they do, and whether they eat enough food or drink enough water. If you notice that something is not right, take your pet to the vet immediately. They will be able to diagnose it and figure out a solution to the problem.

Nowadays, people are starting to give their cats CBD oil. This is a natural mixture created from the marijuana plant. You shouldn't worry about getting your cat "high" because it doesn't have any THC metabolites in it. In fact, CBD has helped a lot of people, as well. There's no wonder that it might be beneficial for pets as well. Here are some of the things that CBD oil can be useful against: 

Chronic Pain

pets, CBD Oil, health, pet care, cats

No one wants to live with pain, but the difference is that people can say if something hurts them. This doesn’t include pets. Taking your cat to a vet in necessary when you notice some odd behavior. They will inform you if the cat is experiencing chronic pain. One of the solutions besides pills is giving your cat CBD oil. Just make sure to place several drops in your pet’s food. They won’t be able to notice a difference in flavor. But you will notice a difference in its behavior. Your pet will feel relieved. Click on the link to find out more


Cats often get diagnosed with arthritis. This is not a severe condition, but it is better if you treat it right away. Joint inflammation can cause slower movement for your cat. Since cats are so agile and way more flexible than other pets, they need their joints to stay active. The intake of CBD oil will reduce inflammation in the joints. This way, your pet will be able to stay active as much as it wants. You can play with it as well.


If you start to notice some aggression in your pet, then you need to make sure it goes away. This way, you won't be able to trust your cat anymore. If your pet is anxious about something, then it will start reacting in a bad way. This is where the oil is most practical. It will definitely calm your cat's anxiety. This is because the product has a calming effect. Even if you use it for some reason, you will be able to feel a lot more tranquil and at peace. If this doesn’t improve, then you better ask for a suggestion from your vet. Find out more by checking out this page


If you didn't know before, cats can suffer from epilepsy as well. This will make cats experience seizures, even a temporary loss of consciousness. It will undoubtedly be very distressing for you to witness your cat having a seizure. If this keeps on happening, then it is best to take action immediately. Visit your vet as soon as possible and start giving your cat CBD. Even if the vet prescribes you some drugs, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the pet will respond to them. Not only that, but there’s a chance that they can cause side-effects as well. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This type of illness can be diagnosed in cats of any age. This occurs when your pet’s gastrointestinal tract starts to get inflamed. Luckily for any pet owner out there, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties. Giving your cat a daily dose of the product can reduce the symptoms of the inflammation and reduce vomiting as well. A lot of research is still being conducted. But in the meantime, it is good to know that the oil has indeed some health benefits that your cat can experience.  

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