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When to Send Holiday Cards

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Holiday Cards

Unless you start planning the holiday early, sending cards can turn out to be stressful and tedious, especially if you have large quantities of mailing to do. Avoid the last-minute rush to the post office, or the additional rush shipping charges, and find out the perfect time frame to send out your greetings and season's best wishes. The holiday season has specific mail times you should adhere to in order to meet the deadline. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay on track when sending out your holiday photo cards.

Mailing List

Save time and make your work easier by organizing your mailing list first. This includes taking some time to gather all addresses that you'll send cards to, in order to hasten this process. To ensure the process goes smoothly, have all the addresses aligned with the corresponding names and any other detail you might require.

When sending out cards, find out the proper way to address the recipient. You will not address a card to your close friend the same way you address that of a colleague or neighbor. Pay attention to the title you bestow upon them, and if they have a professional title, include it in the card.

The Message

Whatever goes inside the card is just as important as the presentation. It's still acceptable to copy a message and customize it for your recipient, but it would be best to write a personal, heartfelt message that reflects your relationship with the recipient. You can then add some creative and inspirational messages to make the card unforgettable. The holiday season is a cheerful time, so make this the background tone of your message. Add a unique, holiday phrase to make the message stand out and give it a light touch.

Choose an appropriate closing message and sign the holiday card before stuffing it inside the envelope. The ideal way to close should be based on your relationship with the recipient. For example, the closing will be super friendly and light for close friends and family, but professional for business associates and colleagues. Find a personalized holiday sticker and seal the envelope before sending it.

The Art of Timing

Always send out your holiday cards on time to avoid the risk of cards arriving too late. Depending on where your recipient is, send cards 2 or 3 weeks in advance. For example, Christmas cards should be sent out in the first week of December. Be careful not to send cards too early as it may appear overzealous. As such, Christmas cards should not arrive before thanksgiving.

If you are sending cards to friends or family living outside your state or overseas, send it well in advance. Ensure you understand the shipping times, and logistics, to get the timing perfect. For Christmas, send the cards at the start of November to cover unexpected delays and give it sufficient shipping time.


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