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Enjoying the Richness of Flavored Cashew Butter

Cashew butter, Food, health, Cashew nut

Nuts are great for our health. In fact, according to studies, those who add nuts to their meals derive a lot of health benefits. These include better bone and muscle mass as aging occurs, protection against cancer, lower cholesterol levels, and reduced risk of heart disease.

In this article, we want to focus on one nut and that is the one from the cashew fruit.

Cashew Nut

Did you know that the nuts are seeds of the fruit? The nuts grow in the shell that hangs under the fruit. The shell is said to be poisonous, so the extraction process isn’t exactly smooth. To know more about this amazing fruit please read here, as it will help you understand why the butter is all it is acclaimed to be and more.

Cashew Nut Butter

It’s a rich, creamy and spreadable paste made from baked or roasted cashew nuts. It tastes yummy, on apples, toast or plain bread. It also works great with smoothies or straight out of the jar! It’s sure to give a boring meal a makeover. 

For better understanding, let’s look at some comparison with traditional butter.

Butter is a dairy product that stays solid when refrigerated, has a spreadable texture at room temperature, and liquid in warm temperature. It is generally eaten as a spread and used in cooking, baking and pan-frying. It can be salted and unsalted. It is usually made from cow’s milk or milk from other mammals. It’s off whitish to pale yellow in color.

Nut butter isn’t dairy and can stay at room temperature. But some of the oil can get separated which isn’t anything to panic about. It is a spread but can be used for some baking and cooking too. It can be raw and salted or flavored as desired. Generally, it is neutral or cream-colored. However when flavored, the color hue can change slightly.

So, cashew nut butter. These have also been around for some time now and are so active in the healthy eats domain. They have so many amazing benefits that will have you wowed. Although we have itemized a few below, you can also watch this for a detailed video talk on more benefits.

Benefits of Flavored Cashew Nut Butter

Cashew butter, Food, health, Cashew nut

Great for Heart health

A healthy heart keeps you alive. We all want and need our hearts healthy and functioning. Cholesterols, as seen in processed foods, clog the heart, harden arteries, and can lead to heart ailments. It is therefore advisable that you include cashew butter in your diet as it contains the “good fats” (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats). These help fight back on the development of harmful cholesterol.

Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes is epidemic in nature and forces people to live a life full of restrictions. Why wait to treat when you can prevent it? You should include cashew butter into your meals as it helps regulate and control the level of blood sugar and fats. This helps reduce the chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Abundant Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation or are capable of counteracting its damaging effects. So what they do is comb through the cell, by neutralizing the free radicals that cause damages. These are like vitamins C, E, and K and they are the most potent ones. They help protect your cells, and guess what? Cashew butter has all these in addition to its disease-fighting, anti-aging, and sickness prevention properties.

Essential Proteins

Even though the protein proportion in cashew butter is a bit low, it has the essentials needed by the body. So, the body absorbs the proteins and break them down into amino acids. This is the type your body can’t make on its own and you must get from foods such as this.


Our bodies don’t need just any food, but food packed with nutrients to keep us going. This butter happens to have amazing nutrients. Asides proteins and good fats, they have other nutrients like Vitamins B6, folic acid, niacin, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, oleic acid, calcium, iron, copper, and potassium. 

Most stores will carry the original flavor but what then happens to the adventurous taste buds? Thankfully, you can now shop cashew butter  in different flavors that suit you and taste buds. We are talking about flavors like lemon, vanilla, chocolate and many others that are sure to make meal times more exciting.

Are you excited yet? You should! Knowing that you can get the best-flavored cashew butter that’s yummy and healthy in a jar is divine.

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