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Election Buttons in School

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Marketing is the key to success for any political campaign, be it for student body election or presidential elections. Reaching out to the audience, speaking your mind and voicing your opinion is the only way to win any campaign. Whether or not you will come out winning depends only on two facts: Candidate and Marketing. Nowadays, school campaigns are just as competitive, so if your child wants to participate in the school election, be sure to encourage and support them as they would not be able to make it without your support!

School elections have always been competitive, however now with technology; there are various other advancements in these elections as well. So, you would need to have a proper marketing strategy in place to make it a success. Here are somethings that we recommend:


This one is probably the most important; this logo will become the face of the campaign, so it's essential to choose the right colour, font and imagery for the logo. This shows voters you are serious about the election campaign.


This technique has been in practice since Abraham Lincoln days. However, it is by far the most effective method to spread awareness about the student election campaign. Visuals always work, so be sure to create posters that are unique, vibrant and make you stand out.

Buttons or Pins

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Whether you are having a fundraiser at home or in the school hallway, creating personalized election buttons and pins for the school election campaign is imperative. With uber buttons you can easily create buttons and pins of your choice; all you need to do is choose the size, shape, colour, photo (if any) and slogan and you are good to go. There are great offers on bulk purchases. So, what are you waiting for, help your child win, this election season!


If you want to take it up a notch and have the means to do so, we suggest you create your very own campaign website. Where you can list out the things, you would be working on once elected. List out your passions, ideas, also share quotes and images that resonate with you.

Social Media

Creating a Facebook page, using personal Instagram and Snap chat is a great way to get the word out there about the election campaign. These act as your political synopsis, so be sure to curate content for these platforms accordingly; as most of your target audience will be scrolling through these pages to get a better sense of your campaign.


Gifts are tricky, some campaign marketers swear by it, some are not too sure. No matter what the case is, kids love gifts, and a great way to persuade or even get through to potential voters is by handing out gifts. This does not need to be fancy; it can be a simple token or a souvenir, whatever fits well in the marketing budget.

Email Marketing

Just like social media, email marketing is a great way to reach out to voters, curate a list of all students participating in the voting and send out emails; make sure these are well crafted and catch their attention. Email marketing is also a great way to connect with students who don’t want to support you publicly or are too shy to voice their opinion. Email Marketing content should cover some frequently asked questions, campaign pitch etc. this way, these voters will be able to view campaign brief in one place.

Campaign Speech

Any political campaign is incomplete without speech. Traditional voters believe that a speech can make or break a candidate's career. So, while writing a speech, make sure to include things that will not only resonate with the audience but also speak out tangible goals so that voters can keep track of their candidate’s performance. If you can’t write a speech on your own; someone who knows the candidate well should be writing it, that’s the only way a speech will get a personal touch.

Be it any political campaign; aggressive marketing is the key to winning elections. Always make sure to add personalized touches to your campaign, be it in your website or on the customized buttons; once the voters can resonate with you, they are sure to vote for you!  

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