Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Summer Vacation Must Haves

The temperature is getting hotter. This means that summer is already on its way.

Unlike in the past years, summer is not the same since we are still in the pandemic. COVID-19 is still around. Gather at some summer destinations are still prohibited especially now that there is a surge in the numbers of new COVID-19 cases daily.

However, there are still some tourist destinations that can be visited during summer. Just follow the minimum health protocols and have the required documents before going to the place you wanted to go.

But before heading to a place of your choice to spend the hot weather, here are some tips of things, aside from towels and swimwear like cute tankinis, that you may consider to put in your luggage. Oh wait, this Crayon Floral Racer-Back Tankini Top from Lime Ricki is love!


Of course, this is a must for taking selfies and documentations. Nowadays, there are already phones equipped with camera giving the best shots.


ATM or debit cards are already widely used in most establishments but there are times that machines or terminals went offline. Having cash is still better in cases of emergencies.


We all know that sun’s rays can cause harm. A bottle of sunscreen is one wy to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Pick a higher number of SPF, the higher the better. Applying frequently is recommended especially when you get out of the water.

Lipbalm to prevent your lips from sunburn is also recommended as added protection.

Extra Clothes

A couple of extra clothes will not make your bags heavier. It will save you from emergencies in case you wanted to stay longer in the resort. Having an excess is better that running out of what to wear.

Insect Repellent

We never knew what awaits us in our destination. Most summer activities are on open shore around bonfire.  Having a small bottle of insect repellent will save you from possible disease like dengue.

Medicine and First Aid Kit

Food and drinks is always around and your body may react negatively to these. Essential medicines like paracetamol, loperamide, anti-histamine, and antacids is a good choice to bring.


For parent, this small item is a must to avoid losing your kids. Just keep them informed that once they get lost, trace where the sound of the whistle is coming from to get them back in your place.

These small items will not make your bags heavier by pounds but it will help you save from possible disaster in your vacation. Again, stay safe and Enjoy your vacation

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