Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Favorite Human Heart Nature Products

As a mom, I always prefer products that are made from natural ingredients. Nakakabawas pangamba when you know that your family is using products that are safe and have no harmful chemicals. So when we got a chance to be a Human Heart Nature dealer, ay super happy ako. From then on, we are using Human Heart Nature products and these are our favorites!

Our Favorite Human Heart Nature Products
Let me start with this Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion.

Human Heart Nature Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion
Our son uses this everyday. You know naman dengue mosquitoes are everywhere kaya it's better na protected ang ating mga chikiting and even us. It's main ingredient is citronella, which is an insect repellent, and it has no DEET so safe for kids. It's lighter and non-sticky with sunflower oil and eucalyptus oil pa for added protection and better smell.

Human Heart Nature Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash
This shampoo has been our son's favorite. Because of this, my son's hair is soft and shiny. And what I really like about this shampoo is my son's hair doesn't smell maasim kahit he plays outside under the son.

This Salon Care Shampoo naman is for me.

Human Heart Nature Salon Care Shampoo
This is best for those whose hair undergone salon treatment like hair color and straightening. It's sulfate-free so it will keep your hair color vibrant, strengthen it against heat and makes it more elastic. Salon Care Shampo has avocado oil, sunflower oil, and sugar beet extract that makes hair soft and shiny. Pansin ko nga, my hair is less wavy since I started using this.

Another product I am using is this Natural Feminine Wash.

Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash
Natural Feminine Wash has balanced pH with soothing aloe vera and cleansing agents from rice. It has natural preservatives from rice and anise so it feels fresher and cleaner down there.

Daddy and I are using their Premium Deodorant Roll-ons too.

Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Premium Deodorant
Human Heart Nature Pure Strength Deodorant for Men
These deo roll-ons can provide better odor-masking and longer deo protection. And since it has no aluminum salts, hindi nakakaitim ng underams.

Lastly, this Soothing Balm is the new addition to the Human Heart Nature products that we love.

Human Heart Nature Soothing Balm
This is very useful especially on varying weather condition that is the season of colds.  My son loves this whenever he has stuffy nose. Daddy and I use this naman when we have headache. It's very soothing and since it's 100% non toxic, super safe sya even on younger kids.

Those are just few of the Human Heart Nature products that you can try. They have soaps, body wash, lotion and now, they have toothpaste na. I have yet to try that one, maybe on our next purchase/ If you are interested to buy just send us a personal message at Momaye's Shoppe.

Happy safe weekend!
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