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4 Principles of Effective Skin Treatment

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Like the kidney, heart, and liver, the skin is also another important and most significant organ in your body. It is pretty easy to take it for granted until there is a serious problem. The skin has an essential duty to protect you and keep infection out of your body. That is why dermatologists recommend constant skin treatment to ensure maximum protection. Here are some principles of skin treatment.

Limit Bath Time
Using hot water and taking long baths removes oil from the skin. The average time one has to take a shower is eight minutes. For people who like to take longer than fifteen minutes, it is time to rethink and change their bathing routine. The recommended time for a shower is five to ten minutes. That's enough time to have your skin clean and hydrated without over-cleaning or under-cleaning. If you have dry skin, it is recommendable to use lukewarm water. Also, avoid hot water during the winter months. The heat can damage the surface of your skin, leading to inflammation and increased symptoms of dry skin.

Avoid Strong Soaps
It is well known that to keep your skin healthy, one needs to keep it clean. But what many don't know is that cleansing one's skin can be harmful. This especially happens if you cleanse it more often, aggressively, or using hard soap. Doing any of that would mean damage to your skin.

It is even worse if you combine it with the abrasiveness of products such as makeup remover. Using traditional soaps with irritants results in dry skin, contact dermatitis, inflammatory acne and throws off the pH balance your skin maintains for the body and face.

Pat Dry
How do you apply your skin product? This is a question worth sparking an argument about. Rubbing your skin, which most people do without minding the outcome, is a debatable beauty topic. According to experts, patting is preferable over rubbing. Some people are so sensitive that they can’t afford to rub their skin. They take it as far as refusing to use cotton pads on their faces and avoiding using face wipes. Avoid as much as you can, even a towel to dry off your skin. Embrace patting, which has been proved to be the best standard skincare application practice.

Moisturize Dry Skin
Skin dryness comes as a result of skin failure to retain sufficient moisture. It can be caused by bathing often and for long periods. The types of soaps, aging, or specific medical conditions can also result in skin dryness. And for people living in cold places, skin dryness can be triggered by the cold weather or dry winter air.

Cold winter air is low in humidity and causes raw, rough, and dry skin. The moisture on the epidermis reflects the humidity level. However, the situation is always manageable through ways such as keeping moisturizers in the skin. These rehydrate the epidermis and seal in the moisture. They are made of humectants ingredients that help attract water and petrolatum ingredients that help seal the moisture in the skin.

Skin treatment has always been a challenge, with people trying different methods that result in more severe skin problems. If you're among people struggling with varying skin conditions, schedule your treatment in Medspa today.
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