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How much do new windows cost?

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Calculating the cost of new windows for your home can be difficult since several factors will determine the final price. The cost will vary home-to-home (and even room-to-room), depending on size, style, material, quality, and the number of windows needed. It's important you have an idea of what you're looking for and the budget you have to work with before you start calling contractors for estimates.

In this post-pandemic world, a lot will also depend on your location and the demand for labor and materials associated with your window installation. It's important to get orders in for new windows in a timely fashion if you need them installed and you're racing the calendar to the beginning of the summer or winter season.

Beyond that, here's more on what will truly affect the overall cost:

Wood vs. Vinyl

Typically, window frames are made of either wood or vinyl, and those choices are vastly different, not only in terms of materials, but also in terms of the final cost.

Vinyl window frames are made of a plastic material called PVC and are the more affordable option. Wood windows are more expensive and more challenging to maintain, but they're often the choice of homeowners preserving decorative features of their homes or maintaining the look of historic properties.

If you're unsure what's best and want to weigh the pros and cons, consult https://utah.jdiwindows.com/ or another trusted company or expert.

Non-standard sizing

Using whole numbers, standard-sized windows are measured by width (2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, etc.) and height, which can range from 2 feet tall all the way to 8 feet tall (or another custom size).

For a standard-sized and double-hung vinyl window, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars for the window, plus the added labor cost of installation. Wood windows are even more expensive — sometimes double the cost of vinyl — depending on size.

If the window is considered a full-frame replacement and requires more work, it will also add to the cost.

The glass package

Whether you're choosing wood or vinyl for the frame, the glass package of the window is also the most important part.


Windows have what are known as emissivity coatings. Low emissivity coatings (often called "Low-E") are recommended for windows because they can make a home more energy-efficient, allowing heat into your home in the colder months and reflecting heat away in the warmer months.

These coatings still maintain the appeal of a clear window, but obviously, help with heating and cooling costs. However, the true cost of these energy-efficient windows will vary.

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