Friday, July 23, 2021

Rainy Season is Here...

Rainy Season
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It is rainy season again. For the past few days, continuous downpours have been experienced due to combined force of typhoon and monsoon rains. 

Speaking of wet season, the cases of mosquito-related illnesses usually increases during this season. 

One of the most dreadful viruses carried by these tiny, blood-sucking insects is the dengue. If not properly addressed, it can lead into death.

Aside from cleaning the surroundings, application of insect repellant cream or lotions, and having plants with insect repellant properties like citronella, installation of window and door screens is a great way to prevent mosquito-carrying disease from entering our home.

At home, we already installed screens and windows, thanks for our blogging earning. Unfortunately, one of the screens has been damaged and needs replacement since it was already several years old.

Nowadays, there are options to use different materials for screens and one is fiberglass. It is tougher compared to the traditional aluminum wires. 

So if you have a budget opt to install fiberglass window screen as additional protection for your home. We will look into that too because Fiberglass Screen Rolls does not easily dent when applied with pressure. It can also withstand winds and other weather conditions making it great not only for home but for outdoors too. 

Having extra precautions against deadly diseases during rainy season is very important to protect our family. Like what have mentioned, if you have extra budget choose screens made from more durable materials as this will eventually make you save money in the future.

Stay dry and safe everyone.

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