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How to Get Started on Your Genealogy Project

How to Get Started on Your Genealogy Project
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Tracing your family history by taking on a genealogy project is a fun pastime that can help you feel more connected to your loved ones and the past. There are many tools available to help with genealogy projects. Here are some things you can do when you get started.

Talk With Your Living Relatives

Your living family members are great resources, and talking with them can be a starting point for any family history or genealogy investigation. You might be surprised to learn about old stories and bits of family history you never knew. Furthermore, your older relatives might have family photos, newspapers and letters that provide valuable information. Discussing genealogy and history is an excellent way to connect with the older generation.

Look in Genetic Genealogy

Modern technology has made genealogy more advanced than ever before. You can use genetic genealogy Hebron KY to fill in the blanks in your family history. These techniques may even help you locate relatives. If you or a loved one was adopted, genetic genealogy might also be able to assist you in discovering your family tree.

Check Out Census Records

The United States census is rich with information going back centuries. These records are easily accessible and can be a great basis for building your family tree. Start with either the name of an ancestor you'd like to know more about or a location where you know your family resided. You can learn the age, location, marital status and even the occupation of people living in the United States from 1790 until today. In addition, the information you gain from the census records could lead you to military records and immigration documents that open up new lines of inquiry.

Digging into your family's history can be a worthwhile pursuit. Use a variety of tools and resources to get your genealogy project started.

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