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What to Do when Your Kids are Not Doing Well in School

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There are many reasons kids might struggle or not do well in school, but there is one thing to know for all the parents dealing with that right now. You are doing a great job as their parent! Just because your kids might be struggling does not reflect on your parenting. Kids lose interest, sometimes have a lack of understanding, they might learn differently and need more support, they could have a learning disability, or many other reasons. All kids are different and there is no cookie-cutter answer when it comes to why they are not doing well. But, there is one thing that applies to all parents - taking action. What to do when your kids are not doing well in school? Let’s talk about it!

Meet with their teachers

First and foremost, meet with their teachers. This is a great starting place because it’s almost (not always, but almost) guaranteed that your child's teacher has some sort of insight about your child and why they are struggling in school, that you do not see. More than likely, if your child is struggling, the teacher already reached out to you. But, if they have not reached out yet, go ahead and reach out to them first. Set up an in-person meeting (or a Facetime if that is not possible) and come prepared with a list of questions. Before you leave, ask the teacher what they think you should do, in order to help your child succeed. The more people that you have on the same game plan, the better. There is nothing more beneficial than a great support team for your child!

Organize support, where needed

Aside from reaching out to your child's teacher, there might be other ways to organize support, where needed. Maybe your child needs a tutor, or maybe they just need more time outside, with friends. Figure out what the potential issue(s) are and then go from there with organizing support. Keep in mind: you do not have to do this alone and it does not have to add tons of stress and time to your routine. Look into every learning resource out there and figure out what the best option for your family is.

Think about a school change

Sometimes, your child might just need a school change. To do this, you have a few options. You can move and change school zones in public schools, or you could look into private school options in your area. If you go through with a move, keep a few things in mind. First of all, know that this might add stress into your family's life. This is okay, but figure out ways to make it more manageable for everyone - mentally and physically. Hire out the move to professional movers so that you don’t have to worry about that aspect of it. There are plenty of residential movers out there to help take the stress off your plate. Movin’ is a great example of this. These safe movers Salt Lake City are affordable, have customer-focused service, and have over 20 years of experience to back up their great reviews! Hiring a moving team will make a potential move for a new school MUCH easier.

Try different learning methods

There are many different learning methods out there and one thing that I know to be true is that all kids learn differently. Maybe your child is not getting what they need to be successful - and that is okay. Once you figure it out, you can try different learning methods, in order to help them succeed!

Be their rock and offer encouragement and support

Finally, just be their rock. Offer encouragement and support throughout their entire life, but especially now as they are struggling more. YOU are the best person for this job and you know your kids the best. Keep that in mind and love them hard during this time!

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